'The Loss' Challenge Response


Well, I haven't written an Imzadi fic in quite awhile, but I did
offer up a challenge awhile back which was an addition to the
episode "The Loss." I'd always been intrigued with what got Riker to
Sickbay with Deanna. How did they get from her realizing she'd lost
her empathic sense to the biobed...I wrote this quickly so please be
kind! :)


He knew those eyes. "You don't understand…I don't sense anything…not
out there, not in here…all of you, you're all blank to me." Her
voice sounded so hollow and detached…she was afraid and he could
feel it radiating across the table as soon as her eyes settled on
him and he couldn't stop looking into them. Will Riker pushed away
the sound of the captain's voice as he suggested that they adjourn,
Beverly coming to sit in the now vacant seat beside Deanna. But it
seemed as if the counselor wasn't able to hear anything the doctor
was trying to tell her. Riker couldn't even imagine, all her life
Deanna had forced herself to be above and beyond what was the norm
for an empath on her home world, such a powerful telepath for a
mother. She had worked hard to hone her abilities and then even
harder to fit in among the leery aboard starships and those not from
Betazed as they explored new worlds in Starfleet, being near an
empath was intimidating and nerve racking for some.

"Deanna," Beverly said, trying to get her attention. "Why don't we
go down to Sickbay and run that internuncio series now?" She said
softly, placing a comforting hand over hers. "We'll get to the
bottom of this…it may be a little premature to worry--" Crusher
never completed the thought aloud, realizing that her friends gaze
hadn't changed focus since she realized her empathic abilities were
muted. Beverly couldn't get her attention…Deanna wouldn't take her
eyes off of the Commander. "Will," Crusher said, changing gears.

From across the table Commander William Riker turned his attention
to the doctor. "Beverly, could we meet you in Sickbay? I'll walk
Deanna down." Crusher looked to Deanna, who glanced down at her
hands and then taking a deep breath once again looked up at Will.

"Will," she began again, and then stopped pushing her chair
backwards and standing up. "I'll see you in sickbay Commander…as
soon as possible." He nodded a thank you and as the conference room
doors slid shut behind the Enterprise's CMO, he got up from his own
seat, kneeling down next to the woman he had loved for half his
life, the better half.

"Dee," he said in a soothing tone, putting a hand up to her cheek.
She leaned into him.

"Imzadi, I can't sense you," she said clasping a hand over his. His
heart sank and jumped at the same time. After all this time…that was
what was effecting her the most.

"I'm right here Deanna and I'm not leaving you…we'll find out what's
happened." She nodded.

"I blanked out, Will. I had just finished a counseling session and I
covered until she left…the door shut behind me and it felt this
intense pain in my head…I--I passed out on the floor in my office
and--and I wasn't sure what happened, if I had hit my head when the
ship lurched or…I called Beverly but I was so disoriented. I lye
down and when she got there she wanted to run tests but the Captain
called this meeting. I went to stand up and I knew something wasn't
right, but when I realized I couldn't sense you…when I couldn't feel
you, I knew something was wrong."

"Deanna, listen to me, whatever is going on Beverly will do whatever
she can to fix it. She'll find out what's going on in that beautiful
mind of yours," Will said, bringing her hand to his lips and placing
a kiss there. "You're going to be okay."

"I'm scared," she whispered as he stood up. God, he wished he could
have been there to help her instead of filling his duty on the
Bridge, but he wasn't going to feed her fears now.

"No," he said. "C'mon, let's go see Beverly." Riker reached out a
hand to her and she took it. As they exited the conference room
together and the doors shut behind them…she believed him.

* * * * *
Will cringed as he heard the words come from Dr. Crusher's mouth as
he stood near the biobed Deanna was seated on,

"There's brain damage, how serious I can't tell yet."

"But I feel perfectly fine otherwise," Deanna insisted and then he
heard his own voice.

"Can you treat it?"

Beverly was trying to get Deanna to promise her she would talk with
someone, but Will had already seen her eyes…she was shutting down.
The fear had crept back in and he knew, he knew she was angry,
shocked, and afraid. But typical of his Imzadi, she wasn't going to
let anyone help her. He listened as she told Crusher that she just
wanted to get back to work.

"Deanna," Her gaze was once again fixed on his and she was
challenging him. The fear behind those onyx eyes, she wanted him to
let her appear in control. He wanted her to let him be there for her.

"No medical objections," She asked the Doctor, there were none.
Beverly looked to him her own blue eyes, asking him for help.

He watched as Deanna exited Sickbay. He balled his hand into a fist
at his side and then opened it, her hand not there to hold. She had
chosen to fight this battle alone. . .she wouldn't believe him