The Vows

This story is based on the synopsis of Christopher Bennett's upcoming
Titan novel, Over A Torrent Sea, which is posted on Simon and
Schuster's website and Christopher's website.

Disclaimer: The story is mine, the characters are CBS/Paramount's
and the professional Trek writers. I'm not getting paid for his.

Rating: All

The Vows

Deanna Troi was going through her and Will's quarters putting his
things in boxes for storage. She had been doing this since Christine
Vale had told her that Will and Ensign Lavena were lost on the planet
and that they weren't holding out much hope for their recovery. As
she pulled out some of Will's off-duty clothes from a drawer, she saw
a box. She didn't recall ever seeing it before. She pulled it out
of the drawer and took it over to the bed and sat down.

She opened it and smiled. It was a box similar to the one she had
her memories in. There was a photo of Will's parents on their
wedding day and one of Will and his parents. She turned it over and
saw it was taken the day he was born. She rubbed her abdomen
realizing once again that her daughter would never know her father.
There some other photos of Will and various friends from school.
Under the photos was a sheet of paper. Deanna took the paper out of
the box and unfolded it.

"Dee, until I met you only a few short weeks ago, I never believed in
love at first sight. I do now. I believe I fell in love with you
when I first saw you at Chandra's wedding. I'm happy you gave me
another chance and I will show you that you made the right choice and
that your faith in me was justified. I love you and promise in front
of these witnesses to take care of you for the rest of our lives."

Deanna started to cry as she realize when this was written. He was
planning to join her on Risa. Under the vows was a PADD. She
activated it. It was a denial of Will's request that she be allowed
to come aboard as his wife and a partially written resignation. The
star date was the same day he had beamed down to Nervala 5.

She lay down on the bed a curled up in a ball and cried herself to
sleep knowing that Will loved her so much that he would have given up
his career for her.

The End