by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer in force still
Set: Dunno to be quite frank!

His words hurt me, but not as much as his silence.  I wanted to...needed to
talk things through; Put logic to his reasoning and a better answer to my

He offered me none, just silence. And that silence cut through me like a

One word and then silence. "No."  That was it, no explanation, no
compromise, nothing. Just ‘No.‘

Was I so wrong to want something that I had craved since I was old enough
to understand that I could; That that was part of who I was; That my life
had no meaning if I couldn‘t do this?


The word sent a chill through to my soul. I still remember the shock of its
impact as though it was just a moment ago. But it wasn‘t, it was yesterday,
but it might have well had been a lifetime ago.

It would have still destroyed me.

For a thousand years, I have had visions...dreams...fantasies of a tiny
being, cradled against my breast, with hair as black as midnight, and eyes
as blue as the sky.

Even though I was Betazoid, the image of a child with blue eyes was as
clear to me as water. I never knew why and accepted it as destiny; That one
day a man would come into my life and give me a child with blue eyes.

But that dream just got shattered into a trillion particles with his
refusal, and I didn‘t understand why.

I‘d never understand why.

Only that he, my love, my life, my Imzadi, had said ‘No.‘ and broke my