by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer: You want it, you look for it
Set: First contact after Will left Betazed

His face appeared on the vidiscreen before me, and I nearly cried out aloud
as the pain of seeing his beautiful features swam before me. I struggled to
focus as tears clouded my vision for a moment, but I wouldnt let the drops
fall, I couldnt.

I couldnt let him see how I truly felt; Destroyed, devastated, betrayed,
angry, and lonely. Oh how I longed for him to be here, holding me tight in
his arms and apologising like he ought to be.

Not staring at me via a view screen from the other side of the galaxy. I
almost melted at the sound of his voice,

"How are you?"

"Im okay."

"I miss you."

"Do you?"

"Im sorry, Deanna."

"For what, Will, just what are you sorry for?"

"For leaving you."

"Is that all?"

"No, Im sorry for sleeping with Wendy, and Im sorry for leaving without
saying goodbye. And Im sorry for allowing the relationship to escalate to
that point. It was unprofessional of me, and Im sorry I pursued you, I
shouldnt have done, knowing that I would leave."

He sighed,

"Im sorry I fell in love with you, Deanna, I never meant to."

"Your sorry for that?!"

"Yes...No, Yes, I dont know. It was incredible. You are incredible. WE
were incredible."

"What about what you did to me, Will. Arent you sorry for that?"

"Isnt that what I just said? Im sorry for everything, Deanna, what else
do you want me to say?"

"How about...Thanks?"

"Thanks for what?"

"For nothing I guess."

"Your angry at me?"


"I guess I deserved that. Im sorry."

"What for now?"

"Because Ive caused you pain."

"Youre in pain too."

"How do you...?"

"I dont have to be empathic to know that, Will."

"Will we be alright?"

"One day."

"Yes, one day."

"Goodbye, Deanna."