The Loving Ghost

Here's something that came to mind as I was watching one of the
haunted hotels shows on the Travel Channel recently.

Disclaimers: Some of the characters are Paramount's, some are mine,
and some are the Star Trek authors'. I do this for fun not money.

Rating: All (at least for now)

The Loving Ghost

Deanna Riker smiled as she walked into the living room of the cabin.
She, Will, and their 4-year old daughter, Liz, were taking their
first real vacation since Liz's birth. They had spent the last week
at her and Will's cabin in Alaska. Liz was humming a lullaby to her
doll. Deanna didn't recognize the tune but figured it was something
Will had hummed to her. Like Will, Liz had shown some musical talent
and was beginning piano lessons as well as dance lessons.

"That's a pretty song. Did your Daddy teach that to you?"

"No, the lady in my bedroom sings it to me at night." Liz said.

Deanna became alarmed but she could tell that Liz wasn't scared or
upset about the lady. "What lady?"

"I don't know. I don't see her she just sings to me. Sometimes the
rocking chair rocks when she sings."

Deanna smiled and figured it was just Liz's imagination. Most
children had an imaginary friend. She went into the kitchen to see
if Will needed help with dinner. He had been enjoying cooking
without a replicator something he didn't often get to do on the Titan.

"Mmmm, smells delicious." Deanna said as she entered the kitchen.

"Thanks. What's Liz up to?"

"Putting her doll to bed. She's humming a lullaby that her imaginary
friend hums to her. It's probably one you sing to her. It's not one
of mine."

Will smiled. "This I've got to see and hear."

He stepped into the living room; but instead of smiling, his face
lost all color. Deanna didn't need her empathic sense to tell
something was wrong.

"What is it?" She saw that Liz was still humming to her doll.

"I've never sung that song to her. It's "Love Me Tender". My mother
used to hum it to me when I was a baby. How did she learn it?"


Finally, here is part 2. Same disclaimers apply.

He went over to Elizabeth before Deanna could stop him. She could
tell he wasn't angry just very concerned. He knelt down next to her.

"Lizzy, where did you hear that song?"

"The lady in my room sings it to me."

"What does she look like?"

"I can't see her. She just hums to me. Sometimes, the chair rocks."

"Does she talk to you?"

"No, she just hums." Liz looked up at Will. "Daddy, she's not
scary. She just helps me go to sleep."

Deanna smiled. Even though she was only 4 and far too young for an
empathic sense to have developed, Liz showed an ability to understand
how her parents felt.

"Daddy, do you know the song?"

"Yes. My mother sang it to me when I was little." Will said as he
got up. He went into the kitchen. Deanna followed him.

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah. Can you sense another presence in the house?"

"No. I've never been able to sense the paranormal."

"Do you know anyone who can?"

"What are you thinking?" She thought she knew the answer.

"That my mother's ghost is haunting the house."

"I do know someone and I'll call her in the morning." Will started
to protest. "Will, obviously this presence doesn't scare Liz. If it
is your mother's ghost, do you really think she would hurt her only

"No. Do you think she realizes that Liz is her granddaughter?"

"I don't know. Angelique should be able to find out." Deanna smiled
and wrapped her arms around Will. "Angelique also has the ability to
communicate with the dead. This could be your opportunity to talk to
your mother."

Will smiled for the first time. "I would like that. I would like to
know how she feels about you and the fact Liz is named after her."

"You could also find out if your parents are together again."

"Somehow I'm not convinced my parents are in the same place." He
gave Deanna a quick kiss. "Come on let's get dinner."


Here's part 3. Same disclaimers and rating for now.

That night, Will couldn't sleep. He blocked his thoughts from
Deanna, who was sleeping soundly, and got up. He went into Liz's
room. She was also sleeping soundly. He didn't hear anything and
the rocking chair was still. He had vague memories of his mother
rocking him to sleep in that chair. He sat down in the chair trying
to sense his mother's presence. When he didn't, he got up and went
into another room. This was his bedroom from the time he started
school until he left home at 15. He didn't sense anything or anyone
there either. He then went into the living room and got himself a
glass of warm milk hoping to fall asleep. He lay down on the sofa
and soon fell asleep. He was awakened the next morning by Liz's
shaking him.

"Daddy! Wake up."

He opened his eyes and smiled. "Good morning, sweetie. Is your
mommy up?"

