I'm Sorry (PG)
by Carol Sandford


I have done a lot of things in my lifetime that I'm ashamed of, and the worst of them involve you. I loved you, I made love to you, and then I walked away.

You had a dream and that dream was us. I had a dream, too, but I hid it long enough to seduce you and promise you the universe. And then long enough to offer a future and my heart. That was until I left you behind and shattered every one of your dreams into a trillion and one tears.

I am sorry, Deanna. I am so, damned sorry.

I took your heart and I kept your soul too, but I let you go. How could I have done that. How could I?
You wasted not only your love on me, but more, much more. I took your most sacred gift and tucked it away for a rainy day, only that rainy day never came. To be honest, I don't think it ever will.

The day I left you was the day the girl I fell in love with became a woman. And as a woman, love became a reality instead a moment of misguided words and promises. When I left you and moved on, you moved on too and left behind your soul, unable to share it to any other. Unable to want to, and I am sorry for that, too, Deanna.

I can only offer my kind of love; a love full of impossible dreams, impossible desires and an impossible commitment. I wish I had never loved you, Deanna. I wish I hadn't broken your heart.

I'm sorry.