Christmas Story

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Warning: This does contain some minor Destiny spoilers

Riker Family Christmas

The sounds of old Christmas carols were coming from the cheerfully
lit cabin on the outskirts of Valdez, Alaska. Inside, Will Riker was
just finishing putting the lights on the Christmas tree. A fire
danced gaily in the fire place where 8 hooks were placed waiting for
the stockings to be hung. The smell of baking cookies wafted from
the kitchen. Deanna Troi came out of the kitchen with a bowl of
fresh egg nog which she placed on the table on which a variety of
sandwiches were placed along with salad, shrimp, and a variety of
other finger foods.

Deanna came over to the tree. "The lights look beautiful." She
said as she wrapped an arm around Will's waist.

"Thanks." He leaned over and kissed her. "How soon will the kids be

"Liz and Robert are in and will be coming with Andy and Kristi. The
Hood was scheduled to arrive about 2 hours ago so they should be here
soon. Beverly and Jean Luc are going to spend Christmas Eve in
LaBarre with Marie and will be here tomorrow. They're going to try
to talk Marie into coming with them so she doesn't spend Christmas

"This is the first time since Andy and Kristi got married that the
whole family has been together for Christmas."

"And we have 4 grandchildren to spend it with including Kyle who I
can't wait to hold." Will and Deanna hadn't seen their 3 month old
grandson, Kyle who was Liz and Robert's youngest child.

Lights from an incoming shuttle lit up the snow in the driveway.
Will and Deanna grabbed their jackets and went outside to meet their
family. Liz got out of the shuttle and ran to hug her parents with
Andy right behind leaving their spouses to get the children out.

"Granmom, granpop." 3 year old Kestra exclaimed after her father put
her down. She ran to her grandfather who she had wrapped around her
little finger just like her mother had. Kestra looked like a
combination of her parents with auburn hair and medium blue eyes.
She was followed closely by her cousin, Andy, Jr. also 3. Andy
resembled his father with dark hair and midnight blue eyes. Robert
Picard came over to his in-laws carrying his and Liz's 3 month old
son, Kyle. He handed him to Deanna who took him enthusiastically
with tears starting to well up in her eyes. She reacted the same way
when she held each of her grandchildren for the first time.

Kristi brought one-year old Lwaxana to her father-in-law. Lwaxana or
Lexie as everyone called her resembled her mother with light brown
hair and green eyes. "She just started to walk but is a little
frightened of the snow which I don't understand since we've taken her
to the holodeck just to get her ready for her first winter in
Alaska." Kristi said

"Not to mention that her father spent many winters here and you're
from Wisconsin." He hugged Lexie. "Sweetheart, the snow won't hurt
you. We'll go out in it tomorrow."

"Daddy, the outside looks beautiful. You always do such a beautiful
job." Liz said.

"Thanks. Let's go in and get the little ones out of the cold. There
is plenty of food and egg nog."

"Cookies?" Little Andy said.

"Yep. They should be ready soon." Deanna said. "I could use some
help decorating them." She knew she'd have 3 volunteers and she did.

"The lights are on the tree and it's just waiting for the decorations
to be put on."


Here's part 2. Disclaimers in part 1, rating all

After everyone was inside, luggage brought in and coats taken off,
Deanna, Lexie, Andy, and Kestra went into the kitchen to decorate the
cookies. Will finally got a chance to hold Kyle. Much like his
older sister, he was a combination of both his parents. Since he
didn't have much hair yet, he bore a definite resemblance to his
paternal grandfather.

Liz looked at the tree and decided that they should start decorating
it because the children would soon be ready for bed. "We should
start decorating the tree."

"Shouldn't we wait for the little ones to finish with the cookies so
they can help?" Andy said.

"The adults can start decorating the upper portion of the tree and
when the kids are ready, they can handle the bottom just like we did
when we were little."

"That sounds fair but save some for your mother. You know she likes
to decorate the tree also."

"I will."

