You left
by Carol Sandford
Disclaimer:  You really want it??
Set: When Will left Deanna on Betazed

~You said you loved me. You said that you had never found anyone like me;
That I was your soul mate; That I was the women you had dreamt about, all
your life. That you‘d be there for me, forever.

But you left me.  You left me alone, desolate, scared of never seeing you
again. But worse than that, you left me with me.

I loved you William Riker. I loved you with every fibre of my heart and
with every ounce of my soul.  I loved you the man and I loved you the
explorer. But most of all I loved you,  the man who loved me.

But I weren‘t enough to hold you here.

I wasn‘t enough.

God help me, I wasn‘t enough.

And do you know how that makes me feel?

You can‘t even imagine.

What does the future hold for me; For us?

Is there a future?  I‘m not sure there is anymore, it ceased to exist the
moment you left me with me.

Everywhere I look I see your face, especially the sky, the colour of your

Everything I say is destined for your ears only. Only now I talk to empty

Its better than nothing.

I can whisper to the breeze and it can carry it away. One day it might
reach you and then you‘d know.

Then you‘d understand just what you did to us.

To me.

Especially to me~