Site Updates #12

January 1, 2005 - December 31, 2005


September 11, 2005 - Hello Everyone!

I have decided to leave this message here since I, unfortunately, just don't have

the time right now to answer all of your emails directly.


I appreciate the continued interest in Imzadi Everlasting and all the work that is stored on this site.

I do plan to update again (and boy is there some updating to do ;)


Due to the many things going on in real life the last several months, my time has been

extremely limited and due to that - many of my 'fun' things have suffered because of it.

That includes the maintenance of this site.


I have hopefully been keeping track of the stories and other things sent to me over the last few months

and when I begin updating again - you will see all of it appear here.


I wish I could give you a time table as to when that might occur, but at this time, I can't.

I am hoping to make some special time for this site very soon though.


In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the work posted here and send those authors feedback.

Maybe we can get some of them writing again ;)


Thanks for everything and you know how to reach me.


Have a great one!




April 27, 2005 - Two new stories for Leanne - Resistance and

A Heart to Heart Conversation.

New chapter of Imzadi Round Robin's Year of the Titan.


Thank you for your continuing patience as we try to dig our way out of

real life. We will do as much updating to this site as we can in the

free time we can find. Thanks for staying with us during this time.



March 10, 2005 - New updates coming very soon.

Thanks so much for continuing to visit and support this site =)

Keep checking back as we have MUCH to add ;)


February 3, 2005 - New story for Pia - The Void.

Ten new chapters of Carol's The Cost of Destiny.

New story for Christal - A Halloween Trick.

New story for Leyenn - 'Tis The Night Before Christmas.


February 2, 2005 - Last four chapters of Shasta's Second Chances.

Two new chapters of Jana's Times Past and a new chapter of Question of the Mind.


January 29, 2005 - Two new chapters of Shasta's Second Chances.

Seven (7) new stories for Carol H - A Titan Christmas, A Titan New Year,

The Birthday Party, Honeymoon Adventures, Secrets, Unexpected Advice

and Winter Fun.


January 28, 2005 - Two new stories for Kate - An Enduring Song and Beautiful Boy.

New WIP for Shasta - Second Chances -- two new stories - Where Have You Gone

and Yes, Dear -- new poem - What Can I Say.

New chapter of Imzadi Round Robin's Year of the Titan.


January 11, 2005 - New story for Sarajayne - A Time To Recover.

New story for Leanne - Second Skin.


January 10, 2005 - Happy New Year!

Last chapter of CarolH's Vengeance.

Two new chapters of Imzadi Round Robin's Year of the Titan.

New chapter of Carole's Tearful At The Falling Of A Star.

New chapter of Jana's Times Past and Two new chapters of Question of the Mind.

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