Together At Last

"Beverly, I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" Captain Jean
Luc Picard complained to Dr. Beverly Crusher as he struggled to fix
his 19th Century suit.
"Jean Luc, you will make a wonderful Scrooge." She smiled
mischievously. "Besides, you promised that if Will portrayed Santa
at the Christmas party for the children this afternoon you would
replace him as Scrooge tonight." She looked over to where Commander
William Riker was attempting to fix his 19th Century suit. "Right
He didn't respond. Crusher looked at Picard and shrugged. They both
had an idea as to what was bothering the Enterprise's First Officer.
The day before, Riker had received a subspace message from his father
who, once again, badgered him about wanting someone to carry on the
family name. Riker had told Beverly and Picard about the
conversation after the previous day's rehearsal. He had later
confided to Beverly that his father had been right. He was the last
hope to carry on the Riker name. His uncle had three daughters. His
only son had died at 16 in a climbing accident. He had sworn Beverly
to silence.
Beverly also knew that Will's father was right. She could understand
Kyle Riker's feelings. Wesley wasn't a doctor and didn't appear to
be inclined to become one. Therefore, she was the last in her family
to be a doctor. She also was well aware of the pain Picard had felt
when his brother and nephew were killed. She didn't want both of her
friends feeling the pain of being the last of their line. Even
though she barely knew Kyle Riker and didn't think too highly of him
considering what Will had told her, her job was to help others.
Besides she knew and respected Lwaxana Troi. Lwaxana had been
badgering Deanna to settle down. <<What can I do? I'm sworn to help
people even two people who don't seem to want to help themselves.>>
She put her plan in to motion by convincing Picard to take the role
of Scrooge in her production of "A Christmas Carol." He wasn't going
to do it until Beverly told him that she would talk Will into playing
Santa at the children's Christmas party.
It was difficult but she managed to succeed. Citing last minute
preparations for the play, she talked Deanna Troi into portraying
Mrs. Claus.
Looking at Riker, she could see that her efforts had gotten him
thinking about his future. Deanna, who was portraying Mrs.
Cratchitt, also seemed a bit subdued.
What Crusher didn't know was that Will had been thinking about what
his father said. He loved Deanna and, over the last several days,
realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.
While portraying Santa that afternoon, he noticed how good she was
with children and grew to love her more. Right after the Christmas
party, he went to Ship's Stores, after ascertaining no one was there,
and replicated a 2.5 carat diamond ring. He was planning on
proposing to Deanna at exactly 0 hundred hours. If she accepted,
they could announce their engagement at the Senior Officers Christmas
dinner the next evening. <<I've got it all planned out; but what if
she doesn't accept.>>
He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked around.
"Are you OK?" Deanna Troi asked with some concern. "Or is it just
stage fright?"
"Yeah." He knew she would know he was lying. <<She'll find out
what's going on soon.>>
Deanna looked at Will. She knew he wasn't feeling stage fright. He
was excited about something but also feeling some doubt. During the
Christmas party that afternoon, she could feel his love for her. In
fact, his love for her had been getting stronger over the last few
When she tried to suggest a quick dinner prior to their helping
Beverly decorate the Christmas tree in the Officer's Dining Room, he
said he had Christmas shopping to finish. She was a bit confused
because a few days earlier he told her he was finished. <<Whatever
it is, I'm sure I'll find out about it.>>
"OK gang, the curtain is ready to go up." Beverly said. "Break a
leg everyone."
Two Hours Later
The show was just ending and everyone was taking the final bows.
Will had hold of Deanna's hand. He squeezed her hand and looked at
her. She smiled at him. <<He's definitely up to something and it
involves me.>>
After everyone left the stage, Beverly called for everyone's
attention. "I've got a buffet set up in the dining room for cast and
crew. See you all there."
Will started back to his quarters. He was mulling over how he wanted
to propose to Deanna. Should he propose in a traditional earth
manner or hand her the box with the ring and see what she says.
Maybe he could even put the ring in a bigger box so she wouldn't know
what it was. He even debated proposing in front of the whole cast
and crew of "A Christmas Carol." He decided against that because if
she declined or wanted to decline, it could prove to be embarrassing
to both of them. She may even feel compelled to accept his proposal
even if she didn't want to. By the time he reached his quarters, he
had decided on a traditional Earth proposal. <<Now, how do I get her
to my quarters.>>
While he was changing out of his costume, the door buzzed. He
called "Come in."
