Absolute Beginnings
by Carol Sandford
Rated: R

When the woman, and her incredible bosoms turned away from him, Will knew that she was laughing at him. It was a new experience for him; being caught red-handed, panting after someone that he'd visualized going to bed with. Usually, he pondered, as he let his reddened cheeks fade enough to seem that he was even remotely interested in the ceremony that was happening, usually, he used his eyes and his smile to tell the lady what his intentions were. This was new to him; to have his mind read, dissected, and then ridiculed.

Will couldn't wait to get out of there. The woman had crushed his libido and his hopes and he didn't like it, one bit.

He was one of the first to redress, intending on evading the lavish reception that had been laid on for the happy couple, but he found himself reluctantly being swept along with the throng of happy people. Within minutes, he'd been given a glass of champagne and found himself surrounded by women that embarrassingly hung on to his every breath. He could almost smell the pheromones dripping from each and every one of them as he feigned interest in the suggestive talk that spewed from their mouths.

That was until he felt a slender arm link through his right one and a voice, so sultry, butt in to the inane chatter. "Excuse me, girls, I think Lieutenant Riker here owes me a dance."

Inwardly startled, Will quickly recovered and gamely bowed, smiling his obviously insincere apologies as he allowed Deanna to steer him away. Within seconds, the other women were forgotten as he focused his attention on the woman beside him.

Deanna Troi. Daughter of Lwaxana Troi. Holder of the Holy Rings of Betazed. He'd managed to gain that much about the woman that had deftly swung him on to the dance floor and now began to sway with him, from Wendy Roper. Wendy didn't like Deanna, that much soon became very obvious as soon as Will asked, as innocently as he could, who the matron of honour was.

"That," she almost spat, "is the Miss, 'high and mighty' Deanna Troi. I'd stay away from her, if I were you." she added, conspiracy fuelling the intriguing introduction.

Will had been immediately intrigued. "Oh, why?" he asked as casually as he could, desperate not to sound too interested.

"Because she'll have you eating out of her manicured hands before you can blink. She's not known for being - how shall we say? - discreet. If she wants something, she just goes and gets it. Be careful of her, Will, she'll eat you alive and spit out your toenails, if you're lucky."

And now, as Will looked down upon Deanna's stunning features; the almost black eyes that were swimming with desire and knowing, he saw beyond the beauty and had to stop himself from recoiling at the shameless need that poured from within her.

She wanted him, there was no way of denying that, and Will soon realized that he wasn't going to get the chance to do things, 'his way'. For the first time in his life, Will struggled against the pull that had been born within him. He had never felt it's strength in quite this way before. The witch was over-powering all his senses, his mind. He was losing control; letting her fill it with visions of her own, visions that made his blood flame.

Their footsteps barely moved as they turned in unison upon the dance floor. Deanna's small body moulded itself against him, and despite her tiny stature, Will was more than aware of those parts that did touch him, each one burned.

Her high breasts, pushed tight against his lower chest, screamed at him to feast on their fullness, ached for him to touch them, suckle them and Will silently moaned with torment as he denied himself the spoils of what he was being offered.

Will felt her hands stroke along his upper arms, winding themselves into the hair above his shirt before sweeping down, searing a path that begged to continue lower, and then lower still,

But it was her mouth that had captured his full attention. The full lips, painted in a rich, deep, cherry-red lipstick and then coated in a gloss that made them shimmer with invitation, invited him. He watched her catch her full lower lip between her white, even teeth, the motion suggestive and evocative as she hovered barely a breath away from his own mouth.

Will was falling under her spell and he didn't want to, Was Deanna really everything that he'd heard? Apart from tearing him away from the ladies and looking as though she would like to do more than dance with him, she hadn't really done or said anything more. He felt he owed her more than his fears, and mentally and physically allowed himself to relax and enjoy the moment.

"You dance well, Lieutenant," she said suddenly and so quietly that Will almost missed it. "I would imagine that you attend many functions such as this."

Smiling, Will told her, "Actually, no, I tend to avoid parties and the like, they have never been quite my scene. As for the dancing, I'm just following you. 'You' are the one that is a good dancer, Miss Troi, you're very easy to lead."

"My name is, Deanna."

"Deanna." Will rolled the name off his tongue and discovered that he liked the sensation. It was a sexy name. It suited her and it had been the first time he had said the word, feeling strange at the sensation that surged through him as he did so. He shook it off with an invisible shudder as he momentarily pondered on the effect that it had had on him, and smiled tenderly down at her. "And you must call me, Will, Deanna."

