Chocolateless by Ariel

Rated: G

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the star trek characters or their cool
gadgets. It all belongs to paramount. I make no money from this story.

Authors notes: This is my first star trek fanfic. Be kind.

Deanna skipped down the hall, barely able to keep the grin off of her
face. It was her favorite holiday. Even though she had grown up on Betazoid
her father had introduced many earth holidays. As far as Deanna could see,
the only one better than Christmas was April Fools Day. * I wonder if Will
remembers what day it is, * she mused. Then she grinned. * He will soon! *
Smirking at the thought of Will's reaction to her little prank, Deanna
headed into her quarters. Her stomach rumbled and she realized it was well
past lunchtime. She turned to the replicator. " Hot chocolate and a salad
please" the replicator hummed and a salad appeared. Deanna frowned "
Computer, hot chocolate."
" Unable to comply" the computer responded. Deanna frowned. Apparently her
replicator was malfunctioning. She would report it to Geordi soon but right
now she wanted some hot chocolate. She walked over to Wills quarters and
rang the chime. " Come" Will called. Deanna walked in. " Hi Will. I need to
borrow your replicator." She said cheerfully, ignoring the mess she had made
earlier. " Mine won't replicate hot chocolate." Will grinned at her
" Well, I might be able to help usually but I can't right now." Will
answered. " I'm afraid that when someone decided to turn all my furniture
upside down and stack it they put a large stack in front of the replicator.
He indicated towards where the replicator should be but when Deanna looked
she didn't see anything but an upside down bed with a table on top of it.
* Whoops* she thought, * should have planned that one out better.* she could
sense Wills amusement. Something occurred to her. "Will, you wouldn't happen
to know what went wrong with my replicator would you?"
Will put an innocent expression on his face. " Deanna, I honestly
haven't a clue. Why don't you go ask Geordi. He would love to have a chance
to laugh at your chocolate obsession."
Deanna walked into engineering. It was pretty busy but it wasn't long before
Geordi came over.
"Can I help you councilor?" He asked. He looked flustered, but as usual he
seemed friendly and ready to please.
" Yes please." Deanna answered, glad that someone was willing to help her. "
Someone fiddled with my replicator for April Fools Day. It won't replicate
hot chocolate."
" I'll get a team on it when I can." Geordi answered, " Unfortunately a
large portion of the enterprise population decided that a mechanical failure
would be a good joke to play on a friend. A lot of the problems are more
critical than hot chocolate problems. The gravity's turned off in some
places on the ship. We'll get to your replicator when we can." Geordi ran
off to deal with some other problem. Frustrated, Deanna left engineering. A
moment later Will Riker walked in. Geordi and Data came over to him
" She just left!" Geordi bubbled excitedly. " She hasn't a clue what's going
" Great!" gushed Will. " She'll head for Beverly's next. I hope she's
" Commander," put in Data," I do not understand the purpose of playing cruel
pranks on your friends simply because of the date."
" It's for fun Data" Will explained," and to get back at the counselor for
the pranks she plays every year."
"How long are we going to make her go chocolateless?" asked Geordi.
" Until she gives us each a written apology for every prank she has ever
played on us." Will replied.
Deanna rang the chime on Beverly's quarters. "Come in!" She heard Beverly
shout. Walking in she heard her stomach rumble. It was now 1400 hours. She
had to report to the bridge at 1430 hours and she still hadn't had lunch. "
Beverly, I need to use your replicator. Mine won't make hot chocolate."
"Nice to see you to Deanna" replied Beverly sarcastically. Deanna smiled.
"Sorry. I guess I'm sort of in a hurry. I have to report to the bridge in
half-an-hour and I can't get my hands on a cup of hot chocolate." Beverly
managed to hide her smile.
"Well, I'm afraid I can't help you. My entire replicator is down." Deanna
"Thanks anyway Bev. I'll see you soon. I gotta head for the bridge. Can you
imagine what the captain would say if I said I was late because of hot
chocolate issues?" Beverly laughed.
" If he objects, remind him of how he felt that time the replicator couldn't
make Earl Gray Tea." Deanna laughed and left Beverly's quarters.
Two weeks later she finally caved in. She sent an apology for each April
Fools Prank.

Dear Beverly,
I apologize for filling your shampoo bottle with green paint. It wasn't
nice and I hope you can forgive me.
Your Friend,
Deanna Troi

Dear Will,
I apologize for turning all your furniture upside down and stacking it.
Twice. And for turning off your replicator. And for rigging you sonic shower
to spray you with mud. And for the 10 billion other pranks I've played on
Imzadi Forever,
Deanna Troi

Dear Geordi,
I'm sorry I filled your bed with replicated dead slugs. It wasn't nice
and it was just as gross for me as for you because I had to get them to your
bed from the replicator. Not one of my most brilliant ideas. I hope you
forgive me for it.
Your Friend,
Deanna Troi

Dear Data,
I'm sorry I convinced you that on April first all the bridge officers
wear pink hats. I hope I didn't embarrass you too badly.
Your Friend,
Deanna Troi

Deanna sent the last letter and then turned to her replicator." Hot
Chocolate." To her delight it hummed and a cup of hot chocolate appeared.
She sat down and sipped contentedly. Next April they were all dead.

The End