Brought Together


Disclaimers:  As usual, some of the characters are Paramount's (at
this point there are only 3).

This story assumes that Will and Deanna got married after "Imzadi",
but were divorced.  Unfortunately, I make Lwaxana out to be a villain
in this but since she didn't like Will at first, it's probably not
the worst thing I can do.

Brought Together

"Hey, Lexie, wait up!"  Thomas James Riker or "TJ" called to his
friend Lexie Miller.  Nineteen-year-old TJ was 6'3" with medium brown
hair and blue eyes.  Lexie was 22, 5'7" with dark brown hair and
midnight blue eyes.  When TJ caught up with her, her eyes were
red.  "What's wrong?"
She looked up at him and started to cry again.  He pulled her over to
a bench under a tree.  After they sat down, he pulled her into his
arms where she continued to sob.  "What happened?"
"My father died two-weeks ago."
"I'm sorry. Had he been sick?"
"No, he had a hovercar accident." She looked up at him with anger
flashing in her eyes..  "TJ, he died 2 weeks ago and my mother told
me today!"
TJ smiled gently.  "Sounds like my father.  He told me that if my
mother had died during finals, he wouldn't have told me."  His mother
died the previous December.
"TJ, you knew your mother was dying.  My father died suddenly."  She
stopped when she saw the look in his eyes.  "TJ, I'm sorry that was
cruel and insensitive of me.  Just because your mother had been sick
for so long doesn't make her death any less tragic than my father's. 
My mother wants me to come to Betazed for my break.  But it takes 3
days to get there and 3 to get back here.  I'll only have 4 days
which could be the longest of my life."  TJ looked at her
questioningly.  He had never seen Lexie so confused and frustrated
even with a difficult class.  She noticed his look.  "For some reason
my mother and grandmother are so worried that I'll meet my real
"Do you want to meet him?"
"Yes and No.  I want to know why he abandoned me.  My mother often
tells me that I'm like him; but I know I could never abandon my
daughter; but I don't want to meet him because I don't know what I
would say to him."
TJ was quiet for a minute.  He wanted to help his friend. "How much
do you know about your father?"
"Only that he's in Starfleet and he's human."
"Do you know where he's from?"
"No.  Why?"
"Why don't you come with me to Valdez?  My father and sister are
taking some leave.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind your coming.  Kelly
would love to have some female companionship."
"How `bout if you pack and then we'll go."
Two Hours Later
Lexie and TJ were arriving at TJ's home in Valdez, Alaska.  When they
walked in the door, the communications module was beeping.  TJ ran
for it without putting his bag down.  It was his father, Captain
William T. Riker of the U.S.S. Hood.
"Hi, Dad.  We just got in."
Riker smiled.  "We?"
"I invited Lexie to stay with us.  It's OK isn't it?"
Lexie came in the room to take TJ's bags.  "Lex, want to meet my dad?"
"Sure."  She moved in front of the module.  Captain Riker paled
visibly.  "Hi, sir.  What's wrong?  You look like you saw a ghost."
He shook himself out of it.  "I'm fine, Lexie, it's nice to meet
you.  The Hood is docked and our shuttle leaves in a few minutes.  We
should arrive in about an hour.  See you then."  He quickly
terminated the call.
"Is your father OK?"
"I guess so.  It almost seemed as if he recognized you."
"Didn't you say he spent some time on Betazed?"
"Yes, his first wife is Betazoid.  I also have a half sister.  Maybe
you resemble her."
"TJ, do you think it's possible your father is my father?"
"Not if your father abandoned you.  My father wouldn't do that. 
Besides, he told me that his ex-mother-in-law threatened his career
if ever saw or attempted to see his daughter.  I know it tears him
up.  My mother suggested that he should go find her.  She even told
him to look for her shortly before she died.  She knew that he needed
something good to happen to him after her death."
Lexie was quiet for a few minutes thinking about overheard
conversations between her mother and grandmother when they though she
was sleeping.  Suddenly it dawned on her.  "TJ, maybe my mother and
grandmother are lying to me!"
Lex, you and other Betazoids have always told me Betazoids don't lie."
"That's true, but right before I left for the Academy I heard my
mother tell my grandmother that it was inevitable that I would meet
my father and that I would find out what happened.  They always said
my father abandoned me so the truth would have to be something
else."  She grabbed his arm.  "I really want to know the truth!"
TJ had to smile at Lexie's enthusiasm.  In fact, it was contagious. 
He made a mental note to talk to his father about possibly helping
Lexie find her father so she could find out the truth.
"C'mon, Lexie, let me give you a quick tour of the house and then you
can start unpacking."
After TJ showed Lexie to her room, Lexie figured she should call her
mother and tell her where she was.  "TJ, do you think your father
would mind terribly if I called my mother on Betazed?"
"No, go ahead.  You can use the comm in the den."
Lexie went into the den and punched up her mother's number.  It
didn't take long for her mother to answer.  "Hi, mom"
"Hi, Lexie.  I gather you're not angry with me anymore?"
"No.  I'm sorry for getting mad.  TJ said his father was going to do
the same thing if his mother had died during finals."
"TJ is the one who's mother died right after Christmas."
"Yes. He invited me to stay with him, his father, and sister for the
10 days between the end of the semester and the beginning of my
internship.  You can read me at…" She frowned realizing she didn't
know what the number was.  "Just a sec, Mom"  She called out for
TJ.  "TJ, what's the number here?"
TJ came in the room.  "33344125"
"I heard it, honey, Thanks.  Can I meet TJ?"
"Sure."  She motioned TJ over.  He moved in front of the comm.
When Deanna Miller saw TJ, she paled visibly.  TJ smiled.  "You know,
Mrs. Miller, my father reacted in the same way when he met Lexie
"I know your father.  You look very much like him."
TJ laughed.  He heard that from many of his professors some of whom
went to the Academy with his father and others who had served with
him.  "That would explain Dad's reaction to Lexie.  She resembles you
a great deal."
"Lexie, I have to go.  Have a good time."
"See ya, mom"  Lexie ended the communication.  "That was a change of
heart.  When I talked to her earlier, she wanted me to come home now
she wants me to have a good time."
"C'mon, why don't we unpack.  My father and sister will be here soon
and knowing Kelly, she'll want to know all about you."