The adults started to decorate the tree. Some of the ornaments were
replicated, some were Betzoid from a Betazoid celebration similar to
Christmas, some were made by Liz and Andy when they were children.

After Deanna and the 3 older children came into the living room with
the cookies, everyone sat in front of the fire and ate. Kyle started
fussing so Liz took him to her room to feed him. When she came back,
the 3 older children started working on the bottom of the tree while
the adults finished to top. After the tree was nearly finished, Will
went over to the mantel and took a box from the top. The box
contained 8 specially-made ornaments. He handed the ornaments out.
Each of the children received an ornament with their name and
birthdate on. The adult couples each received one with their wedding
date on it. The last ornament was for Beverly and Jean Luc. They
could put their ornament on the tree the next day.

"Did you make these?" Kristi asked.

"No. " Deanna said. "I have a patient who is an artist. I asked
her to make them for us." She laughed and indicated ornaments that
were given to Liz and Andy when they were infants. "Those were

"OK, put the ornament on the tree wherever you want." Will said.
Prior to putting her and Will's ornament on the tree, Deanna helped
Lexie with hers while Will put Kyle's ornament on the tree.

"OK, daddy, you put the star on top." Liz said.

"OK then you children better get ready for bed. Santa won't stop
until everyone's in bed."

"And you need to hang your stockings." Deanna added.

"Can we leave cookies for Santa?" Kestra asked.

"And something for the reindeer?" Andy, Jr. added.

"Absolutely." Robert said.

After putting the cookies, milk, and carrots out, everyone hung their
stockings. As he was hanging his parents' stockings, Robert
said. "I forgot to tell you that mom and dad talked Aunt Marie into
coming tomorrow."

"I figured they would." Deanna said. "I replicated a stocking for
her. I'm sure Santa will want to leave presents for her here as well
as at home."

After the stockings were hung, Will decided it was time to read "A
Night Before Christmas." "Robert or Andy, do one of you want to
read "A Night Before Christmas"?"

"No you do it. It's always been your tradition." Andy said.

"Besides we both do it when we're on the ships." Robert added.

"OK." Will sat down on the sofa. Deanna sat down next to him and
Kestra claimed up in his lap. Will smiled because Liz did the same
thing when she was little. When she saw that her cousin was sitting
on her grandfather's lap, Lexie decided she wanted to join her.
Kestra reluctantly moved a bit so Lexie could join her. Andy climbed
up in Deanna's lap.

"Mom, should I go get Kyle so he can join the party?" Liz asked. He
could tell her parents were loving having the 3 older children so

Deanna shook her head. "No, let him sleep in his crib. If he's like
his mother, which I think he is, the story will wake him up and then
no one will hear it." Liz playfully slapped Robert when he nodded
indicating that Deanna was right.

"Speaking of interruptions, can I read the story now?" Will said.
Everyone nodded and Will started reading. After reading the story,
the children went to bed.

After the children were in bed and asleep, the adults got all the
presents and started placing them under the tree. It wasn't long
before there was no more room under the tree or in the stockings, so
packages were placed wherever there was some space. After enjoying
some hot chocolate and adult egg nog in front of the fire, Will put
the fire out and the adults went to bed.


Here's part 3. Disclaimers in part 1, rating All

Part 3
The next morning, Will and Deanna were awakened by knocking on their
bedroom door and Kestra calling them. "Granmom, granpop. Time to
get up."

Will groaned. "What time is it?"

Deanna looked at the bedside clock. "6 am"

The door opened slowly and Kestra ran in and climbed on the
bed. "Wake up." She said shaking Will awake.

"Aren't you in the wrong room?" Will said as he sat up and hugged


Deanna sat up. "Did your mother send you to wake us up?"

"Uh Huh."

"Just like she used to do." Deanna said.

"Except she sent Andy to wake us up." Will noted.

