by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer: Yup
Rated PG
Set: Um...Dunno

I love times like this. I love sitting back and watching you go about your
business, totally ignorant of what‘s going on in my mind. Sometimes it
lust, pure unadulterated lust, and other times - I can‘t even explain my
thoughts other times.

I find your there, in my mind more often than other thoughts. Sometimes I
wish you weren't there quite so damned often as its embarrassing. Not
because my wayward thoughts are indulging us in a little more than having
fun, but because I can‘t hide the silly smile that sits permanently upon my
face until such time when I‘m forced to think of some other mundane object
- like work.

I wonder if you know that sometimes when I‘m feeling a bit down, or when
something in my day is not going right, I bring you to my mind on purpose.
You would not believe what the image of your beautiful face does for me. Or
how your gentle words calm me. Sometimes all I need is to remember your
perfume and it stirs my limbs like nothing else in this universe.

But what I love. What I really love, is when you surprise me by finding
your own way into my thoughts. If only you knew what that does to me. If
only you knew how much it means.

But then maybe you do.