Intimate Thoughts
by Carol Sandford

As Will walked into the Ten forward lounge, he hesitated as he heard Deanna's seductive chuckle. He inwardly groaned. The last thing he wanted to see tonight was Deanna draped across the klingon, hanging on to his every growl. No, that was not fair, Worf did not deserve that...Hell!, yes he did.

Will saw Deanna's head come up as she realised his presence was near. Deliberately emptying his mind, he plastered on a huge fake smile, and sauntered past the two of them, acknowledging their presence with a sarcastic nod.

He headed over towards Geordi, who was propping up the bar, slapping the smaller man on the back, causing him to slop his beer, which earned him a withering look from Guinan.

Will held up his hand in silent apology to her and whispered to his friend, his relief evident that he was there.

'I'm glad to see you. You made walking in here a whole lot easier.'

Geordi quickly glanced behind him, his eyes falling on the object of Will's discomfort and chuckled quietly.

'Now THAT is a relationship I never thought I'd see...I wonder what she sees in him?'

Will briefly glanced back over to the couple who had resumed their conversation, but he did notice that Worf was now sitting a little stiffer. He now looked like he was waiting for a confrontation. Will smirked to himself, glad that he still had the power to intimidate the man who was even bigger than he was, and that was saying something!

Will turned his head back to Geordi pasting a 'don't care' expression firmly in place.

'God knows...but, if Deanna's happy, I'm happy.'

Geordi looked up at the tall man. Will's face looked like it didn't care, but his eyes were telling a whole different story.

'Hey, Commander, who are you trying to convince, me, or yourself?'

Will looked back towards her again, Geordi's words hurt more than he wanted to admit.

'Yeah, well...She know's where I am if she changes her mind. I can wait.'

Will took a long swig of the drink that Guinan had silently left him, not knowing that what he had just said and felt, had been 'heard' by Deanna.

Deanna went quiet as she listened to Will's heartfelt thoughts. Worf watched her and knew that they had just communicated again, even if it was one sided. It used to anger him beyond reason. The betrayal he felt was enough on more than one occasion to bring a roar of frustration from him, but now, now he felt differently.

Worf was envious of them, and more than once he wished he could do the same. Many times he had questioned himself as to whether he could make anything of the relationship between himself and Deanna.

Apart from Deanna being as far removed from a klingon woman as she possible could be, Worf had to contend with the past relationship between her and Commander Riker. He knew that they had been intimate, that in itself didn't bother him. In fact it made their own intimacy better. Deanna was not shy like a virgin would have been, so was less inhibited around him. She was learning fast how to satisy his needs, and would have probably achieved it by now if she was not so petite and feminine. But she was learning.

As Worf walked her back to her quarters, Deanna noticed that he seemed distracted.

'Worf, are you o.k.?'

They stopped and Worf looked down at her. He thought about the question he wanted to ask.

'Deanna...your empathy, can it be taught?'

Deanna laughed at the question, it catching her by surprise.

'No...Well, I don't know...I think you can learn to be more sensitive to people, maybe pick up the stronger emotions, that sort of thing, why?'

Worf took her arm and carried on walking, unwilling to press her further.

'It does not matter, I was just curious that's all.'

They reached her door which Deanna opened. She hesitated when Worf did not follow her in.

'Aren't you coming in tonight Worf?'

'No, not until later, I have some things to see to first. You go to bed, I'll be back soon.'

He gave her a cursory kiss on the cheek and strode off back the way he came. Deanna watched him go, clearly puzzled.

'What's with him tonight?'

Shrugging to herself, she went inside and prepared for bed.


Worf's stride was purposeful as he made his way to Commander Riker's quarters. As he approached his door, Will came around the corner from the other direction. He slowed up when he saw the big man approach. Both felt the antagonism between them but surpressed the urge to fly at each other. Curiosity getting the better of him, Will spoke, unable to keep the snarl from his voice.

'Something I can do for you Mr. Worf?'

Worf stood his full height, looking Will straight in the eyes.

'Commander...I wanted to speak with you about Counselor Troi,'

Will's eyes flew open at the mere mention of her, and Worf watched in disbelief as Will tried to connect with her to make sure she was not harmed or in any danger. Will seemed puzzled as he looked back to Worf, once he had foolishly realised that he had indeed come to talk to him about her.

