A Titan New Year


Here's a sequel to A Titan Christmas.

Disclaimer: Paramount and Simon & Schuster own some of the
characters. Some are my creation (one based on two Red Sox players)

Rating: PG-13


A Titan New Year

It was New Year's Eve on the USS Titan and Beta Shift was just
arriving. Captain William Riker stepped out of his ready room as the
crew was settling into their positions. He smiled. "This
announcement is for the new crew members since last year. Of course,
I'm sure some of you have heard. At midnight, providing nothing
critical is happening, you may have a glass of champagne to toast the
New Year." There were smiles from the entire Bridge crew.

Commander Mordock, the Benzite 2nd Officer, stood up. "Captain,
where will you be at 0 hundred hours?"

"Supposedly in the holosuite." He said with a smile. His wife,
Deanna, was pregnant with their second child and the baby was due at
any time. They had both been hoping that the baby would be born at
the turn of the New Year; but as the day wore on, it seemed less
likely. "Deanna said she doubts she'll go into labor before 0
hundred hours." He started to the turbolift. "By the way, if you
like, you can switch the view screen to one of the holosuites for the

"Thank you sir." Mordock said.

When Will reached his quarters, Deanna had dinner ready. She was
sitting on the sofa with her feet up when he came in. He smiled when
he saw her. "Need any help getting up?"

"Yes." He went over the sofa and helped her up.

"Are you feeling OK?"

"Yes, why?"

"Just wondering. Mordock asked if we were still going to be in the
holosuite at 0 hundred hours. I told him as far as I know we are."

"We will be. I just don't sense labor coming in the next several
hours." She patted her stomach. "I think this little one wants to
make sure we ring in the New Year before making his or her
appearance." She stood on her toes and kissed Will before taking his
hand and leading him to the table. "Come on, let's eat."

"Where's Liz?"

"With mother. She thought we might like a romantic dinner before the
party. She seems to think I may go into labor sometime tonight and
said we should enjoy an evening together before then."

"We could always snuggle up here in our quarters and ring in the New
Year alone."

"As intriguing as that idea is, you do have to wish everyone a Happy
New Year."

"I can do it from here."

"I would rather spend the evening in the holosuite. It may be our
last chance for awhile."

"It may be our last chance to spend some time alone also."

"You're incorrigible." She kissed him again. "I'll get dinner on
the table. If we eat quickly, we'll have some time alone before the

"Sounds good to me." He reached for Deanna's hand to pull her onto
his lap but she moved away before he could reach her.

"After dinner."

After they finished eating, Will cleared the dinner dishes from the
table and brought the dessert to the table. As he placed Deanna's
dessert in front of her, he leaned over and kissed her deeply.
Deanna pulled away first. "Let's eat our dessert." She said.
Will's only response was to kiss her again. As the kiss deepened,
their mutual feelings of desire started building. Dessert was
forgotten as Will picked Deanna up never breaking the kiss. He
carried her into the bedroom. He put her on her feet and began to
slowly undress her while she slowly undressed him. The only time
they broke the kiss was for her to pull Will's shirt over his head.
After they were both undressed, Will picked Deanna up again and laid
her on the bed where they made love slowly and gently.

After it was over, Will lay on the bed with Deanna snuggled up in his
arms as close as she could. "I remember doing this the night before
Liz was born. As I recall, you went into labor within a few hours."
Will said.


"Maybe we should stay here tonight."

"Maybe we shouldn't. We haven't missed a New Year's Eve party since
we've been on the Titan."

"As I recall about 6 years ago, we left early."

"I remember, but we still stayed until midnight. I see no reason why
we can't stay until midnight or later this year."

"You think our little one will decide to begin its entrance into this
world around midnight."

"I don't think so, but you never know. Just because I'm not sensing
that labor will begin soon doesn't mean it won't." She glanced at
the chronometer. "Come on. The party starts in about an hour." She
smiled seductively. "Maybe we can shower together." She said as she
moved away from Will.