Liz climbed on the sofa and laid on Will. "No. Why are you sleeping
here?" She couldn't ever remember her father sleeping on the sofa
and she was worried. One of her friends told her that her father
slept on the sofa when he and her mother had a fight. Liz thought
that her parents had a fight.

"I couldn't sleep and didn't want to wake your mother up so I came
out here. I guess I fell asleep."


"Did the lady sing to you last night?"

"I don't think so. I didn't hear her. Do you think she knows you
were worried and decided not to sing to me any more?"

"I don't think so."

"Do you know who the lady is?"

He nodded. "I think she's my mother."

"Another grandmom?"


"I hope she sings to me again. Maybe if she does, I can come get you
and you can hear her sing too."

"I'd like that."

"I like this picture." Deanna said as she walked into the living
room. She came over to the sofa and kissed Liz on the head and Will
on the lips.

Liz rolled off Will and stood up. "Daddy, you said we would have an
Easter Egg hunt today. We need to make the Easter eggs so you can
hide them."

Will stood up. "OK. Let's all get dressed and have breakfast; then
you and I can do the eggs while Mommy calls her friend."

"What friend?" She looked at Deanna.

"I've got a friend who can help us find out who the ghost is."

"Daddy said it's his mommy."

"I'm sure it is but we can find out for certain." Deanna turned and
pointed Liz toward her room. "Now, get dressed." She did the same
to Will who grabbed Deanna around the waist. "Hey, we've got a 4-
year old here."

Liz giggled. She loved to see her parents so playful. "It's OK.
Remember I want a little sister or brother."

"Where did that come from?" Will asked.

Deanna rolled her eyes. "Where do you think?"


Here's part 4. Same disclaimers and rating as Part 1 although the
characters aren't the same some of the names belong to Dan Curtis.
Can anyone guess what one of my favorite shows was when I was a kid

After breakfast, Will and Liz started working on Easter eggs for the
egg hunt while Deanna went into the den to contact her friend.
Angelique Collins smiled when she saw Deanna.

"Deanna, it's been too long since we've chatted."

"I know. Titan has been out of range since we left space dock 6
years ago. This is our first shore leave in 6 years."

"I don't think I could take that. Anyway, I heard about your
marriage. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the wedding. Belated


"Any children?"

"We have a 4-year old daughter, Liz. How `bout you?"

"In addition to Jeremiah who was born the day of your wedding, we
have a 4-year old daughter, Josette."

"That's wonderful."

"So, what can I do for you?"

"Well, we're in Alaska for a family vacation at Will's family home
and have a possible ghost here."

"Is it an intelligent or residual haunting?"

"I'm not sure. It could be either. Will and I believe it may be
Will's mother who died when he was 2. Last evening, Liz was
humming `Love Me Tender' to her doll. At first, I thought Will
hummed it to her but he doesn't. He said his mother hummed it to him
when he was a baby."

"Sounds like it could be either. I gather you would like me to come
up to communicate with Will's mother to see what's going on."

"Yes. If you like, you can come up today. Will's plotting an Easter
Egg hunt for Liz and I'm sure they could make more eggs and Josette
could join them. Obviously, Barnabas and Jeremiah can come too."

"They're away on a boys' weekend fishing trip, but Josette and I can
come. I made some eggs to hide for her so I'll bring them along."
She smiled. "Deanna, don't worry. We'll find out what your mother-
in-law wants."

"I'm not worried. Liz isn't scared. Will's a bit upset about it but
I think it's mostly because he doesn't sense his mother's presence.


Here's part 5. Same disclaimers, same rating.

After Deanna finished talking to Angelique, she went into the kitchen
to help with the Easter egg hunt. She stood in the doorway for a
minute watching Will and Liz make the eggs. One of them spilled some
of the dye on the table but neither seemed to care. Deanna knew Will
would clean it up when they were through. She loved the interaction
between the 2 of them. Liz was definitely "Daddy's Little Girl".
She and Will wanted a second child and Liz wanted a brother or
sister. Deanna was a bit concerned that Liz wouldn't want to share
her Daddy with anyone else, but Will wasn't.

Deanna walked over to the table. "Need some more help?"

"Always." Will said. "How did you and Angelique make out?"

"Fine. She and her daughter, Josette, are coming up this afternoon."

"Should we make more eggs?"

"No, Angelique will bring their eggs. Her husband and son are
doing `boy things' this weekend."