Chapter 2

A little later, Lexie and TJ were unpacking when the comm. Beeped. 
TJ answered in his father's bedroom.
"Hello,"  TJ said.  He didn't recognize the woman on the screen but
recognized her as Betazoid.  From her haughty look, he thought she
may be Lexie's grandmother.  Lexie had described her grandmother to
people with the same haughty expression.
"Is Lwaxana Miller in?"  The woman said.
"Yes she is ma'am.  I'll get her for you."  He went across the hall
and knocked on Lexie's door.  "Lexie, it's for you.  I think it may
be your grandmother."
Lexie opened the door.  "Did she seem upset?"  She hoped her mother
was OK.
"OK.  Can I take it up here?"
Lexie went into the room and sat down in front of the console.  As
she sat down, she noticed a picture on the desk and smiled.
"Hello, grandmother."  She said with a smile.
"What are you smiling about?  Especially since you know why I'm
"Just a picture of TJ, his parents and sister on his father's desk in
here.  Why are you calling?"
"I'm ordering you to come home."
"Why?  It takes 3 days to get there and 3 to get back.  I would only
have 4 days to catch up with you, mother, and my friends."
"I just don't want you to remain on Earth with that human boy."
"Grandmother, TJ is just a friend."  She decided to pull out
her "trump card".  "What do you have against human men.  Grandfather
was human, my adoptive father was human, and my real father is human!"
"Your `real' father, as you call him, abandoned you."
"I don't believe that story.  Why would you be so afraid I'd meet my
real father if he abandoned me.  I would think he would deny being my
father.  I heard Mother tell you that it was inevitable that I would
meet my real father and find out the truth.  Since you always said my
father abandoned me, the truth must be something else."
Before Lwaxana could answer, the bedroom door opened.  Captain Riker
came in the room.  "Sorry, Lexie, I'll leave you alone."  He put his
bag down and left the room.
Lexie turned back to the screen.  She figured her grandmother heard
Riker's voice but wasn't prepared to hear Lwaxana calling to her
mother.  "Deanna, no, you can't go there.  It's too soon!"
"What's going on?"  Lexie demanded.  Her mother obviously had heard
the conversation.
"Your mother just left.  She's coming to bring you home."
Lexie realized the truth.  "Captain Riker is my father isn't he?"
Lwaxana shook her head sadly.  "I hope he doesn't hurt you or your
mother again."  The screen suddenly went blank.
Lexie sat in shock for a minute, then the tears came.  She laid down
on the bed and cried.  She wondered whether her grandmother was
telling the truth.  Maybe her father had abandoned her.  As she lay
crying, she heard the door open.  Someone sat on the bed, pulled her
into his arms, and rocked her smoothing her hair.  After Lexie's sobs
quieted…"Feeling better?"
She realized it was Will.  She looked up at him and nodded.  Tears
started to form again.  "Did you abandon me?" 
He realized Lexie knew the truth.  "No, is that what your mother told
"No, she said you left.  Grandmother told me you abandoned me." 
Tears started to roll down her cheeks.  "What really happened?"
"When you were almost 7 months old, your mother found out she was
pregnant.  About a week later, she had a miscarriage.  After the
initial self-blame, we started to blame each other.  I was out when
she had the miscarriage.  She said if wouldn't have happened if I had
been there."
"What happened?"
"She started to get cramps and a bit of spotting.  I was in a
meeting. Instead of calling her mother, or me she went to the
medical center alone.  Because no one was around, she had to take you
along which meant picking you up.  The doctor said picking you up had
nothing to do with the miscarriage.  Nothing actually caused it other
than bad luck.  I accused her of being stubborn and just going to the
medical center without calling someone to take her and to handle
you.  She said that if I had been home, I would have been able to
take you and she wouldn't have had the miscarriage.  This continued
for a couple of weeks putting a strain on our marriage.  During that
time, the Millers contacted Lwaxana and insisted that Deanna divorce
me and marry Wyatt."
"Because of the genetic bonding?"
Will nodded.  "Yes.  Naturally Lwaxana agreed and worked on
convincing your mother that she should marry Wyatt.  Deanna and I had
started to work through our problems and were making progress but
Lwaxana put pressure on Deanna and eventually she gave in."
"What did she do?"
"I don't know."
"Why did you give me up?"
"Lwaxana and the Millers wanted Wyatt to adopt you and I refused to
allow him to.  So, Lwaxana threatened to have me charged with raping
your mother after I rescued her from the Sindareen.  I tried to fight
it but when I talked to an attorney, he said that I should accept
Lwaxana's demands and hope that your mother would tell you the truth
some day."
"Mom told me when I was about 5 that I was adopted and that you had
to go away.  She never told me anything else about you.  Many times
she would tell me that I was very much like you and I could see the
sadness in her eyes.  I think she still loves you."
Will smiled.  "I still love her.  One of Carolyn's dying wishes was
for me to find you and tell you the truth.  In fact, on your 21st
birthday, Carolyn wanted me to find you and tell you the truth.  She
went so far as to find out what she could about you.  She found out
you were at the Academy and that you and TJ were friends."
"So you knew who I was before you talked to me earlier."  Will
nodded.  "So why did you look like you saw a ghost?"
"I wasn't prepared to see my little girl all grown up.  The last time
I saw you was when you were a year old."
"Why did you leave Betazed?"
"I didn't want to leave Betazed but one of Lwaxana's demands was that
I have no contact with you.  I knew there was no way I could live on
Betazed and not be a part of your life as you were growing up.  So I
transferred to the Hood.  I saw you and your mother one last time. 
When I started to go, you must have broken loose from your mother,
because I heard you running toward me but your mother grabbed you
again.  The last thing I heard was you screaming `Daddy!'  I got back
to my quarters and broke down.  I don't know how a parent could
willingly give their child up."
Lexie put her arms around Will's neck and hugged him.  She was doubly
glad – glad she met her father and glad he hadn't abandoned her.
"You know you have a sister you haven't met yet who will be thrilled
to meet her sister and a brother who you know but may not be as
thrilled to find out he has a second sister."
"Whenever Kelly exasperates him, he always says `Sisters, can't live
with them, can't live without them'"
Lexie laughed.  "Can I tell them?"
"Sure, then we'll go out to dinner to celebrate."
They went downstairs where Will introduced Lexie to Kelly.  Will
nodded to Lexie.  She smiled.  "Kelly, I have good news for you and
bad news for you, TJ."
TJ realized that what Lexie had suspected earlier was true and
smiled.  "Lex, is what you suspected earlier true?"  After she nodded
with a smile that looked very much like her father's, "how could that
be bad news?"
Lexie glanced at Kelly and smiled.  "I quote, `Sisters, can't live
with them, can't live without them'"
Kelly was quiet for a second and suddenly realized that Lexie was her
half-sister. She moved toward Lexie and hugged her.
"I'm so glad to finally meet you."  Kelly said.  "I know Daddy really
missed you and I've always wanted a sister."
"Me too"  Lexie had tears in her eyes.  She was so happy to find out
to meet her father and find out she had a sister and brother."