"Yes, but Kestra has you wrapped around her finger. Little Andy
doesn't." Deanna got up and got her robe. "Come on, let's make sure
your parents are still awake. Granpop needs to make sure Santa has
been here before we can go downstairs. We also have to get Andy,
Lexie, Uncle Andy, and Aunt Kristi up."

<<I'll turn the tree lights on and start a fire while you get the
others up.>> Will "said" to Deanna as he got up and put his robe on.

<<OK. By the way, Merry Christmas.>>

<<Merry Christmas to you.>>

As Deanna opened the door, Andy and Lexie ran in. "OK, two more
awake. Let's get your mommy and daddy up. Granpop is going to make
sure Santa has been here before we can go downstairs."

Will went downstairs to start the fire and turn the tree lights on
while Deanna and the children went to get the rest of the adults up.
Everyone waited at the top of the stairs until Will came back
up. "OK gang, Santa has been here."

"Yipee!" Kestra and Andy exclaimed at the same time.

Will and Deanna looked at each other and smiled. Liz and Andy used
to react the same way when they were little.

The two older children started down the stairs followed by Andy who
carried Lexie. By the time the adults got downstairs Kestra and Andy
were at the tree trying to figure out which packages were
theirs. "Who wants to hand out the gifts?" Deanna asked.

"Why don't you do it Mom?" Andy said.

"OK. Andy, Kestra, Lexie, why don't you sit down on the floor."
When they did so, she picked up a present for each of them but before
handing them to the children said, "wait until each of you had a
present to open it." She handed each of them a package. "OK, you
can open them." They did so and squealed with delight at their
presents. Deanna continued to hand gifts out to the children as well
as the adults. The children opened their gifts as they were handed
to them. Liz opened Kyle's gifts as Deanna handed them to her.

While Deanna handed the gifts out, Will made coffee and replicated a
continental breakfast for the adults. He was sure the children
wouldn't want to eat but brought them some milk. After Deanna
finished handing gifts out, she sat down next to Will and sipped the
hot chocolate he brought for her. As the children were playing with
their new toys, the adults opened their gifts. After all the
packages were opened, Will started picking up the wrapping paper to
put in the recycler.

"Granpop, can we play with my sled?" Kestra asked.

"Me too?" Andy said.

"When it gets a little more light. We all need to get dressed and
you children need to eat some breakfast."

Later that morning, Will, Andy, Kristi, Robert, and the 3 older
children went outside to play with the sleds and build a snowman.
Deanna started working on dinner. Liz came in the kitchen to help
her. "Mom, can I help?"

"I'm fine. Why don't you go outside with the others. I can watch
Kyle. You always enjoyed building a snowman and sledding."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. Your father and I got everything ready yesterday. It's
just a matter of cooking it all."

"OK." She went outside with the others.


Here's part 4. Disclaimers in part 1. Rating All

Jean Luc, Beverly, and Marie were driving up the driveway and saw the
children sledding while the adults were pushing them down the hills
and waiting at the bottom to make sure everyone stayed safe. "Will
told me he was getting sleds for the older children. I guess they
liked them." Jean Luc said.

When the shuttle stopped, Kestra ran over to her
grandparents. "Granpere, granmere, jeyer noel."

"Joyeux Noel to you also Cherie." Jean Luc said to her as he picked
her up. Beverly and Marie came over to her and each kissed her on
the cheek and wished her a Merry Christmas. Liz and Robert came over
to hug Jean Luc, Beverly, and Marie followed closely by the others.

"Where's Deanna?" Beverly asked after Will released her from a hug.

"In the house slaving over dinner."


"When did you become empathic?"

"I don't need to be. I know you too well. You wouldn't do that to
Deanna and you love to cook too much. Besides I talked to Deanna
the other day and she told me that you two were going to get as much
prepared yesterday as possible."

"Got me." He turned and hugged Marie.

"It's beautiful here. I've been to Alaska but never in the winter.
Thank you for inviting me." She said.

"We didn't want you to spend Christmas alone."

