The factual information about Titanic comes from TV documentaries and Walter Lord’s A Night To Remember. There are some elements of James Cameron’s Titanic also in this story. Some of the characters are Paramount’s the others are mine. Please do not republish without my permission, but feel free to download.



Captain's Log Stardate 90605.15. The Enterprise has struck an anomaly. We are unsure as to what exactly has happened, but somehow a couple from the early 20th Century has turned up on the Enterprise. Compounding our dealings with the Campbell's is the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Campbell appear to have changed placed with Commander Riker and Counselor Troi. There is also something vaguely familiar about Mrs. Campbell. I can't quite put my finger on it.

"Captain Picard, where are we? Neither of us has seen technology of this type before." Mr. Campbell asked. He was extremely confused. He and his wife of only a few days, Euphemia or Faye, had set out on a honeymoon which included three weeks in the United States.

"I know this may be extremely hard to believe but you are on the USS Enterprise." Picard answered. He truly wished Counselor Troi were there. She would have been invaluable in answering all this couple's questions.

"A United States ship?" Mrs. Campbell asked. She looked out the window of the observation lounge. "Where is the sea? We appear to be in the middle of the sky - the night time sky. It was daylight and we were on deck playing whist one minute and the next we were in strange rooms."

"Not a United States ship. This is the 24th Century and you are on a starship. We are nowhere near Earth at the moment."

"24th Century?" Mr. Campbell said. "How can this be?"

"The Enterprise hit a time-space anomaly which has caused you and your wife to be brought here and two of our crew members to presumably have replaced you." He gave the Campbell's a moment to digest this information. The Campbell's both wound up in Riker's quarters. Picard knew that his First Officer and Counselor had been spending most of their free time together but hadn't realized that they had been spending all of their free time together. That could be the only explanation as to how the Campbell's wound up together rather than in separate quarters. "You mentioned that you were on deck. I presume you were on a cruise ship."

"Yes." Mr. Campbell answered. He smiled proudly. "For our honeymoon, my parents were able to secure first-class passage on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic."

Picard paled slightly. "How long have you been at sea?"

"Two days. We're scheduled to dock in New York in 6 days." Mrs. Campbell said. "However, there is a rumor that they are going for a speed record, and we may dock on Wednesday."

"I see." Picard knew what he had to do. He had to get Riker and Troi back within the next two days. He tapped his communicator. "Picard to Smith. Lieutenant, would you please escort Mr. and Mrs. Campbell to guest quarters."

"Aye, sir."

After the Campbell's left the Conference Lounge, Picard called Data in. There was one question he needed or rather wanted answered. He felt positive that Data could provide the answer.

"Data, could you access the historical database and find out if Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic?" He was doubtful that both survived. There were only 700 survivors of the disaster - most of them women and children. Since the couple were First-Class passengers, he figured that Mrs. Campbell may have survived. Mr. Campbell, however, most likely would not have. The only men who survived were those who jumped into the freezing water or got into the lifeboats without concern for the women and children. Mr. Campbell didn't strike Picard as the type of man who would show no regard for women and children.

"Captain." Data said interrupting Picard's reverie.

"What have you found out?"

"Mrs. Campbell survived the disaster; however, Mr. Campbell did not. He was one of the victims whose body was never found."

"Data, we must get Mr. and Mrs. Campbell back to 1912 and Commander Riker and Counselor Troi back here where they belong."

"Captain, neither Counselor Troi nor Commander Riker will violate the Prime Directive nor will they knowingly change the timeline. However, they have been spending much of their free time together. I am worried that Counselor Troi will not get into her lifeboat; thereby unknowingly changing the timeline if we should get the Campbell's back to 1912 after the ship sinks."

"That, Commander Data, is what I'm afraid of."

The Titanic - April 12, 1912

"Will, where are we?" Deanna Troi said as she looked over the railing into the water, ignoring the shocked reactions of the other whist players and others on the deck. Fortunately, she and Will Riker had been sitting on the sofa in his quarters watching a holofilm when they were "transported" to the deck of a ship.