"Is this the Angelique who was supposed to come to our wedding but
couldn't because her son was being born?"


"Does she think it's possible it's my mother?"

"Yes. She asked if it was a residual or intelligent haunting. I
told her it could be either."

"What's a residal haunting?" Liz asked.

"A residual haunting is one where the ghost is reliving something
over and over. An intelligent haunting is when the ghost is actually
trying to talk or sing to someone living." Deanna explained.

"In other words, if the ghost is my mother, she may think you're
me." Will said which Liz found funny and started giggling. "Or she
may know you're her granddaughter and is singing to you."

"I hope she's singing to me."

"Does Angelique think she may be able to communicate with my
mother?" Will asked.

"She didn't say, but she did say she would try to find out what your
mother wants."

"Good. OK, let's continue with these eggs and then someone needs a
bath to clean the dye off of her."

"Someone else needs a shower." Deanna said.

<<With company?>> Will asked telepathically. Aloud he said after
looking at the dye on his hands and arms. "I guess I do."

<<Not this time. Maybe when your cousin takes Liz to the zoo
tomorrow.>> Deanna responded. Will's 16-year old cousin had offered
to babysit for Liz at times during the week so Will and Deanna could
have some time alone.


Here, finally, is Part 6. Same disclaimers as in Part 1. This part
is still basically rated All but there is some insinuation near the

Part 6

Early in the afternoon, Angelique and Josette arrived with 2 baskets
of colorful eggs. While Will hid the eggs for the girls to hunt,
Deanna and Angelique entertained the girls and caught up with each
other. During the conversation, Angelique sensed the presence of
another person. Before telling Deanna, she attempted to get a
feeling for who the person was. However, Deanna picked up on the
change in Angelique's emotions.

"You're sensing something." It was not a question.


Liz looked up from the game she and Josette were playing. "My

"Possibly." Angelique smiled. "It's a woman. She's happy but sad
in a way. I can't tell yet if this is a residual or intelligent
haunting. After the hunt, we'll do a walk-through to see if I can
get more. Perhaps I can attempt to communicate with her and find out
who this is and if it's your mother-in-law."

"I'm sure Will would love to communicate with his mother in some
way. Would you do a séance?"

"I don't like to do séances. I usually communicate by just asking
questions and getting answers.

"Do ghosts talk to you?" Liz asked. She was intrigued by the
possibility of a ghost talking to someone.

"They do."

"Have you ever seen a ghost?"

"Only one. Most of the time we don't see ghosts. We just see them
move things and sometimes hear them."

"Like I do my grandmom?"


Will came in. "I finished hiding the eggs so whenever you girls are
ready to find them."

"Did you make them easy or hard to find?" Josette asked. Her father
always made them easy to find but she wanted them hard to find.

"Both. Some are easy; some are harder."

"In trees?" Liz asked.

"Yes but you won't have to climb them." When Liz frowned, he
added. "Sorry, but I wasn't sure if Josette was allowed to climb

"I can." Josette said.

"It's too late to re-hide all the eggs. It's going to take you 2
some time to find the eggs. It'll be dark in a couple hours." Will

Josette and Liz got up and ran out the door followed by the adults.
While the girls were hunting for the eggs, Angelique filled Will in
on what she felt and what she wanted to do.

"Would you 2 like Liz to be with us for the communication?"
Angelique asked. She had a feeling she knew what the answer would be.

"She'll insist on it." Deanna said. "She's definitely intrigued
with the possibility of communicating with her grandmother."

"I know it's rare, but do you think there's a chance that my mother's
ghost will manifest itself so we can see her?"

"It's hard to say." Angelique smiled. "But we can try. I have a
feeling if this is an intelligent haunting she may want her
granddaughter to see her. I forgot to ask but has Liz heard her
grandmother during the day?"

"Not that she's mentioned." Deanna answered. "She's only mentioned
that she hears the humming and sees the chair rocking while she's in

"OK, so we'll wait until it's near Liz's bedtime to try this."
Angelique smiled. "It's nice to see that Liz isn't afraid of the
ghost. I've had similar instances and the child has been very afraid
even if the ghost was a grandparent."

Deanna looked over at Will who had been quiet since Angelique said
that maybe she could get his mother to manifest herself. She could
sense that he was happy but sad about it. Angelique wasn't empathic
but she could tell the same thing just by looking at Will. Deanna
squeezed Will's hand. "This could give you a real chance to
say `good bye' to your mother."