After Will released Marie, he turned to see what he could do to help
take packages in. Robert handed him a box containing the wine for
dinner. He looked in and saw 5 bottles of wine. "5 bottles? How
much wine do you think we'll drink with dinner?" He asked Jean Luc.

"There are 9 adults and I figure each will have at least 2 glasses of
wine. I brought a couple of extra bottles just in case." Jean Luc

"How do you figure 9?"

Liz and Robert looked at each other both knowing what was coming
next. Beverly hid a smile.

"I see 8 adults out here plus Deanna is 9" Jean Luc said. He, too,
knew what Will was getting at.

Before her father could make his case, Liz decided to jump in. "Dad,
I've expressed several bottles of breastmilk for Kyle and mom
programmed the formula I've used for Kyle into the replicator. So, I
can drink a glass or 2 of wine with dinner if I so desire."


As they reached the door, Deanna opened it. "I'm sorry I didn't come
out. I was making hot chocolate and coffee for everyone." Everyone
came in the house. "I gather you want the hot chocolate in here
rather than outside."

Beverly put her bags down and hugged Deanna. After Jean Luc put his
bags down, he did the same.

All the adults sat on the chairs and sofas in the living room while
the children sat on the floor in front of the fire enjoying their hot

"The tree is beautiful." Beverly said. "Who did the decorating?"

"Everyone." Deanna answered.

"Aunt Beverly, wait til you see the outside when it gets dark. Dad
did an amazing job this year."

"Well, I've been wanting the whole family together since Andy and
Kristi got married and we all were finally able to coordinate our
schedules to do so. Therefore, I wanted the house to be extra

"Mom, Dad, Aunt Deanna's patient made ornaments. There's one here
for you also." Robert said as he got up and got the ornament from
the top of the mantle. He handed it to Beverly who found an open
spot on the tree on which to hang it.

After the children finished their hot chocolate, they wanted to go
back outside and do some more sledding. While everyone else was
outside, Deanna, Beverly, and Marie finished preparing dinner.
Beverly was at the window watching the activity outside.

"Deanna, Marie. Come here and see this."

Deanna and Marie came to the window. Will was holding Lexie who was
standing on her sled while Andy pulled it. Deanna
laughed. "Apparently, Lexie saw Andy snowboarding in the holodeck
the other day and wanted to do it. It was too late to get her a
snowboard so I guess Will and Andy decided to improvise."

"Do you have a camera? That is too cute." Beverly asked.

"Of course." She went and got her camera while Beverly put her
jacket on to go outside and get a picture of Lexie snowboarding.
While Beverly was outside, Deanna went into the kitchen to check on
the apple pies that she was making for dessert. Marie went in to
give her a hand if necessary.

"The pies smell wonderful. I gather you have ice cream to top them?"

"Yes. I've got vanilla and chocolate. "


"Yes for Liz, Kestra, Lexie, and me."

Beverl y came in the kitchen. "It smells so good in here. I've
been asked by our sons when dinner will be ready."

"They can come in and start drying off any time; it's just about
ready." Deanna said. She glanced at the clock on the wall and was
surprised it took Robert and Andy this long to be ready for dinner.

Beverly went back to the door and called everyone in for dinner. As
soon as everyone was seated at the table, Jean Luc offered a toast.

"Through most of my adult life, I never thought I needed a family.
Now, I can't imagine my life without my wife, son, daughter-in-law,
and grandchildren. I can't imagine life without my sister-in-law.
Without the 2 people, I've considered almost like a son and daughter
and their children and grandchildren. To family."

Everyone raised their glasses. "To family."


Here's the final part. Disclaimers in part 1. Rating All

After dinner, Will, Jean Luc, Robert, and Andy cleaned up while the
ladies sat in the living room enjoying coffee and hot chocolate and
the older children played with their new toys. Beverly finally got a
chance to ask the question that she had been wanting to ask since she
arrived but figured the worst time would be over dinner or with the
men around. She figured the children weren't paying attention.