Chapter 3

"Me too"  Lexie had tears in her eyes.  She was so happy to find out
to meet her father and find out she had a sister and brother.  "Also,
my mother is coming here."
"Your mother is coming?"  Will asked.
"Yes.  Grandmother said it was to bring me home but I don't believe
her.  I heard her say to Mom that she shouldn't come here, it's too
Will smiled.  He knew it would be nice to see Deanna again.  He hoped
Lwaxana was just telling Lexie that Deanna was coming to take her
home.  If Lwaxana was telling the truth, maybe Deanna would see how
much he loved Lexie and would let her stay and maybe stay herself. 
Lexie saw Will's smile and subsequent worry in his face, went over to
him and hugged him.  "Don't worry, Daddy, She'll see how happy I am
and let me stay."  Will's blue eyes filled with tears.
"Lexie, I've waited 21 years to hear you call me `Daddy' again."
"Glad I could end your wait."
"OK, gang, let's go out to dinner to celebrate."
Three Days Later – Valdez, Alaska Shuttleport
Lexie and Kelly stood at an observation window watching a shuttle
from San Francisco dock.  Lexie was hoping her mother was on that
shuttle.  The shuttle from Betazed had arrived 3 hours earlier and
this was the first shuttle since then to arrive in Valdez.  While the
girls watched, TJ went to check whether Deanna was on that shuttle.
When the shuttle was fully docked and to door was opened, the
passengers began to disembark.  TJ came up to the girls.  "She's on
that shuttle."  He said.
"I see her."  Lexie said and started to wave.
Deanna Troi-Miller saw here daughter with her half-brother and, she
assumed, half-sister, smiled and waved.  When Deanna came through the
door, she hugged Lexie who introduced her to Kelly.  Deanna sensed
that both TJ and Kelly were nervous about something.  She had a
feeling she knew that it was.
"Kelly, TJ, I'm not here to take Lexie back to Betazed.  I'm here to
make sure my mother doesn't carry out her 21-year old threat.
Kelly smiled.  "Thanks Mrs. Miller."
"Please, both of you, call me Deanna."
"OK."  TJ said.  Kelly nodded.
"Where's your father?"  Deanna asked.  She was hoping Will wasn't as
scared as Kelly was although she suspected he was.
"He's getting a picnic lunch together.  He said you love salmon on
the grill."  TJ said.
Deanna nodded.  "Is the salmon freshly caught?"
"Yes."  Lexie said.  "He was just getting back from fishing when we
left.  We have to stop and get some fresh vegetables on the way
back.  He said you'd know what to get."
"I remember vividly what to get."  Deanna said with a smile.  "Are we
to get dessert?"
"No.  Dad has a special, secret, surprise dessert planned."  Kelly
said.  "I'll bet it's chocolate though."
"Well, then let's get going."
TJ picked up Deanna's bag and they headed for the hovercar.
One Hour Later
Deanna smiled as TJ pulled the hovercar up the long driveway to the
Riker home.  She was sensing emotions she hadn't sensed in 21 years. 
Lexie saw her smile.
"Mom, do you think you can still telepathically communicate with Dad?"
"I'm not sure.  It's been a long time."
"Why don't you try?"  Kelly suggested.
"OK, I will."
<<So, what's the special, secret, surprise dessert?  Chocolate I hope?
She got no response and frowned.  "No response.  I guess it's been
too long."
As TJ pulled to a stop, the door opened and Will came out.  The
smiled when he saw Deanna.  She also smiled and got out of the
hovercar.  They walked slowly toward each other.  When they got
close, Will pulled Deanna into a tight embrace.  He smiled
mischievously, "Dessert is a surprise."
"You did hear me!"  Deanna exclaimed.
Will nodded.  He hugged her close again.  "I missed you so much.  I
was sorry to hear about Wyatt."
"Thanks, I'm sorry about your wife."
"Um, Dad, could you finish this emotional reunion before I drown." 
TJ said.  Will and Deanna looked over.  Both Lexie and Kelly were
sobbing into TJ's shoulder.  Both laughed.
"C'mon, no tears.  We're supposed to be celebrating and trying to
make a good impression on Deanna."  Will said.  He still had his arm
around Deanna's waist.
Deanna realized that Will was worried about whether she was here to
take Lexie away.  In the emotion of the reunion, she hadn't noticed
his fear.
"Will, I'm not going to take Lexie away.  Even if I had been, I would
have changed my mind when I saw how happy Lexie is right now."  Will
hugged her again.  "OK, so how can I help you with lunch?"
"Since you're volunteering, come with me."
They went in the house leaving TJ, Lexie, and Kelly outside.  "That's
the happiest Dad's been since Mom died."  Kelly said.
TJ nodded.  "Really since she got sick."
Lexie smiled.  "I don't think I've ever seen Mom so happy."
"C'mon you two let's get thse bags inside."  He took Deanna's bags
while Lexie and Kelly took the grocery bags inside.
That evening after all the picnic food had been eaten and cleaned up,
the three young people were in the house watching a holo-film while
Will and Deanna sat on the porch to have a nice long chat.  They had
just sat down to talk when Kelly came to the door.
"Deanna, your mother is calling."  She said sounding like she was on
the verge of tears.
Deanna got up with a sigh and started in the house.  She stopped to
hug Kelly who, in just the few hours she had known her, Deanna had
come to adore.  "Was my mother hard on you?"
Kelly nodded.  "Is she always that way?"
"Come here, sweetie."  Will said to Kelly who sat on the swing.  When
Will put his arm around her, she buried her head in his shoulder and
Deanna smiled.  "She's done that to Lexie and me too.  I'll talk to
Deanna went into the den and sat down in front of the console. 
Before Lwaxana could speak, Deanna spoke up.  "What did you say to
Kelly to bring her to tears?"
"She was disrespectful to you and I told her so.  Now, where are you
coming home?"
"Mother, I don't believe Kelly was disrespectful."
"She called you Deanna rather than Mrs. Miller and I told her to call
you Mrs. Miller."
"First of all, I told both Kelly and TJ to call me Deanna.  Second, I
doubt very much just simply telling Kelly to call me Mrs. Miller
would bring her to tears.  Now what did you say?"
"I told her to get her brother to get Lwaxana's bags together because
you were going to be coming home.  Your escorts should be arriving at
your location shortly."
"Mother, I'm staying at least until Lexie and TJ go back to San
Francisco for the internships."
"Mrs. Miller,"  Kelly said from the door way.  "Some men are outside
to pick you and Lwaxana up."  She looked on the verge of tears again.
"Kelly, I'm not going anywhere and I've told you to call me Deanna,
and Lexie hates being called Lwaxana.  My mother is one of the very
few people who call her that."  She glanced at the
viewscreen.  "Mother, call your escorts off and then I want you to
apologize to Kelly."
Lexie came in the room followed by two men in the uniform of Betazed
Security.  Deanna could see Will and TJ in back of them just in case
they tried to take Lexie and her by force.  Deanna looked at the
screen again.  "Well?" 
"I will not apologize to a little girl who is obviously as
disrespectful as her father and you are coming home."
Lexie came over to the desk.  Deanna could tell she was angry with
her grandmother.  She thought briefly about stopping her from yelling
at her grandmother but one look at Kelly's face told her not to.
"Grandmother, dad is not the monster you've made him out to be. 
Kelly is far from a disrespectful little girl.  She is 16 years old
and has been through a lot in the last year and a half – her mother's
illness and death.  And Grandmother, I'm not coming back to Betazed. 
I'm going to start my internship here on Earth in a week.  In fact, I
don't care if I never come back to Betazed.  I'd be more than happy
to make Alaska my home.  I'd rather be here with my parents than with
a grandmother who threatens people to get what she wants."
Lwaxana was shocked.  She had never seen Lexie so angry and had Lexie
had never spoken to her like that. 
"Lwaxana, tell your father he will never get away with keeping you
there."  The screen went blank.
Deanna looked at the two Betazed Security men.  "You can leave now. 
Lexie and I will be staying here."
The two security men left.  Lexie was on the verge of tears.  She had
never spoken to her grandmother that way.  Will came in the room.  He
wished he had stood up to Lwaxana Troi 21 years ago like Lexie did. 
Lexie went over to him and put her arms around his neck and started
to cry.  "I can't believe I yelled at my grandmother that way."  She
said between sobs.
"She deserved it."  Deanna said as she stroked Lexie's back.  Deanna
smiled as she remembered back when Lexie was a baby.  Will would hold
her as she cried while Deanna stroked her head or back.  She and Will
looked at each other.  It was obvious that he was remembering the
same thing.  Kelly had tears in her eyes as she pictured the three of
them when Lexie was a baby.  There were times when she was little
when her father would be holding her and her mother stroked her back
in the same way.
TJ had similar feelings but decided to lighten the mood up.  "Hey,
we've still got a holo-film to watch.  Anyone interested?  The next
person to cry makes breakfast tomorrow."
Kelly laughed.  "Thank goodness, you're not overly emotional TJ. 
We'd all need Aunt Beverly to treat us for food poisoning."

