That body
by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer in force
Set: Now I guess

~He had such a beautiful body. If there was one thing sure to fire my soul
up, it was his body. I have the most fantastic opportunity of being able to
sit back, relax and watch that body move before me, almost every moment of
the day, and I could never tire of it.

Even over the years from when I first knew him; When he had the body of a
young man, even then his physique was well defined, and strong, and broad

But now, with the onset of maturity, his body had become something to
revere; Something to watch, just to see that muscle play beneath the figure
hugging material.

And my, it did hug, perfectly.

But what I truly loved was when he swaggered towards me. Now that was
heaven. Because besides his body, I had the pleasure of seeing his
features; Of seeing those eyes and seeing his feelings for me, even if it
was just a general enquiry. He never looked at his Captain that way, or
anyone else.

Just me.

But when he was being intimate with me; When we spent precious moments
together, that was when I found utter peace and contentment. That was when
I came home. To be able to actually undress and touch that body. To be able
to run my fingers through that wonderful mat of hair upon that huge chest.
That was better than heaven.

But it was as he loved me, when he relayed his feelings with his heart and
mind, his words and his eyes. That was the moment that surpassed
everything. And it happened so often that I seemed to be in a constant
state of euphoria. Sometimes it was hard work trying to keep that sappy
smile from my face.

He didn‘t even bother. He didn‘t care if he wore his heart on his sleeve
for all the world to see. He was in love and proud of it.

But not as proud as I~