Only one love
by Carol Sandford
Set: Whenever
Rated: PG13
Disclaimer: Yup, still there.

"There was only ever one first time for me. I shall remember it for as long as
I live. I shall treasure it for infinity. I didn‘t see it coming. I know I
should have because I had wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her. I am
not adverse to the lady taking the bull by the horn, in fact I quite liked it,
but I wanted our first time to be romantic; flowers, a bottle or two of wine, a
meal, and then some quality time getting close, and then hopefully,
closer still. I didn‘t expect her to grab me suddenly and thrust her
tongue down my throat.

She tasted so sweet, so hot, I remember thrusting her away from me, telling her
that it wasn‘t right, that she wasn‘t ready. She showed me how ready she was
when she did it again. Only this time, sense stayed away and chance grabbed the

I don‘t really remember us sinking to the floor, but I guess we must have. I do
remember pushing her clothing away, watching her body erupt into a carpet of
heated goose bumps, each of which I licked clean away. But instead of cooling
her ardour, it only inflamed her more. She became a wild thing. She became my
ultimate fantasy. As she squirmed beneath me, trying to somehow get closer than
what was humanely possible, I too became someone that I never thought anyone
else would see. I did things to her that somehow, deep down, I know I
shouldn‘t have done.

But damn it all, she was hot! She was willing. I was willing, and I was in love.
I didn‘t know it at the time of course. Well, I did, but I‘d managed to keep it
hidden - or so I thought. I guess she must have seen my response to her
whenever I saw, or spoke to her. I had to visibly contain my arms from
reaching out for her, and I had to squash the extremely graphic images that
seemed to be permanently swimming around in my head, forcing certain parts of
me to mimic a yoyo.

I remember one time, she tried my patience beyond all reasoning. But I won. I
came through. But deep down, I was aware I‘d only won because my inner self had
screeched at me constantly that it wasn‘t the right time. That she wasn‘t ready,
and if I‘m honest, I wasn‘t either.

But Gods, I wanted her, so badly.

But when it happened, it was like the past vanished, and our precious moment in
time stood still for us just so‘s we could capture it and treasure it forever.
When my body slid into hers, time couldn‘t have predicted a more perfect
instant. Her eyes had held mine with such surety that what we were doing was
meant to be, I didn‘t notice the violent trembling of her legs, or the pounding
of her heart against mine as I pressed myself into her. I‘d never taken an
innocent before. But then I‘d never taken a woman that I‘d loved before either.
Somehow I don‘t think that what happened would have happened if she had‘ve been
with another. The fact that I was her first, and in retrospect, she was my
first too, in more was than one, seemed to make the union a man‘s ultimate

But it was as I loved her that becoming the first finally filtered through my
sex-infused head. I kissed her - but I kissed her so deeply as I melded her body
with mine, that for a moment, just one, magical moment we became one. Whispers
filled my senses, and moans filled my lungs, but she...she filled me
completely. She took my soul and made it hers, and I gave it, gladly.

She was right when she said that even though I had made love before, I had never
made love and been in love before, and even if we‘d never made love again, I
knew that I would never, ever feel the way that I felt when I‘d made love to
her. I don‘t ever WANT to even feel that way about another woman again. There
is only one love - one true love that captures your heart and soul that way,
and Deanna Troi had ensnared mine for eternity.