Chapter 4

"I gather you're not the cook your father is?"  Deanna asked.
"I'm not as bad as Kelly says – just not as good as Dad."
"Yeah right."  Kelly said.  Everybody laughed except Lexie who will
still nestled in Will's embrace.
Despite the levity, Lexie was still worried.  "Mom, what will
Grandmother do?"
"I don't know but don't worry we'll get through it."  Deanna
said.  "C'mon, let's watch this holo-film."
"Mrs. Troi, the accident that killed your son-in-law was just that,
an accident.  We can't do anything to make it look as if your ex-son-
in-law did anything to cause the accident."  The Betazed Minister of
Security told Lwaxana Troi.
Lwaxana knew she had to do something to get Deanna and Lexie to come
home where she could do whatever was necessary to get them to fulfill
their duties as Daughters of the Fifth House of Betazed.  "What about
kidnapping?  Or rape?  Can I have my ex-son-in-law charged for
kidnapping or rape?"
"There is no Statute of Limitations for kidnapping or rape.  Are you
saying that your ex-son-in-law raped someone here on Betazed?"
"Both he and Deanna deny it, but I have always believed that he raped
Deanna after he rescued her from the Sindareen."
"Your daughter has to press charges.  If she denies being raped,
there is nothing we can do about it.  As for kidnapping, I'm assuming
you're trying to say that your granddaughter was kidnapped by her
father.  Do you have proof?"
"When I spoke to her, she sounded scared.  Minister, as Daughter of
the 5th House of Betazed, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Riix, Heir
to the Holy Rings of Betazed, I demand that you have Captain William
Riker arrested for kidnapping a Daughter of Betazed."
"I can do that, but Mrs. Troi, if your charges are unfounded, then
your reputation will be ruined."
"My charges are not unfounded.  He will not get away with this."
Alaska – The Next Day
A hovercar pulled up the driveway of the house and two Betazed
Security men got out and went to the door and knocked.  Lexie opened
the door and gasped when she saw them.  "I'm not going back to
"We're looking for Captain William Riker."  One of the men said.
"Why?"  She was afraid for her father.
Will came to the door.  "Who is it?"
"They're looking for you."
"Captain Riker, we're here to take you into custody for the
kidnapping of Lwaxana Miller."  One of the guards said.
"He didn't kidnap me!"  Lexie said.  "I can't believe my grandmother
did this."
Deanna heard the commotion and came to the door just as one of the
guards grabbed Will by the arm.  He didn't resist knowing it would
cause him more problems if he did.
"What is it?"  She demanded.
"Mom, grandmother is trying to say Dad kidnapped me."
"Was it my mother who brought the charges?"
"It was Lwaxana Troi."  The guard pulled Will toward the hovercar.
"Wait.  Can you wait until I contact my mother?  There has to be some
misunderstanding."  Deanna said.
"There is no mistake.  Mrs. Troi has pressed charges in the
kidnapping of Miss Miller."
"He didn't kidnap me.  I'm here because I want to be not because
anyone is forcing me to stay."  Lexie said.
The guard pushed Will into the hovercar and got in the passenger side
while the other guard moved toward the hovercar all the while keeping
watch on the spectators on the porch.  Kelly and TJ ran out just as
he reached the hovercar and got in.
"Where are they going with my father?"  Kelly cried.  She turned on
Lexie.  "I hate your grandmother!  I hate her!  I wish you and your
mother had never come here.  I wish Daddy had never met you.  I wish
my mother were still alive.  None of this would have happened."  TJ
pulled her into his arms.  He knew his sister was angry with Mrs.
Troi not at Lexie.
Lexie had tears in her eyes.  Right now, she hated her grandmother
maybe more than Kelly did, but she was hurt by what Kelly said. 
Deanna put her arms around Lexie and hugged her.  Lexie started to
cry,  "She's angry right now."
"Lex, she was like this when Mom and Dad told us that Mom was dying. 
She got angry with Dad blaming him for Mom's illness.  She'll be OK."
"Lexie, the only things Kelly actually meant were that she hates your
grandmother and that she wishes her mother were here right now."  She
released her embrace on Lexie, put an arm around her, and started to
lead her inside the house.  "Come on, I'm going to call Mother and
try to talk some sense into her."
"Deanna, do you think it might be better if we get Dad legal
representation first."  TJ said.
"Our uncle is a lawyer with Starfleet."  Kelly said.  Deanna smiled a
little sensing that Kelly was over her anger and just scared at the
"You're right.  How `bout if we call him?"
After they contacted Kelly and TJ's uncle,  and were advised not to
contact Lwaxana, Deanna, Lexie, TJ, and Kelly headed to San Francisco
where they met Brett Greene.

