The Introduction


Ensign Aili Lavena was confused about the invitation she had received to meet the senior officers in holodeck. She thought it might be related to her promotion which Captain Riker had promised her but, to her knowledge, hadn’t been made official by Starfleet.

When the door to the holodeck opened, she saw the recreation of Pacifica that she programmed into the holodeck when she first came on board. Her jaw dropped when she saw the senior staff dressed in swimwear.

“Can Selkies drown?” Christine Vale asked.

“I don’t know; but if Aili doesn’t close her mouth, we’ll find out.” Will Riker said with a smile.

Lavena walked over to the others and smiled when she saw that Deanna had brought little Natasha who was also dressed in swimwear. Ranul Keru handed her a bathing suit and pointed to cabana standing next to the water. “You can change in there.” He said.

While Lavena was changing, everyone else got in the water. When Lavena finished changing, she jumped in the water and swam before surfacing next to Keru who had swum out to deeper water. Deanna watched as everyone swam while she sat in a floating chair holding Natasha who was asleep. Christine swam over. “Want to change places?” She asked.

“It’s OK. I’m fine.”

“I know you are but you look like you’d like to do some swimming.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t have asked if I weren’t.”

Deanna smiled and lay Natasha down in the chair and got in the water while Christine held the chair steady. Deanna held the chair steady while Christine climbed in and picked Natasha up. “Have fun.” Christine said.

Deanna swam over to Will. “Thanks.”

“For what?”

“For sending Christine over to give me a chance to swim.”

“I didn’t do anything. She did it on her own.”

After a little more swimming, Will signaled everyone to move into shallower water where Deanna and Christine switched placed again. Deanna reached into her bag and handed Will a small box.

“Ensign Aili Lavena, in consideration of your efforts in saving the residents of Droplet, I hereby officially promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.” Will said. He opened the box which contained Lavena’s new pip. “I’ll pin it on you when you have your uniform on.”


“Aili, we have one other surprise for you.” Deanna said. Will and Keru pushed Deanna’s chair toward Aili. “You know Natasha is named for a former crewmate of Will’s and mine who died while attempting to save me shortly after we were both posted to the Enterprise. What we haven’t told you is Natasha’s middle name which is for someone neither of us met but in honor of someone who saved Will’s life. Aili Lavena, I would like to formally introduce you to Natasha Miana Riker-Troi.”

Lavena was stunned. “You named her after my sister?”

Will nodded. “Yes.”

“Thank you. I’m totally overwhelmed.” She swam over to Riker. “Permission to properly thank my Captain?”

Riker nodded and she hugged him.

“Counselor, does it bother you to see Lieutenant Lavena embrace the Captain like that especially given their past?” Tuvok asked.

“No.” She glanced at Vale. “I’m getting used to female crew members throwing themselves at him.” She glanced at Keru and smiled mischievously. “If Ranul did it, I would really be worried.” Everyone laughed.

Keru smiled mischievously. “He’s not my type. Tuvok, on the other hand…”

Everyone laughed again except Tuvok who raised an eyebrow at him. Keru smiled. “Just kidding."


The End