"I think we should find out who we changed places with." Will said. He looked at some of the passengers who were still staring. "First, we should attempt to fit in." He added. He turned to one of the others. "I know this is going to sound strange, but who were you playing cards with?"

"John and Faye Campbell. They are a honeymooning couple from Stirling, Scotland. Who are you?" The man asked. He was curious about this strangely dressed couple who had just appeared out of nowhere.

Riker knew he had to think quick. In looking at the clothing of his fellow passengers, he knew they were possibly in the late 19th and early 20th Century. These people would not accept Deanna and him as lovers. "My name is William Riker and this is my wife, Deanna."

"Where are you from? You are obviously not from Scotland."

"I'm from Pennsylvania and Deanna is from Greece."

"One of the female passengers started to become more curious. "Your clothing is different. What is the style?"

"Could you take us to the rooms occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Campbell?" Deanna asked. She hoped they could avoid answering any further questions.

"Sure, follow me. My name is Mary Stewart. I'm Faye Campbell's sister. What happened to Faye and John?"

"We don't know." Deanna answered honestly.

"Is it Miss or Mrs. Stewart?" Will asked. He found Mary to be quite attractive.

Deanna sensed his attraction to Mary and smiled. <<Will, we're supposed to be married, remember?>> She projected to Will.

<<I'm trying to get her on our side and to possibly help us. Just remember that it's you I love not her.>>

Deanna smiled.

"It's Miss. I'm going to America to meet a man I've been corresponding with."

"Miss Stewart, what ship are we on?" Will continued.

"The RMS Titanic. This is its maiden voyage. My sister's in-laws were able to get passage for all of us."

Will and Deanna looked at each other. They knew the ship was doomed...but when?

"What is the date?"

Mary looked at Will curiously. She had never met such a strange couple. "April 12, 1912."

The threesome walked the rest of the way in silence ignoring the stares of the other passengers. When Mary left the stateroom after showing Will and Deanna where everything was, Deanna flopped on a chair with a sigh while Will paced.

"What are we going to do? This ship is going to sink in 2 1/2 days." Deanna asked.

"Nothing. We're obviously First Class passengers. Most of the survivors were women and children from First Class. You'll be fine."

"What about you?"

"I'll be fine. I've got my Starfleet survival training, my Alaskan upbringing, and the Betazoid meditation techniques you taught me to fall back on."

"OK. I guess we should change and try to blend in." Deanna said as she got up from her chair. She went to the dresser and pulled out a corset. She gasped. She had worn a corset in one of Beverly's plays. "Do I have to wear this?"

Will snickered just as someone tapped on the door. Will went over to the door and opened it slightly.

"Excuse me, sir; but I'm Mrs. Campbell's maid, Elizabeth. Miss Stewart said that Mrs. Riker may need some help dressing."

"Come in." Will opened the door and let Elizabeth in. Mary had prepared her for how Will and Deanna were dressed. "Elizabeth, do I have a valet?" Will asked.

"Yes, my husband, Jean Luc. Miss Stewart is getting him for you."

"Thank you." He kissed Deanna on the cheek and went to his dressing room.

When Elizabeth and Jean Luc left, Will and Deanna met in the sitting room. Deanna groaned as she sat down. "This dress is uncomfortable and as for this corset..."

"Deanna, ladies and gentlemen didn't discuss undergarments in 1912."

"Will, we have to figure out how to get off this ship in 2-1/2 days."

"We can't. We're at sea approximately half way between London and New York. We have to hope Captain Picard can do something to save us before the ship hits the ice berg."

"And we can't do anything to prevent that from happening or we change the timeline."

"Right. Come on, let's go back up on deck. Maybe we can learn whist."

"You'll have to teach our fellow passengers poker."

"Right. We do have to get some money somehow."