"Will, where are you?" Deanna called.
"I'll be right out. Have a seat."
He finished changing and walked into the sitting area. "I thought we
did pretty good tonight."
"Yes. Captain Picard was a wonderful Scrooge." She laughed. "Thank
goodness, he's not really like that."
Will laughed. "I would hate to be First Officer under him."
"You probably would have accepted your own command by now."
"Are you ready to go to the party?"
"Yes." They left and went to the dining room where they found
Beverly working on finishing decorating the tree.
"Are you two here to help?" She asked.
"Will, since Jean Luc has left the party already, would you do the
honors of putting the star on top of the tree."
2350 Hours
Will knew that if he was going to propose to Deanna at exactly 0
hundred hours, he had better figure out how to get them both out of
the room soon. He consulted a PADD and noticed that both of them
were scheduled for Bridge duty at 0800 tomorrow morning. Picard had,
on the suggestion of Deanna and Beverly, given all the crew members
with family members the day off unless they were needed. <<Maybe
next year, we'll get the day off.>>
"Deanna, I noticed that we both have Bridge duty at 0800 tomorrow,
can I walk you home?" He asked her.
She was a bit suspicious of his motives. He never usually offered to
walk her to her quarters. However, she was flattered by his
attentions. "Sure."
They left. Beverly suspected that something was up with her two
friends. She hoped she was right. <<I'll find out tomorrow
Soon, Will and Deanna reached her quarters. "Would you like to come
in for a nightcap?"
"Sure." He had the ring box tucked into a pocket.
Deanna went to the replicator and got them each a cup of hot
chocolate. She handed Will the cup of hot chocolate.
"What's wrong? You've been distracted lately." Deanna asked with
some concern.
He glanced at the chronometer. It was 2358 but he couldn't wait any
longer. He took Deanna by the hand and led her to the sofa. After
she was seated, he knelt in front of her. Deanna had a strange
feeling she knew what was coming next. All evening, in fact all day,
she could feel Will's intense love for her coupled with some
nervousness and even fear.
Will took her hand. He figured Deanna had been sensing his
emotions. <<She may even have a feeling as to what's coming.>> He
"Imzadi, I love you and want us to spend the rest of our lives
together. Will you marry me?"
Deanna stared at him. Even though she suspected this was coming, she
couldn't believe what she heard. In the few moments from the time he
proposed, Deanna could feel Will's emotions go from nervousness to
disappointment. <<He thinks I'm going to refuse.>> She realized.
Will slowly got up from his knees and turned around so she wouldn't
see the tears of disappointment starting to form in his eyes. "Good
night. I'll see you in the morning." He started to the door.
Deanna jumped off the couch and quickly intercepted him before he
reached the door. "Wait." She said as she grabbed his arm and
turned him around. "You haven't heard my answer yet."
"I think I know what it is." He started to turn around again but she
stopped him.
"I don't think you do." She moved closer and put her arms around his
neck and pulled his face down to her and kissed him. "Yes. I'll
marry you on one condition."
"What's that?" He was a bit concerned but he had gotten the answer
he wanted. He hoped she wouldn't want a traditional Betazoid wedding.
"That we do so as soon as possible. I don't want to wait."
"How about New Year's Eve? That way we can start the new year
together." So far his plans had worked.
"I like that." She kissed him again. "You obviously planned all
this out. When will we announce our engagement?"
"I was thinking at the party tomorrow afternoon."
"OK. I guess we can make the rest of our plans later."
"Yeah, When are you planning to tell your mother?"
Deanna winced. "I better tell her soon." She smiled
mischievously. "And when are you going to tell your father?"
"Do I have to?"
"Yes." She kissed him. "We both better get some sleep."
"Don't you want to open your Christmas present?" He pulled the box
out of his pocket and handed it to her.
She opened it and saw the beautiful 2.5 carat diamond ring. "Will,
it's beautiful!" Will took the ring from the box and slipped it on
her finger.
"A perfect fit." He kissed her.
"It's not exactly regulation. Since you planned everything else, I
suppose you have an alternative planned."
"Of course." He pulled a chain from his other pocket.
Deanna shook her head. "I can't wait to see what other plans you've
made. But that can wait until tomorrow."
"Good night."
