A Titan Christmas


Disclaimers: Some of the characters are Paramounts, some are mine.
One is just plain universal this time of year.

Rating: PG

A Titan Christmas

It was Christmas Eve on the USS Titan and three of the Titan's
holosuites were gaily decorated with lights, wreaths and a brightly
lit Christmas tree in the corner. There was even mistletoe hanging
in several spots around the holosuites. Under the tree were dozens
of festively wrapped gifts awaiting a visit from Santa Claus.

In Holosuite 1, the Titan's jazz band, led by Captain William Riker
was playing Christmas carols. The music was piped to the other 2
holosuites. During his first Christmas on the Titan, Will had
organized a small Christmas party for the human members of the crew.
The party proved to be so popular that three holosuites were needed
with crew divided by shift. Many of the non-human crewmembers added
their own traditions, which made the parties more fun for everyone
and educational for the children on the Titan. One thing Will and
his wife, Deanna, did was to attempt to keep married couples on the
same shift. It did wonders for morale and, in the 7 years Riker
commanded the Titan, there were no separations or divorces among the
Titan crew.

Since the Titan was a short shuttle trip from Earth, many of the
crewmembers from Earth were able to invite extended family members.
Will invited his sister, Carol, and her husband and two children to
the party. His 15-year old nephew, Kenny, had joined the band for
the evening, playing keyboard. Deanna's brother, Barin, also joined
the party, but her mother was unable to come due to an ambassadorial
function on Betazed.

Deanna was sitting at a table along with Carol enjoying the music and
their daughters, 5 year old, Elizabeth and 11 year-old Chloe dance
with each other. Carol looked over at Deanna and smiled. "Your
little one active tonight?"

"Yes." She answered rubbing her stomach. "I can't believe this
little one is due in a week. We're both kind of hoping for a New
Year's baby."

"That is so great. Our first child was due on New Year's Day. Brad
and I were both so excited about that. We thought it would be neat
to have our baby born at the stroke of midnight."

"Will said the same thing. The funny thing is we believe Elizabeth
was conceived on New Year's Day and now we may have our second child
on New Year's Day."

Will called for everyone's attention. "OK everyone. I just got a
call from the Bridge. Santa's sleigh is on final approach to the
shuttle bay and we're going to beam him to the holosuite as soon as
possible. So, all the children 5 and under start lining up over here
to my right behind Chloe." He pointed to Chloe. "Children 6 and up,
you can start lining up on my left behind Barin." He indicated 14-
year-old Barin, Deanna's brother. "Did you know that Santa is part
Betazoid? He knows when you're lying."

"Just like mommy knows when you're lying right daddy?" Elizabeth
said. Those who heard Elizabeth started laughing.

"Thanks honey and you all thought she was a daddy's girl." The
others in the holosuite started laughing. Will grinned
mischievously. "Chloe, if possible, could you arrange the children
by age with the youngest ones in front." He knew what Elizabeth's
reaction would be and she didn't disappoint.


Chloe knew Will was just teasing and kept the children the way they
were lined up. After the children were all lined up, Will tapped his
com badge. "OK, beam Santa to Holosuite 1." He turned to the band
which started playing "Here Comes Santa Claus."

Santa materialized in the holosuite to the cheers of the children as
well as the adults. Carol grabbed her holo camera. "Do you want me
to take yours and get some pictures of Liz?"

Deanna got up. "No, it's OK. I've been sitting far too long." She
got up and picked up her camera. After Liz was finished with Santa
Claus, she came over to her mother and aunt. "What did you ask Santa
for?" Deanna asked her.

"A keyboard just like Kenny's and lessons."

Deanna smiled. "What did Santa say?"

"He said that if I was good for you and daddy, I might get one."

"Liz, aren't you going to open your present?" Carol asked.

"No, I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning. Mommy, I also asked
Santa to make the new baby healthy. He asked me if I was going to
share my toys with the baby and I said yes, but if the baby is a boy,
he may not want to play with my dolls. Santa said that was OK."

Deanna smiled. "That's so nice of you."

"Liz, I think you'll make a great big sister." Carol said.

Will came over to the group. "How are three of my favorite girls?
Or possibly four" he said patting Deanna's stomach.

"We're fine." She said.