'What about the Counselor?'

'Precisely that Sir...What has just happened. What you just did. I want you to teach me how to read Deanna's mind.'

Chapter 2

Will punched in his code and entered his quarters. Worf hesitated before he followed him in, sure that he was surposed to do so. Will ground to a halt in the middle of the room, slightly bemused before finally turning to face the Klingon.

'Are you kidding Mr. Worf? Have you any idea of how strong this link is? Worf, we are Imzadi. That is the only reason I am telepathically linked to her. We are as good as joined at the hip. We are one, even if we are no longer a couple. We will always be linked whether you like it or not.'

Will expected Worf to be livid at the purposely spiteful remarks about his one true love. But other than looking slightly frustrated he did not react at all. That surprised him.

'I know that Commander, but I want to be able to do the least, enough for her to know how I feel.'

Worf hesitated before continuing. Unsure of how much to reveal to him without looking a total fool.

'I cannot put into words my true emotions, and sometimes I hurt her without meaning to. Please... Sir... Show me. I will be forever in your debt, and you know a Klingon's word is an honorable one.'

They stood in silence for some time, weighing each other up. Will began to pace around the room, occasionally throwing a look his way. Worf's hopes grew as he realised that at least, Will was considering it.

Suddenly Will sat down, and beckoned Worf to do the same. Worf perched uneasily on the edge of the sofa, as Will looked into his eyes. He could see the antisipation mirrored on his face. As Will touched the bridge of his own nose as he tried to think of how to help. Hell, he didn't want to, but his thoughts were of Deanna. As much as he wanted this relationship to end, he knew that it had to run its own course. Just as he also knew that after it had run its course, Will would be waiting, with his arms wide open for her.

That thought alone helped make up Will's mind. His decision made, he began the difficult task of revealing the sacred link between Imzadi lovers.

'O.k...You have to totally empty your mind, and then focus your whole body, and mind on Deanna.'

Worf nodded.

'And then its a bit like taking a photograph of something. Sort of printing the image in your head.'

Worf nodded again.

'Then you send the message to her.'

Worf paused as he pondered the information.

'I see. That sounds simple enough'

Will laughed out loud.

'Believe me Worf, it is not 'simple'. You have to be in tune with her all the time. You have to keep a little corner of your head open to her every second of the day so that she can send to you...She might be in trouble, or trying to tell you something in secret. Or she just might want to say hello.'

Worf attempted a half smile, not quite sure of how to take the information.

'So...How do we try it out?'

Will smiled.

'Well...I seem to be the obvious guinea pig. Are you comfortable trying it out on me?'

Worf nodded vaguely.

Will grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. He was sure he was not going to succeed. Worf was far too much of a lunk-head to be able to pull this off, but he felt he had to at least try, for Deanna's sake.

'O.k... here goes nothin'...I'm going to clear my mind, and your going to do the same. Then I want you to think of me...only me, and when the 'snap' happens, your head that is, say 'hello Will'...o.k?'

Worf nodded again, and they each shut their eyes. Both shut down their minds, and Will sat waiting for the message...nothing happened...surprise, surprise!

Will opened one eye and peeked at Worf. He nearly laughed out loud at the expression on Worf's face, but caught himself in time, and tried once more to hear his message. He heard Worf's sigh and looked at him.

'I cannot do this.'

Will smiled at him.

'Let's try it the other way round. It might be easier to show you this way. Just empty your mind, and I'll do the rest.'

The both shut their eyes again, and when Will felt Worf's mind relax, he sent 'Hello Worf.' to him. When he heard Worf's gasp of surprise, he was not sure who was surprised more. Will had not expected Worf to receive it.

'I heard you!...I heard you in my head Commander...Do it again, please.'

Will grinned, shut his eyes and waited for a while for Worf's now over excited mind to clear, then he sent to him, 'Do you love her?'

When he heard Worf's gasp again, Will knew that he had heard him. Worf confirmed it by telling him out loud.

'Yes Commander, I do.

Chapter 3

The Captain had called a meeting in the ready room. Picard was rambling on about an expedition that he had just been on, and thought his senior officers would appreciate knowing all the finer details of the archaelogical dig that had unearthed some particularly facinating pots.