Will got up and helped Deanna to her feet and lead her into the
bathroom where they engaged in a long, romantic shower. After they
showered, Deanna dried her hair and put her make up on while Will
combed his hair and dressed in his favorite tuxedo. He had insisted
that all non-Starfleet formal functions be non-dress uniforms. After
he dressed, Will went to the closet to select a dress for Deanna.
He started to reach for one of her favorite gowns when she came up to
him. She reached in the back of the closet and pulled out a new
gown. "I replicated this specifically for tonight." Will smiled
appreciatively at the gown which was Deanna's favorite shade of
purple. "You can help me put it on." She said handing the gown to
Will. She slipped her bathrobe off and turned to hang it on a
hook. "Ooo!" She gasped as Will wrapped his arms around her and
kissed her on the neck. She turned in his embrace and kissed
him. "You know we don't have much time to get dressed."

"I know." He released his hold on her and picked up the dress. He
slipped it over her head and over her body. He smiled
appreciatively. The dress was strapless with a wide skirt that
shimmered with each movement. "Where are the shoes?"

"In the closet near the back."

Will reached into the closet and found shoes that matched her dress.
Deanna went to the dresser and pulled out the necklace, bracelet and
earrings Will had given her for Christmas. While Deanna was putting
the jewelry on, Will came over and embraced her from behind. "You
know something. You're going to be the most beautiful woman at the
party tonight and the most sexy."

"Thanks. You really know how to make me feel beautiful."

Will released his hold on Deanna and knelt on the floor to help her
put her shoes on. When both were ready, they left for the
holosuite. They were met at the door by Christine Vale and her
date, Jason Damon, the Titan's Head of Security. "Deanna, I swear
you are absolutely gorgeous when you're pregnant – not that you're
not any other time. I hope when I have children I look half as good
as you do."

Deanna smiled. "Thanks Christine." She glanced at Will who seemed
to know what was going on. "Are you telling me you two are engaged?"

Christine brought her left hand out from behind her back. "Yes.
Jason proposed this evening over dinner."

Deanna hugged Christine and Jason while Will shook hands with Jason
and hugged Christine. "How many others know?" Will asked.

"You're the only ones on the ship. We were wondering if you could
make an announcement tonight."

"Sure no problem."

The two couples made their way to a table near the bandstand. Will
called a waiter over and asked him to serve champagne to all the

"So, Deanna, are you going to make it until midnight?" Christine

"I think so."

"So Dr. Ree won't have to deliver your baby here in the holosuite?"
Jason asked.

"No, but I believe we will have a New Year's baby."

"It's funny you've said that you believe Liz was conceived on New
Year's Day and this baby will most likely be born on New Year's Day.
Talk about an interesting coincidence." Christine said.

The waiter brought champagne over to the table for Will, Christine,
and Jason and sparkling cider for Deanna and told Will that all the
guests had been served. Will thanked the waiter and stood up. He
took the microphone from the bandstand and called for everyone's

"I have an announcement for everyone." A few people glanced in
Deanna's attention. "No, Deanna is not in labor. I would like to
announce the engagement of Christine Vale and Jason Damon." He
raised his glass. "To Christine and Jason. Best wishes for a long
and happy life together." The others in the holosuite raised their
glasses and drank a toast to the happy couple. Will asked the
bandleader to play "The Nearness of You" to start the dancing. He
went to Deanna. "Do you feel like dancing?"

"Yes." She got up and Will led her to the dance floor where Will
held her close as they danced.

Throughout the course of the evening, Deanna was beginning to feel
more and more like labor would be beginning soon. Her back was
starting to hurt and she was beginning to feel some pressure in her
lower abdomen. She had experienced similar feelings shortly before
going into labor with Liz. While Will was dancing with Christine,
Jason moved closer to Deanna. "Are you OK?"

"Yes." She smiled. "Did Will assign you to keep an eye on me?"

"No." He laughed. "I have a feeling, I'll be the same way with
Christine and she'll be like you cool and calm."

"That's usually the way."

"I know Christine asked earlier but are you going to make it until
midnight? You can tell me the truth. I won't tell the Captain."

"I believe so."

As midnight approached, Deanna started feeling the first
contractions. She decided against telling Will because he would most
likely panic and want to leave. A few minutes before midnight, Will
came over as the band started playing "Moonlight Serenade." "Do you
feel like dancing?"

She nodded. "Yes. It's almost midnight and I definitely want to be
dancing with you at midnight." She was glad the contractions were
about 15 minutes apart. If she was correct, the next one would be
right around midnight.

