This is another response to the New Year's challenge. I was watching Insurrection and came up with this brief conversation between Beverly and Deanna. It takes place during the rest stop and before Data hands them their rations.

Rating: G
Disclaimers: The usual. I do this for fun not money.

Girl Talk

While taking a break while leading the Baku to safety, Beverly
Crusher finally had a chance to talk to Deanna Troi about something
she had noticed during the meeting of the senior officers prior to
going to the surface to aid the Baku along with Captain Picard. She
sat down on a rock next to Deanna.

"OK, spill it." She said to Deanna.

Deanna looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. Last evening when we got together to discuss
what to do about the Baku, you and Will looked pretty cozy – your
sitting on the arm of his chair with your arm around his neck and his
hand on your knee."

"Beverly, it's probably just the metaphasic radiation, but right now
my feelings for Will are exactly how I felt when we first met on
Betazed. I mean I'm feeling the same way I did 13 years ago."

"Is that why you talked Will into shaving?"

Deanna smiled sheepishly. "Well, not exactly…"

"You mean you did it?"



"In a holosuite. It was so romantic."

"I'm sure. You know I don't personally believe the metaphasic
radiation is completely responsible for your feelings."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I've noticed that you two have spent most of your free time
together since we shipped out."

"True, but until we entered the Briar Patch, it was purely

"You can't fool me. I've been in love. You never stopped loving

"You're right. I'll always love him on some level due to our bond."

"OK. I'll pretend I believe you. So where does your relationship go
from here? What if it's not the effect of the metaphasic radiation?"

"We've decided to take a wait and see attitude. We're going to wait
until we're out of the Briar Patch and see if our feelings change."

"Until then, you're going to enjoy the effects. Of course, I'm
willing to bet your feelings won't change,"

"I hope you're right. I've enjoyed the last few days." Deanna
noticed Data heading toward them. "Quick, let's change the subject.
I don't want to have to explain all this to Data."