"Do you think we should borrow some from Mary? She seemed to accept us without too many questions."

"It's a major risk but we will have to do it. If it becomes necessary, we will." He smiled mischievously. "One more thing, we should be careful about drinking wine. It's the real thing and we both know you can't hold your liquor."

"That was homemade tequila. I researched it. The home brew was stronger than the real thing."

"OK, but be careful."

"OK. You too. You'll be required to smoke cigars and drink brandy after dinner."

"I will. I've smoked cigars before."


Will and Deanna headed toward the upper deck to join their new-found companions.

"Will, why did you tell Mary that your family was from Pennsylvania?"

"My family originated in Pennsylvania and moved to Alaska when it became a state in 1959." He smiled slightly. "You know, I heard that an ancestor of mine was a Titanic survivor."

"Do you remember the name?" She hoped he wouldn't want to look this relative up.

"No. In a way I wish I did then I could meet one of my ancestors." He smiled at her concerned look. "I wouldn't tell that person anything about myself or that I'm a descendant."


24th Century

Picard was sitting in his Ready Room staring at his computer screen containing the history of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell when the door buzzer sounded startling him. He had also found the reason for the vague familiarity of Mrs. Campbell.

"Come." He called

The door opened revealing Dr. Beverly Crusher. Her smile faded when she saw Picard's expression. "Jean Luc, what's wrong?"

"Sit down, Beverly." He took a deep breath. "You know, of course, that Will and Deanna have exchanged places with a 20th Century couple and are currently on the RMS Titanic which will sink in approximately 2-1/2 days."

"Yes. I know. They'll be fine. Will'll see that Deanna gets in a life boat and with his survival training and Alaskan upbringing, Will should be fine."

"I know. When I first met Mrs. Campbell, there was some vague familiarity about her. In studying Mrs. Campbell's life after the sinking, I've discovered that Mrs. Campbell is an ancestor of Will's."


"When Mrs. Campbell arrived in New York, she stayed with her sister, Mary Stewart and her husband in Pennsylvania. About six months after the disaster, Mrs. Campbell met James Riker and they married. Their grandson, James III, moved to Alaska shortly after it became a state in 1959. The Riker family has lived their ever since."

"What has you so worried?"

"If we don't get Mrs. Campbell back on the Titanic by the time it sinks, Will Riker will cease to exist."

Beverly paled slightly. She had come in hopeful that her friends would be OK. Now it was possible that Will would simply cease to exist which could cause major changes in the time line. Beverly shuddered to think about what might have happened when Picard was kidnapped by the Borg. "Jean Luc, Data will find a way to get everyone back where they belong."

Both were silent for a moment. Beverly spoke first when something occurred to her. "Jean Luc, didn't another ship rescue the Titanic survivors?"

"Yes, the Carpathian."

"So, we just need to get Mrs. Campbell to New York at the same time as the Carpathian arrives."

"What about Mr. Campbell? He didn't survive."

"I hate to say this, but we'll have to deposit him in the ocean. We can stun him. It will be less painful and frightening to him."

"I agree." He didn't sound convincing.

Beverly reached across the desk and took his hand. "They'll be fine."

Two Days Later - R.M.S. Titanic

"Deanna, you will have to get to a lifeboat. I'll be fine." Will and Deanna had been arguing off and on over the last two days as to whether Deanna would get in a lifeboat when the ship hit the iceberg or she would remain on board with Will.

"I'm not going to leave you here to die."

"Deanna, there were survivors among those who didn't get in the lifeboats."

"There were only six."

"I told you before that I have my Alaskan upbringing and my Starfleet survival training to fall back on. You also taught me Betazoid meditation techniques. I'll be fine." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "Besides, Data and Captain Picard will find a way to get us back where we belong before the ship sinks."

"We don't have much longer. Doesn't the ship hit the iceberg at about 2330 hours?"

"Yes. They've also had two days to work on it. We'll get out of this alive."

