Mardi Gras

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Rating: Adult - it's set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.


February, 2380

"Will, I was doing some research on Mardi Gras and there is no way
I'm going to get beads by flashing the passing floats!" Deanna Troi-
Riker said to her husband as she was setting the table for the Mardi
Gras party that she and Will were throwing for some of the crew prior
to going to the holodeck for a Mardi Gras parade which Will had

"You don't have to flash the float. You just need to get the float
riders attention so they'll throw beads to you." Will said with a
mischievous smile. "Of course, the street will be extremely crowded
and you may have trouble getting beads…"

"I'll just take some strands of these beads with me." She countered
as she placed a few more strands of beads on the table. "Of course,
later I may be willing to get my beads from you in the traditional
way." She added seductively.

Will laughed. "I'm not going to refuse that but the traditional way
is to just yell `Throw me something mister.'" He came over and took a
look at the table and wrapped his arms around Deanna. "The table
looks great. I'm glad we decided to have dinner here first."

The original plan had been to create a New Orleans restaurant for
dinner and then change the program to the parade but Will and Deanna
decided that dinner in their quarters might be just as nice so Deanna
got dinner orders from the guests so each person could have what they

Deanna turned in Will's arms and pulled him closer to kiss him. Just
as the kiss deepened, the annunciator rang.

Deanna groaned. "Why couldn't they have been late?"

"Cause they're Starfleet officers." Will said as he released his hold
on Deanna. "Come in."

The door opened and First Officer, Christine Vale, and Senior Science
Officer Jaza Nejem walked in. "Wow, the table looks great!"
Christine said as she walked over to the table.

"Thanks." Deanna said. "Christine, do you know what you have to do to
get beads at the parade?"


"Are you planning on doing whatever is necessary to get them?"

"I might. Why? Aren't you?" Christine was surprised when Deanna shook
her head negatively. "I though Betazoids were comfortable with their
bodies. I never would think that flashing a float would be a problem."

Jaza was also a bit surprised. "And you two had a traditional
Betazoid wedding didn't you?"

"Yes." She glanced at Will who was trying very hard not to
laugh. "OK, I'll do it if both you, Christine, and Alyssa do it."

"You're on." Christine said with a smile.

The annunciator rang again and the doors opened admitting Head Nurse,
Alyssa Powell and Security Chief, Ranul Keru.

Christine couldn't help but notice that Alyssa had on a relatively
loose fitting blouse that she hadn't tucked in to her slacks.
Christine and Deanna looked at each other while Will and Nejem
smiled. They all knew that Alyssa was ready for the parade.

"Alyssa, you look ready for the parade." Nejem said with a smile.

"Absolutely. Andrew took me to New Orleans for Mardi Gras when we
were on Earth while the Enterprise was undergoing repairs after the
Borg attack. If I can get beads at the real Mardi Gras, a holodeck
version of Mardi Gras should be easy." She looked at both Christine
and Deanna. Christine was wearing a blouse with buttons down the
front, which she tucked into her slacks. Deanna had on a fairly tight-
fitting tee shirt that she had tucked into her slacks. "Aren't you
two going to attempt to get some beads?"

"We are now." Christine said with a smile. She demonstrated how the
buttons on her blouse were snaps and easy to open and close.

Deanna shook her head. "I guess I am too." She said with resignation.

Ranul looked at Deanna. "You mean you weren't planning on doing
whatever was necessary to get beads?"

Deanna shook her head. "Yes. I know I'm half Betazoid and we had a
traditional Betazoid wedding which most of you attended but, for some
reason, Mardi Gras traditions bother me."

Will wrapped an arm around Deanna. "Don't worry, I'll be there to
protect you from all those drunken revelers."

"Thanks." She smiled. "Well, let's eat so we can go to the parade.
Despite my apprehensions about this particular parade, I love
parades. Computer, play Mardi Gras 1."