"I know. It's just that I would like for her to stay here and pay us
a visit whenever we're here. It's comforting to know she's still
around looking out for us."

Angelique smiled. She had seen other instances where the people
living in the haunted house didn't want the ghost to leave because
they felt comforted by the ghost's presence. "Will, she won't
necessarily leave and you certainly don't have to ask her to leave."

The girls soon finished their Easter egg hunt and came back on the
porch where the adults were waiting. Liz was anxious to talk to her

"Can we talk to my grandmom now?" She asked.

"I don't know." Angelique answered. "Liz, have you ever heard your
grandmother during the day maybe when you take a nap?"


"We should wait until you go to bed to try to talk to her."

Liz looked at her parents. "Does that mean I can stay awake?"

Deanna smiled. Liz always wanted to stay awake but she and Will
always said she had to go to sleep. "Yes. You can stay awake

"Goody. Will I see my grandmom?"

"We'll see. I have a few things I do to talk to ghosts. We'll see
what we can do."

"OK girls," Will said. "Go get cleaned up and I'll grill some of
the salmon I caught yesterday." He winked at the girls. "If you ask
nicely, maybe I can bake a chocolate cake too."

"Mommy has to ask nicely for that not me." Liz said. She turned to
Josette. "My Mommy can get anything from Daddy that she wants."

Deanna shook her head. "And you can't?"

"Sounds like our house sometimes." Angelique said.

Angelique and Deanna took the girls in to get them cleaned up while
Will went around back to get set up to grill the salmon. Angelique
offered to stay with the girls while Deanna "bribed" her way into a
chocolate cake for dessert. Deanna smiled and went out back to
attempt to get a chocolate cake.

She went up to Will and wrapped her arms around his waist. He
smiled. "You have to do better than that to get a chocolate cake out
of me."

She turned him around and pulled his head down and kissed him. <<I
could do more if you want but we would have to go inside.>>

<<This will work for now.>>

When they broke the kiss, Will held Deanna close. "OK, you'll get
your chocolate cake."
Deanna smiled and kissed Will again. <<Thank you.>>


Here's part 7. There's not as much angst as I originally thought
there might be.

Same disclaimers as in part 1.

That evening as Deanna and Angelique were getting the girls ready for
bed, Angelique sensed a presence.

"Deanna, I'm sensing someone here."

Liz jumped up off the bed and ran out to the living room to get Will.

"I was just going to suggest that one of us go get Will." Angelique
said with a laugh. "Is she telepathic?"

Deanna laughed. "Not normally, but there are times that she seems to
know what Will and I are thinking."

Liz came back in the room dragging Will. "Miss Angelique, can we
talk to my grandmom now?"

"I'll try." Angelique closed her eyes. She concentrated on the
presence she felt. As she had sensed earlier, the spirit was both
happy and sad. As she concentrated, she realized that the spirit was
Will's mother and was beginning to believe that this was an
intelligent haunting. She knew that intelligent hauntings made for
easier communication because they wanted to communicate with the

Deanna sensed what Angelique was feeling and whispered to Liz who had
gotten back up on the bed. "I think we may be able to talk to your
grandmom." Will sat down next to Liz and hugged her and Deanna at
the same time. Deanna could tell that Will was happy, but also a
little sad. <<What's wrong, Imzadi?>>

<<I'm happy that my mother is here but it won't be the same as if she
were alive to meet you and Liz. I would prefer if she could hold Liz
and sing lullabies to her.>>

<<I know, but at least you'll be able to communicate with her in some

<<I know.>>

"Mrs. Riker, we know that you're here and want to talk to you. Your
son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter all would like to see you.
If you can, could you appear to us?"

A few minutes later, the rocking chair began to rock and the sound of
humming filled the room along with a light lilac scent. The room
became cold. Angelique smiled. "She could be trying to show

Will's eyes filled with tears. Deanna reached over and squeezed his
hand. She was feeling the same way. Liz seemed excited over the
prospect of seeing her grandmother. She had seen some photos but
really wanted to meet her. The room gradually became warmer. The
chair stopped rocking but the humming and lilac scent remained.

Liz decided to try to convince her grandmother to appear. "Grandmom,
Mommy and I want to see you and Daddy wants to see you again. Please
let us see you." She pleaded.

The tears in Will's and Deanna's eyes started to roll down their
cheeks at Liz's heartfelt pleas.