At the end of the song, the bandleader called for everyone's
attention. "It's about 1 minute from the start of the New Year." He
signaled for the drummer to begin a drum roll as he consulted his

As the bandleader began the final countdown, Deanna snuggled closer
to Will who smiled realizing that Deanna may actually be in labor.
She did the same thing after she went into labor with Liz. Rather
than just tell him she was in labor, she cuddled up close so he could
feel the contraction for himself. He wondered how long she had been
keeping it from him.

"OK. It's 15 seconds, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,
1. Happy New Year!"


Part 2

The band began playing "Auld Lang Syne" while all the couples
kissed. As the kiss between Will and Deanna deepened, he felt the
tightening of Deanna's abdomen. After the broke the kiss, Will asked
quietly, "OK, how long have you having contractions?"

She smiled sweetly. "Not too long. My back started hurting earlier
in the evening but the contractions only started about an hour ago."

Christine and Jason came over. Will kissed Christine while Jason
kissed Deanna.

"I guess I better wish the crew a happy new year." Will said and
tapped a padd for ship-wide communication. "On behalf of the senior
staff, I wish the entire Titan crew a happy new year. May this year
be even better than last!" After he ended the communication, he
wrapped his arm around Deanna. "My dear, I believe we should go find
Dr. Ree and get you checked out."

"Deanna, are you in labor?" Christine asked.

"Yes", she answered and for Will's benefit added, "the VERY early
stages. There is absolutely no reason for us to leave yet. My water
hasn't even broken."

Christine laughed. "Come on Captain, you've been through this
before. There's no need to panic this time too."

"I did not panic with Liz."

"I heard you did." She turned to Deanna. "I don't know if you two
are planning on having any more children, but we should probably not
be pregnant at this same time. I have a feeling Jason will panic too
if we're in labor at the same time."

Deanna laughed. "Fortunately, Commander Mordock seems to remain calm
in tense situations."

Dr. Ree chose that moment to come over to the foursome. "Happy New
Year, Captain, Counselor, Commanders."

"Thank Doc." Will glanced at Deanna knowing how she would react to
what he was about to ask Dr. Ree. "Could you give Deanna a quick
check? Apparently she's been in labor for about an hour."

Deanna rolled her eyes. "I've had a few mild contractions. My water
hasn't even broken. But to ease my husband's mind, you can do a
quick tricorder check. Perhaps we can go to the lounge across the

"OK. You're probably just fine if you've only had a few mild
contractions." Dr. Ree, Will and Deanna went across the hall to the
crew lounge where the doctor did a quick check of Deanna. "You're in
the early stages of labor."

"Should we go back to the party or go back to our quarters?" Will

"That's up to you. I see no reason not to go back to the party. I'm
pretty sure the party will be breaking up soon since most of the crew
in Holosuite 3 is on Alpha Shift."


Deanna stood up and took Will's hand. "Come on, let's go back. I'll
let you know if I want to go back to our quarters." She smiled. "I

"OK." Will said reluctantly. They went back to the holosuite.

Christine came over. "I see you two didn't get sent home."

"No. Dr. Ree said we could stay."

"A few people have already left since they start their shift starts
at 0800 hours. Jason and I were going to leave as soon as you two
got back."

"You can leave after I get the 2nd dance Jason promised me." Deanna

"OK." Jason said. "Don't worry sir, I'll take good care of her."

"OK." Will said. Jason and Deanna moved to the dance floor. "I
guess that leaves you and me. Shall we?" Will held out his hand to


After the dance, more couples started to leave. Jason escorted
Deanna back to the table. Soon they were joined by Will and
Christine. Dr. Ree came over. "I'm going to leave now." He
smiled. "I know I have a busy day ahead. Counselor, contact me when
your water breaks and I'll give you another exam and we'll determine
when you should come to Sickbay."


"Captain, she'll be fine. There's no need to panic this time also.
After all, you've been through this before."

"I am going to get Beverly for telling everyone I panicked." Will
said shaking his head.

"Good night." Dr. Ree said and left.

The band started playing "Embraceable You." Will turned to
Deanna. "Are you up to one more dance?"