Chapter 5

After the formalities were over, the 5 of them got down to business.
"I've done some research.  Kidnapping a daughter of one of the houses
of Betazed is a very serious offense.  The punishment is severe. 
Deanna and Lexie, I'm sure you both know that.  TJ and Kelly, the
punishment is life in prison and if the daughter is physically hurt
in any way – even a scratch – the punishment could be death."  He
looked at Lexie.  "Lexie, have you been hurt in any way since you
arrived in Alaska."
"No.  Not physically.  What my grandmother has done has hurt me
"OK.  That may help our case.  From what I've been able to pry from
the Betazed officials, only your grandmother has offered any evidence
that you were kidnapped."
"What evidence does she have?"  Deanna asked.
"That Lexie was scared when she talked to her.  Lexie, were you
"Yes, but only of what my grandmother might do to Dad if I didn't
come home.  I was scared if I came home, I would never see my father
"So, your fear was for your father rather than of your father?"
The door chimed.  "Come in."  It was the First Officer of the Hood,
Commander Geordi LaForge.
"Commander LaForge, is everything ready?"  Greene said.
"Good.  Kelly and TJ, you two are more than welcome to stay at my
place until we get back…"
"Uncle Brett, I want to go with you.  My father's life is a stake. 
Mrs. Troi could say that Lexie was physically hurt…"
"Kelly, I know you know that Betazoid's believe in total honesty."
"But Mrs. Troi is lying when she says that Daddy kidnapped Lexie."
"She's not lying.  She just doesn't understand how Lexie could prefer
to be with her human father rather than fulfill her duties as
Daughter of the 5th House of Betazed and prefers to believe that your
father kidnapped her rather than Lexie using her own free will to
make her own decisions."
"Kelly, I never wanted to be a `Daughter of the 5th House'.  I always
wanted to be a Starfleet officer, not the perfect `Daughter' my
grandmother always wanted me to be.  She knows the truth"
"I still want to go."  Kelly sound less insistent but Deanna sensed
she was still determined and still scared.
"Brett, I think Kelly should go."  Deanna said. 
"OK."  He started gathering his padds together.
"Brett, can I call my mother and try to talk some sense into her?"
"That wouldn't be advisable especially you are one of my key
3 Days Later – Betazed
While Greene went to find out when any preliminary hearings were, the
others settled into Deanna's house on Betazed which was uncomfortably
close to the Troi mansion.  Two hours later, Brett came in.
"How'd you make out?"  Deanna asked.  She could tell he was concerned
and was thankful that Lexie was showing TJ and Kelly some of the
sights on Betazed.
"Apparently, they've also charged Will with conspiracy to kidnap
Lexie and you the day you were to marry Wyatt Miller."
"What?!  That's not true and my mother knows it.  The day I married
Wyatt, I planned to take Lexie and go to Earth and stay there until I
could make the arrangements to meet Will on the Hood.  Will knew
nothing about it and still doesn't."
"OK.  They also won't let me see Will until after the preliminary
questioning is over.  They said only a Betazoid defense attorney
could be there for preliminary questioning.  I asked them to wait
until I could find someone.  They gave me two hours or the attorney
they assigned would be there.  Do you know anyone who might be able
to help?"
"Yes, I do.  My best friend's husband, Teb Quillo.  He and Will were
very close."
"Can you ask him?"
"Yes."  Deanna went to the communications console and called Teb who
was more than willing to help.
After he talked briefly to Teb, Brett felt he had to ask Deanna a
rather uncomfortable question. "Deanna, is there any mental or
physical illness which causes people to have delusions.  Sort of a
Betazoid version of the old earth illness Schizophrenia?"
"Are you asking if my mother could have some illness which may cause
her to do these things?"
"Yes.  I'm sorry but I feel it might help Will if I could prove your
mother is ill."
"There are two – Millio's Syndrome and Pullian's Disease."
"Are either common to older Betazoid's?"
"Both are.  As far as I know my mother has never been tested for
"I would like to get her tested for them.  It's probably a long shot
based on what you and Lexie have said."
"Go ahead.  My mother is attempting to ruin Will's life not to
mention Lexie's."  She sensed Brett's curiosity.  "A few years ago,
one of the Daughters was diagnosed with Millio's Syndrome.  After
that she was shunned by the other Daughters – my mother included.  In
essence her life as a Daughter of Betazed was destroyed.  Six months
after she was diagnosed, she committed suicide, which caused her
entire house to be shunned by other daughters.  Suicide by a Daughter
of Betazed is the worst thing one could do."
"I don't want you or Lexie to even threaten suicide."
"We won't, but even the testing for either would certainly hurt her. 
If she doesn't have either, she won't be shunned."
"OK, I'll get Teb to file the paperwork to get the order to get her
"Don't worry, Deanna, we'll get Will off."
"I know."
Betazed City Hall
Teb was just arriving and after conferring briefly with the
prosecutor went into the interrogation room where Will was sitting
looking despondent.  Without even trying, Teb could tell Will was
scared.  Will looked up when Teb entered the room and smiled slightly.
"Teb, can you get me out of this.  I didn't force Lexie to stay at my
place.  As for this conspiracy charge, I don't even know what they're
talking about.  I didn't conspire with anyone to kidnap Deanna and
Lexie 21 years ago."
"I know you didn't.  We don't have much time before they question
you.  So I have to ask you some hard questions."
"First, did you do or say anything that may make Lexie feel she
couldn't leave Valdez?"
"No.  She could have left anytime she wanted to.  If she had wanted
to go back to San Francisco, I would have either taken her to the
shuttleport in Valdez or to San Francisco myself."
"I hate to ask you this but did Lexie get injured at all in the 4
days she was with you in Valdez?"
"No.  Does Lwaxana think that I would injure my own daughter.  The