"After the children are done with Santa, Chloe is going to take Liz
back to our quarters."

"Can't I stay up?" Liz asked.

"No, Santa told me he's coming back here after he visits Earth. So,
you better go to sleep."


"Will, how about if I get a picture of the three of you?" Carol
suggested. "Or should I say four of you?"

"Sure." He picked Elizabeth up and put his free arm around Deanna's
waist. After Carol snapped the photo, they all went over to the
table. After Will sat down, Liz climbed up in his lap and hugged
him. "Are you trying to make up for what you said?"


"So what did you ask Santa for?"

"A keyboard and lessons."

"Do you think you were good enough to deserve it?"


"We'll see if Santa agrees with you."

One of the waiters came over to the table to see if anyone wanted
anything. Predictably, Liz and Deanna wanted chocolate ice cream
and chocolate milk. Carol wanted a slice of carrot cake and a soda;
while Will settled for apple pie with vanilla ice cream and coffee.
Brad soon joined them and requested a slice of pumpkin pie with
whipped cream and coffee. By the time, the children were finished
with Santa, Liz was starting to fall asleep in Will's lap. Barin,
Kenny and Chloe came over to the table. She smiled when she saw that
Liz was half asleep.

"Come on Liz, let's get you to your quarters and in bed before you
fall completely asleep."

"I'll carry her." Kenny offered. Will nodded and Kenny picked Liz
up and the four of them left the holosuite.

After the children and Santa left, the music changed from Christmas
songs to dance music and the adults started dancing. When the holo
band, started to play ""Moonlight Serenade", Will asked Deanna to
dance. While they were dancing, the lights dimmed to soft
candlelight. Will could tell that Deanna was getting tired and
slowed his steps. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed
her cheek against his chest. Will looked up and smiled. "Look up."
He said.

She did so and smiled when she noticed they were standing under some
mistletoe. Will leaned down and kissed her softly. "Merry
Christmas, Imzadi."

"Merry Christmas." She said and kissed him once again. As the kiss
deepened, both were oblivious to their surroundings. The only thing
that mattered was each other. They both realized that in another
week or so, time alone would be a precious commodity, but they
wouldn't change a thing.


Part 2

Christmas morning came early for Will and Deanna when Liz ran into
their room and started yelling for her parents to wake up. "Daddy!
Mommy! It's Christmas and Santa did come back!"

Will rolled over with a groan. "Liz, what time is it?"

"0600." She climbed on the bed next to Will and started shaking him.

He groaned again. "Could you go back to bed for another hour or so?
We didn't get to bed until late."

"You shouldn't have stayed so late at the party."

Deanna sat up. "It's OK, we'll get up now." She looked at Will who
was giving her a rather dirty look. "Who's idea was it to stay so

"As I recall, my dear, I wanted to leave before you did because I
thought you might be tired. You're the one who wanted to spend more
time at the party because and I quote `After the baby is born, we'll
have less time for more adult pursuits.'"

"Are adult pursuits when you two cuddle up on the couch and get all

Deanna laughed. "That's part of it; but when you're older you'll
understand. She looked mischievously at Will. "Usually it's your
father who starts these adult pursuits not me."

"Me?" Will protested. "You've done your share."

Liz laughed. She loved when her parents teased each other, but she
was starting to get more impatient about her presents. "I like when
you two tease each other, but I really want my presents."

Will got up and scooped Liz up in his arms. "OK, let's go."

"Do you mind waiting until I go to the bathroom?"

"What do you say? Should we wait?"

"I guess so, except we always have to wait."

Deanna shook her head and went into the bathroom. When she came out
a few minutes later, the three of them went into the living room. As
soon as Will put Liz on the floor, she ran over to the tree. Deanna
sat down on the sofa while Will handed Liz her gifts. After all her
gifts were surrounding her, Will picked up his and Deanna's gifts to
each other and moved to the sofa and sat down next to Deanna. She
snuggled up next to him as they watched Liz open her gifts. She
rubbed her abdomen where the baby was fidgeting. "Just think next
year we'll have two children waking us up early on Christmas morning."

"I can't wait." He handed her one of her gifts. When she opened it,
she smiled. "A mother's ring. It's beautiful." The ring had the
birthstones for all three members of the family and a space for the
new baby's birthstone. "I don't think I can wear it right now. My
fingers are too swollen." She wasn't even able to wear her
engagement and wedding rings.