"Yes." She said and Will helped her up. During the dance, Deanna
snuggled closely into Will's arms. She felt another contraction
while Will was holding her close. This one was a little stronger
than the previous ones.

"Do you want to leave?"

"Let's wait until the dance is over. I'm fine. That one was just a
little stronger."


After the dance was over, Will and Deanna said their goodbyes to
Christine and Jason and left for their quarters. Shortly after they
returned to their quarters, Deanna's water broke. After Dr. Ree
examined her, he determined that she could remain in her quarters
until the contractions were 4 or 5 minutes apart. They lay together
on the sofa timing the contractions. They both attempted to sleep
but were awakened by contractions. Around 0600 hours the
contractions were 5 minutes apart and very intense. Will decided it
was time to take Deanna to Sickbay. When they arrived, Dr. Ree made
Deanna as comfortable as possible. Will sat with her helping her
breathe through the contractions and offering words of encouragement
both aloud and telepathically.

Three hours later, Dr. Ree finished an examination of Deanna and
determined she was fully dilated and ready to push.

"OK Deanna, you can start pushing with the next contraction."

While Deanna pushed as hard as she could, Will counted. He would
periodically kiss her on the head and offer more words of
encouragement. Finally after 30 minutes of pushing, Dr. Ree could
see the baby's head. "OK, I see the head. It has dark hair just
like both of you."

"You're doing great Imzadi. It won't be long now. Remember it was
only a few minutes from when we saw Liz's head that she was born."
Will pressed a kiss to her head.

About 15 minutes later, 8¾ lb. Andrew Kyle Riker was born. Deanna
lay back in Will's arms and looked up at him. He leaned over and
kissed her on the lips. "You did great again."

She smiled. "I couldn't have done it without you."

After he finished examining Andrew, Dr. Ree handed to Deanna who put
him to her breast for his first meal. "After he finishes nursing,
we'll move you to a room. Your mother and daughter are outside
anxious to meet Andrew."

After Andrew finished nursing, Deanna was moved to a private room.
When she was settled, Lwaxana and Liz came in. Liz seemed a little
reluctant to go over to Deanna. Will smiled and went over to her.
He picked her up. "Come on, Andrew wants to meet his big sister."
He carried her over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed
while holding her. Liz reached over and picked up Andrew's little
hand. Instinctively, he wrapped his hand around her finger. "I
think he likes you already."

"He's so cute, isn't he grandmom?"

"Yes, he looks just like your mother when she was born." Lwaxana
pulled out a holo camera and turned to Dr. Ree. "Can Deanna get up
and sit in the chair?"


Will took Andrew from Deanna's arms while Liz climbed off the bed.
Deanna got up and sat gingerly in the chair. Will handed Andrew back
to her.

"Will, why don't you sit on the arm of the chair and Liz, you stand
in front of your father." Lwaxana said. When everyone was in
position, Lwaxana smiled. "This will make a beautiful family
photo." She snapped the photo.

"Mrs. Troi, why don't you move to Deanna's other side and sit on the
arm of the chair. I'll take a picture of all 5 of you." Dr. Ree

"Gladly." Lwaxana said and sat on the arm of the chair. Dr. Ree
snapped the photo. Lwaxana got up. "Liz, let's go back to my
quarters. Your parents need some rest."

"Lwaxana, I can take Liz to our quarters. She'll be no problem."

"Will, you look like you're half asleep."

"I just would like to spend some time with Liz before Deanna and
Andrew come home."

Lwaxana smiled. "Ian did the same thing with Kestra when Deanna was
born." She went over to Deanna and gave her a kiss on the
cheek. "I'll stop by later to see you." She said to Deanna and
then gave Will a hug and kiss before leaving.

Will took Andrew from Deanna and placed him in the crib while Deanna
got back in bed. Will moved the crib over to the side of the bed.
He kissed Deanna and then Andrew. Liz climbed up on the bed and
hugged Deanna and then, as Will held her, leaned over and kissed

After Liz and Will left, Deanna leaned over and patted Andrew on the
back. "You know Little One, you've got parents and a big sister who
love you very much. We're all glad you're in our lives." She lay
back on the bed. She and Will hadn't decided on whether they would
have any more children, but she knew that for now they had two
wonderful children and the love of each other. At least for now,
life was perfect.