"Good night and Merry Christmas, Imzadi"
Will smiled and pulled her into his arms and kissed her.


part 2

The next afternoon, Crusher and Picard were putting their gifts under
the tree in the Senior Officers Dining Room.
"You know, Beverly, I think there is something going on with Will and
Deanna." Picard whispered. He normally didn't like gossiping about
crew members; but in this case, he knew Beverly would like to hear
about what he observed that day on the Bridge.
"Why do you say that?" Beverly knew that Picard wasn't given to
gossip so something big must have happened.
"They were acting very strange on the Bridge today."
"How so?" She was hoping her two friends had come to their senses
and decided to get married.
"They would glance at each other and smile. At one point, Deanna
leaned over and you could clearly see that she had a necklace of some
sort under her uniform. The clincher was when they left to grab a
quick lunch and then at the end of their shifts, before the turbolift
doors closed, I could see Will take Deanna's hand. I would be
willing to bet that they got engaged for Christmas."
"I hope so." She sincerely hoped Picard was right in his
assessment. "If they asked, would you perform the ceremony?"
"Absolutely, I hoped I would someday get the chance." He smiled. "I
just hope they don't decide on a traditional Betazoid ceremony."
"I agree. You know, Jean Luc, I would be willing to bet that Will
will finally accept his own command."
"Did he say something to you?"
"Yes. After Deanna and Worf started seeing each other, Will told me
that he was planning on accepting the next command he was offered."
"That whole thing bothered him more than he let on." It was more of
a statement than a question.
"Absolutely. I'll really miss those two if they leave."
"As will I." He smiled knowing that Will was going to be offered
command of a new starship, The Iditarod, that was going to be
commissioned in six months. He had wrapped the request up as a
Christmas gift for Will.
Beverly glanced at the door where Will and Deanna were walking in.
Will had his arms full of packages while Deanna had her hands in the
pockets of her skirt. Beverly nudged Picard. "I guess we'll find
out soon."
Deanna noticed that Beverly and Picard were whispering and stopped
when she and Will came in the door. They both seemed happy and
relieved at the same time. <a suspicion about us.>> Deanna sent to Will.
He smiled. <longer than we planned.>> He loved teasing Beverly.
They went over to where Picard and Crusher were talking. "Merry
Christmas, Captain, Beverly." Will said as they approached. He
knelt down and started to place the packages under the tree. Deanna
remained standing with her hands in her pockets.
"Merry Christmas to you two also." Picard said.
"Deanna, what did you get for Christmas?" Beverly asked with a
mischievous glint in her blue eyes.
Deanna smiled at her friend's mischievous smile. "I haven't opened
anything yet." She answered innocently. <<Thank goodness she's not
"I'll pretend I'll believe you." Crusher said as Will stood up.
<> Deanna projected to Will. He
nodded and called for everyone's attention.
"I hope none of you have plans for New Year's Eve." He said sounding
more than a little nervous. Deanna reached out and squeezed his hand.
Crusher noticed the nervousness and winked at Picard who smiled.
They both suspected what was coming next. Neither of them had seen
Will quite so nervous.
"I believe we were planning on following our New Year's Eve tradition
of a party in the ship's lounge." Data called out.
"Actually, we are." Will answered. He put his arm around Deanna's
waist and pulled her close. "In addition to the traditional party,
it will be a reception." He paused and looked at Deanna who
smiled. "Deanna and I are getting married."
Everyone in the room broke into applause.
"'Bout time." Geordi LaForge called out.
<> Will projected to Deanna. She just smiled. Beverly
came up and hugged both Will and Deanna.
"I am so happy for you two." She said.
Everyone else also went up to the happy couple and offered their
congratulations. When Lieutenant Rebecca Smith reached them, she
said to Will. "I guess I was right. You were still in love with
Counselor Troi." Riker and Smith had dated for several months after
Worf and Troi started dating. They broke up when Smith realized that
Will was still very much in love with Deanna. She knew he wasn't
using her to make Deanna jealous but she also knew he still loved
"I guess you were." Will said as he hugged her. "How did you know?"
"Women know these things." She said with a smile and kissed him on
the cheek. "I am really happy for you two."
"Deanna, what did Will give you for Christmas?" Crusher asked. She
noticed that Deanna kept her left hand in her pocket. Deanna smiled
and pulled her hand out.
