Honeymoon Adventures


This is based on a sentence or two from the exerpt
of "Taking Wing" (Titan book 1). I also added something at the end
that I would have loved to see in Nemesis.

Disclaimer: Paramount and Simon Schuster own all except a couple of
characters of my own creation.

Rating: PG (at worst)

Honeymoon Adventures

"Now, you're sure we don't have any more parties after this one?"
Will Riker asked his lovely wife of 2 weeks, Deanna Troi. They were
dancing a slow dance during the third of Lwaxana Troi's celebrations
of their marriage.

"Positive. Mother said she only had the pre-ceremony party,
reception, and the after party. I'm glad because I doubt my feet
could take any more."

"Is this Betazoid tradition or just your mother's idea?"

"Apparently, it's a tradition in my mother's family. Believe me my
grandmother was very much like my mother and from what I understand
so was my great-grandmother." She laughed at Will's horrified
expression. "Don't worry, my mother has commented several times how
I'm so much like my father and so little like her."

"That's a relief. I would hate to see our daughter's fiancé go
through this too."

"As would I, but you know my mother, she may feel that because it's a
tradition in her family to have 3 parties, we should do the same for
our daughter."

"Maybe we should hope only for boys."

"But you know the pressure my mother will put on us to have a
daughter for her to train as a proper Daughter of the Fifth House."

"Our children will make their own decisions as to their careers and

"I agree, but you know my mother."

"Little Ones?" Lwaxana Troi came over to her daughter and son-in-law
as the music ended.

Deanna rolled her eyes. "Yes mother."

"I've been talking to Mark Roper and he would like to host a
reception for you in honor of William's promotion. I was thinking
maybe tomorrow evening."

"Mother, we're leaving tomorrow morning for the Opal Sea. Our
honeymoon was already delayed due to the incident with the Shinzon
and the Remans. After everything that has happened since we got
married on Earth, we need a nice relaxing vacation not another party."

Lwaxana looked at Will. "Do you agree?"

"Yes. These last couple of weeks has been very trying. I truly
appreciate your wanting to have a party in honor of my promotion, but
I haven't been officially promoted yet."

"I know, but it will only delay your honeymoon by a day."

"Mother, you promised that after today, you would let us alone to
enjoy our honeymoon." She was starting to become angry with her
mother. Will put an arm around her shoulders.

"I've got an idea, Lwaxana. If you and Mark want to have this
reception, why don't you plan it for the night before we leave for
Earth. We'll be back here that night anyway." Will said hoping that
a compromise would prevent any argument between Deanna and Lwaxana.

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll talk to Mark about it." She
walked away.

Deanna wrapped her arms around Will and squeezed him
tightly. "Thanks. I thought we were going to have another argument."

"It's the least I could do. We'll get the honeymoon we want and
Lwaxana and Mark will get the party they want." He kissed
her. "What do you say we go? Most of the guests are starting to


They went over to Lwaxana and Mark Roper.

"We're going to leave now. We want to get an early start
tomorrow." Deanna said.

"Would you object to stopping over for breakfast? We haven't had
much time to chat since you got here. I just need to know you're all
right after what that awful Shinzon did to you. I still can't
believe a clone of Jean Luc could do something like that."

"Sure, Lwaxana. We'll come by for breakfast."

"Great. How about 7:00?"

"Sounds good."

"Will, I know you're not going to be officially promoted until you
get back to Earth; but I was wondering if you would object to my
making the arrangements to make it official here. After all, I was
calling you `Captain' while you were still a Lieutenant." Mark asked.

Will smiled. "Sure."

"Will, didn't you want the Enterprise senior staff to be there. They
won't be able to come here with their overseeing the repairs to the
Enterprise." Deanna said.

"I'll contact them." Lwaxana said. "If they would rather be there
for your official promotion, we'll just have a reception."

"It's also possible to have them witness your promotion via subspace
feed." Mark said.

"OK." Deanna said. She was a bit surprised at Lwaxana's willingness
to compromise on this.

"You two go. I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast." Lwaxana said.
She hugged both Will and Deanna.

When Will and Deanna left the room, Deanna breathed a sigh of
relief. "I can't believe she hasn't brought up the subject of
children yet."

"She might tomorrow morning. I have a feeling she doesn't just want
to chat about Shinzon and how you are."

"You're probably right. We'll just tell her what we decided." She
smiled. "You know, you're going to be quite the diplomat. You seem
to have the art of compromise down."


When they got back to their room, both were too exhausted for
anything more than a quick kiss. After setting the alarm, Deanna
snuggled up against Will and soon they both fell asleep.

The next morning at breakfast after Lwaxana was satisfied that Deanna
was recovering from the mental rape by Shinzon and his Viceroy, she
did, indeed, bring up the subject of children.

"You both know it is Betazoid tradition to have your first child by
your first anniversary or at least be pregnant with your first
child." She said.