"Liz, she may not be able to appear but we can keep trying to talk to
her. She may answer with knocks." Angelique said.

The humming and scent became stronger around Will, Deanna, and Liz.
It seemed that Mrs. Riker wanted to be near her family. First,
Deanna felt chill enveloping her. She realized she was getting a
ghostly hug and knew Will and Liz would be next. The chill moved to
Liz who smiled broadly at the hug. "Grandmom's hugging me." She
said happily.

"She hugged me already." Deanna said. She knew Will would be next.
He seemed to know it too. The tears were falling a little more.

When the chill moved to Will, he put his arms up as if he was hugging
someone. "Mom, I've missed you so much. It's so great to have you
hold me again."

The humming and scent moved from Will toward the door to the bedroom.

"We should follow. She may have something in mind." Angelique said.

They all followed the scent and humming through the living room and
into the den. The communications console on the desk turned on.
Angelique smiled. "She's going to try to answer our questions with
written answers. This will be a first for me; I've never experienced
ghost writing before."

Will, Deanna, and Liz moved behind the desk and looked at the
screen. On the screen was written. "My darling son, Deanna is the
most beautiful daughter-in-law I could ever have imagined for you and
Liz, my adorable namesake, looks exactly like you did when you were

Will and Deanna looked at each other. Will spoke first. "You mean
you've been with me all along?"

"Whenever you were home." Will sat down and Liz climbed up on to his

"Grandmom?" Liz said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Did
Daddy listen to you all the time?"

"Not always but most of the time."

Deanna smiled at that. She knew Will was in for it now with Liz.

"Mom, when I was growing up, how come you didn't let me know you were
here?" Will asked.

"I sang lullabies to you as a little child; you just don't
remember. When things became strained with you and your father I
knew that it would be better if you didn't know I was here."

"Grandmom, is grandpop here too?"

There was no answer and the lilac scent disappeared. Angelique knew
that the Mrs. Riker had used up her energy with the conversation.
Deanna could tell Will was OK with it but Liz was very disappointed.

"Liz, grandmom can't talk any more tonight. I don't think she has
enough energy for any more talking."

"Liz, your Mommy's right. It's very difficult for ghosts to do
this. I'm a bit surprised that she was able to talk for as long as
she did."

Will hugged Liz. "Sweetie, maybe we can try again tomorrow night."

More typing appeared on the screen. "Yes, tomorrow night. I'm sure
it's past your bedtime."

Liz giggled. "Daddy, did you always go to bed when you were told?"

"Not always."

On the screen. "But most of the time for me at least. Night
sweethearts." The screen went blank.


Here's part 8. I think there may be one or 2 more parts left.

Same disclaimers as in part 1. This part is rated All.

Will just sat at the desk staring at the blank screen. Deanna
smiled. She could tell he was completely overwhelmed at the
conversation he had just had with his long-dead mother. She wondered
if it would be possible to have a similar conversation with her
father and sister. She wasn't sure if her father's and sister's
presences were even in her family home. Deanna wrapped her arms
around Will's shoulders and hugged him from behind. He picked up one
of her hands and kissed it. "I'm glad you could be here for this."

"I was just thinking that next time we visit mother maybe we could
try to talk to my father and sister."

Liz, who had been sitting quietly, brightened up. "Yeah, we can talk
to grandpop." She turned around in Will's lap and hugged
him. "Daddy, maybe we can talk to your daddy too."

Deanna looked over at Angelique. She shook her head. She had only
sensed one presence in the house "Sweetheart, your grandpop isn't
here." When she saw how disappointed Liz was, "but we'll try my
father next time we visit grandmom." She came around and lifted Liz
off Will's lap. "Come on, you've had a big day and night. Let's go
to bed. You know your grandmom's watching you."

Angelique followed Deanna with Josette. Will just stared at the
blank screen again. It had been awhile since he had allowed himself
to wish that his mother were still alive. The screen turned on
again. "Will, you know that I would love a grandson."

Will smiled. His aunt had told him that his mother had wanted a big
family and had told him that just before she died, his mother had
hoped that Will would grow up, fall in love, and have
children. "We're working on it as best we can with a 4-year old

"I'm going to go sing to Liz. Good night." The screen went blank
and the humming started heading toward Liz's bedroom.

