Super Parises Square Bowl

Disclaimers: Some of the characters are mine, some Star Trek
authors, and some CBS/Paramount's.

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"What are you doing?" Deanna Troi asked as she watched Will
programming the replicator in their quarters.

"Programming the replicator."

"I can see that, but why?"

"For the party."

"What party?"

"The party for the parises squares championship game today."

"OK. How are we going to see it?"

"Well, I made arrangements to have it transmitted to us."

"In real time?"


"And you've planned a party for the event."


Deanna smiled and shook her head. She knew that Will really wanted
to see the game since the Academy team was in it against the
University of Pennsylvania who was a perennial power in parises
squares. This was the first time the Academy team had made the
championship game since Will's Academy days when he was captain of
the team that won the championship.

"Is the party here?"

"I'm having a party here for the senior staff and a few others but
there is also a party in the Crew Lounge for everyone else."

"And those on duty?"

"As long as there is nothing going on, they can watch it on their

"OK. Is T'Pel coming?"

"No so she offered to take Liz and Noah for the afternoon."

"Who is coming?"

"Ranul, Christine, Dr. Ree, Alyssa, Xin, Bralik, Sariel, and Melora."

"Good group. So what are we eating and drinking."

"I did some research and in the second half the 20th Century and the
21st Century, there was a major sporting event called the Super Bowl
for the 2 best professional football teams."

"My father told me about that."

"Anyway, fans of the sport had parties on the day of the Super Bowl.
So, I decided that might be fun so I researched what was served at
these parties. Anyway, we're going to have beer, chips, dip,
barbecue, chicken wings, pizza, and pretzels."

"What about Dr. Ree?"

"I asked if he wanted me to request any raw versions of the meat
items and he said no."

"Should be fun. Is this something we should decorate for?"

"Good idea. We can replicate banners for each school even though
everyone will be rooting for the Academy."

"I guess so since everyone except Bralik graduated from the Academy."

"She thought about rooting for Penn but doesn't know anything about
them so she'll go with the rest of us."

After getting the decorations ready, Deanna replicated the food items
while Will went to ship's stores. He wouldn't tell her what he
needed to get but he offered to drop Elizabeth off with T'Pel. When
Will returned, he was pushing an anti-grav device which carried a

"What do we need a barrel for? Is it some Super Bowl tradition?"

"Yes, but it's not a barrel, it's a keg of beer - or in this case

"OK." She wasn't sure what to make of this party but knew it would
be fun. She wasn't much of a beer drinker but thought she would at
least attempt to get into the spirit of the party.

A few minutes later, the guests started to arrive for the party.
When the game started, everyone sat down to watch on a larger than
normal monitor which Will was able to borrow from the observation
lounge. During the game, everyone cheered whenever the Academy team
scored and booed when Penn scored. The game came down to the final
play and the Academy team won on a point scored by a player who no
one ever would have believed would score like that.. There were hugs
all around and some tears of happiness.

Will decided to open inter-ship communications. "Wherever you are on
the ship and whoever you're with, everyone raise a glass to the 2383
Intercollegiate Parises Square Champions, Starfleet Academy!"

There were cheers all through the ship. The partygoers in Will's and
Deanna's quarters heard crewman running in the corridor cheering.

"I say we join them" Bralik suggested.

"Great idea." Ranul added.

Everyone else agreed and they went into the corridor with their beer
and raised their glasses as crewman came by. If anyone had an empty
glass, Will offered them some beer from the keg. A few minutes
later, Ensign Lavena came by with a bottle of champagne to share.
Deanna went back in and replicated champagne glasses and then Lavena
poured the champagne. They all raised their glasses in toast to
their alma mater.

After some more celebrating, the party started breaking up. Ree
produced a hypo he brought with him. "Does anyone feel they need
something to prevent a hangover tomorrow?"

Will nodded. "That might not be a bad idea."

Ree gave everyone a hypo. "I'll have the entire medical staff on
standby in case we have an epidemic of hangovers tomorrow."

Alyssa and Rager offered to stay and help Will and Deanna clean up.
After cleaning up, Alyssa and Deanna went to get their respective
children and Rager went back to her quarters. Will collapsed on the
sofa. He smiled to himself knowing that the parties would help
morale after the past year. He knew he would have to plan some more
ship wide parties for various occasions.

A few minutes later, Deanna came back with a sleeping Elizabeth. She
put her in her crib and sat down next to Will on the sofa. "Good
job. Everyone is so happy and several crewman said to thank you for
allowing everyone to see the game."

"We'll have to plan some other ship wide parties."

"I agree. It is good for morale."

Will suddenly started to laugh. Deanna looked at him
quizzically. "Can you imagine Jean Luc allowing a party like this?"

Deanna laughed. "Not when we were on the Enterprise but I'll bet
Beverly could convince him to do it."

Both laughed as they relaxed.

The End