The Introduction 2



Lwaxana groaned as she rolled over in bed as the knocking on her door continued. She sat up. <<What is it, Mr. Darx?>>

<<You have an incoming message marked personal.>> Her valet replied.

<<Who is it from?>>

<<There was no name. The title was “Someone wants to meet you.”>>

Lwaxana was confused for a minute then smiled. <<My granddaughter has been born.>> She grew slightly concerned. <<She’s early though.>>

She got up and put a robe on. She didn’t bother dressing before she went downstairs knowing that the communiqué wasn’t in real time. She activated the view screen and smiled when she saw Deanna.

“Mother, Will and I would like to introduce you to Natasha Miana Riker-Troi, your granddaughter.” Lwaxana’s smile widened as tears rolled down her face when Deanna lifted the one of the most beautiful little girls up. “She was born a few days ago but I wasn’t able to contact you until today. “ Deanna recounted the story of Tasha’s birth and why Will hadn’t been there. Lwaxana was glad that she didn’t know until after Tasha’s birth what had happened. She felt bad that Will hadn’t been there but was glad he had recovered from his injuries. “We’ll send you some holos via courier as soon as we can and will come to Betazed for Tasha’s official introduction as a daughter of Betazed as soon as we’re back in Federation Space.” Tasha chose that moment to start crying. “I’ve got to go. We’ll send you updates as often as possible. Love Tasha, Deanna, and Will.”

The screen went blank. Lwaxana got up and walked to the window. Mr. Darx came into the room.

<<Good news I gather?>>

<<Yes. I’m a grandmother!>> She smiled widely. <<I’M A GRANDMOTHER!>> She repeated. All of Betazed heard her and rejoiced. Another Daughter of one of the Houses of Betazed had been born.


The End