"Good night Mom." Will said. He put his head in his hands and
started crying. This whole evening was something he wanted ever
since he was a boy. Even though he wasn't actually talking to his
mother face to face, this certainly beat the alternative or not
speaking to her at all. He felt the chair swivel and Deanna sat down
in his lap. She pulled him close and started crying.

<<You're overwhelmed.>> It wasn't a question.

<<Yes. I've wanted this for as long as I can remember.>>

They held each other close enjoying the moment. Deanna spoke first.

"Why don't you go tuck Liz in and I'll get some wine and glasses and
then we can relax in front of the fire."

"What about Angelique?"

"She suggested it. She said she'd go to her room and read."


He went into the bedroom. Angelique smiled and started to leave the
room. "Have fun tonight."

"Don't go to your room. Come join us for a nice relaxing evening in
front of the fire."

"I'm OK. You two just relax. I was thinking that I could take the
girls out tomorrow to give you two some time alone."

"Whale watch?" Liz called out from her bed.

"Yeah." Josette answered.

"Sure." Angelique answered.


Angelique left the room and went to her room. Will tucked Liz in and
joined Deanna on the sofa in the living room where Will informed
Deanna of Angelique's idea. Predictably, Deanna liked the idea of
some alone time with Will something they didn't get all that often.
They relaxed in front of the fire just enjoying sitting in each
other's arms and enjoying each other's company.


Here's part 9. Same disclaimers. Rating: T.

Part 9

The next morning, Angelique got the girls up and was making breakfast
when Will came in the kitchen.

"How was your evening?" Angelique asked.

"Very relaxing. We both fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up the
fire was out, so I carried Deanna to bed. She's still sound asleep."

"Can I wake Mommy up before we go?" Liz asked

"No. I want to surprise her with breakfast in bed."

"That sounds nice." Angelique said.

"I haven't had a chance to do it lately."

"'cause of me?" Liz asked.

Will smiled. "No." He said. Usually, Liz woke them up at the same
time so breakfast in bed wasn't much of an option.
"Do you want some coffee while I finish getting the girls breakfast

"Sure. Thanks."

After Angelique and the girls finished their breakfast, they left for
the whale watch promising to be back late in the afternoon so Will
and Deanna could have some quality time alone but early enough that
Angelique and Josette could get home early in the evening.

After Will made breakfast which consisted of buttermilk pancakes for
him and chocolate chip pancakes for Deanna, orange juice and coffee,
he replicated a rose and vase and took the breakfast into the
bedroom. He put the tray on the dresser and sat on the edge of the
bed to wake Deanna with a kiss. She responded in such a way that
Will thought breakfast might get cold.

<<Imzadi, breakfast will get cold and I made chocolate chip pancakes
for you.>>

She immediately broke off the kiss and sat up. Will got the tray,
put it in front of Deanna and crawled back into bed.

"So why breakfast in bed?" Deanna asked.

"Because it's been awhile and then we can stay in bed all day if we

"You said last night that you wanted to sit in front of the fire like
we did on our wedding night." She knew lying in front of the fire
was more likely than sitting. She smiled as she recalled making love
for the first time as husband and wife was in front of the fire.

"We can do that too." He kissed her on the cheek and began to eat
his pancakes. Predictably, he finished first as Deanna always tended
to savor every bite of her chocolate chip pancakes. When they both
finished, Will got up and started to take the tray into the kitchen.

"Just you wait a minute." Deanna said. "Put the tray down on the
dresser and get back here."

He did as he was told and within a few seconds their night clothes
were off. After making love, Deanna permitted Will to take the
dishes into the kitchen. She offered to wash them while he got the
fire going again. After making the fire, Will sat on the sofa and
waited for Deanna to come in the living room. A few minutes later,
Deanna came in with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

"Wine, this early in the morning?" Will asked.

"Sure, we did it on our honeymoon didn't we?"


Deanna put the bottle and glasses on the end table and sat down on
Will's lap and kissed him. She started to pull off his robe. <<Why
did we even bother putting robes on?>> He asked as he sat up more so
she could remove his robe. He then removed hers and then lifted her
up and moved to the blanket Will had placed on the floor where they
slowly made love.

They spent the next several hours on the blanket on the floor
alternately making love and laying in each others arms. After lunch,
they moved to the blanket again and made love again then fell
asleep. They were awakened in mid-afternoon by the communications
console. Deanna put her robe on and got up to answer it. It was

"We're back from the glacier tour and whale watch. Should we wander
around Valdez or come back?"