As Dixieland music filled the room, Will and Deanna served drinks and
meals to their guests. Everyone had chosen a different entrée, so
each got a taste of a traditional Mardi Gras meal. After a dessert
consisting of King Cake for all but Deanna who opted for Chocolate
Doberge Cake, the group left for the Mardi Gras parade in the

When the door the holodeck opened, everyone could see that Will had
programmed a traditional Bourbon Street Mardi Gras celebration. They
could barely move in the crowd. Will wrapped his arm around Deanna to
keep her close so they wouldn't be separated. Ranul and Nejem did the
same with Alyssa and Christine respectively.

The group found a spot near the curb; and when a vendor came by, each
got a hurricane. They all raised their cups and Will said. "Laissez
les bon temps roulez."

Ranul smiled as he saw the first float coming in their direction.
The float riders were throwing beads to the crowd. Some of the women
were flashing; some were just yelling for beads. "Well, ladies, get
some beads." He said to the 3 ladies. Christine pulled her blouse out
of her slacks rather enthusiastically, while Deanna reluctantly
untucked her shirt. She knew she was acting crazy for being so
reluctant. After all, she and Will had been married in the nude in
front of many of their shipmates including their former commanding
officer. Flashing shouldn't be so hard in front of mostly strangers.
She knew Ranul wouldn't say anything given his lifestyle and she
really doubted Nejem would say anything to her in front of Will.

Alyssa was the first to attempt to get the attention of the float
riders by first yelling to the riders and then pulling her shirt up.
Christine did the same. Both ladies got beads immediately. Deanna
chickened out at the last second. Will wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey, it's OK. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't worry
about it."

Deanna looked up at him. "Thanks, but I really want some beads."

"You'll get them at home." He kissed her quickly.

Soon another float approached. Deanna turned and looked up at Will
with a sensual smile. He could tell she was going to get some beads
this time. He kissed her. "Go for it." He said encouragingly.

When the float moved in front of the group, all 3 ladies flashed the
float and got beads for their efforts. Deanna turned and handed the
beads to Will who put them around her neck before kissing her.

"So, how do we three gentlemen get beads?" Ranul asked.

"We'll get you some." Christine said.


After the parade, the 3 couples left the holodeck. The ladies had a
couple dozen strands of beads around their necks while the gentlemen
had a few strands each that had been thrown to them by appreciative
ladies on the floats.

"You look like you had a good time at the parade." Dr. Bralik, the
Ferengi geologist, said as she saw the 6 partygoers approaching
her. "I wish I could have joined the party."

"Feel free to run the program, Doctor." Will said with a smile. He
had invited her to the party but she wasn't able to make it.

"Thanks I think I will."

"Do you need help cleaning up?" Alyssa asked Will and Deanna.

"We're fine." Deanna said. "It'll only take a few minutes to but
everything in the recycler. If you like, I'll save a few strands of
beads for Noah."

"Thanks. He really wanted to come to the parade but I told him it was
for adults only."

Everyone headed for his or her respective quarters. When Will and
Deanna arrived back at their quarters, they put all the dirty dishes
and leftover food in the recycler before relaxing on the sofa.
Deanna snuggled in Will's arms. She was exhausted but exhilarated.
It had felt so good to release her inhibitions. "You know, Will, you
promised that you would give me some beads." She said seductively.

"I did didn't I."

"Yes." She got up and picked up one of the strands of beads that she
had put aside for Noah Powell. She handed the strand to Will and then
stood up and pulled her shirt over her head. Will got up and put the
beads around her neck. He then pulled her close and kissed her.
<<These beads mean more to me than the ones that I got at the
parade.>> She sent to Will.

<<I'm glad you feel that way.>>

As the kiss deepened, Will picked Deanna up and carried her into the
bedroom where they broke off the kiss long enough to finish
undressing. Will then picked Deanna up again and laid her on the bed
where they made slow, passionate love.

Afterward, Deanna snuggled in Will's arms. "I had a good time. I'm
glad you convinced me to release my inhibitions tonight."

"I think the others had a bigger role in that than I did."

"You showed the support I needed to do it."

"Well, my dear, do you feel like releasing your inhibitions a little

Deanna looked up at Will. "You better believe it." She said just
before kissing him.

The End