"Yes, mother, we know, but Will is human and I'm half-human, so we'll
decide when we're ready to have children."

"Deanna, you're not getting any younger."

"Mother, you were much older than me when you had Barin."

"Yes, but you must be sure and have a daughter to carry on as
Daughter of the Fifth House."

"Mother, our children will decide their own destinies."

"I understand that; but when I die, you will be Daughter of the Fifth
House even if you're not here to carry on your duties. You must have
a daughter who will do the same. I'm willing to accept that you have
your career, but regardless of that, you are still a Daughter of the
Fifth House and your oldest daughter will be the same even if she
isn't here to fulfill her duties."

"OK, but mother there is always the possibility that we will have
only boys."

"I know, but I have faith that you will have at least one girl. Will
hopes you'll have at least one girl." She winked at Will who smiled.

"Mother, you know it's impolite to pry into Will's thoughts without
his consent."

"Deanna, he did consent."

She looked at Will who nodded with a smile. "I would love to have a
daughter who would be a daddy's girl."

Deanna shook her head. "I know you would like a son to carry on the
Riker line."

"Sure, but one of each sounds good to me – in any order."

"So, you've decided on two children?"

"We haven't really decided on how many children we want or when we'll
have them."

"OK. I'm not trying to micromanage your lives; it's just that you
and Barin are my only family."

"I know Mother."

"Lwaxana, you and Barin are welcome to visit the Titan any time you
want." Will said.

"Thanks. I promise not to make a nuisance of myself." She
smiled. "At least not too much."


Part 2

After breakfast and more hugs from Lwaxana, Will and Deanna finally
left for the Opal Sea and their honeymoon. The first few days of
their honeymoon were uneventful. Will and Deanna spent much of their
time either lying on the deck, snorkeling in the clear water, or in
their cabin making love.

On the fifth morning of their honeymoon, the sound of glass breaking
woke the couple up. "What was that?" Will asked as he sat up. When
he sat up, he noticed that the empty bottle of wine from the previous
evening had crashed of the floor along with the glasses and
everything else on the dresser.

"What could have caused that?" Deanna said. Will started to get out
of bed. "Watch your feet. There's probably quite a bit of broken

As soon as Will put his feet on the floor, he gasped. "The boat's

"What?" Deanna turned on a light and noticed several inches of water
on the floor of the cabin. She got up and noticed a definite list to
the boat. "What are we going to do? We're at least several hours
from shore."

"You try to get us some help while I dive under the boat to see if I
can find the leak. Hopefully, I can find it and possibly repair it.
You should also put on a life vest just to be safe."

"You shouldn't dive alone."

"I'll be fine. Besides, you're right here and will know if I have a


He went up on deck and pulled on his diving gear and went to
investigate the leak. In the meantime, Deanna put on a life vest and
attempted to contact the authorities. They had no shuttles and
wouldn't call Starfleet because they said it wasn't a Starfleet
matter. They told her they would send help as soon as they could but
it would be at least 2 hours before they arrived. Deanna ended the
communication and went on deck to watch for Will to return. When he
surfaced, he pulled the mask off. "Did you find the leak?"

"Yes. Are the authorities sending help?"

"Yes, but it will be at least 2 hours. I tried to get them to
contact Starfleet because we didn't have our communicators but they
wouldn't do it because in their minds this isn't a Starfleet matter.

"I guess we should look for something to plug the leak with. The
leak is toward the stern on the starboard side. I think it may be
under the closet in our cabin."

"Could we use the replicator and replicate a cork?"

"Good idea. Fortunately, there is a bucket we can use to bail the

They went down to their cabin and into the closet where Will pulled
up the floorboards to get to the leak. Fortunately, it was about the
size of his finger. Deanna went to replicator to replicate a cork
while Will used his finger as a temporary plug. When Deanna returned
with the cork, Will tried to pull his finger out so the hole could be
plugged. Unfortunately, his finger became stuck.

"I can't get my finger out."

"Are you serious?" Deanna said giggling.

"Yes and it's not funny."

She tried unsuccessfully to stop laughing. After a minute of giving
Deanna an icy glare, Will joined in the laughter. He had to admit it
had to be a funny picture with his kneeling with his finger in a hole.

"Look at the positive side, the water isn't coming in any more."
Deanna said after she finally stopped laughing.

"True." He smiled mischievously. "Well since we've got the leak
plugged, one of us should start bailing water. I'm a little stuck
here so I guess you have to bail water and swab the deck."

"Touché." She kissed Will and went to get the bucket and mop.
While she was bailing, she could tried to keep Will's mind occupied
with conversation. He was getting more bored by the minute and was
starting to get angry. She could tell it was directed at himself for
not bringing his communicator. She went over and sat down next to
him. He put his free arm around her. "Don't blame yourself. We
agreed not to bring communicators so we wouldn't be interrupted."

