Menage A Troi Missing Scene


Ménage A Troi Missing Scene

“What the…?” Commander William Riker exclaimed as Deanna and Lwaxana Troi were beamed away leaving only their clothes. He turned to the Ferengi outside their cell. “Where are they?”

“Daimon Tog wanted them as soon as they woke up.”

“He better not hurt either one of them.” He went over and picked up Deanna’s and Lwaxana’s clothes and lay Lwaxana’s on one of the cots. He sat down on the other cot holding Deanna’s clothes. He wasn’t sure why they were kidnapped but figured it had to have something to do with the conference on the Enterprise.

A few minutes later, Will heard the sound of the Ferengi transporter. Only Deanna materialized. She was wrapped in some sort of blanket. Will got up from the cot, went over to her and hugged her. “Where’s Lwaxana?”

“They want to use her telepathic sense to aid in their trade negotiations.”


“I don’t know.” She looked up and smiled. “Knowing Mother, she’ll get out of this.”

“You know the Captain will look for us as soon as they find out that we’re missing.”

“Yes.” She reached out and took her clothes from Will. “Could you do me a favor?”


“Block the view of the Ferengi outside the cell while I get dressed.”

Will nodded and went over to the doorway.

“Turn around.” She laughed at his reaction. “Now is not the time nor is this the place for that.”

He reluctantly turned around. The Ferengi looked over at the door but turned away when he saw Will’s threatening expression.

A few minutes later, Deanna had finished changing. “You can turn around.”

Will did so and smiled. “You know, I prefer that outfit better than the blanket.”

Deanna shook her head and sat down to focus on her mother.


The End