Worf looked around at his comrades. His eyes settled on Deanna, who was trying to listen intently to her Captain. His eyes wandered on to Data. Needless to say, he was totally engrossed with the information that he was storing away in that vast space between his ears. That was Data's duty, to learn, to store away information. Worf felt sure that some day, this useless conversation would need to be recalled, and Data would have it tucked away in some corner of that fantastic brain of his, word for word.

Worf smirked to himself and his eyes carried on their travel around the table to Will Riker. He was surprised to see him quietly watching Deanna. At first he was annoyed. Then he began to wonder what Will was thinking about. Worf glanced around the table to make sure nobody was watching and closed his eyes, emptied his mind and tried to pick up on Will's thoughts.

Will watched Deanna across the table, his thoughts automatically going back in time to when they were together. Since she had been with Worf, he had thought more and more about her. Will lay awake at night sometimes, tuning into her mind, only to hear her passionate moans as she made love to the man not sitting six feet away from him.

Will glanced at Worf, and frowned when he saw the Klingon with his eyes shut. He first thought he had drifted off to sleep, but Will saw the familiar expression and he realised that Worf was reading either his own or Deanna's mind.

Will's sadistic mind kicked in, and he thought he would give him something to wake him up with.

Will shut his eyes and cast his mind back to the Jalara jungle, more precisely, Janaran Falls. He was stripping Deanna of her clothes and she him. Both had fell to the soft jungle floor, his body moulding itself in the soft dirt beneath him. Deanna had sat on top of him. Will sat and watched her in her full naked glory as her creamy skin glistened with the sweat of the jungle heat. Her eyes closed as he sank himself into her, in one, slow, agonizing movement...*Imzadi* screamed through their minds.

Worf jumped up at the same time Deanna did. Will opened his eyes which were still suffused with the passion that was surging through his veins and he was glad he was sitting at a table with his lower half tucked underneath to hide his evident desire.

Will looked to both Worf and Deanna, double taking on Deanna when he realised that she had tuned into his erotic thoughts too. Another voice interrupted the electric moment.

'Aherm...Is there a problem here?'

They all looked towards their Captain with silent surprise. No one wanting to reveal what had happened. All knowing that he was going to want an explanation.

Will decided to take the flak for this one, being as he had technically caused it.

'Sorry sir, I accidently kicked Deanna. Reflexes you know.'

The Captain looked at each of them uncertainly.

'I see. Well...this seems a good time to end the discussion, I believe it's lunch time. Dismissed.'

As they all walked out of the ready room, Worf sidled up to Will and growled quietly.

'That was a cheap shot commander, I did not find it funny.'

Will grinned, not in the least bit apologetic.

'Sorry Mr. Worf, I guess that's what you get for intruding on other peoples private thoughts.'

Will left him standing as he made his way off the bridge. Deanna had long since parted. Her humiliation was something she did not want to share with either Will or Worf. And she was also aware that she had gladly joined in with Will's erotic thoughts, but she had not realised that Worf had witnessed every moment of it.

Chapter 4

Deanna ungracefully plonked herself down upon her sofa, her face hidden within her hands which still slightly trembled with the aftermath of the intimate thoughts.

'What have I done, What am I doing?'

But something confused her. Deanna felt...violated, but she was not sure why. It was bad enough that Will still managed to make her mind react to him the way it did. But she could not comprehend why he had started to recall their first, and the most sacred joining. The day they became one with each other, with the universe, and for all eternity.

The day they had become Imzadi.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Deanna she was being watched, that they were being watched. She knew that herself and Will had been totally alone in the jungle except for Gods own forest creatures.

No-one had seen the two lovers who had discovered each other, explored and wondered at. And had given each other the ultimate gift, their hearts, minds, bodies. Souls and eternal love, forever and beyond.

But now, something was not right. Deanna had never felt it before, and she was scared. If her mother had been on board, she would have accused her of trespassing her mind. But she was not, and she knew of no other with the capability of doing so, but there was no other logical explanation.


Worf watched Will's back from his consul on the bridge as he silently brooded. Will had deliberately shown him just how intimate he and Deanna had been, and worse, just what was still between them. He did not understand how a couple that were so obviously in love with each other, could seek out other relationships. And now he had witnessed just how much was between them, Worf knew that his and Deanna's days were numbered.

