Unexpected Advice


Here's something I've been mulling over in my head since I read A
Time to Hate. It's a small segment that, if Robert Greenberger had
written it, would have taken place near the end of the book. It does
contain spoilers for A Time to Hate.

Disclaimers: Paramount owns the characters. Simon & Schuster and
Robert Greenberger own A Time to Hate. I'm must doing this for fun
and not money.


Deanna started to relax as she felt Will begin to fall into a deep
sleep. Since they had beamed back from the planet, she had been
extremely concerned about Will. He hadn't said anything to anyone.
He barely acknowledged Beverly's treatment of his injuries. Deanna
could tell Will was feeling completely alone and a profound sense of
loss. Beverly had wanted to keep Will overnight for observation.
Surprisingly, when Beverly made her suggestion, Will didn't react at
all. Deanna realized he was in shock and suggested that he might be
more comfortable in his quarters. She also thought he might open up
if he were in his own quarters. Deanna requested a site-to-site
transport from Sickbay to Will's quarters. While Will was showering,
Deanna sat on the edge of his bed. When she suggested he take a
shower, he just nodded rather than suggesting they take one
together. When he emerged from the bathroom, he looked a little
better but he appeared to still be in shock. He lay down on the bed
and Deanna gave him the light sedative Beverly gave her to help him
Now, as she watched Will sleep, she was still concerned but knew Will
would be better in time. There was one thing she knew she should do –
contact Kate Pulaski. She leaned over and kissed Will on the
forehead and went out into the living room. She knew Will had been
keeping in touch with Dr. Pulaski and had no trouble getting in touch
with her.
When Kate Pulaski answered her comm. and saw Deanna, she
smiled. "Deanna, how wonderful to see you." Her smile faded,
however, when she saw the tears in Deanna's eyes. "Deanna, what is
it? Is Will…?"
"Will is going to be fine in time." She took a deep breath. "His
father was killed today."
"Oh no!" Kate became pale causing Deanna some concern for the doctor.
"Are you OK?"
Yes. What happened?"
"He was shot by a phaser blast that was meant for Will."
Kate smiled slightly. "Deanna, you may not believe this, but I'm not
surprised that Kyle sacrificed himself for Will. He loved Will very
"I know and I also know Will loved him." She chuckled. "Yet neither
of them would admit it to each other. I'm not sure Will admitted it
to himself."
"I don't think Kyle did either." She was quiet for a minute. "When
is the memorial service?"
"I'm not sure yet. Will hasn't said a word since he beamed back from
the surface. Kate, he's feeling so alone right now and I'm really
worried about him. He has no family that he's close to."
"He's got you."
Deanna smiled. "It's not quite the same."
"It could be. I know you two are back together. Have you even
talked about getting married?"
"No. We've moved in together but that's it."
"Deanna, it's the 24th Century. You could propose to him."
"You sound like my mother. She tells me the same thing. I'm just
not sure how Will would react."
"Probably like his father did when his mother proposed."
"Will's mother proposed to his father?"
"Yes. From the way Kyle described it; they had been living together
for a year or so until Elizabeth finally decided they should get
married. So she proposed and he accepted – after recovering from the
shock. Besides I know Betazed is a matriarchical society. I'm
surprised your mother didn't propose to your father."
Deanna laughed. "She was going to but my father beat her to it by
proposing first."
"So what are you waiting for? Why don't you make your mother proud
by proposing to Will before he can propose to you?"
"I'll have to think about it."
"You do that, but don't forget to invite me to the wedding."
"We won't. Thanks Kate."
"You're welcome. I've got an appointment in a few minutes. Give
Will my love."
"I will. I'll contact you with details of the memorial service."
"Thanks. Good bye."
"Good bye." Deanna ended the communication. She sat back in the
chair pondering what Kate had said. She loved Will and wanted to
spend the rest of her life of with him and if possible have children
with him. She smiled and decided to take Kate's and her mother's

The End