Giving In
by Carol Sandford
Rated:  PG13
Disclaimer: Yup, its there, somehwere
Set:  Um...Dunno, guess.

She stood before him and it was a moment Will would never forget. It was a
moment that with just one movement, one word, or one look would shatter the
resolve that kept him riveted to the spot. That kept him from reaching out
for her.

He was torn in two; More than anything he wanted what was about to happen,
but more than that he didn‘t want to lose her, and somehow, something deep
inside told him that this moment was a mistake, a dreadful mistake, and he
didn‘t know how to stop it.

Will didn‘t know how to make her stop because more than anything in the
cosmos, and in his heart, he wanted her to approach him and give him - show
him, what was so clearly written in her beautiful Cimmerian eyes.

She stepped forward. He stepped back, his eyes never leaving hers. He was
too afraid to. Afraid that if he let his guard slip she would take
advantage of the lapse, and he would be lost, totally lost if she reached
out and touched him.

Will saw the immediate shimmer in her eyes, he was hurting her. He didn‘t
want to. God help him, it was the last thing he wanted, but it was
inevitable. Whatever happened, would hurt her.

And him.

But she was determined. The glint in her eyes amongst the translucent
teardrops that clung heavily to her eyelashes could not be ignored or
denied, but Will was going to try. He was going to fight her every step of
the way, but even he had to acknowledge, he was rapidly losing the battle.

The woman before him wanted him; his touch; his lips; his body and his
heart. Will silently acceded his heart to her, it was always hers, always.
But to give her the rest meant more, but more meant certain pain, and he‘d
hurt her enough in the past, he didn‘t want to hurt in the future.

She stepped forward again and Will knew he had nowhere to go other than
against the hard edge of his doorway, but he still took that fateful step
even though it caused his heart to drop to his toes at what was going to

He saw the triumph in her eyes, he also saw the shuddering breath she took
when she‘d realised she‘d won - almost. He had to try to make her see. He
had to make one last plea, but his voice broke in two as spoke that plea.

"Please, Deanna, don‘t let me do this."

He expected her to put her petite body against his. he expected her to
settle her lips onto his lips, knowing that once she‘d done that, he‘d be
lost. they‘d both be lost, totally.

But she didn‘t, she did something worse, she spoke his divine name; the
name that reminded him of a past full of passion, a present full of
friendship and understanding, and a future full of pain.

As her finger reached up to trace his jawline, his eyes fell shut with the
wave of desire that surged through his whole body; His mind, his heart, his
traitorous loins, and his soul. He heard her gasp and knew she had felt
them too.

Her hand was trembling as it settled over his heart, feeling its pulse. She
spoke his name again, "Imzadi."

My own hand, shaking as much as hers, reached up to try and remove her tiny
one, but as soon as it touched her softness, he brought it back up to his
lips and kissed its palm, his agony etched across his features as the
battle raged on within him.

His heart screamed, ‘Please!‘ his mind echoed, ‘Please don‘t!‘ but it was
hopeless. He couldn‘t stop pulling her into his embrace anymore than he
could stop the sun from giving light.

His breath hurt as he struggled to stop the inevitable, but as his mouth
covered hers, his guttural moan was entwined with her answering whimper.
His body unwillingly hardened against her and he couldn‘t help himself from
lowering his arms and pulling her to him; showing her what she was doing to

But Deanna didn‘t need to feel the evidence, it was written in his eyes,
his lips, everywhere. Everywhere Will touched Deanna, inside and out,
Deanna knew. She also knew how much Will didn‘t want this.

But she did. Will had pushed her away for long enough. She‘d hung on for
dear life waiting for a time when he could no longer deny her or their
relationship.  Ten long years, Will had treated her like a very precious
parcel that had been put away for safe keeping, afraid to open it for
fearing he wouldn‘t like the gift inside.

But the gift was far too precious to be hidden any longer. Deanna knew he
wasn‘t ready for her, not really ready. But she was, and she wanted him,

Her mouth sought out his again, this time she told him in no uncertain
terms that her body wanted what her tongue was receiving. He couldn‘t
ignore the rhythmic movement; In and out, in and out, again and again, over
and over.

Her body moved against his as she ground her most sensitive area upon the
solid rock of his thigh, until at last, he gave in and pulled her small
body up and continued the torturous dance upon his own bulging ache.

Her salve saturated mouth broke away as the intense heat within climbed
higher and higher. As her head fell back and Will‘s half closed sex-fuelled
eyes took in the vista before him.

Deanna was beautiful. The long column of her throat, flushed with heat. Her
mouth, open as the tiny pants raged through her body. Her eyes were closed,
but not for long. Will wanted her to see what she was doing to him. He
wanted her to see him fall apart in her arms.

Somehow she knew; she sensed his need. Raising her head once more, her eyes
locked with his. The pressure built, the inner heat spiralling higher and
higher, until at last, with a united cry, the explosion happened,
shattering Will‘s resolve into a trillion pieces, along with his petty
excuses of keeping the woman he loved away.

As her orgasm along with his own happened, so did his belief that somehow,
someway, they could be happy together, as a couple; as lovers. As man and

His fears dropped away as the image of her wearing his eternal ring
cascaded through his mind. Holding her tightly in his arms as they slowly
came back down from heaven, Will gently stroked her hair and rained tiny
kisses across her forehead. He couldn‘t stop himself from whispering over
and over and over, "I Love you, Imzadi, I love you."

Deanna answered him by stepping away. Will felt the loss immediately, but
only for a second as his eyes searched hers and he took the hand she
tenderly proffered him.