woman who has hurt her so badly right now that she hates her."
"No, I just want to be sure just in case."  He could tell this whole
thing was very hard on Will.  "Apparently, Lwaxana said that Lexie
was scared of you."
"Of me?  She was scared of her grandmother.  After she yelled at
Lwaxana, I came in the room and she came to me to hold – not her
mother; her brother, who she has known longer than me; or her sister –
me.  If she was so scared of me, what would she have come to me?"
"Good.  OK, you know nothing about this alleged conspiracy to kidnap
Deanna and Lexie?"
"I know nothing about it."
"Good, I'm not going to tell you what I know.  It might work more in
your favor not knowing anything about it."
The door opened and the prosecutor came in.  "You've had enough time
to talk.  Let's get the questioning started."
The prosecutor asked Will the same questions Teb asked along with
some questions related to Will's and Deanna's relationship including
Deanna's miscarriage and their subsequent divorce.  After he was
finished, he sat back and shook his head.
"As prosecutor, I hate to say this but I feel these charges are
unfounded.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Troi wants to press these charges and
I doubt she can be dissuaded.  I would suggest we go into the
preliminary hearing.  I'll ask you these same questions and hopefully
the judge will see the frivolity of these charges.  I would like to
call Mrs. Miller and Miss Miller to the stand to testify.  Do you
have any objections, Teb?"
"No.  I think they would be excellent.  With regard to these charges
of conspiracy to kidnap Deanna and Lexie 21-years ago, I know a
little about this incident and would like to call some witnesses who
could prove that Will had nothing to do with that."
"That's fine."  He got up and smiled.  "Don't worry Captain, these
charges won't stick as long as I'm prosecuting the case."
"Thanks."  Will said.  He was still scared.  He hoped the judge
wouldn't be intimidated by Lwaxana like so many other people.
The prosecutor smiled.  "Captain, this judge could never be
intimidated by Lwaxana Troi.  His mother is a Daughter of the 2nd
Will smiled.  For once he was glad a Betazoid read his
mind.  "Thanks."
"Now, your brother-in-law would like to talk to you."  As the
prosecutor left the room, Brett came in.  After a quick hug for Will,
the three men sat down to chat.
"Deanna and the kids send their love.  They're all here for you." 
Brett said.
"TJ and Kelly came?"  Will asked.
"Yes.  Do you really think I could have kept them away?"  Brett said
with a smile.
"No, I guess not."  Brett became concerned for Will.  The only times
he heard Will sound so despondent and ready to give up were when
Carolyn told him she was dying and after Carolyn died.
"Will, don't worry.  We'll get through this.  You didn't do anything!"
Teb nodded.  "You heard what Jak said.  He doesn't believe you're
guilty and he's sure he can convince the judge to throw these charges
out.  Besides, it is a crime to attempt to bribe a judge.  The last
person who tried to bribe this judge is still in jail.  That was 15
years ago."
Will smiled a little.  "That helps.  I'm sorry for sounding like I'm
giving up, but I don't trust Lwaxana Troi."
"She may be an overprotective woman but I doubt very much she would
attempt to bribe a judge to throw you in jail for the rest of your
life.  She knows she has too much to lose.  It would hurt her badly
to lose Deanna and Lexie at the same time."
"Thanks, now what's with this attempted kidnapping of Deanna and
Lexie?"  Will asked.
"Brett, what do you think?  Should we tell him that charge now?"
"I think we should."
"Deanna almost never married Wyatt.  She had made arrangements to
leave Betazed with Lexie and go to Earth and make arrangements to
join you on the Hood.  Lwaxana found out about it and told her she
could leave; but if she attempted to take Lexie, she was going to
have Deanna charged with kidnapping her."
"Did Lwaxana threaten to charge me too?"
"No, that's what surprised me when she added this charge to the other
The guard came in and told them that visiting hours were over. 
Before they left, Teb and Brett promised Will everything would be OK
and they would give his love to Deanna, TJ, Kelly, and Lexie.
The preliminary hearing was set for the next day.
The Next Day
Will was led into the courtroom at Betazed City Hall.  He smiled a
little when he saw Deanna, TJ, Kelly, and Lexie.  He could see Kelly
and Lexie were scared.  They were holding hands and both looked
<<Deanna, please, tell the girls I'm OK.>>
Deanna smiled and whispered to the girls that Will was OK.  She was
also concerned because Will seemed despondent and more scared than he
was showing outwardly and there was something else she sensed that
she couldn't figure out.  She was glad Lexie wasn't emphathic.
Lwaxana was sitting behind the prosecutor's table.  She glanced over
at Deanna and the others.  Deanna noticed and glared at her.  She
knew her daughter was angry with her but what she sensed from Lexie
was even stronger.  She realized Lexie hated her.  She knew it was
her fault they were both angry with her, but she wasn't about to drop
the charges.  Her pride was at stake.  She looked at Kelly who was
staring straight ahead.  The hatred she felt from Kelly was far
stronger than what she felt from Lexie.  She noticed that Kelly was a
beautiful young lady who looked very much like her father.  She knew
Kelly had been through a lot in the last year and a half, but it was
apparent to Lwaxana that she was a strong young lady.  TJ looked in
her direction.  She felt pity from him.  When she brushed his mind,
she realized he felt sorry for a lonely old lady who had lost her
only daughter and granddaughter because of her dislike for human
men.  The last thing she wanted was the pity of a human boy.
It was what she felt from Will that made her have second thoughts
about bringing the charges against him.  She sensed his despondency
and fear.  She realized he was ready to give up.  She brushed his
mind and what she "heard" made her gasp.  Will turned around slightly
and looked in her direction.  She realized that he had intentionally
let her "hear" his thoughts.