"I know, but we'd be out of here by now if we had brought at least
one communicator."

"Don't worry, we'll get out of here. The rescue team will come and
get you unstuck. They'll either repair the boat here or take us back
to shore where we can get the boat repaired and come back out." She
smiled mischievously. "Unless you'd rather spend the second half of
our honeymoon with my mother."

"I'd rather spend it alone with you."

"I thought you might." She kissed him and got up off the
floor. "Neither of us have had any breakfast, are you hungry?"

"A little."

"I'll fix you something."

A few minutes later she came back with a bagel and cup of coffee for
Will and a chocolate covered donut and hot chocolate for herself.
After they ate, Deanna went and got a blanket for Will who appeared
to be getting cold.

"The rescue team shouldn't be that much longer." Deanna said as she
wrapped the blanket around Will's shoulders. "I wish I could find
you something to sit on. If you want more coffee, I'll get it for


Two hours after Deanna called the authorities, help still had not
arrived. She had most of the water cleaned up off the floor, but
Will was cold and miserable. She brought him another cup of coffee
and sat down on the floor next to him.

"I wish we had a phaser, one of us could cut the wood around my
finger and then plug the hole with the cork."

"We'll get out of this and then everything will be all right. We may
even laugh about it after this is all over."

An hour later, help still hadn't arrived. Deanna brought Will
another cup of coffee.

"I better not drink any more coffee of I could have another problem."

Deanna smiled. "Don't worry about it. I can clean up after you.
I'll just think of it as practice for our children."


"I'm going to contact the authorities again. If help isn't on its
way, I'm going to contact Starfleet myself. I don't care if the
Betazoid authorities don't like it. We shouldn't have to sit here
like this."

She got up and went to the communications console. When the
authorities responded, she asked where their assistance was. They
told her they should be there within the hour.

"Sir, I called you 3 hours ago and told you that our catamaran sprung
a leak. You told us to plug it as best we could. We replicated a
cork but unfortunately my husband's finger got stuck in the hole."

"He shouldn't have put his finger in the hole."

Deanna bristled at that comment. "Excuse me but we were trying to
measure the hole in order to replicate the cork. You told me at the
time it would be around 2 hours until help arrived. It has been 3
hours and now you're telling me it could be another hour."

"I'm sorry, but we're trying to get there as quickly as we can."

"I'm going to contact Starfleet whether you like it or not."

"This isn't a Starfleet matter."

"My husband and I are both Starfleet officers."

"It doesn't matter. This is still not within Starfleet's

"Fine." She looked over at Will who was smiling for the first time
in two hours.


<<That's it!>> "Mr. Wrax, I know I told you my name was Deanna
Riker. What you may not know is that I am a Daughter of the Fifth
House of Betazed. My mother is Lwaxana Troi, Daughter of the Fifth
House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Riix, Heir to the Holy Rings
of Betazed." Deanna said trying very hard not to laugh.

"I, I, I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. Riker." Wrax stammered. "We'll send
help to you immediately. We have a hydrofoil and should be there
within 30 minutes. We'll see if we can repair your leak there. If
not, we'll tow the boat back and give you another."

"Thanks." She ended the communication and immediately started
laughing. She turned to look at Will who was lying on the flooring
laughing. She went over and lay down next to him. "I can't believe
I did that. I always vowed that I would never use my influence as a
Daughter of Betazed on anyone for any reason."

He wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her close. "You were
wonderful. When I get free I'll show you just how wonderful you
were. I don't know what I would have done – probably gotten angry
and threatened bodily harm which probably wouldn't have helped any."


Part 3

Thirty minutes later the rescue team arrived. They were able to cut
Will's finger free and repair the catamaran. They even finished
getting rid of the water that had accumulated on the floor of the
deck. It was clear to both Will and Deanna that the team was scared
of Deanna. When they finished the repairs and left, Deanna started
laughing again. "They were scared of me."

Will pulled her into his arms. "I hate to say this but I don't think
it's you they're afraid of. I think it's your mother. I have a
feeling that your mother's reputation is known all over Betazed."

"You're probably right." She kissed him. "Now, as I recall, you
were going to show me how wonderful I was."

After five more uneventful days, the newlyweds returned to the dock
where they were met by the owner of the rental company who apologized
profusely for ignoring their request for help and offered them use of
a catamaran anytime they were on Betazed. When they arrived back at
Lwaxana's home, Lwaxana informed them of her party plans which did
include Will's official promotion with the Enterprise senior staff
and Beverly Crusher witnessing the promotion via a subspace link.

"I have also taken the liberty of getting both of you dress uniforms
since neither of you brought them with you. Deanna, you will be
doing the honors of pinning Will's fourth pip on his collar."

"Thanks mother."

