Happy Birthday Dad


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Happy Birthday, Dad

Will Riker sat in the rocking chair in the nursery rocking his and
Deanna's 4-month old daughter, Elizabeth Kestra. Today was one of
the rare days that he got off duty before Deanna so he had some alone
time with Elizabeth. Today was also the day he had been thinking
about since the day Elizabeth was born. It would have been his
father's 81st birthday. Will remembered hearing conversations Kyle
had with relatives about his remarrying. One of Will's aunts
reminded him how Kyle had always wanted a daughter who would have him
wrapped around his finger. Will smiled. From the day she was born,
Elizabeth had him wrapped around his finger. He never truly
understood why his father never remarried until he was much older and
realized that Kyle never stopped missing his mother.

"Lizzy, I will promise you one thing. If, God forbid, something
should ever happen to your mother, I will never stop missing her but
will make sure you're loved and have a mother-figure in your life. I
will allow myself to fall in love again. You won't go through what I

Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at her father with dark blue
eyes that, despite Lwaxana's insistence that they would, never
changed. She smiled at him and he at her.

"Lizzy, I really wish you could have met your grandfather. He may
have been a crusty old coot but his heart would have melted when he
met you. He probably would have been a better grandfather than he
was father." As she closed her eyes, he started rocking her again.

"You're right, he would have been a doting grandfather and probably
spoiled Liz more than her maternal grandmother." Will jumped at the
sound of Deanna's voice. He hadn't heard her come in.

Deanna came over to the Will and Elizabeth and knelt on the floor
next to the chair. She smoothed Elizabeth's hair. "I know you've
been worried since Elizabeth was born about being a good father
considering your upbringing but you're an excellent father."

"Today would have been his birthday."

"I know. I'll bet he's looking down at us and smiling."

"I'm sure he is." Will looked up at the ceiling. "Happy Birthday,
Dad." Elizabeth opened her eyes again and smiled up at the ceiling.

The End