The war within
by Carol Sandford
Rated: R
Set: After Insurrection
Disclimer: Yup, its around somwhere

Will not only heard the sigh that left her lips, but the one that
reverberated through his mind too. The woman above him was still unsure,
still afraid. He knew it wasn‘t him, it was her, it always was.

In his mind, the past three months had been a miracle. In Deanna‘s it had
become a chance for every fear, and every doubt to surface along side the
passionate woman that he once had known so long ago.

But despite it all, Will watched the war with fascination, knowing that in
the end, love would be the winner. It had to be. He just had to ride out
the battle along with her long enough for her to down arms, down memories
and future fears.

Will never held one of those fears. The moment that she had stepped back
into his arms, his life, everything else had faded away, even the future.
Being a Starfleet officer had taught him that strategy. ‘Live for the day,
not the tomorrow, or the past‘ Will had never truly understood the
statement until now.

He and Deanna had a chance at happiness and he was taking it, whatever
happened and over whatever obstacle stood in his way. At the moment it was
the woman naked upon his chest silently trying to think of a way of
removing herself but not finding a good enough reason why.

Her body was so small, Will had no problem reaching her cooling bottom,
tracing its lines with his fingers, memorising its shape, its texture, its
smallness. The small indent at the base of her spine, and the way she
fitted so perfectly against him.

He lifted her higher, placing her still warm and moist juncture upon his
taut stomach muscles, allowing him to nuzzle the softness of her throat.
Her slight moan tickled his own throat as she reacted to the new sensations
that his fingers were creating.

Will grinned in the dimness as his ploy began to work, feeling her inner
battle slipping away. Will was taking her on another magical ride, one so
far away from the war zone that when she finally returned, he would have
chipped another piece of her armour away.

His own body began to react as Deanna tried desperately to mould her body
even closer to his, not even wanting a heartbeat to intrude on what his
torso was doing to hers. As his one hand held her fast against him, the
other snaked up and threaded itself into her hair, gently pulling her head
away far enough for him the fasten his lips onto hers. It was barely a
nanosecond later when he felt her submission to his darting tongue, seeking
permission to enter, and as it touched hers, a duet of moans left their
souls and collided within their mouths.

Will held Deanna still as she began to squirm against his body, unable to
hold the desire hat surged through her loins. Will heard her whimper, its
pitiful sound lost in the depths of his throat as he continued to love her
tongue with his. Until at last, he broke away long enough for them to gasp
for the precious air that surrounded them, their own intimate scents
drifting amongst it, charging it with a heat that only their own fire could
set aflame.

Deanna pushed herself up onto her hands as Will once more held onto her
derriere, his two huge palms encasing it within them, controlling her tiny
movements against his heated skin. His eyes found hers, her beautiful face
half obscured by the mass of hair that swung free and wild. with one deft
move, she swung the mane over her shoulder.

But within seconds it had fallen back as she watched Will raise his head
and suckle a rose tipped nipple that bobbed barely inches away from his
face, the action causing her head to fall forward, unable to stop herself
from watching the intimate act. She whimpered in protest when he abandoned
it, but only long enough to feast on the other one.

Will shuddered with satisfaction as his successful attempt at removing her
desire to leave him that night evaporated into the sighs and moans that now
left her as he laved her breasts with the relish that only they deserved.
But it wasn‘t enough. Not just for him, but for her neither. The tiny
movements against his stomach began to increase and he felt her pulling
against his hands as she tried to move back down to the bulging ache that
now waited patiently in the wings for what he knew was going to be one
humdinger of a union.

But not just yet. Will hadn‘t finished with her, not-just-yet.

Before she knew what had happened, Deanna felt herself physically lifted by
strong hands and moved up onto Will‘s chest. Her squeaked "Will!??" was
filled with shock and surprise, but his ‘Shhhhhh‘ silenced her feigned
prudishness as his powerful hands moved her just that last fraction of an
inch for him to reach his goal.

She tasted of him, and her. He recognised the exotic scent as clearly as if
he wore a nosebag filled with the tantalising aroma all day long. There was
no mistaking it, or her. He touched his tongue to the sensitive bud,
holding on tight to her as a pleasurable spasm set off a wave of quivering
that only resulted in intensifying the sensations that rocked through her.

Her tiny gasps were muffled and Will knew her hands were covering her face,
hiding the tell-tale flames of passion that suffused her. They were also
covering her mouth that he knew would be open, unable to contain the
movements, and eyes that would be blazing with desire. He‘d seen her do it
many times before, when she was close to exploding.

But not tonight.

Will scraped his hands up her fevered body and pulled her hands away from
her face. He felt her resistance until she‘d focused on his silent plea,
‘Please, Imzadi‘ her eyes finally seeking his as he lay prone between her
shaking thighs. For a moment she didn‘t now what he wanted as he gently
tugged her hands towards his face. His midnight blue eyes held the plea and
in that instant Deanna knew.

Her own hands moved between her salve saturated thighs, and her trembling
fingers held herself apart, allowing him freedom. Allowing her a whole new
set of sensations to take over. It was all so new to her, so sensual, and
as he began again to send her to another level of euphoria, Deanna gave up
on her inhibitions, threw back her head and let whatever emerge, emerge,
whether it be from her mouth, her body, or her heart. Will had her at his
mercy and she no longer cared.

It was only seconds before Deanna felt the familiar ache build within her.
Will felt her body stiffen, watching with fascination as she blossomed
before him. Her sleek body straightened out as she began to go rigid,
waiting for that final tumble into oblivion, but Will denied her that final
moment, slowing down rather than speeding up. Missing ~the~ spot
deliberately even though she squirmed above him trying desperately trying
to get him to touch that one place.

Will heard her whimper of frustration as her movements grew more frenzied,
revelling in the power that he had over her. But when his own loins began
to pulsate with a longing that only she could quench, Will suddenly moved
his hands to her tiny waist and shifted her sweat slickened body away from
his face and down to his waiting hardness, impaling her on to it, in one,
hard, long, mind-shattering thrust, groaning with satisfaction as he filled
her to capacity, her muscles tight with tension as she‘d inadvertently held
off her orgasm.

Instinctively, Deanna‘s hands flew to her face as her body reacted to
Will‘s welcome intrusion. Never had she felt so filled and complete. Will
always had a way of doing that to her, not only with his body, but with his
words, his actions, but most of all his love. There was never any question
that Will loved her, the question was her own. But not tonight. Tonight she
was his, totally and with that thought, she opened up herself and let Will
in, completely.

Will felt her succumb and his heart soared. As he rocked beneath her, his
hands once more reached up and removed hers from the side of her head. As
she had climbed the stairway to heaven again, her hands had left her face
and clung to the sides of her head, her arms raised, allowing him the full
pleasure of watching her beautiful body fall apart before him.

He felt his own body begin to do the same. Deanna felt and saw his body
change, and entwining his fingers between hers, she pinned them down beside
his own head, changing the intimate angle so that their bodies became even
more in tune. Even more surreal.

Blue eyes stared into black. Creamy soft breasts caressed hair covered
nipples, until at last, by mutual want, their mouths met and tongues danced
in time with their bodies until finally they both wept with relief when
their loins became fused with the intimate sap that only lovers revealed.

Deanna collapsed against Will‘s sweat-ladened body, totally spent and
exhausted. Will‘s arms held her close as they slowly drifted in the
aftermath. But her heard her husky, ‘My God.‘ against his throat and he
chuckled in the darkness.

But something more important than that had happened. Will felt her
reluctance to move and knew that for tonight, he had won the war. Deanna
was staying in his bed and in his arms.