by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer...Yup, still there
Set: Anytime as a couple

"Do you remember when you first met me on Betazed, Will?"

Even though he was laying prone on the bed with his hands behind his head,
enjoying Deanna‘s fingertips trailing around his naked torso,  twirling the
tight springy curls around her fingers, making miniature ringlet‘s.

But her question made him grin in the darkness, "How could I ever forget
the best moment of my life...Correction, the second best moment of my life."

He removed one hand and stroked the back of her head tenderly, placing a
quick kiss upon the raven curls. "I remember."

After a few seconds silence, her voice broke the quiet again. "Do you
remember how you made me feel?"

Will frowned, but not with worry, it was a frown of amused puzzlement as he
wondered where the strange line of questioning was going. He wasn‘t quite
sure what to say, "What do you mean, sweetheart?"

He winced as she playfully tweaked the current lock of hair that was
between her fingertips, "I want to know if you remember how I felt when you
crashed into my life and consumed my every sane thought from that moment

Realisation dawned, "Oh!...You mean, when you found out that I could
thought send to you?!" He felt her nod against his shoulder, "Yes, I
remember being extremely smug at getting one up on you, but mostly I
remember the effect it had on you.  I think it was also then, even before
our time in the jungle, that I knew we had something special."

"You laughed at me."

Will chuckled, "I did not! I was not laughing at you, Deanna, I was beside
myself with joy because I knew from then on, we were going to make it; We
had a chance. I had finally found a way through that invisible brick wall
you had placed around yourself."

He gently pushed her to one side of him as he moved to his side so that he
could talk to her, face to face. She saw nothing but his love as he poured
his soul into his words for her.

"When I found out that I could get through to you without physical words,
or actions, it meant the world to me. It meant I had found someone that was
truly worth pursuing. It meant that I had gone out of my way to think of
what ~You~ wanted and not just my libido.  The day I crashed through that
barrier was the day I grew up, Deanna."

She looked lovingly up into his eyes, letting her finger trace a path along
his strong jawline, "I know. That‘s when I knew I was going to spend the
rest of my life with you. Not when we made love and became Imzadi. It was
when you showed me that you were willing to learn my ways, and that you
actually achieved it. I knew you were someone very special then."

Their lips met in a kiss that was as tender as their love for each other,
she heard him relay his thoughts to her, {{I love you, Imzadi.}}

{{And I you, I‘m glad you thought I was worth it.}}

{{Oh yes, you were definitely worth it, my love.}}