Deanna could sense that Will was more scared than he was admitting to her. He knew his chances for survival were pretty small. She also knew that he knew she sensed it and knew that he was attempting to keep her from staying with him when her chances for survival were good.

"Will, I love you so much." She kissed him.

"I love you too." He pulled her over to a chair and got down on one knee. "Deanna, if we get out of this alive, I want for us to be together forever. Will you marry me?" He pulled a box from his pocket and opened it. It contained a diamond solitaire ring.

"Yes." She said with tears in her eyes. Will slipped the ring on her finger, pulled her to her feet, and kissed her. Deanna looked at the ring. "Where did you get this?"

"The ship's gift shop. I won enough at poker to pay Mary back and to buy this ring for you."

Suddenly they felt a shudder. Deanna looked up at Will. "That must have been it."

"Yes. Let's get to the lifeboats. You can't appear too anxious. Most of the First Class passengers didn't believe the ship would sink."

"OK. I still don't like the fact that you're going to remain on the ship."

"I know. Trust me, I'll be fine. I have every reason to survive now." He kissed her again. "Come on, let's go."

When Will and Deanna left their cabin, they saw ship's designer, Thomas Andrews, hurrying along the corridor. "He must be heading to his meeting with the Captain, his senior staff, and Ismay." Will said.

"Maybe we should wait here until we're told to go up to the boat deck, we'll attract less attention."


They went back in the cabin. About 30 minutes later, one of the cabin stewards knocked on the door and informed them they should get their life jackets and report to the boat deck.

They did as they were told and headed to the boat deck of the doomed ship.


"Captain, I have found a way to get Commander Riker and Counselor Troi back to the Enterprise and Mr. and Mrs. Campbell back to the Titanic." Data called out from the science station where he had been working non-stop for the past two days.

"Very good, Commander." Picard said. "You have the bridge. I must tell Mr. and Mrs. Campbell about their fates." He tapped his com badge. He wished he had Deanna with him for this unpleasant task but knew Beverly would be most helpful. "Picard to Crusher. Please meet me at Mr. and Mrs. Campbell's quarters."

"On my way."

A few minutes later, Picard and Crusher met at the Campbell's quarters. "Beverly, I wish Deanna were here for this."

"I do too. You'll do fine." She tapped the door buzzer. When the door opened, Picard took a breath and walked in.

"Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Commander Data has found a way to get you back on board the Titanic." Picard said

"Good." Mr. Campbell said. "Will your friends return here?"

"Yes." He took a breath. "There is one thing I feel compelled to tell both of you."

"What's that?" Campbell could see the look of concern in both Picard's and Crusher's faces.

"The RMS Titanic will be in the process of sinking when we return you to the 20th Century."

"The ship is unsinkable! What happens?" Mrs. Campbell said.

"It hit an iceberg. Over 1500 people died that night." Picard glanced at Crusher. "Mr. Campbell, unfortunately you were one of them."

"Can I be saved now?"

"No. We are not permitted to change timelines when we encounter these space-time anomalies."

"Do I survive?" Mrs. Campbell asked.

"Yes. In fact, we discovered that you are an ancestor of my First Officer, William Riker, who is currently on the Titanic."

"Really?" She was happy to know that she survived but not that she was losing her husband of only a few days.

"Beverly, you stay and answer as many questions for Mr. and Mrs. Campbell as you can. I'll contact you when Data is ready."

Picard left the room and headed for the Bridge. Beverly was left to help the Campbell's prepare for their fate. Beverly knew that by telling Faye about her immediate future she could be influencing history, but she didn't care. She told Faye about Will's and Deanna's relationship and how she hoped they would somehow decide to make their relationship permanent. When she was finished, Faye asked for a sheet of paper and pen from the replicator.

RMS Titanic

"Deanna, you have to get in the lifeboat." Will insisted. "I'll be fine." They had been arguing for several minutes - both fighting tears as they both realized that this may be the last few minutes they would ever spend together; and they were spending them arguing. Suddenly she threw her arms around him and kissed him.

