TITLE:   Realization
AUTHOR: AStory2873@aol.com
CODES: R/T (Imzadi)
TIMELINE: Post Nemesis??
SUMMARY: Day in the life.
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William T. Riker - <open personal log>

I woke this morning feeling disoriented, not knowing the reason why. Glancing around my quarters, nothing seemed out of place or not as it should be.

After checking the chronometer, I discovered that it must have been the alarm to bring me out of my deep slumber.  Shaking off the 'odd' feeling and attributing it to a bad dream - I got ready for the day.  My schedule is to be a full one filled with meetings and bridge duty.

Assisting in the signing of the peace treaty is beginning to weigh heavily on me.  Could these two warring worlds make peace and stop their fighting?  Did they even know or understand what had started this hatred so many generations ago?  Things I have asked myself numerous times over the last few weeks while trying to get them to some form of agreement.  I remember reading about situations such as this happening long ago on Earth as well.  Makes me all the more thankful to be living in the time I do.  Where people are all accepted as equals and many of the problems that plague other worlds have been resolved already.  My hope is that someday they will learn as we did and the need for 'peace treaty negotiations' will be obsolete.

<end personal log>

<open personal log>

I continued through the rest of the day taking care of my duties as I always have; but the feeling I woke with this morning never left entirely.  Nothing and no one seemed out of the ordinary and yet I could feel that something was amiss.  Something was missing.  But I'd be damned if I could figure out what.

Upon entering my quarters this evening, she was there.  Looking beautiful as if she had always been there.  And maybe she had.  We had a wonderful evening of dinner, conversation and a bit more..

As I record this log entry tonight, I realize that what I had mistaken as disorientation this morning was actually due to the fact that everything was as it should be. I wasn't 'missing' anything - on the contrary. The feeling of aloneness I was burdened with and carried around with me most of my life was gone. That's what was different - what had changed. I am no longer walking this universe by myself but with the one person who means more to me than myself walking alongside.  There is no greater feeling than that simple truth.

I truly am lucky that we both had the time necessary to do whatever it was we needed to get to this point we are at now. Speaking of which, time to get back to the here and now.

<end personal log>

The End.