Challenge from Imzadi List:

Could I challenge someone to write one? Something along the lines of Picard watching the tenseness between them, the surpressed emotion..... it could be about how he feels the ship would be affected, but how he could see that them being together was better than them being apart.


Jean-Luc Picard - God
by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer; yeah, its out there, somewhere...
Rated; PG
Set: Um...dunno

‘Sometimes, sitting between my first officer and my Counselor is so
excruciating, I‘m not quite sure how I manage to keep still, or silent.

Sometimes quite frankly, I feel grabbing the back of their heads and
bashing them together to knock some sense into them both. Other times I
feel like crying.

Sometimes I see the looks that pass between them. Oh, they don‘t think I
can see them, but I can.  I see it all, every emotion; The wistfulness, the
love. The passion, the pain.

I also see the happiness that resides within them both just by simply being

They‘re doing it now. The way he‘s looking at her and she him. Today is a
wistful day, I‘m not quite sure how I manage to hide my sigh, but I do, I‘m
getting well practiced at it.

I push myself back in my chair and cross my legs and feign disinterest. How
can I not be interested in two of my closest friends?!  Will is the son I
never had, and Deanna means as much to me as a daughter - more.

I want to see these two people together, even more than I want to see my
own happiness happen. They deserve it. Twelve years is a long time to love
someone and not have it realised. I should know, its been the same for
myself and Beverly, only a whole lot longer.

I can‘t stop the sigh escaping as I conjure up an image of the flame haired
woman that captured my heart so long ago that I can hardly remember a time
when I didn‘t love her. But I lost her to a friend, a good friend, a friend
that I didn‘t mind giving her up to.

And when he died, so did my hopes. I don‘t think the sense of betrayal will
ever leave me and why I can‘t make my move towards her. I still feel loyal
to Jack‘s memory, I wish to God I didn‘t, but I do.

But she‘s here. She‘s ‘with‘ me, I can‘t ask for anymore than that. I‘m
content and so is she.

But this couple either side of me are a totally different story.  I ‘want‘
them to be one. I ‘want‘ them to enjoy each other in a way that a loving
couple should do. I ‘want‘ to see them with a child or two, it just seems
so right. ‘They‘ seem so right.

Sometimes I want to play matchmaker so much by creating a moment  that the
couple could take up the opportunity to take a step forward and reclaim
their relationship. But they never do, and it frustrates the hell out of me.

Heck, what have I got to do, send them on holiday together??!

Actually, that is not such a bad idea.

I hadn‘t realised I had pushed myself to a sitting position with a very
determined look upon my face until the couple in question both turned to
me, genuine concern in their eyes.  Their surprise was even more evident as
I barked out a new course to the helm,

"Ensign, plot a course for the nearest star base. I want this ship to go
through a total overhaul, I‘m not happy with its performance. I want it
checked out and I want it done now."

I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes on me, all asking the same thing; Have I
gone mad?  Maybe I have. Maybe I don‘t want my best officers to go through
the same torment that I have done for the past twenty odd years.  Maybe it
is time for me to play God, and God decrees that this very special couple
need a good kick in the pants to realise what they are missing and what
they want - and need; Each other, together.

Today I am God.