"Come on, Miss. We're ready to lower this boat. If you don't get in, we'll lower it without you!" First Officer William Murdoch said to her. He sincerely wanted to help this young couple be together but also knew that it wouldn't be right to do so.

Reluctantly, Deanna stepped into the lifeboat. As the boat was lowered into the freezing water, Deanna looked at Will with tears in her eyes. He also had tears in his eyes. <<I love you, Imzadi.>> She projected. As the boat passed an open deck, she thought briefly about jumping out of the boat and back on to the sinking ship. Their eyes were locked during the entire descent of the lifeboat. Deanna was scared that she was going to lose Will.

He smiled and projected back. <<I'll be fine. I love you too.>>

Mary pulled Deanna into her embrace. "Deanna, he'll be fine. He has you to survive for."

USS Enterprise

"Picard to Crusher. Bring the Campbell's to Transporter Room 2."

"Aye, sir." Crusher looked at Mr. and Mrs. Campbell who were enjoying their last few minutes together. "We have to go."

"OK. Doctor, how do I die?" Mr. Campbell asked.

"Your body was never found. We are going to stun you. You won't feel a thing."

"Thanks." Mrs. Campbell said as she took her husband's hand. "I will sleep better knowing he didn't die in pain." She looked at the frightened expression on her husband's face. "Are you sure you can't save John also?"

"No. I really wish I could."

"These two friends of yours. You're very close to them." Mr. Campbell said.

"Yes. Will, Deanna, and I are like brother and sisters. None of us has any siblings so we've kind of adopted each other as siblings."

By this time they reached the transporter room where Data and Captain Picard were waiting.

"Who would like to go first?" Picard asked.

"I will." Mr. Campbell volunteered. "Based on what Dr. Crusher told us, Will Riker is in more danger than Deanna Troi."


Campbell kissed his wife. "Someday we'll be together. Remember, Faye, we're helping another couple live." He stepped up on the transporter pad.

Picard pulled out a phaser and stunned him. Mrs. Campbell sobbed softly as the transporter beam took her husband. A few seconds later, the unconscious form of Will Riker materialized on the pad. Beverly jumped to his side and ran her tricorder over him. Mrs. Campbell knelt next to him also and looked at her descendant. She saw how handsome he was and knew that she would find a man even more handsome than John. She whispered to Will. "Will, you'll be fine. I obviously found a handsome man to replace John."

"He's suffering from hypothermia and has some salt water in his lungs." She announced.

"Data, beam Commander Riker directly to Sickbay. Beverly, you stay here in case Counselor Troi needs any treatment."


Seconds later, Riker's body was beamed away.

"Mrs. Campbell."

"Beverly, would you give this to Will?" Mrs. Campbell handed Beverly a folded up piece of paper.

"Sure." Beverly hugged Mrs. Campbell. "You're doing the right thing. Because of your sacrifice now, many lives will be saved in the future."

Mrs. Campbell stepped on the transporter pad.


Seconds after Mrs. Campbell dematerialized, Deanna Troi materialized. She was sitting huddled on the floor of the transporter room crying. Beverly could see the glittering diamond ring on her finger and smiled. She prayed that Will would be OK.

"Deanna, you're back on the Enterprise."

Deanna looked up at Beverly who was kneeling over her. "Is Will back?"

"Yes. He's in sickbay. He's suffering from hypothermia and has some salt water in his lungs."

"I've got to go to him."

"Come on."

Titanic Lifeboat

Faye Campbell materialized next to her sister who was looking around for Deanna who had suddenly disappeared. Mary felt someone next to her again. She looked at her sister.

"Faye! What happened?"

"I don't exactly know but somehow John and I were in the 24th Century and two other people were here in our places."

"I know. Maybe we should keep all this to ourselves. People may think we're crazy."