Her tiny smile in acknowledgement seemed to placate him and they continued to move in time with the music. Now with the introductions made, Will felt more comfortable moving Deanna closer into the sanctuary of his arms, settling his cheek against the luscious curls. He sighed in contentment. This was a nice place to be. Almost heaven, he surmised, breathing deeply to take in the exotic scent that seemed to be hers alone.

Will felt Deanna's arm leave his arms and curve around to his back. Their steps slowed until they were barely moving; the swaying became hypnotic and Will began to lose everything around him, everything except himself and Deanna.

Slipping his arms around Deanna's back, Will finally closed all the distances between them. Now they were one, from head to toe. He felt Deanna's head turn into his shoulder as she relaxed into his embrace. Unconsciously, Will placed a light kiss upon her hair. He was sure that she would not have felt it. It wasn't a kiss for her, as such, just something 'he' needed to do.

But she had felt it, and felt the need behind it. A pool of longing settled deep within Deanna, a longing that she had not felt for a long time. The rumours about her were true. She was easy and she was a vamp, but she had needs, like any other woman. The only difference was, she wasn't afraid to go out there and get those needs satisfied.

But the man in her arms was different, she'd sensed that as soon as she'd encountered his thoughts in the church. Yes, it had been obvious that he wanted her, but when she'd turned to watch him, something other than sex had intertwined itself between them, something that she could not ignore even though she had sensed denial from him.

But when he had gently kissed her, Deanna knew she hadn't been wrong. There 'was' something between them. Before, when it had been about sex, she had simply led the men to a place and had taken control. But she didn't want to do that to this man. She had a feeling that he liked to be the one to make the first move in their lovemaking.

But God, she wanted him, now. Deanna wanted to take him further than love, and to get there, she knew she was going to have to push past her reservations and disregard Will's pride.

"I want to make love with you." she murmured, as much to herself than to him, testing the sensual words.

Will's feet stopped moving along with his heart when he heard the quietly spoken declaration. For a long moment they simply stood still on the edge of the dance floor, unable to move. Will's cheek still lay against her head and his hands still sat upon the curve of her spine, his fingers splayed far enough to revel in the movement of her cute derriere when she took another dance step. His head, once lost in the fog of yearning, now snapped alive with awareness and his heart began to pound with trepidation against her breasts.

Will's eyes, bright with surprise, stared around at the faces surrounding them, not seeing any one of them but he wondered if they had heard her very honest and heartfelt request. Slowly, when it was obvious that the words had not passed beyond his own ears, he pulled back far enough to look into Deanna's face, forcing her to leave the comfort and security of his chest.

"What did you say?" he asked, hoarsely.

Deanna swallowed deeply. "I said, I want to make love with you, Will."

Hunger flickered in his eyes for a moment as he looked into hers and saw the same. Once more, his eyes swept the people that milled around them before coming to settle upon her again. He was in a quandary. Did he want what she wanted? Could he take her hand and walk out of the room, aware that others would see and know what is going to transpire as soon as they were alone?

Was his reputation at stake, or was Deanna's? Did he even care?

Yes, for some strange reason, he did.

Reluctantly, Will distanced himself from her body, but not entirely as he gently slipped his hands into hers as he spoke, needing her to see the honesty in his refusal. "Deanna," he started, his voice as low as a whisper, keeping it private, just for the two of them. "it's not that I don't want you. God help me, I want you so much, I'm on fire with need, but this is too soon. I know nothing about you, and you do not know anything about me."

"I know more than you think," she protested, her mouth turning pouty, her eyes growing even wider, like a doe's caught in the street lights "I know that you're not shy and that you've slept with at least two women since you've been on my planet."

Spluttering, Will opened his mouth to deny her claim but she cut him off. "Wendy Roper and Ensign Callaghan. They were one night stands. Actually," she emended, offended with her own knowledge. The man she had chosen to seduce was a whore, but would he be a whore for her? "they were half-hour stands." She continued. "You don't waste your time, do you, Lieutenant?"

Will felt the blush rise up from his boots and lodge firmly in his cheeks. Struck dumb and unable to justify himself, Will spun on his heels and left the hall and dived out into the sanctuary of the quiet, moonlit streets He wasn't surprised to find her following him, but he was surprised when she suddenly snatched at his arm and swung him around. He opened his mouth to protest, but before he could utter anything, Deanna reached her face up and fastened her lips upon his.

