The Ultimate Gift
by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer: Yup, now clear off and leave us true Trekkies alone
Rated: PG
Set: Future - after Nemesis I guess, so be warned if you are avoiding
future stories although there is nothing mentioned about the movie within
the story other than them being married

It was a magical time. It was a time I would never forget; Our first
Christmas together as man and wife.  I couldnt help smiling as the words
flitted through my mind; man and wife. We had waited so long, so so long
and we both frequently asked why, but we always came up with the same
answer; we never had one, ever.

There had been no excuse, no logical reason other than our own stubbornness
to deny ourselves a chance of happiness, and to deny a bond that had no
intentions of giving up on us.

And thank God it hadnt.

Laying on the thick soft sheepskin rug in front of a roaring log fire, a
Christmas tree so high it touched the ceiling, its branches laden with
glittering baubles, red velvet ribbon bows and make-believe snow. Soft
background music; a choir singing Carols as old as time itself.

But as I lay here, within my husbands arms, I truly feel the meaning of
Christmas. Of its peace, its love and its memories. Memories of the past,
our present, and our future.

Pushing myself up onto my elbow, I lovingly looked down into Wills face,
the dancing shadows of the flames making his eyes twinkle like twin stars,
and in them, I find assurance, like Im in my rightful place. Like Ive
come home, and its a wonderful feeling. A beautiful feeling.

There is nowhere Id rather be, or want to be. There is nowhere that could
make me feel safe and secure. Loved or cherished. Will stares intently into
my eyes, pouring his love from his soul to mine. Im not sure how he
manages to find enough room for more, but he always does, because in
moments like this, my heart soars to another dimension in time, a time from
long ago. A time only witnessed by us and God.

I find myself drowning in the aftermath of his thoughts and I know he has
just given me the ultimate gift once more. For some it is found in the
carefully wrapped presents beneath the Christmas tree. For others it is
found in the sanctity of the Lords love.

For me, its found within Wills arms. It is found within his eyes as they
look into mine and tell me in silence what I mean to him. Its found within
his fingers as they touch my body. Its found within his words, even when he
simply says, Hi  But most of all, its found within his heart; a heart
that is shared with mine, forever and for all eternity.