Valentine's Day Encounter

Here's another in my series of short stories based on the characters
from Secrets.

Disclaimer: The characters from Star Trek are Paramount's (at least
I think they still are); the others are mine.

Rating: PG-13 or R (nothing graphic mostly implied)

Valentine's Day Encounter

Counselor's Personal Log – It's Valentine's Day which is probably one
of my favorite Earth holidays and Will, ever the romantic, sent me
roses and chocolate. Andy was 6 weeks old two days ago and I had my
check up this morning. Dr. Ree has given Will and I permission to
resume sexual relations. I didn't tell Will what Dr. Ree said, but I
have a feeling Will asked the doctor about my exam today. Usually,
we spend special evenings in the holosuite but tonight we're going to
spend the evening in our quarters starting with a candlelight dinner
and after that who knows what. One of my assistants is taking Andy
and Liz for the evening and the whole night if necessary.

Deanna sat back in her chair smiling in anticipation of the evening
ahead. She had replicated a dress for the evening that she was sure
Will would love. She replicated candles for the dinner table as well
as for the rest of their quarters.

She jumped as the door to her quarters opened and her and Will's 5-
year old daughter, Liz ran in. "Mommy, can I stay with Lauren
instead of Counselor Lucas?" She ran over to Deanna, climbed in her
lab and hugged her.

"Is it OK with Lauren's mother?"


The door chimed. "Come in." Deanna called.

Liz's best friend, Lauren Spence, and her mother came in. "I hope
you don't mind the intrusion." Lt. Luanne Spence said. "Liz wanted
to run ahead to ask you if she could stay with us tonight."

"That's fine. If it's OK with you, Liz can spend the night with you."

"She's no problem and you and Captain Riker need some time alone with
two children." She said knowingly.


"If you like, we can take Andy to Leslie's quarters so you can get
everything set for the evening."

"That's OK. I have to express a feeding for him. I'll take him to
Leslie when he's ready."

"It's no problem. I can wait. I'm sure the girls can entertain
themselves while they're waiting."

"Thanks" Deanna went into Andy's room where she expressed a feeding
for him and got him changed and dressed for the evening. After Lt.
Spencer took Andy and Liz, Deanna set out to get ready for the
evening. After she set the table and put a bottle of champagne on
ice, she set up candles around the living room. After she finished,
she took her shower and did her hair and make up. She had just
finished with her hair and make up when Will came in. She smiled
when she sensed his reaction to the living room. He was definitely
anticipating a romantic evening and she was looking forward to giving
him exactly what he wanted. He came in the bedroom and went over to

"Are we alone?" He said suggestively.


"Good." He leaned over and kissed her passionately.

Deanna pulled away first. "You have to take your shower and get
changed and I have dinner to get on the table." She smiled at Will's
obvious disappointment. "We need to keep our energy up for the rest
of the evening."

Will smiled and started to the bathroom. "I'll give in this time,
but later…" His voice trailed off. Deanna smiled when she sensed
his emotions. She felt the same way.

When Deanna heard the water running, she put her dress on and went
into the living room to get dinner on the table. She had just
finished lighting the candles on the table when Will came out of the
bedroom. He smiled in appreciation at Deanna's dress. It was red
and strapless with a hem that fell 6 inches above her knees. The
look was completed with black sandals with 4-inch heels. Deanna
smiled when she saw Will and sensed his emotions. She knew he would
appreciate her dress and she appreciated how he was dressed. He wore
a tight fitting blue shirt that showed off his muscled upper body
courtesy of work outs with First Officer, Christine Vale, and black

He walked over to Deanna and pulled her into his arms. "You look
absolutely gorgeous." He said just before kissing her.

"You look great too." Deanna said after the kiss ended. She
reluctantly pulled away from him. "Come on, let's eat." Will noted
that the two chairs at the table were pulled close together. He
smiled wondering if they would finish the dinner consisting of
lobster tail, baked potato, and peas. They ate quietly stopping for
quick kisses every now and then. Dessert consisted of chocolate
mousse. After they finished eating, they moved to the sofa where
Will poured champagne for each of them. He handed Deanna her glass
and sat down next to her wrapping his free arm around her shoulder.

"Happy Valentine's Day." They said to each other and each took a sip
of champagne as they gazed into each other's eyes. Both could easily
see the love and stirrings of desire in each other's eyes. Deanna
took Will's glass and put it and hers on the table. She pulled
herself onto Will's lap and wrapped her arms around Will's neck and
kissed him. As their desire grew, Will stood up picking Deanna up as
he did so and carried her into the bedroom where they slowly
undressed each other. Will then carried Deanna over the bed where
they made slow passionate love.

Afterwards, Will got up, put his robe on and went into the living
room to get the champagne. When he returned, he handed Deanna a
glass and sat down on the bed next to her. After taking a sip, he
leaned over and kissed her. As the kiss deepened, Will started
feeling his desire stirring again. He broke the kiss just long
enough to take Deanna's glass and place both glasses on the bedside
table. He leaned over to kiss her again. She removed his robe and
threw it on the floor beside the bed before drawing him as close as

After making love again, the satisfied couple slept. Will was
awakened a couple hours later by soft kisses trailing down his neck
to his shoulder and back up. He groaned as Deanna straddled his
waist and leaned over to kiss him. He pulled her down on top of him
as the kiss deepened.

A little later, "What possessed you to wake me up?" Will asked as he
lay holding Deanna. He wondered if they would sleep at any more that

"I was expressing a feeding for Andy and as I sat watching you sleep,
the urge to wake you up and make love again just came over me. I
guess 6 weeks of abstinence was just too much."

"I guess that means you have to tell Liz she can't have a little
sister." Liz had started asking for a little sister shortly after
Andy was born. "I mean six weeks of abstinence is just too difficult
for you."

Deanna looked up at him and smiled. "I never said that it was too
difficult I said it was too much, but it certainly made last night
fun. The last time we spent all night making love was our
anniversary last year." She said seductively. She groaned as Will
pulled her tighter and started running his fingertips up and down her
spine and gave her a kiss that was filled with passion and desire.
She moaned as Will pulled away. "When was the last time we made love
in the shower or the bathtub?" He asked suggestively.

"Our anniversary." She pulled away. "I'll go draw a bath." She got
up and went into the bathroom. Will got up and followed her. As she
finished putting jasmine-scented bubbles in the tub and stood up,
Will wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close nuzzling her
neck. She turned in his embrace and pulled his head down to kiss him
on the lips. They broke the kiss long enough for Deanna to turn off
the water. Will stepped into the tub and sat down. Deanna stepped
in after him and sat with her back against his chest. He pulled her
close and started nuzzling her neck as he caressed her under the

Deanna turned around to face Will and pulled him into a kiss that was
filled with even more passion and desire than before. As the kiss
deepened and their desire grew, Deanna pulled herself as close as
possible to Will.

As the happy couple relaxed in the aftermath of lovemaking, Will
said. "I guess we should shower some of the bubbles off of ourselves
before we attempt to sleep some more."

"Don't think you're taking a shower without me."

"Six weeks of abstinence makes you quite the seductress doesn't it?"
Deanna just smiled seductively, got up and stepped out of the tub.
Will just smiled and got out also. He had to admit he was enjoying
this Valentine's Day as much as he had any Valentine's Day since he
and Deanna had gotten together.

After taking a shower with nothing more than kisses and hugs, Will
and Deanna lay down in bed. Just as Deanna was dozing off, she sent
to Will <>

<<Me either.>>


The End