For a long moment, Will did nothing, letting the shock of her aggressive move sweep through him. A moment later, he felt himself begin to melt, physically and mentally. She tested his restraint by tentatively probing his lips with her tongue, seeking admission and submission. Will resisted at first, still hurt by her forwardness, but as his libido continued to thaw, so did his resolve, and seconds later, he let her in, roughly pulling her up against his body as he took command of the situation.

He was angry, Deanna realized, humiliated even. In one fell swoop, she had battered his pride, despite feeling his body stir into life as she had continued to kiss him, letting him take control. But at that point in time, she didn't care. Will began to plunge his tongue deep into the recesses of her mouth as he started to lose himself, his senses torn between loving her and discarding her. The battle raged within him and he hated it, and Will hated her for filling him with feelings that he had long since buried.

It had been five years since Will had walked away from his father and his anger. Finally, Will had grown old enough to acknowledge the deep bitterness and resentment within him and had realized that revealing that anger to himself, he had recognized that it had been holding him back; not letting him move forward with his life. The day he walked away from his home and his father, even though he hadn't even technically, 'been there' and had not been there for so long that Will succumbed to the sobering thought that his father just did not give a shit about him, Will walked out of the door, walked away from his old life and started a new one.

One that wanted him. One that loved him and he loved it. Starfleet had taken him in, knocked the humongous chip off his shoulder and let him be who he wanted to be, dispelling the anger that had festered within him for his entire young life, ever since his mother had died and he had blamed his callous unfeeling father for her death.

Now memories of her were tucked away safe, out of harms way, forever and he'd stuck two fingers up at his father and excelled and relished his new life.

Will was happy. Had been happy.

Until now.

A woman wanted him and he didn't want her and he was bloody furious with himself. And her.

Deanna felt the cold hardness of the wall and hadn't even realized that Will had manoeuvred her to the solid structure. He was punishing her. Her mouth, forced wide by his invading tongue, was beginning to hurt as he continued his onslaught. He was relentless, but she could match him, move to move.

Slipping her fingers into his short hair, Deanna gripped the soft tendrils tightly, pulling on them as she leaned into his already bruising embrace. Bending a little to allow for her smallness, Will's knee had already pushed aside one of her own and he ground his hips against hers, showing her, in no uncertain terms, just how hard he was and how much he wanted her.

And as she pushed back, Deanna relayed her own punishing torment. She wanted him too. The barrier of clothing became their tormenter as free hands searched for places that could be moved aside so that they could touch one anothers skin.

Deanna won that one when she popped a button and slipped her eager fingers between the folds of the soft cotton navy shirt and grazed his tiny, hard nipple. She felt the growl leave his lungs and pour into her mouth at the same time his palm clamped upon her swollen breast, squeezing it until she thought it would explode.

Will tore his mouth away from hers, his breath, harsh from the frenzied rapture that ate at his heart and his mind. Deanna stared up at his chin as he stared blindly up at the heavens, trying to regain his equilibrium and his rampaging fury that was still threatening to eat him alive.

Deanna was losing him, she could feel it, sense it. Raising her finger to his face she stroked the strong jawline, urging him to look at her, pleading silently for him to acknowledge her, but he ignored her.

"Will," she whispered. "Will, look at me."

She watched his throat convulse as he swallowed but her heart soared as he slowly lowered his face until his eyes met hers and held. His hands, which had dropped to her waist, still hung loosely there and Deanna felt comforted by the simple touch.

"I'm sorry," she whispered again. "I didn't mean to upset you. I only..."

Will reached up and placed a finger against her lips, stilling her words, before sighing heavily and pulling her tight against him, the movement soothing rather than sexual. Deanna's arms slid up his back and settle upon his shoulder blades as she lay her cheek against his pounding heart again, aware that a simple movement on her part would shift the material aside and she could be skin to skin. The image sent her thoughts tumbling once more but she squelched them down, knowing that the moment had passed. She was not going to make love with Will Riker. She was certain had scared him off and wasn't sure how she was going to recapture the momentum again.

Deanna thought Will would know the score. He was a man and she was a woman and the two together made love. It didn't matter which kind of love, whether it be just sex, or whether it be for something more. Making love was as natural as breathing.