He was surprised at himself that he was not angry. Well... he was, but not because of them. It was because he was stupid to have got involved in the first place.


Will could feel the big man's eyes boring into his back, and he quietly smirked.

*Serves him right!*

Worf had not told Deanna that he could read minds, he was not capable of sending himself and he did not think he was going to achieve that goal. Will was pleased about that. The ball was still partly in his court, he was still in control, but, Will was surprised that Worf had not told her. He pondered for some time on the question.

*I wonder why?*

Moments later Will tuned into Worf's thoughts just when Worf was telling himself that their relationship was a waste of time. Will silently whooped with joy.


Chapter 5

Worf propped himself up with his hand as he watched Deanna sleep. He loved to watch her as she slept, it was the only time he could truly tell her the things that went through his mind. Worf was not able to tell her out loud, but this way he could, and he felt better with himself for doing so.

He reached over and lightly traced a line down between her breast to her flat tummy, she stirred slightly as a light groan escaping her lips. Worf smiled to himself, pleased that she responded to his touch.

Worf went lower and as his hand briefly touched the soft down that hid her from him, Deanna's leg automatically shifted to allow him access. He gently touched her, her groan became a purr. Closing his mind, he tried to reach into hers.

Deanna's image came to his, and he saw her very much as she was now, laying prone, naked and waiting. Her hands reached out to pull him to her, her legs opened wide to allow him entry. Worf climbed on top and looked down at her face, now flushed with passion. Deanna's eyes pleaded, her body begged. He entered her in one swift, fluid motion, and he watched her mouth silently say a name.


Worf reacted so violently to the image, that he leapt back, almost slipping off the edge of the bed. In his desperation to stop himself falling, he reached out and hitched himself to Deanna, who woke with a start.

'Worf!...Are you o.k.?'

Deanna's sleep filled face shocked at the scene before her, but her astonishment turned to one of merriment as Worfs legs stuck up from the side of the bed. She heard him growl.

'Yes...I'm alright, I must have had a bad dream.'

Deanna giggled until she started to recall her own dream, but then she grew silent. Worf stood up from his ungainly position on the floor, and he knew that she had realised that he had invaded her dream.

'Deanna...I'm sorry, I only wanted...'

Deanna did not let him finish.

'I knew something wasn't right, I could sense it. I didn't realise it was you. How long have you been doing this Worf. How long have you been violating my most intimate thoughts, how long Worf?'

He stood his full height, as a nasty sneer appeared on his face.

'Long enough to know that it's really him you want.'

Now it was her turn to be angry,

'How dare you Worf! How dare you presume to know what I want. I can assure you, if I had wanted Commander Riker, I could have had him any time.'

Deanna stopped herself from saying much more, knowing that what ever she said, Worf would have known that it was a lie. She did want Will, but not until they were both totally committed to a relationship that would outlast every obstacle, every career move either of them wanted to make. At this moment in time, neither were.

'Worf...I can't wipe out what went on between Will and I. He hurt me very badly, but I also know that one day, when we both are ready, we will together again.'

Worf watched her speak, knowing that she was telling the truth. With each word she spoke, he felt his anger be replaced with understanding.

'What about us?'

Deanna looked up into his face as she stepped nearer to him, smiling tenderly.

'I don't know Worf. Right now I'm enjoying this relationship, just as I'm sure Will is enjoying his little...flirtations.'

Worf held her away from his traitorous body. He knew that he could no longer make love to her, he did not think he could tolerate seeing her making love to Will Riker as he did so. The Klingon way was 'all or nothing', and if he could not have all of her, then he would have to have nothing.

'No Deanna, we can only be friends now. I no longer want a physical relationship with you. It would not be...honourable.'

Deanna stepped away from him, both embarrassed and disappointed. She quickly turned to pick up the sheet to cover herself. As she did so, Deanna suddenly asked him.

'How did you learn to read my mind?'

Worf looked acutely ashamed of himself as he deliberated whether to tell her or not. Deanna's growl prompted him to.


'I asked Commander Riker to show me'

He hastily added,

'But I can only read minds, I can't send.'

Deanna pondered on this information a little bit. Eventually a sly smile crept across her face as a plan formulated in her head.

