The Birthday Party

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Rating: PG-13

The Birthday Party

"Counselor's Personal Log – Today is Will's birthday. Liz, Andy and
I have planned a surprise party in Holosuite 3. I have a feeling he
suspects something is up especially since we did the same thing last
year. This year we've come up with a different holosuite program –
one I'm sure he'll enjoy. Christine and Jason Damon have volunteered
to take Liz and Andy for the night so Will and I can have a private
birthday party. I'm looking forward to that more than the surprise
party especially since we don't get too much time for just the two of
us. We try to have lunch together in our quarters, but after we've
finished eating, we don't have much time for anything else."

Deanna Riker sat back in her chair and smiled. She knew Will would
love the birthday presents she had for him – especially the one she
would give him in private. She got up and went into the bedroom to
shower and dress for the party. Since the party was a picnic, she
wore casual slacks with a tight fitting halter-top and sandals. She
was just finishing her hair when Andy and Liz came in their quarters.

"Mommy, is it time to go?" Andy asked as he ran into the bedroom.
Andy was 5 years old and looked very much like Deanna although he had
his father's personality.

"You two have to get changed first."

"That's what I told him." Liz said. Liz was 10 years old and looked
more like Will but with Deanna's personality. "Mom, how is Aunt
Christine going to get Dad to the party?"

"I don't know. She said she had an idea. OK, you two get changed.
We have to be there in 30 minutes."

After the children were ready, Deanna, Liz, and Andy left for the
holosuite where Deanna started the program running. It was a re-
creation of the backyard at Will's boyhood home in Valdez, Alaska.
Deanna had been able to obtain holo pictures of the yard from one of
Will's cousins. She knew that Will might suspect the surprise party
but knew he would have no clue as to the location of the party.
While she was putting the finishing touches on the party, the guests
started to arrive.

Meanwhile on the Titan's Bridge, Captain Will Riker and 1st Officer,
Christine Vale have just stepped onto the turbolift from the
Bridge. "So Christine, what should I wear for this party tonight?"
Will asked.

"What party?"

"The surprise birthday party that Deanna is throwing."

"I don't know what you mean. I'm planning on a workout before
dinner. Would you like to join me?" She hoped her suggestion would
throw Will off the scent.

"OK." He still had a feeling Deanna had planned a surprise birthday
party for him and enlisted Vale to get him to the party. When
Christine headed in the direction of the holosuites rather than the
gym, he knew that whatever it was, it was going to be in a holosuite.

She stopped in front of Holosuite 2 and opened the door. She knew
that she couldn't program the holosuite and with Riker there she
couldn't fake programming something.

When the doors opened, everyone inside the holosuite
yelled, "Surprise!"

Andy and Liz ran over to their father who picked each up for a hug.
Curt Damon, Christine and Jason's 3-year old son also ran over to his
Uncle Will. Will also gave him a hug. Finally, Deanna came over for
a hug. She was rewarded with a hug as well as a kiss.

"You two have changes of clothes in the house." Deanna said to Will
and Christine. "By the time you two get changed, Jason should have
dinner ready."

"Aren't you coming with me?" Will asked Deanna.

"No. As I said, dinner should be ready by the time you two are
changed." She glanced mischievously at Christine. "And Jason is too
busy making dinner to help you change, Christine."

Christine just shook her head and went into the house followed by
Will. Jason and Deanna looked at each other and smiled. It had been
a running joke between the two couples that Will and Deanna acted
more like newlyweds than Christine and Jason – at least in public.

After Will and Christine came out of the house, everyone had the
dinner which consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, salmon, and
other traditional picnic items. After dinner, Will began opening his
gifts that included a drawing of the Titan from Andy and a music disk
from Liz. Deanna gave him a new bathrobe and some cologne in his
favorite scent, which also happened to be the same one her father had
loved. He also received other music disks and some casual shirts.
Curt Damon drew him a picture of the Bridge with all the senior staff
in it which Will promised would go in his ready room along with
Andy's drawing of the Titan.

After Will had opened his gifts, Deanna brought the cake out which
was in the shape of the Titan with candles ringing the edge. After
singing `Happy Birthday' to Will, everyone sat down to enjoy the
cake, which was chocolate with cream cheese icing.

While the adults engaged in conversation, the children ran around the
yard playing tag.

"Dee, how did you get so much detail for this program?" Will asked.
He had been amazed when he walked in and saw how detailed the program

"Your cousin sent me some photos of the backyard at your house in
Alaska. After that, it was easy creating the program."

"Thanks." Will said. He leaned over and kissed Deanna.

"Deanna, let me know when you want us to leave so you two can have
your private celebration." Christine said.

Will looked over at her and then at Deanna. "A private celebration?"

"Yes, just the two of us." She answered suggestively and then turned
to Christine. "Let's give everyone an opportunity to enjoy this
program for a little while more. I really appreciate your taking Liz
and Andy for the evening."