"Deanna, how are you dealing with a house full of people right now?"
Deanna had confided in Beverly that she was going through the
Betazoid phase although it wasn't quite what her mother experienced
because she was only half Betazoid.

"OK. One of the doctors at Medical gave me something to deal with
the hormones I'm experiencing right now."

"Is it working?"


"Now, I'll play counselor. How do you feel about that?"

"Does it really matter with a house full of people?"

"Mom, it's only for a few days then you and Daddy will alone." Liz

Kristi laughed. "If you like, we can go to the hotel in town."

Everyone laughed. "When Andy first introduced us to Kristi, she was
so quiet that I never dreamed she would say something like that."
Deanna said.

"Well, 5 years of marriage to someone who's one-quarter Betazoid
would change anyone."

The men came in from the kitchen each carrying 2 glasses of wine.
Robert was carrying a tray with 2 glasses of wine and a cup of hot
chocolate. Liz rolled her eyes. She knew the cup of hot chocolate
was for her. As she got up from the sofa to go get herself a glass
of wine, Kyle started crying.

"Mommy, can I feed him?" Kestra asked.

"Sure, I'll go get a bottle. Sit on the sofa next to your father."
She smirked at Robert who just shook his head.

"You won't win." Will said.

"I know. If you can't win with Liz, there is no way I will."

Liz came back into the living room with a bottle which she handed to
Kestra and a glass of wine. She sat down between Kestra and Robert.
Robert wrapped an arm around her. "You won as usual."

She lay her head against Robert's shoulder. "As usual."

Jean Luc looked out the window. "Deanna, how did you get used to so
little daylight during the winter?"

"It was tough but believe me the longer summer days make it worth it."

Liz got up from her place on the sofa. "Aunt Beverly, Uncle Jean Luc,
Aunt Marie, you've got to go outside to see the house from there.
It's beautiful."

"I'd like to see it." Marie said as she got up. She, Beverly, and
Jean Luc got their coats and went outside to look at the house from
the outside.

"It's beautiful." Jean Luc said to Will. "You did a beautiful job."

"How long did it take to do this?" Beverly asked as she admired the
house which had white lights around each window and door and along
the roof line. The pillars on the porch were wrapped in red and
white lights. The evergreen trees were lit with white lights and
each had a star on top.

"We started when we got here on Saturday and finished yesterday
morning. We did the inside after it got dark."

"It's worth it." Beverly gave Will a kiss on the cheek as Jean Luc
did the same to Deanna.

"Thanks." Deanna said.

"Look at the clouds. They're colored." Kestra said pointing at the
Aurora Borealis.

"Sweetheart, that's the aurora borealis." Will said. "I used to
love looking at it on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve."

"It's pretty." Kestra said.

"Yes it is." Will said.

When everyone got back inside, they sat back down. Kestra went up to
Jean Luc and Beverly. She had a sprig of mistletoe that Liz had
replicated while her parents and in-laws were outside. "Granmere,
granpere, you're under the mistletoe." Jean Luc shrugged and kissed

In the meantime, Andy did the same to Will and Deanna. "You're
sposed to kiss granmom." He said to Will who smiled.

<<Just remember there are children in the room.>> Deanna "said" to
Will as he kissed her lightly.

<<Wait until New Year's Eve when everyone is gone.>>

"OK, now get your parents." Deanna said to Andy and Kestra who went
to their respective parents. Their parents were more than willing to
oblige the children. Robert whispered to Kestra who ran to Jean Luc
and whispered to him. Then she took the mistletoe and put it over
Marie who got a kiss on the cheek from both Robert and Jean Luc.

Deanna lay her head on Will's shoulder. "I know the perfect holiday
song for this occasion." "Computer play `I'll Be Home for
Christmas'. She said.

As the song played, everyone in the room listened realizing that they
were home for Christmas. If not at their own homes, they were with


The End