'Worf, I think it's time we gave Commander Riker a dose of his own medicine, don't you?'

Chapter 6

Once Deanna had convinced Worf that what she had in mind, was not really cruel, but more really a ploy to steer the fated couple back on track. She had a harder job convincing him to carry on the charade of the two of them being a couple for a little longer, but the timing had to be right and Will must not suspect anything.

That time finally came one evening a few days later when they were all playing poker. Late into the evening, when Will had cleaned them all out, his big grin showed his obvious glee,

'My night again ladies and gentleman. Do all come again.'

Data quickly stood, made his goodbyes and promptly left the room, before anyone had even the chance to stand. Will went to stand and as he stood to collect up his chips, Deanna nodded to Worf to indicate that, 'this was the moment.' She hastily touched Will's arm and exclaimed.

'Oh, do we have to end the evening Will?...I would to love to stay and have a drink, wouldn't the rest of you like that too?'

Will looked at her surprised, the half grin still upon his face. As he looked at the rest of his colleagues, they all nodded eagerly, a general chorus voicing their agreement.

'Yes...Why not'

Will stood his full height, clearly surprised. This was unusual. Not unheard of, but unusual, especially during the week.

'Well...O.k, I'll see what the replicator can rustle up for us.'

Will ordered some soft jazz music and got everyone drinks, then they all preceeded to have a very pleasant couple of hours chatting, laughing, recalling past missions and past aliens.

Slowly, very slowly, the conversation dwindled down to a very happy, quiet, laid back sort of time, when everyone was lost in their own thoughts, their own memories. The music added to the tranquil moment.

Deanna watched Will carefully, without being too obvious. When he was sprawled back on the sofa, his head resting on the back of the sofa, his eyes shut, not quite asleep, she indicated to Worf to relax his mind and go through the scenario that they had planned between them when the time was right.

Deanna watched Worf close his eyes and she closed her own. She sought out Worf, and knew that he had started to recall the inimate liaison between the two of them.

Worf had no difficulty remembering this particular mating. He had taken her to the holodeck, intent on showing her a true Klingon mating ritual, which had begun with a rather frenzied stripping session. Along with the biting scratching, and brutal kisses that drew blood, they ripped at each others clothes. He was forced her towards the middle of the room.


Deanna's mind reached into Will's subconscious, until she felt him begin to connect with her. She reached out to him, her hand extended as she led him off to her domain...


Will's body relaxed when he felt Deanna reach into his mind, her eyes beckoned him, her hand outstretched to him and he reached out to take it. He knew he would follow her, even to the end of the universe, she was his universe. Deanna led him to the holodeck, he did not recognise the programme. It was a room, a very primitive room. Small fires lit up the walls, and a huge slab like table dominated the middle of the room.

Deanna turned on him and began to pull at his clothes as well as trying to bite and scratch, and kiss him, and as she did so, she pushed him towards the table in the middle of the room.


In Worf's mind it was him that was in the room, about to take her for his very own.

In Will's mind it was him that was in the room, about to take her for his very own.

Deanna's mind was on herself. She did not want the image of either men at this moment. She kept her sights entirely neutral.


As Deanna was pushed upon the table, she did not know who was between her legs trying to gain entrance. The situation was highly erotic, and headed to an explosive climax.


Beverly picked up on the atmosphere within Will's room. As she watched her friends bodies reacting to...something, she quietly nudged Geordi, and indicated to him to watch. They sat facinated, even slightly envious as it was obvious that minds were working overtime here, and they both desperately wanted to see the end result, even if it was only to stop the fists flying when they finally emerged from their own personal chimera.


Will leaned into Deanna as she lay prone on the table. His mouth assaulted her body. Her hands pulled at his hair, encouraging him to explore. Will's body refused to wait, and he slammed into her, so forcefully, she screamed, forcing her upright. Crushing her body against to his, wave after wave of ecstasy pulsated through her body. She hung on for dear life, until both mind and body came back down to Earth again.


Worf felt her pull at his hair as he bit and scratched at her body, until he could no longer hold back his urgency and plunged into her. Drowning her scream with his own triumphant roar, he throbbed within her, unable to release their locked union until her own muscles relaxed enough to let him go.


As Will, Worf and Deanna slowly came back to reality, it was a while before any of them were capable of opening their eyes. All were physically panting like they had been on a marathon. All of their bodies revealed their highly aroused state.