"My goodness, that diamond is huge!" Beverly exclaimed as she
examined it.
"No wonder you looked like you had a weight around your neck on the
Bridge today." Smith remarked.
"But Lieutenant Smith, Counselor Troi's ring is only 2.5 carats. It
is not heavy enough to weigh her down." Data pointed out.
Smith just rolled her eyes. "Commander Data. That's a joke."
"Ah, humor. Even with my emotion chip, I still fail to comprehend
When everyone had resumed their conversations, Will pulled LaForge,
Beverly, and Picard aside.
"Captain, Deanna and I would love for you to perform the ceremony."
Will said. He also knew what Picard's first question would be.
"Will it be a traditional Betazoid ceremony?"
"No, much to my mother's dismay." Deanna answered.
"I would be honored. I always hoped I would get this chance."
Deanna turned to Beverly. "Beverly, would you be my Maid of Honor?"
Beverly hugged Deanna. "I would love to! We have so many plans to
make. We have to replicate dresses for both of us!"
"Beverly, this can wait until later." Picard said. He couldn't help
but smile at Beverly's enthusiasm.
"Geordi, I figure you've guessed that I would like you to be my Best
"I'd love to." He smiled.
"How did you parents react?" Picard asked. He suspected they were
both very happy.
"My mother is not thrilled that we're using Earth customs; but
otherwise, she's happy." She smiled mischievously. "She should be
here in a day or two."
"Wonderful." Picard sighed. "What about the bonding ceremony?"
"She's going to bring a Betazoid chaplain with her."
"Will, is your father coming?"
"He says he is. I'll believe that when I see it."
"Based on what you told me the other day, he must be quite happy."
"Yes, he is."
After Geordi had gone to rejoin Data and Deanna and Beverly went to a
table to chat with Lt. Smith, Picard bent down, picked up one of the
gifts and handed it to Will. "Here's a gift I think you may like --
now." He said with a smile.
Will opened the package and tapped a key.
"They want me to command the Iditarod?" He was shocked because the
rumor was that Commander Elizabeth Shelby was going to command
Starfleet's newest, most state-of-the-art vessel.
"They do. I assume you'll accept."
Deanna sensed Will's shock and came up to Will and Picard. He handed
her the PADD.
"That's great. Are you going to accept?"
Picard could almost guess what Riker's next question was going to
be. "Yes, they do need a ship's counselor; and, of course, I
recommended Deanna."
Will smiled and squeezed Deanna's hand. "In that case, I'll accept
"Good. They want you to report in March. So, you two can either
stay here or take a two month honeymoon. Or course, I think I know
what you'll decide." He shook Will's hand and hugged Deanna. "I'm
really going to miss you two. It has been a pleasure serving with
you both. I know you will have a very happy life together." His
voice started to crack, his eyes filling with tears. Will's and
Deanna's also started filling with tears.
Will smiled. "Let's start this party before this all gets too
One Week Later
"By the power vested in me by the United Federation of Planets, I now
pronounce you husband and wife." Picard paused for effect. Deanna
looked radiant in a white dress she and Beverly had designed. It was
tight fitting with beading on the bodice and a very long train. She
wore white roses in her hair rather than a veil. Her naturally dark
coloring brought out the white in the dress and flowers. Will, on
the other hand, looked like Picard felt, very uncomfortable in his
dress uniform. Starfleet may change uniforms but they still hadn't
found a way to make dress uniforms comfortable. He smiled and
said. "You may kiss the bride."
As Will kissed Deanna, Lwaxana started sobbing more loudly. She had
been sobbing throughout the ceremony. The rest of the attendees
burst into applause. Beverly wiped tears from her eyes. She didn't
need to be empathic to know how happy her two friends were. She was
going to miss them so much. When Beverly told Deanna that she would
most regret not being able to deliver their first child, Deanna told
her that if she became pregnant, Beverly could join them and deliver
the baby. Crusher figured it would be less than a year before she
would do just that.
Shortly after midnight, the happy newlyweds left to spend their
wedding night in the holosuite with a program created by Geordi and
Data with some input from Alyssa Ogawa and Beverly. Later that
morning, they were scheduled to board a shuttle to spend the first
month of their honeymoon at Lake Cataria on Betazed. The second
month was going to be spent in Alaska at a cabin owned by Will's
family. Deanna had complained about its being so cold and dark in
Alaska in February. Will told her that there was some daylight in
Valdez in February. "Besides, think about how much fun we can have
sitting in front of the fire for long periods of time."
