The challenge:

Most of you have probably watched an episode of the show and thought that you could have written it better. Or you wish the writers had put a scene in there that seems to be missing. Well, here's your chance to make it so.

Choose an episode of the show that you could improve on in some way. If you're really ambitious, you could rewrite the whole thing as a novelette and do it your own way (sticking with cannon or veering away from it - either way is fine).


Here's my version of a portion of Disaster. There's basically no
romance in this. What I wrote takes place, for the most part, after
the discussion in the Observation Lounge among Ro, O'Brien and
Deanna. I've left the parts involving Keiko and Worf, Picard and the
kids, and Geordi and Beverly out. The end is my own invention.

Disclaimers: The usual.


While O'Brien and Ro were arguing over whether the saucer section
should be separated, Deanna was thinking. There had to be a way to
determine whether anyone was alive in Engineering and could see what
they were trying to show them. Suddenly it came to her.

"How much do you know about the Imzadi bond?" Both Ro and O'Brien
shook their heads. "Through this bond, Commander Riker and I have
the ability to communicate telepathically. He may be a little rusty
but I believe we can use our bond to save everyone's lives."

"But is he still alive?" Ro asked. "You said you couldn't tell
where the survivors were located or how many there were."

"Yes. He's the only crew member I can sense specifically."

"He was in 10 Forward when I left for the bridge." O'Brien
said. "Do you think you can find out if Keiko is OK?"

"Yes, Chief." Deanna took a deep breath. <<Will? Can you hear me?>>

In the Jeffries tube, Will had just removed Data's head. "Are you
OK?" He still didn't feel right about doing this to his friend.

"Yes." Data's head said. "We should continue to engineering."

"Right." Suddenly, Will felt something he hadn't felt in some time.

In the observation lounge, Deanna smiled. <<Yes, it's me.>> To Ro
and O'Brien, "I've succeeded. What do you want me to tell him?"

"That the field strength is down to 40% and falling and the power
coupling is damaged. If it overheats the field strength could fall
faster. At 15%, the containment field will collapse and the ship
will explode." Ro said.

"Ensign. Commander Riker knows all that." O'Brien said.

"Chief O'Brien is right." Deanna said. <<Where are you?>>

<<Data and I are on our way to Engineering to regain control of the
ship. Are you OK?>>

<<I'm with Ensign Ro and Chief O'Brien in the Observation Lounge.
The containment field strength is down to 40% and falling and the
power coupling is damaged. We've diverted power from the bridge to
the engineering monitors.>>

<<OK. Keep us informed of the field strength. Data and I will get
to Engineering as soon as we can.>>

<<Will, how was Keiko when you left 10 Forward? Chief O'Brien is

<<She was fine. She has a bump on her head but she should be fine.>>

Deanna turned to O'Brien. "Will said that Keiko was fine when he
left 10 Forward. She has a bump on the head and she should be fine.
For now, we have to get back to the Bridge and keep Commander Riker
and Data informed of the field strength."

They returned to the Bridge.

Several minutes later, an alarm sounded. The power coupling
overheated. Ro and O'Brien were able to fix it.

"Tell Commander Riker to hurry. The field strength is down to 20%.
We may not be able to stop another." Ro said.

<<Will, how far are you from Engineering. The power coupling
overheated. Ensign Ro and Chief O'Brien were able to fix it
temporarily, but if it happens again, they may not be able to prevent
a containment breach.>>

<<We're just outside the door. I'm establishing a connection so Data
can open the door. We should be inside shortly.>>

"They're at Engineering. They just have to get the door open." Troi
told the others.

"I hope they hurry." Ro said.


Will and Data had just gotten the door open. Will noticed that the
field strength was down to 18%.

"Data, do you have access to the containment field?"

"No, you will have to establish a link."

Will established a link between Data and the containment field and
disaster was averted. With the field strength rising, Will finally
allowed himself to relax. <<Deanna, is everything OK up there?>>

<<Yes thanks to you and Data.>>

"Commander, were you communicating telepathically with Counselor

"Yes. This time, the bond we share saved the Enterprise." He said
with a smile.

The Bridge

"Counselor, that bond you share with Commander Riker is pretty
special. How `come you two never got married?" O'Brien asked.

"We just weren't ready."

"You're a counselor you of all people should know that sometimes you
just need to make that leap of faith."

"When Commander Riker finally decides to accept a promotion to
Captain, you could go with him. I'd be willing to bet that you two
would make a formidable team because of your bond." Ro said.

"Thanks for the advice. Maybe someday"

Once life began to return to normal onboard the Enterprise, Captain
Picard began to review the reports of his senior staff on the near-
disaster. He was reading Counselor Troi's report and smiled. Dr.
Crusher had mentioned a bond between Commander Riker and Counselor
Troi, but he had never, at least to his knowledge, seen it used
between his officers. He tapped his combadge.

"Computer, location of Counselor Troi and Commander Riker."

"Counselor Troi and Commander Riker are in Commander Riker's

"Picard to Commander Riker, please report to my Ready Room and bring
Counselor Troi with you."

"We're on our way."

A few minutes later, Riker and Troi entered the Ready Room.

"Have a seat." Picard indicated to his officers. When they sat
down, he smiled. "I have recommended commendations to all who were
involved in saving the Enterprise. I have heard of this bond
between the two of you. Is this the first time you've used it on

Will and Deanna looked at each other. "Yes, sir." Deanna
answered. "I was desperate to find a way to save the Enterprise. It
was the only way."

"I'm glad you used it. I'm sure everyone on board is glad. Thank
you." He smiled again. "Obviously, your relationship is beyond a
close friendship. I certainly don't have a problem with taking your
relationship even further than friendship."

Deanna smiled. "Thank you, sir." Will nodded his thanks.

"Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Will and Deanna left the ready room and headed back to their
dinner. "Maybe someday we can take this relationship to another
level." Will said.

"I agree, maybe someday."