But it seemed that Will was holding his breath until he got to know her a little better. But Deanna was not going to give up. She wanted Will Riker. It was just going to have to be at another time in another place, a place where she wasn't going to back down until she got what she ached for. She was a Betazoid, she would know when Will was ready for her, and when he was, she was going to show him what making love was really about.

The Betazoid way.

Chapter two

He should have seen it coming. He should have felt her coming. Will didn't even see the slender arm snake out and grip the front of his shirt until he felt the tug, heaving him towards the shadows of the darkened corridor. Within a heartbeat, the same hand snaked up behind his neck as he felt his body flatten against the wall and a pair of soft, moist and deliciously warm lips touch his, her tongue already sweeping in to mate his.

Will couldn't stop the guttural moan from leaving his lungs. Deanna Troi had been on his mind constantly since their last encounter. He'd been waiting for this moment. He'd *lived* this moment, over and over again in his dreams but hadn't thought it would arrive, just yet, if at all.

And now it had and his heart melted with relief.

Will thought he had scared the young Betazoid off when he'd thwarted her advances at the wedding and he'd continually kicked himself in the head ever since, certain that he would not get another chance to continue where they had left off. Where he'd deliberately severed her from his soul, he emended.

She'd touched him, deep down, in places that no other had touched and that had scared him. He briefly wondered if it was because she was an alien, or whether it was because she had been so blatant in her approach. It had been new to him and it had unnerved him some.

But now, as his large hands pulled her hard up against him, Will had been glad that he'd played hard to get. He was now as hot for her as she was for him.


Desperate, fumbling fingers grazed his chest through his shirt as her frantic kisses echoed her need. She blazed a path down to his waist with her hand, ramming her eager fingers into the waist band of his pants in her effort to reach for the one part of him that would quench the raging thirst that boiled within her.

This time Will let her. Welcomed her.

Sucking in his stomach to allow her the freedom to roam, Will moaned into her mouth with he felt her warm fingertips curve around him, her thumb sweeping over the tip, spreading the warm droplet of moisture that had already pooled there in anticipation of her touch.

The gasp of surprise left her lips and then quickly turned into a groan of appreciation as her tongue swept deeper. The hand that cupped his head turned aggressive as she tugged on the dark hair, pulling him nearer, deeper. Will gladly acceded, completely lost.

A voice, distant within the building, filtered through the sexual haze that hugged close to the couple and they reluctantly ripped their mouths apart, their breaths heavy and tortured as they listened for the source. Deanna's eyes held his, pleading for Will to not stop; not to let the intrusion end what they so badly needed to finish themselves.

Deanna felt one of Will's hands leave her and reach along the wall behind him and she dimly wondered what he was doing. His hand searched and found what he was looking for as he shuffled them both along a foot or so. It was a handle. Turning and opening the door, Will's face grinned devilishly as he backed them both inside.

It was a washroom. A very small washroom, consisting of a loo and a vanity unit, and absolutely nothing else. But they didn't need anything more.

Using her own hand, Deanna reached and turned the lock with a definite and resounding, 'click'. "See," she whispered, "it seems we were destined to have this moment." as she grinned back at him in the muted darkness, turning the not-so romantic setting into a sensual love-nest, just for them.

As Will gamely grinned back at her, his eyes alight with mischief, he swung her around and lifted her onto the vanity unit.

Stifling the giggle that rose, Deanna clung to his shoulders as her legs automatically wound themselves around his waist as he edged himself between her thighs, pulling her closer to the edge. In truth, there had been no where else for him to go, other than sitting them both upon the loo, but he figured this way was much more romantic; more refined. More intense. More fun.

"Now then," he said, his voice turning husky with desire as he reached down between them and undid his fly. His other hand tugged at her skirt, pulling it up to her waist, exposing her bare legs which trembled with anticipation. "where were we?"

Will watched as Deanna reached her own hand down and pulled aside her panties, the other circled him, guiding him towards her, letting go when she felt the hard tip touch her soft heat. Meeting Will's steady gaze, Deanna's hands found the edge of the vanity and waited. She was totally at his mercy.

Slowly, Will tormented her, letting only the end of him enter her before withdrawing, taking her own liquid with him. He wallowed in the passionate sound of her juices begging him to fill her. Complete her. But despite the urgent moment, and the danger of being caught making-out in the barracks, Will was determined to take his time, much to her utter frustration.

