The Question
by Carol  Sandford
Disclaimer...yeah, yeah
Set: Anytime they are a couple

It was the middle of the night and I was lying there asking the mother of
all questions; Have I got what Id always wanted?

Did it mean was I happy?  Yes, I was happy, very happy. Ecstatically happy.

Did it mean I had found peace?  Oh God, yes, I havent found this much
peace since...since, a long time ago.

Did it mean had my life found its purpose?  Absolutely. Being here on the
Enterprise, doing my job, being with my friends and knowing I was valued
and needed. Yes, Ive found my purpose.

Did it mean could I see my future? My future was right here, with me, and
it wasnt going anywhere without me.

Did it mean I had finally found love?  I turned my head towards the face
that slept peacefully  beside me. Oh yes, I had found my love and this
time, he was here to stay.

As if he heard my thoughts, Will shifted his leg possessively across mine,
his hand settling upon  my breast. I grinned in the darkness.

Have I got what Id always wanted?

Oh, yes, and a whole lot more beside.