By the end of the two month honeymoon, Deanna was pregnant with the
baby's expected due date's being Christmas Eve. In June, the USS
Iditarod was commissioned and shipped out with Captain Riker in


part 3

Christmas Eve
"I see the head." Beverly said excitedly as Deanna strained to give
birth. She had been in labor since early in the morning, and she and
Will were hoping the baby would be born before midnight. With every
contraction, the baby moved closer to being born. "One or two more
good pushes and we'll have the head."
Deanna pushed harder squeezing Will's hand tighter. <<She certainly
is strong for someone so petite.>> He thought to himself. He
changed position and wrapped his arms around her. She gripped his
forearm and she pushed.
"OK, we have the head." Crusher said. "A few more and your baby will
be here."
Deanna pushed even harder and soon Sickbay was filled with the
screams of the newest Riker.
"Beverly looked at the new parents and said. "It's a boy!"
Deanna fell back into Will's arms with a sigh of relief and a big
smile. He leaned over and kissed her gently.
"Told you so." Deanna said as Beverly handed the newborn to his
mother. Will didn't want to know the baby's gender. Deanna, of
course, knew that it was a boy. Will didn't believe her when she
told him so.
Lwaxana Troi poked her head in. "Well?" She knew that her daughter
and son-in-law had a son. She was happy and was wondering which of
his parents he looked like.
Deanna looked up at her mother and smiled. "Mother, come see your
grandson." Deanna looked at Will, who nodded. "We've decided to
name him Ian Andrew Troi Riker."
Lwaxana smiled and kissed Deanna and then hugged Will. "I like it."
She winked at Will. "Of course, you must have a female heir to keep
the Fifth House alive."
"Mother! Give us time! Ian is only a few minutes old." Deanna knew
that within a few months her mother would starting pressuring her and
Will about a granddaughter.
She looked up at Will who smiled a smile that was filled with love.
He leaned over and kissed her gently and then kissed his son's head.
He took Ian from Deanna's arms and held him. Tears sprang into his
eyes as he looked into the peaceful face of his newborn son. He had
vowed from the moment Deanna told him she was pregnant that he would
be there for his children.
"I'll always be there for you, Ian." He whispered.
"I know you will be." Lwaxana said as Ian wrapped his tiny hand
around her finger. "He knows it too." She kissed Will on the cheek.
Deanna smiled knowing that everything was going to be fine with her
growing family.
Two and a half years later, Will and Deanna welcomed their daughter,
Elizabeth Lauren. Will stayed in command of the Iditarod for 20 more
years and then received a promotion when he accepted a position as
Head of Starfleet Intelligence. Deanna accepted a teaching position
at the Academy.
Ian followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps and joined
Starfleet. On his parents 25th wedding anniversary, Ian and his
wife, Melissa, presented his parents with their first grandson,
William Thomas Riker, II. At age 32, Ian became the youngest captain
in Starfleet history.
Much to Lwaxana's delight, Elizabeth was willing to accept and carry
out her responsibilities as Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed.
She was genetically bonded to the son of a Daughter of the First
House and married him on her 25th birthday. A year later, she
presented her parents with their first granddaughter, Elena. Because
none of the Daughters of the First House produced a female heir,
Elena became head of the First House upon her maturity.
The night of their 30th wedding anniversary party, Will and Deanna
were preparing for bed.
"Did you have a good time tonight?" Deanna asked as she laid down
next to Will, her favorite place to be for the past 30 years.
"Yes." He rolled over and pulled her close. "Lights out." He
commanded and then kissed her passionately.
"Will, I'm tired." Deanna said. She sensed Will's emotions and knew
what he wanted most at that moment. She had to admit that she did
too, but decided to see what he would do if she said she were tired.
Would he give up or keep trying?
"Oh come on, Deanna. The only time we didn't relive our wedding
night was our First Anniversary."
"I know, but don't you think we're getting a little too old." The
only nights they didn't make love since their wedding night were the
few weeks after Ian's and Elizabeth's births and a few other evenings
when one or the other was off the ship.
"You're never too old." Will said as he again kissed her
passionately. He knew she was just playing hard to get and knew he
would eventually win.
"Mmm. I guess you're right."