When they did finally open their eyes, they became uncomfortably aware that they were not alone. All three sets of eyes focused on Geordi and Beverly, who were watching with an amazed look of wonderment. The room was silent for an eternity, until finally Beverly stood, pulling Geordi up with her, quietly saying with an embarrassed, but knowing look on her face.

'Well, time to say goodnight...Sweet dreams everyone.'

She hurridly pulled Geordi through Will's door without looking back. Geordi managed to sneak one quick glance before Beverly yanked him away.

It stayed silent for some time as the three of them thought about what had happened, their eyes darting to each other, full of questions, no-one daring to ask.

Soon after, Deanna suddenly stood, making an effort to non-challantly stretch her arms above her head, complete with a wide yawn.

'Well you guys...I'm off to bed. See you all in the morning.'

Will hurridly made his way to stop her leaving. He lightly touched her arm.

'Deanna...Wait...I've got to know.'

He glanced around to Worf, who stood stiffly, with his hands behind his back, but Will did wonder at the odd expression on his face.

'Yes Will, what do you want to know?'

'Who...Who were you making love to Deanna...was it Worf, or was it me?'

She smiled enigmatically, and continued to do so as she walked out of his quarters and off down the corridor without looking back at his stunned face.

Will turned to Worf, his face a picture of disbelieving, surprise, horror and envy.


Worf made his way to the door, and casually making his way around his Commander, he smirked.

'Sorry Sir...I guess that's what you get for intruding on other people's private thoughts.'

And he left Will standing in the middle of the room, mouth open, and his bright blue eyes wide, as he wondered what the hell had happened.


Some time later, Will paced around his room for the hundredth time, churning over the dream, trying to decipher who was making love to his Imzadi. Recognising some of his own tactics, he also recognised some of the brutal moves of a Klingon on heat.

Will did not think that he could be that rough with a woman, least of all Deanna, but he did often wonder at what it would be like to be that savage.

He knew he was not going to settle without clearing it with her, so he made his way down to her quarters. Before he had even got there, Deanna's door opened. He stopped in surprise, looking around the door, not sure of what he was going to find.

Deanna was sitting on her sofa, having changed into a long loose kaftan, looking totally serene, which is more than he could say for his own upside down, inside out, and confused mind.


'I've been waiing for you Will...I'm surprised you took this long.'

He cautiously stepped into the room, looking furtively around.

'Where's Worf?'

'Why would Worf be in here Will. We haven't been seeing each other for some time now.'

He looked at her incredously,

'What do you mean?'

She lifted her eyes in merriment.

'I mean, we are no longer seeing each other. It didn't work out between us. There seemed to be somebody always in the way. We gave up trying to pretend he wasn't there'

Will could not believe it. How come he had not noticed and what was all that about tonight?

Deanna chuckled.

'THAT Will Riker, was a healthy dose of your own medicine. Did you enjoy it?'

Before he had a chance to answer, Deanna stood and made her way towards him. A slow seductive walk. Her tongue snaked out to lick her lips, her rising desire evident in her eyes. As she approached him, her long finger reached up to lightly scratch a trail down the side of his face, continuing on down his body, lightly touching his rapidly mounting hardness.

'How do you fancy a trip to the holodeck suites? I found a terrific programme that I think you'd enjoy, Tiger!!'



The end?....

As soon as the holodeck door shut on them, Deanna swung round on Will. Pure devilment, determination, passion and a look that could only be described as cruel appeared on her face. Will felt the dread and antisipation surge through his body, and his surprise.

No sooner had Deanna turned on him, she grabbed the front of his tunic and ripped a large shred from it. His eyes flew to hers in shock and before he had a chance to react, she nuzzled up to his neck and sucked.

No...she bit, because he felt the pain rip through him and he automatically went to push her away before she did any real damage. Half of him wanting her to carry on, the other half scared out of his mind. She could sense his turmoil, but pushed on ahead anyway. She bit him again.

'Deanna, Stop!'

Deanna did not answer him and before he had realised it, another large chunk of his clothing tore off and hit the floor. She pressed her body close to his and he felt her hips gyrate against him, bringing the response that she had wanted. Will heard her triumphant growl against his throat as she licked at his neck. Will began to at last respond when she raised her knee and rubbed it against his groin. The last movement gave all the encouragement he needed to join in.