Chapter 6

The judge entered the courtroom.  Just as he called the prosecution
to begin, Lwaxana stood up.  "Your Honor, I would like to speak to
Mr. Kola."
"I'll give you 5 minutes, Mrs. Troi."
"It won't take that long."
Jak Kola lead Lwaxana to the side.  "What is it?"
"I want to drop the charges."
"That's wise.  There is absolutely no evidence that Captain Riker did
anything you accused him of.  He knows absolutely nothing about the
incident on Betazed 20 years ago."
"I know.  I'm sure my standing as a Daughter of Betazed will be
damaged as a result of this but I don't care.  I can't deal with the
hatred from Lexie and Kelly and the pity from TJ, but it's more than
that.  William is considering suicide.  I couldn't stand to be the
cause of someone's taking his own life.  You're right, he didn't do
anything.  I should have done everything in my power to make sure
Will and Deanna stayed together not attempted to split them up."  She
started to cry.  "Please drop the charges."
"I'll tell the judge.  You're making the right decision.  Your
standing may be damaged but if Captain Riker were convicted and then
did commit suicide you're standing would be destroyed."
"Thanks.  Now, I just hope I can make amends with Deanna and Lexie."
"I'm sure you will."  He turned to the judge.  "Your Honor, Mrs. Troi
would like to drop the charges against Captain Riker."
"Agreed.  I've read the evidence and could find absolutely no basis
for holding Captain Riker for trial.  This hearing is over.  I order
Captain Riker released."  The judge left the courtroom. 
Will slumped back in his chair.  He was relieved.  Deanna got up and
came around to Will.  He stood up and held her close.  "We have to
talk."  He nodded.  He knew she sensed what he was feeling and
Kelly and Lexie hugged each other.  Both were extremely happy this
whole ordeal was over.  TJ glanced over at where Lwaxana was
standing.  To him, she looked more despondent than his father had
appeared.  He knew how hard it was on both Kelly and him when their
mother died.  He also knew how much his father missed his mother even
though he was only 2 when she died.  He didn't want Deanna to lose
her mother too.  He went over to Lwaxana who started to leave the
courtroom when she saw TJ coming toward her.  The last thing she
wanted was pity from this boy, but as TJ moved closer she didn't
sense pity but concern.
"Mrs. Troi, are you OK?"  TJ asked.
"I will be."
TJ took her hand.  "Please, come with me."
"No.  Deanna and Lwaxana hate me and I think your sister would kill
me if she had a chance."
"That's not true.  Kelly wouldn't hurt any living being.  She's
planning on going into medicine when she graduates from high school. 
As for Lexie and Deanna, I don't think they hate you as much as you
think, especially, since you dropped the charges."  TJ smiled. 
"You have your father's smile."
Lexie glanced over at her grandmother and TJ.  "Kelly, let's see if
we can make amends with my grandmother.  She's really not the monster
she appears to be sometimes."
Kelly nodded and followed Lexie over to TJ and Lwaxana.  Lwaxana
smiled a little at the girls.  She wasn't sensing hatred from
either.  Lexie seemed like her usual confident self.  Kelly, on the
other hand, seemed scared.
"Lwa…, Lexie, I'm sorry for what I did to you, your mother, and your
father.  I never really hated your father.  I knew he was good enough
for your mother.  I just didn't want my daughter to go through what I
did, losing a husband on a mission for Starfleet.  So when the
Miller's came along while your parents were separated, instead of
telling them that Deanna was married, I did everything I could to
make sure your parents didn't get back together.  When your mother
planned on leaving Betazed with you, I didn't think I would ever see
either you or your mother again, so I threatened her."
"But why did you bring these charges against my father?"  Kelly asked.
"Because I was stupid.  I knew it would bring Deanna and Lexie back
here where I hoped I would at least see them even if I didn't have
any contact with them."  She smiled slightly.  "TJ, Kelly did you
know that your mother had a contact here on Betazed who kept her
informed as to Lexie's life?" Both nodded.  "It was me – not directly
of course.  I had Mark Roper keep your mother informed about Lexie." 
She looked pleadingly at all three young people.  "Can you ever
forgive me?  I'll understand if you can't."
Kelly was the first to react.  "I forgive you, Mrs. Troi."  She
impulsively hugged Lwaxana who returned the embrace.  She was a bit
surprised at Kelly's reaction considering the hatred that had come
from her just a few minutes earlier. 
Lexie moved forward and wrapped her arms around both Kelly and
Lwaxana.  Lwaxana moved one of her arms from around Kelly to around
Lexie.  Both girls were crying.  TJ smiled remembering what had
happened during Deanna's and Will's reunion.  "Mrs. Troi, I'm really
glad it's not cold here.  I would hate to see you get sick from
having to go home in wet clothes."
Lwaxana laughed through her tears.  "You also have your father's
sense of humor in addition to his looks."
TJ smiled as Will and Deanna came over to the group.  Lwaxana eyed
them apprehensively until she realized both had forgiven her, then
she smiled.