Deanna laughed. "You can come back. Did you have fun?"

"Yes. The girls were so excited about seeing the whales, sea otters,
seals, sea lions and the glaciers as long as they were calving." She
smiled knowingly. "How about you two?"


"OK we'll see you shortly."

Deanna turned around. Will was sitting up. "Well I guess our peace
and quiet is over." She said.

Will got up and took her hand. "We probably should take a shower.
You did promise me that we would shower together when Liz was out."

Deanna smiled and reached up and kissed Will. He picked her up.
<<Just remember we need to shower.>>

While they were showering, Angelique and the girls came in. Both
girls were dying to tell Will and Deanna about their outing. Liz ran
into the bedroom to the bathroom door before Angelique could stop
her. "Mommy, Daddy come out. We want to tell you about the whales
and other animals!" She called through the door.

"We'll be out in a minute." Deanna said.

Liz ran back into the living room. A few minutes later Will came out
with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt on. "Deanna is combing her
hair. She'll be out in a few minutes." He sat down on the sofa and
Liz promptly climbed up on his lap. Josette sat down next to Will
and Liz.

"We had so much fun. We saw lots…" Will stopped her.

"I think your mother would like to hear about your day too."

A few minutes later Deanna came out of the bedroom and smiled when
she saw Liz sitting on Will's lap. <<And I was hoping to have that
spot again.>> she said suggestively. Aloud she said. "Is there room
for me on the sofa?"


Liz smiled mischievously. "Am I getting a little brother or sister?"

"Maybe" Deanna said. She and Will both knew that it was certainly a
possibility that they could conceive a child during their shore

Angelique shook her head. "You two are so open with her. We could
never do that with our two."

"It's a Betazoid thing." Will said with a smile.

After the girls told Will and Deanna all about their day, Will made a
quick dinner and then Angelique and Josette left for San Francisco.

After Liz went to sleep after telling "grandmom" all about her day,
Will and Deanna relaxed on the sofa with hot chocolate. "This quite
an eventful couple of days wasn't it?" Deanna asked.

"Yes and emotional too."

"Yes." She reached up and kissed Will. "Do you think your cousin
will take Liz for a day sometime during the week?"

"What's with this sudden increase in your libido?"

"I want to give you a son."

"Good reason."

They sat and relaxed on the sofa enjoying the fire. When the fire
went out, they went to bed hearing "Love Me Tender" being hummed in
their bedroom as they fell asleep knowing that the rest of their
leave would be as pleasant as the first part had been.


Epilogue – 13 Months Later

Will, Deanna, Liz, and the newest member of the family, 3 month old,
Andrew Kyle, were just arriving at the house. Liz immediately ran
over to the communications console to see if her grandmom had left a
message about Andy. When Andy was born, Liz insisted on sending a
message to her grandmom about her brother.

"Can I turn the comm on?" She asked.

Deanna went over to the console and turned it on and saw the message
light flashing. She tapped the message button and smiled when she
saw the message was from her mother-in-law but was written
specifically for Liz.

"It's for you. You should be able to read it if you sound all the
words out." Liz had started reading just a few weeks before and was
making very good progress.

Will brought a second group of bags in and put them next to the first
group he brought in previously. He went over to the communications
console as Liz was reading the message. It only took her a few
minutes to read the message. "I got your note and can't wait to see

Liz looked at her brother who was lying in his carrier on the
desk. "Andy, maybe grandmom will sing to you like she does to me.
She sings almost as good as Daddy."

Will put his arm around Deanna who looked up at him with tears in her
eyes. Before Andy was born, both had been concerned that Liz
wouldn't like sharing her parents – especially her father. The
concern was unwarranted; Liz proved to be a big help with her brother
especially at bedtime when she would sing to him – usually "Love Me

"You know, life right now is perfect." Will said. Deanna turned and
wrapped her arms around Will who returned the embrace.

"It is. We have each other and 2 beautiful children. We have 2
wonderful homes for shore leave – one for winter and one for summer
and family members willing to babysit whenever we want some time

"As well as our family on the Titan who will do the same." Will
added. He kissed her softly.

"Andy, Mommy and Daddy like to get mushy sometimes. You'll get used
to it." She winked at her brother. "If we ask nicely maybe I'll get
a little sister and you'll get a little brother."

Both Deanna and Will looked at Liz and Andy and then at each
other. "Que sera sera." Will said as he hugged Deanna.


The End