"I told you we can take them for the entire night if you want."

"We'll let you know."

Christine and Jason smiled at each other. They knew that they would
have Liz and Andy all night. "Just remember, you offered to take
Curt on our anniversary next week."

"We will." Deanna said.

An hour later the children were starting to wind down their
activity. Curt came over and climbed up in Jason's lap where he fell
asleep quickly. Andy climbed into Will's lap but didn't fall
asleep. He did look tired, however.

"I think that's our cue to take them home." Christine said.

"I agree. Will you need help with them?" Will asked.

"No. We can do it."

While the guests were leaving and wishing Will one more `Happy
Birthday', Deanna had his gifts beamed to their quarters. After the
guests all left, Will pulled Deanna into his arms.

"So, what's our private celebration?"

Deanna smiled. "Computer, Riker birthday 2." The scene changed from
the backyard to a large bedroom with a heart-shaped bed and a hot
tub. The room was filled with floating candles providing a soft
jasmine scent to the room.

"It's beautiful." Will said as he pulled Deanna closer and kissed

She pulled away. "There's more. I have one more birthday present
for you. I'll be right back. You can change into this robe while
you're waiting" She handed him a robe that looked similar to the one
she gave him for his birthday. She went into the bathroom and closed
the door.

Will took off his clothes and wrapped the soft terry-cloth robe
around him. After he changed, he went over to the hot tub and
checked the water. He smiled when he saw that there were bubbles
that also had a jasmine scent. He also noticed that the tub was
graded in such a way that there was a shallow end. Deanna had
thought of everything. He had a feeling he would enjoy this private
birthday celebration as much, if not more, than the earlier one. He
turned around when he heard the bathroom door open and smiled when he
saw Deanna. She had changed into a black teddy that left very little
to the imagination.

Will went over to her and took her hands. "You look absolutely
gorgeous. Is that my other birthday present?"


"It's a pity you won't be wearing it much longer." He pulled her
into his arms and kissed her deeply.

<> she said.

As the kiss deepened, Deanna started to take Will's robe off him
while he took her teddy off her. After they were undressed, Will
picked up Deanna and carried her to the hot tub. He sat down in the
tub and pulled her into his lap and kissed her again. After they
separated, Will sat and held Deanna close as he inhaled the scent of
the bubbles.

"How `bout if I wash your back?" He suggested.

Deanna's only answer was to kiss him again pulling herself as close
as she could to Will which served to fuel their desire more. Never
breaking the kiss, Will stood up with Deanna in his arms and moved to
the shallow end of the tub where after they lay down they made
tender, yet passionate love.

After they had rested for a few minutes laying in each other's arms,
Deanna said. "How `bout some champagne?"

"Sure." He got up and helped Deanna to her feet. They each wrapped
robes around themselves. Deanna asked the computer for champagne and
two flutes. After the champagne and flutes materialized, Will opened
the bottle and poured two glasses. They moved to the love seat and
sat in each other's arms drinking the champagne interspersed with
kisses. It wasn't long before the light kisses deepened. The
champagne was forgotten as Will picked Deanna up and carried her over
to the bed kissing her the entire time. Never breaking the kiss,
they undressed each other and lay down on the bed. After making
love, they lay curled in each other's arms. "You know this evening
reminds me of our honeymoon." Will said.

"I know. We just couldn't seem to get enough of each other." She
smiled. "You know, there have been times when we've been sitting on
the bridge that I've wanted to take you into your Ready Room and
smother you with kisses."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because I couldn't come up with a good reason to need to talk to you
alone without Christine suspecting something."

"Like Christine really needs to go to the Security office to confer
with Jason."

"Are you serious?" Deanna was amazed. Since Jason and Christine
were rarely affectionate in public, she was surprised that Christine
would fabricate an excuse to go see Jason in private.

"Yes. I asked Christine about these private meetings and she said
and I quote `You're married, I would think you would understand.'"
He said with a laugh.

"The next time I want to smother you with kisses I'll just make an
excuse to confer with you in your Ready Room."

"Sounds good to me." He wrapped his arms tighter around
Deanna. "So, my dear, are we going to stay here all night or go

"I asked Christine to take the kids for the entire night, but since
your birthday ends at 0 hundred hours, we can stay here until then if
that's what you want." She said sweetly knowing full well what Will
would say to that and she wasn't disappointed.

"Since we don't have to worry about Liz and Andy, we'll stay here all
night. I noticed that you arranged for us both to have tomorrow
off. Are you anticipating we may not sleep much tonight?"

"How long has it been since we were able to spend the entire night
making love?"

"Since our anniversary."

"That was 3 months ago."

"You, my dear, are incorrigible." He rolled over and kissed
her. "But I wouldn't have it any other way."