Chapter 7

"William, can you ever forgive a lonely old lady for trying to ruin
your life and career simply because she was afraid she was going to
lose her only daughter and granddaughter to the only man who truly
loved them?" Lwaxana said.
"Mrs. Troi, you know I have. I know what it's like to lose a
daughter. Despite everything, I couldn't let you go through that."
"I'd give you a hug, but my hands are full right now." Lwaxana said
with a smile.
"That's OK, Mother. I'll do it for you." Deanna said and turned to
Will and they embraced.
A few minutes later, Lwaxana realized that both Lexie and Kelly
weren't crying any longer and released them from her embrace but held
on to their hands. "Why don't we go to my place for dinner? I'll
have Mr. Homn prepare a grand feast. Tomorrow, I'll give TJ and
Kelly the grand tour of Betazed. Maybe we can sail on the Opal Sea
the next day."
Deanna held her hands up. "Mother, I'm afraid Lexie and TJ have to
get back to San Francisco. As it is, they are late for their
Lwaxana smiled. "OK. But, TJ, you really must come back for a tour."
"Gladly." TJ said with a smile. "Mrs. Troi, have you ever been to
Alaska?" Lwaxana shook her head negatively. "Why don't you come
back with us? Alaska is beautiful this time of year and it's not
Lwaxana looked at Will who smiled and nodded. "I would love for you
to visit. Maybe I can give you the grand tour of Earth to spots you
haven't seen or would like to visit again."
"I'll come." She smiled mischievously. "I've heard Alaska is a
beautiful place for an outdoor wedding – at least in the summer."
"Mother!" Deanna said. "A week ago, you said it was too soon."
"It's never too soon for two people who should never have been apart
to get back together. Since it was my fault you two divorced all
those years ago, I feel it's my duty to get you two back together.
Besides, Deanna, you know I've always wanted more than 1 grandchild
to spoil."
Deanna just rolled her eyes. She knew her mother wasn't going to
give up.
<<You better believe I won't give up.>> Lwaxana sent to her.
The group left the room. Mrs. Troi offered everyone a ride in her
hovercar. The young people and Brett accepted but Will and Deanna
wanted to walk. Mrs. Troi nodded. She knew they had a lot to
Will and Deanna started walking back to the Troi mansion. "Would you
have really considered suicide?" She asked.
"Yes. These last 18 months have been awful for me. When Carolyn
told me she was dying, I wanted to die. When she died, I didn't eat
or sleep for almost a week. I knew I had to be strong for Kelly and
TJ but found it impossible to do so. I guess I acted like my father
acted when my mother died. Believe it or not, Kelly was the one who
helped me get through that first week. She contacted the Hood's
counselor who contacted a friend of his at Starfleet Command. We
talked at length about how the last 18 months affected not just me
but Kelly and TJ also. Dee, I loved Carolyn. It was so difficult to
lose her. Despite the fact that she was human, our bond was as
strong as yours and mine was. We were truly soulmates. When she
died, I felt very much like I did after I left you and Lexie on
Betazed." He smiled slightly. "Carolyn was the counselor on the
Hood at the time and she helped me get through losing you two. I
have a feeling she started her contact with Mark Roper then, just a
few days after I left Betazed."
Deanna took his hand. "I'm glad you got help and I'm going to make
it all up to you. I have a feeling my mother will see to it that I
do." She said with a laugh. "She won't be happy until we're
"You're right." He paused for a minute. "Do you think it's really
too soon after Wyatt's and Carolyn's deaths for us?"
"In my case, no. Wyatt and I were married in name only. We had a
son, who died shortly after his birth and were unable to conceive
again. After a year of failures, Wyatt slept in a separate bedroom.
We had our fights like any married couple, but were friendly most of
the time." She smiled. "As for you, it's up to you to decide when
you're ready. I'll wait for you."
"Thanks. I better talk to TJ and Kelly and make sure they wouldn't
think that it's too soon for us."
"I agree. I don't think Lexie will have a problem. She loved Wyatt,
but she was never a `daddy's girl' with him like she was you even
before she found out Wyatt adopted her."
Soon, they arrived at the Troi mansion where they were greeted by
Lexie, TJ, and Kelly.
"Deanna, can Lexie and I be co-maids of honor and TJ is volunteering
to be best man." Kelly said.
Deanna looked at Will. "And you needed to make sure they were
ready." She said with a laugh.
"Did I mention that at times Carolyn's persistence reminded me of
your mother's and Kelly is VERY much like Carolyn?" Will said with a
"I have a feeling we'll be married by the end of the summer." Deanna
said. "But, of course, you have to propose first."
"Actually, according to grandmother and Betazoid tradition, you can
propose, mom." Lexie said with a smile.
"When since were you interested in Betazoid tradition?"
"Since I wanted you and Daddy to get back together."
"We'll see." Deanna said. "As you can see, Lexie also got some of
mother's persistence too."
"We're in trouble now."


Chapter 8 – Epilogue

Two months later
"By the power vested in me by the State of Alaska, I now pronounce
you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister said.
Will and Deanna smiled at each other and did exactly what the
minister told them to do as the applause started.
Kelly and Lexie wiped tears away as did Lwaxana. Lwaxana hadn't seen
Deanna this happy in a long time. She had a feeling Will hadn't been
this happy in two years. She was glad she had dropped the charges
against Will. It hadn't hurt her reputation in Betazoid society as
much as she thought it might.
After the reception, Lwaxana came over to the newlyweds. "What are
you two going to do in a couple of years? TJ and Lexie will be on
the first missions for Starfleet, and Kelly will be in college."
Deanna was suspicious as to her mother's thinking. She decided,
however, not to pry into her mother's thoughts. "What are you
hinting at, mother?"
"Well, you're not too old to have another child. I think having a
little one around will keep you two young."
"Mother! You're right. Lexie and TJ will be on their own and if
they're as smart as we think they are, they won't put their careers
ahead of falling in love. TJ especially knows that a Starfleet
officer can have a strong marriage as well as a strong career. He's
seen it first hand. I fully expect that we'll have grandchildren
within the next 5 to 10 years. Why would our grandchildren want an
aunt or uncle only a few years older than them?"
"It was just a thought." She smiled. "But you two have discussed it
haven't you?"
"Were you prying into our thoughts?"
"No, I accidentally overheard a conversation the other day."
"If you heard any of the conversation, you also heard me remind Will
about my inability to conceive a child with Wyatt. I lost two
babies. I don't think it's possible."
Lwaxana looked at Will who had been quiet during the whole
conversation. "You two are seriously considering it but just don't
want me to know until it happens."
Lwaxana walked away. Deanna turned to Will. "You're no help. She
brushed your mind and you let her."
"She didn't brush my mind just now. I have a feeling she wanted to
you think she had." He took her into his arms. "I told you, it's up
to you. It would be fun to have another little one around, but
you're right we will eventually have grandchildren to spoil rotten.
I would be very happy to wait for that and for us to enjoy our life
her in Alaska."
"I love you, Imzadi."
"I love you, Imzadi," Will picked Deanna up and carried her into the
house. Both were eager to begin their life together for the second

The End