Fascinated, they both stared down at their almost joined bodies, watching Will tease her dampened folds. It was the most erotic thing they had each done, even though sex for each was nothing new. It was always a carnal release between two people, nothing more.

But this time, this moment, for them, was different.

Centimetre by centimetre, Will nudged himself in to her willing and wanton body. As he went deeper, Deanna's eyes left their united bodies and searched his face. Will was already watching her, watching her mouth fall open as he slowly filled her. He was large, he knew that, but she easily took him into her. He wanted to go deeper. He wanted to go in so deep that he would touch her womb, the very heart of her. He wanted to hear her moan of pain when he reached a place that he hoped no other had.

Sliding his hand down her creamy thighs, Will cupped his hands behind her knees, lifting her higher. Startled, Deanna's eyes searched his in the dimness of the room, but she didn't need to see him to know his plans. Will wanted to go the whole way, and she, God help her, she wanted him to. But even she knew that it wasn't just their bodies that were going to connect in the most intimate of ways, it was going to be everything. Bodies, hearts, minds and souls, and she was ready for it. Wanted it, needed it. Ached for it, and was already on the brink of the abyss.

"Do it, Will" she breathed, preparing herself, opening herself fully for him, on every level. "Take me there."

Will swallowed her cry of euphoria as he thrust himself into her, pulling her hard against his body as reached his goal, feeling the resistance of her womb as he touched heaven. Her frantic, high-pitched cries as she rocked against him were his undoing and as he kissed her deeply, he felt his body prepare to release it's life-giving seed. But as he let go along with her, something happened. Something fathomless. Something precious. Opening his eyes as he tore his mouth away from hers to take in a grateful breath, Will saw his shadowy reflection in the mirror before him, and what he saw made his heart stop.

His blue eyes were suffused with desire, but he looked deeper than what he saw on the surface. Was this what love looked like? he wondered. When all else disappeared from thought apart from giving everything to the woman in your arms. Was she giving him everything in return, or was this just another sexual encounter for her?

Will studied the woman before her with more intent than he meant. His hand left her thigh and traced a finger along her jawline, tucking a wild curl behind her ear. His eyes followed his hands path, but his thoughts were far from her. Further than he wanted. Further than they ought to be, seeing her with another man, and then another. and then another.

Deanna Troi was a good-time girl, not a stayer, and he was a wanderer; born to roam the stars and experience all what freedom entailed. That was until he came here, to Betazed, to her. He'd fallen in love, and he wanted her love in return, but could he have it? Could this moment of madness go beyond simply that? Could she give him what he wanted in return?

"I can, Will, that and more than you could ever know." Deanna murmured, her face so close to his that he could feel her breath mingle with his. Her arms crept around his neck as she spoke quietly to him, her fingers tracing tiny, soothing circles upon the back of his neck, "I know what you think I am, but I am only like you. I'm not going to deny that I've had my share of men, just as you have had your share of women, but can't you feel it, Will?" she pleaded, "Can't you feel the difference between those others and us?"

Quietly, as Will considered her question he rose his hand and traced her jawline, her cheeks thoughtfully. "Yes," he said with sudden surprise, the realization making his heart lift. "Yes, I can."

Pulling her close, Will nestled his face against her hair allowing himself the pleasure of just knowing that his love was reciprocated until he finally asked, pushing her back away from so that he could watch her reaction to his revelation."So where do we go from here?" he asked. "You could be pregnant with my baby."

He hadn't even considered contraception up until that moment. Hell, he hadn't even considered the consequences of this sexual encounter, period! But, Man-Above, now he'd made love to Deanna, he was beyond caring about consequences. He wanted her. He wanted more than what he'd gotten.

And as much as she wanted it, too, Deanna knew without a shadow of a doubt that a child had not been created, as much as her own heart yearned for it. A small, tender smile lit up her features as she spoke. "Is that what you want, Will, for us to have a baby?"

And without a shadow of a doubt he answered her with an honestly that tore at his soul and his voice was hoarse with emotion as his forehead met hers and rested tenderly upon it, unable to stop the truth from spilling from his lips. "God, yes."

Mutually, they pulled apart and looked into each others faces and Will smiled ruefully. "No, I guess not - not yet, anyhow."

Deanna's tiny smile lit up her face as merriment created a sparkle in her dark, ebony eyes and once again, Will melted.

"But one day..."

"Yes," she sighed, smiling as she moulded herself against his body again. "one day."