"Also, Jean Luc sent a package to you. It arrived yesterday." She
pointed to the table in the foyer.

"I'll bet it's wine for tonight." Will said as he picked up the box
which was heavy. "Lwaxana, have you ever had Chateau Picard wine?"

"No. I look forward to it. Now, you two go start getting ready.
I've invited Mark Roper and Admiral Johnson over for dinner." She
noticed Deanna's reaction. "Don't worry, it's just the six of us for

"I'm sorry mother but …"

"You know me. Well, I'm trying very hard not to micromanage your
lives. I love both of you." She smiled. "I also feel I need to
make up to Will for all the trouble I've given him especially when he
was stationed here."

Will pulled Lwaxana into a hug. "Don't worry about it. I forgave
you a long time ago. Besides when I was stationed here, I don't
think either of us was ready for commitment."

"Now, go get ready for this evening. This is a very special one for
both of you." She pushed Will and Deanna toward the stairs knowing
there was a very good chance that they would take much longer than
necessary to get ready for dinner and the reception.

When they reached the bedroom, Will flopped on the bed while Deanna
inspected their dress uniforms. She smiled. "She actually got them
with the correct color scheme. I was half expecting to find colors
she liked on us as the trim." She held up Will's. "And she got
yours with the white rather than gray."

"She probably asked Captain Picard."

"Probably. Are you going to feel comfortable calling him Jean Luc?"

"Maybe eventually, just not right away."

Deanna came over and lay down next to him with her head on his
shoulder. "You know we have a few hours before dinner. Do you want
to get some sleep or something else?" She said suggestively.

"What was the something else you have in mind?"

In answer to his question, Deanna rolled over and kissed Will. "Our
one-month anniversary is in a few days and we'll be on a shuttle with
very little privacy. Maybe we should celebrate it today."

"True and your mother gave us quite a bit of time to get ready for
this evening."

"She probably didn't figure we'd sleep." She kissed him again and
started to pull his shirt off while he started to pull her top off.

Downstairs Lwaxana smiled when she sensed Will's and Deanna's
feelings. <with their first child.>>

That evening at dinner, Will and Deanna told the others of their
adventures during their honeymoon. Lwaxana was shocked and proud
when Will told her what Deanna did to get them help.

After dinner, the group left for the Federation Embassy and Will's
promotion ceremony and the reception.

"Some of you may know that when I taught at Starfleet Academy, Will
Riker was one of my students. I knew then that this day would
eventually come." Admiral Thomas Johnson said with a smile. "I just
never thought it would take so long, but from what I understand from
several people including Jean Luc Picard and Lwaxana Troi, some of
Will's reluctance had to do with his not wanting to leave the lovely
Deanna Troi. I can certainly understand that. So, without further
delay, William T. Riker, in honor of your service to Starfleet and
the Federation, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain.
Congratulations." He handed a pip to Deanna. "Commander, you may do
the honors."

Deanna smiled and pinned the fourth pip to Will's collar and then
pulled him into a hug while the others in attendance applauded.

Will stepped up the podium. "I really don't know what to say except
in my defense, Deanna was only part of the reason I didn't accept my
own command sooner – especially since she could come with me anywhere
I went. The other reason was I knew I had so much to learn before I
could take my own command and knew I could learn it best under Jean
Luc Picard. I also would like to thank my fellow senior officers
from the Enterprise – Beverly Crusher, Geordi LaForge, and Worf. I
would also like to thank all my former captains for their patience
with me. There are some people who aren't here tonight that I wish
were – my parents, Tasha Yar, and Data. I hope I can honor their
memories. I also would like to thank Ian and Lwaxana Troi without
whom, I wouldn't have my beautiful wife Deanna. Last and certainly
not least, I would like to thank Deanna for being patient with me for
far too long and now being willing to put up with me for the rest of
our lives. She'll make as a terrific captain's wife as she is ship's
counselor. Thanks for this honor." He stepped away and pulled
Deanna into a hug.

"Kiss her Will." Lwaxana called out followed by a chorus of "kiss
her" from others in attendance. Will looked at Deanna and shrugged.
He pulled her into a passionate kiss much to the delight of those in
attendance and via the subspace link.

A waiter started handing out glasses of wine to the guests.

"Before we start the party, I believe Captain Picard has something he
would like to say." Admiral Johnson said. "Jean Luc."

"I would just like to say congratulations to Will and Deanna on their
marriage and Will's promotion. Starfleet is getting an excellent
captain and the Titan is gaining an exceptional counselor. Best
wishes to both of you in both new chapters in your lives." He raised
his glass. "To Will and Deanna!"

The others raised their glasses. "Here! Here!"

Will and Deanna looked at each other and clinked the glasses
together. They both new that this was a new chapter in their lives
both together and individually in their careers. They knew it would
be difficult but as long as they had each other, they could get
through anything life threw at them.

The End