Deanna felt him reach behind her and grasp at her own tunic. Her own heightened sexuality jumped another notch when she heard the material rip. She looked up at Will's eyes, they mirrored her own. Desperately seductive, and begging for more.

Will grasped her head, forcing her to lean back allowing him to dominate the situation and began to kiss her deeply, savagely. Her own tongue tangled with his, as they each fought for total invasion, each feeling desire pouring through their bodies. Both hanging on for dear life.

Deanna nipped at his lips, tasting his blood. She felt him begin to move her backwards towards the table, still kissing her, still tugging at her clothes, herself helping as best she could. By the time she had reached the table's edge, she was naked.

Deanna jerked with shock as her bare ass touched the cold stone. Will was past caring as he pushed her back down onto the flat surface, still devouring her mouth as his hands devoured her body.

Deanna was still tearing at his clothes, and he heard her whimper with frustration. Will let her up enough to complete the job. As she slid his trousers down his legs, her mouth followed their trail. She heard him gasp and convulse as she kissed the intimate tip of him, his hands grasped her head to hold her there. She gladly obliged.

Taking him in, Deanna tested and tasted. Nipping at the tender tip, driving him insane. Her hands raked across his buttocks and she felt him begin to jerk against her. He was getting close.

Seconds later, Will yanked her up by the hair and slammed her back down upon the table, pinning her hands above her head. His throbbing hardness taunted her aching femininity, rubbing up and down on the sensitive bud, making her own body jerk. Her groans were swallowed within his mouth as he continued to kiss her.

Deanna felt him release her hands and he began to move his mouth down her body, his beard created its own erotic dance. Will bit at her distended nipples, and she panted out loud as her excitement grew. Her own hands now grasped his head, pushing him to where she wanted him to go.

Will slid his hands behind her back making her arch her body towards him. His nails gauged their own trail down her ribcage. Deanna pushed him farther down until his face finally nestled on her soft fur. He could feel her huge bud already fully extended from his ardent rubbing with his own hardness. He sucked on the bud roughly adding his own nips, that made her gasp as she squirmed.

Deanna felt him move his hands around and push her legs up and place them upon his shoulders, finally reaching the very core of her being, relishing in the scent and taste of her. As he slowly slid one long finger inside of her, he felt her stiffen, and he knew that she was about to erupt, and when it did, he was waiting.

Deanna flew upright upon the table. Will pushed his rock hard member deep into her whilst she was still in the full throw of her climax. Wave after wave of delicious orgasm rocked through to her very soul.

Will could not move until he felt her muscles relax enough to be able to move himself and reach his own goal, which he did so within a few seconds, both crying out at the release. Both collapsed in an undignified heap back onto the stone table. Both too exhausted to speak. Both in awe of the experience, and both wondering how they were ever going to look each other in the face without blushing.


In his quarters, Worf slowly came back to reality, his own satisfaction clearly showing upon his face, his arousal evident within his own hands. He looked down with satisfaction at himself as he murmured.

*Maybe I should have waited a little longer before giving up on you Deanna. That was some mating ritual you just performed on Commander Riker*

Worf vowed never, ever to read his colleagues minds again....


Eventually the two lovers sat up to survey the damage done to their bodies. Deanna had definitely come off better. Will looked like he had been dragged through a barbed wire fence backwards!

Deanna gently touched him, but quickly removed her hand when he winced. She looked tentively up to his eyes, expecting to see shame and disgust in them, but all she saw was a quiet respect, wonder, lustfulness.

But the only emotion that she ever wanted to see, and to feel from him, was his love and total devotion. And she had got that.

Deanna's hand reached up to tenderly caress Will's face. His hand captured her tiny hand within his. No words were needed, and no explanations. They knew they were never likely to do this again, a definite one off. But they were better for the experience, and both silently wondered at it.

Before long, Will sheepishly smiled at his beloved, and quietly chuckled, Deanna looked at him in puzzlement, a smile creeping onto her own face.


Will laughed out loud, before reducing it to a nervous chuckle again.

'Who's going to give Beverly a call to see to these wounds?'

Definitely the end this time (Blush!)