"That's OK. By the time you can wear it, the empty space will be
filled." He leaned over and kissed her.

Liz looked over at her parents and started to giggle. Her parents
broke off the kiss.

"Come see what your daddy gave me." Liz came over to see what Deanna

"That's a pretty ring. What are the stones and why is one missing?"

"The stones are our birthstones." She indicated each stone. "This
one is for you; this one is your daddy's and this one is mine. The
missing one is for your brother or sister. Since he or she could be
born in December or January, we don't know which one to get."

"I'm going to get it after the baby is born." Will said.

"What did mommy get you?" Liz asked.

Will opened the one of the gifts that Deanna had given him. It was a
photo frame with two photos. One of the photos was one of him and
Deanna at their wedding and the second photo was one of Will, Deanna
and Liz shortly after Liz was born. There was a blank space for a
photo for a picture of the entire family.

Liz picked up a box from the coffee table. "This is for you mommy.
It's from daddy."

"Another one?" She said as she opened the box. It was a necklace,
earrings, and bracelet all in amethyst.

"That's your favorite color, mommy."

"Yes it is." She looked at Will. "Thanks." He leaned over and
kissed her.

"Thanks for my gift."

"I have another for you." Deanna said. She tried to reach another
box on the coffee table, but was unable to lean forward far
enough. "Liz, could you get that box for me."

Liz picked up the small box and handed it to Deanna who handed it to
Will, who opened it. It was music disks for him to play along with.

"Daddy, I think Santa made a mistake. He gave me music disks too,
but they look different and they're your favorite piano player."

"Let's see." Liz went over to her partially open pile of gifts and
brought the disks to Will. "Yours are holosuite programs of Junior
Mance. It looks like Santa gave you your piano lessons."

"But I didn't get a keyboard."

"You haven't finished opening all your gifts yet."

Liz ran over to her gifts and continued opening them as her parents
watched. She squealed when she opened her keyboard and ran over to
Will and Deanna. She climbed up on Will's lap and hugged him and
then Deanna.

"Thank you!"

"I think that was from Santa." Deanna said

"Yeah, but you guys helped me send him my list."

"She has a point." Will said.

"Daddy, here's another present from mommy for you." Liz handed Will
a larger box. Will opened it and found a blue sweater.

"It's beautiful. Thanks." He kissed Deanna. "I'll go get
breakfast. Liz, you start cleaning up the wrapping paper."

"What should I do?" Deanna asked.

"You just stay right where you are until breakfast is ready." Will

After she finished cleaning up the wrapping paper, Liz came over and
sat next to Deanna. She put her hand on Deanna's abdomen and
smiled. "My little brother or sister is moving a little but doesn't
kick much any more."

"I know. He or she is running out of room."

"I can't wait to see if I get a brother or sister."

"I can't either."

"OK ladies, who wants breakfast?" Will said after he placed the
breakfast on the table.

"I do." Liz said as she jumped up from the sofa and ran to the

Deanna tried to get up but couldn't quite pull herself up. Will
smiled and went over to her. He took her hands and helped her up and
then pulled her into a hug for a quick kiss.

After they ate breakfast, everyone got ready to go to Earth for
dinner with Carol and her family where they were joined by Barin who
had stayed with Carol overnight.

That evening, after returning to the Titan and putting Liz to bed,
Will and Deanna sat on the couch looking at the twinkling lights of
the Christmas tree. Deanna lay her head on Will's shoulder and lay
her hand on Will's as he rubbed her abdomen feeling the movements of
the baby. "You know a week from now this little one will be with
us." Deanna said as she snuggled closer to Will. "And we'll have
even less time alone."

"I know, but we'll find the time we need and want." He kissed her on
the head.

"The tree looks so beautiful. You and Liz did a great job."

"Thanks." He looked at her. "As beautiful as the tree looks, you're
even more beautiful."

"I certainly don't feel beautiful." She said.

"I'll just have to show you how beautiful you are to me." He leaned
over and kissed her deeply. As the kiss deepened, Deanna wrapped her
arms around Will.

In that moment, there was only the two of them. They knew that in a
week there would be the four of them; but for now, it was just the
two of them and their love for each other.

The End