"I agree. Mary, John gave his life so Will would survive to be with Deanna. The Will Riker you met is a descendant of mine."

"Really? You really do have a handsome descendant."

"I agree. I guess I find someone even handsomer than John was."

USS Enterprise

Will was regaining consciousness. He opened his eyes and saw Deanna standing next to him. He smiled weakly. "Told you I'd be fine."

"Yes, you did."

He started to sit up. Deanna helped him. "Take it slowly."

When he sat up, he pulled Deanna into his arms and kissed her.

"Obviously, you've recovered from your ordeal." Beverly said with a smile. She ran her tricorder over him. "You're fine. You can leave Sickbay but you're off duty until at least tomorrow."

"Good." He got up. Deanna handed him some clothes to change into.

After Will had changed, Beverly handed him the note from Faye Campbell. "Will, this is from Faye Campbell. She's an ancestor of yours."

"My ancestor was the one here on the Enterprise?"


He opened the note.

"Dear Will, Beverly Crusher told me about you and Deanna. I know my husband, John, will die when the Titanic sinks and that I will survive. She also told me that I'm an ancestor of yours. Will, I just want you to know that I will think of you often knowing that my family will be around in 400 years. Whatever you do, marry Deanna so our family will continue on. Love, Faye."

Deanna sensed some grief from Will but also a bit of happiness. She put her arm around his waist. "Is everything OK?"

"Yes. Beverly told Faye about our relationship." He glanced at Beverly. "What was Faye like?"

"Very strong and brave. She was upset over her losing her husband of only a few days but she bore it like an ancestor of yours would." She smiled. "She was also beautiful so obviously good looks have run in your family for centuries."

Will chuckled at that. "It's strange, I knew that I had an ancestor who survived the Titanic's sinking; but it's a strange coincidence that Deanna and I would change places with her and her husband." He put his arm around Deanna. "I'm getting out of here before Beverly changes her mind and keeps me here."

They left Sickbay.

Later that evening, Deanna noticed that Will was being rather quiet. He hadn't eaten much for dinner. As she cleaned up, she noticed that Will was standing by the view port staring out at the stars as he usually did when something bothered him. She went up to him and put her arm around him. He jumped slightly.

"Are you OK?" She suspected his mood had something to do with their ordeal in the 20th Century.

"Yeah, I was just thinking."

"About our ordeal on the Titanic?"

He nodded. "I just wish I could have done something to help those people. I saw women carrying infants after all the lifeboats were gone. I saw Murdoch kill himself. I saw Captain Smith walk dejectedly into the Bridge. I knew he was going to go down with his ship. I wanted to help."

"But you couldn't." She smiled. "How did you get off?"

"Remember that late 20th Century movie, Titanic?" Deanna nodded with a smile. She loved that movie. "I remembered how Jack and Rose survived the sinking."

"By going down on the stern of the ship and then swimming to safety?"

"Yes. I wanted to tell others how to do it but knew I couldn't."

"You did the right thing."

"As a Starfleet officer but not as a human being." He pulled her into an embrace.

“Beverly told me that if you had changed history, you would have ceased to exist. Who would have saved Earth at Wolf 359? Or gone up in the Phoenix with Zephram Cochrane? Prevented war at Peliar Zel? You did do the right thing as a human being. I know that right now it doesn’t feel that way but when you think about it you will realize that you did do the right thing.”

He held her tightly. “You’re right. Maybe in a few days I’ll feel better about all this.” He smiled. “I still wish I could have met my ancestor.”

“I wish I could have too.”


Several weeks later, Will and Deanna were married in an Earth-style ceremony. They decided to pay tribute to Will's ancestors by being married on a holosuite version of the Titanic with Captain Picard performing the ceremony. Everyone dressed in early 20th Century attire and celebrated in a re-creation of the Titanic's First Class Dining Room.

Thirteen months later, Deanna and Will welcomed their first child, a daughter whom they named Euphemia and nicknamed Faye.