Can't Get Any Worse, Dad!

By: Carrie


Chapter 1 or "How the darling-girl turned into her parents`worst nightmare"

Shuttle Bay four lay in total darkness. The last crewmember had just left when suddenly the lights went on.
At the same moment "Highway to hell" from AC(DC forced it`s way through the room.
A large gruop of youngsteres started dancing. Each one of them with a bottle of whine or vodka in their hands.
" Wow, Deacon, that was awesome!" A red-haired girl shouted towards a well built guy. His black hair was short cut and his blue eyes pierced through the light:" Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea, since this shuttle bay stays unoccupied for 6 more hours!" he shouted back.
Deacon was in a good mood. He had organized the secret party for his friends onboard. Because of being the son of the first officer he perfectly knew on which day shuttle bay 2 would stay closed during night time.
He even had talked Finn in bringing real alcohol with him form the Starfleet Academy.
But his biggest goal would be the red-haired girl, named Geena. She had been his aim for several weeks and now the time seemed to come where he could finally start flirting.
" You wanna dance, Geena?"
Geena nodded:" Yeah, sure!"
And they headed for the "dancefloor".
For Tammy Riker it was her 100 th party onboard. Since she turned 14 she started going out. As far as you can tell that. She started attending "secret parties" 2 months agao and enjoyed it. The mixture of getting caught and the punishment she would receive and the fun she had made it more attractive than "normal Parties".
At these parties, she could drink real alcohol, smoke real cigarettes and flirt without being watched by all the senior officers.
Now she was sitting at a table. In front of her a bottle of clear vodka. Opposite of hers a young Klingon was situated.
He grinned at Tammy:" So earth girl, are you ready for the battle?"
"Just shut up, handsome!" Tammy said coldly, fully aware of how provocative it would sound.
The Klngon laughed his most sadistic laugh:" So, start drinking!" he shouted back.
Tammy drank her first glass of vodka, never shaking from the bitter taste. The poker face, she definetly had gotten from her father.

Will lay on the cough. In his arms Deanna had curled up, reading a book.
"What do you think the kids are doing?" Will finally asked.
"Don`t worry . my love. They are just having fun at the holodeck with some friends."
"But you could tell if they would lie, right?" Will asked
Deanna finally took away the book and turned towards her husband. Caressing his chin she said:" I would, yes. Although Tammy, Finn and Deacon are very good at blocking."
Will sat up:" Yeah, you know I really don`t wanna sound psychopathic but when Deacon told me about a little party I got suspicious. He never celbrated "little parties". I never celebrated "little" parties." Then he leaned back again:" Hey, trust your kids, Imzadi. We raised them good, they know what is right and wrong." Deanna calmed him.
"Ya, but what if they don`t wanna know?"
At the Deanna smiled. "Well, Mister Riker. We will find out when they return, but for now.." She kissed him lightly on his lips:" We have spare time." He perfectly reacted by kissing her back. She crawled upon him and rested her left knee right next to his groin area and gently caressed it. Will groaned.
They made it into bed and undressed each other. Will kissed every part of Deanna`s body, while mumbling how beautiful she`d be.
When Deanna sat upon him ,she let him enter her and they both groaned again.
Gently they rocked in perfect rythym until they both reached the climax.

Finn and Deacon danced close with two beautiful ensigns.
Deacon even stole a kiss from Geena and was now exploring her neck.
Finn searched for Tammy when the song ended.
When he finally saw her, he was in total shock. His sweet little sister drank the 10 th glass of vodka. It was awonder she could sit on her chair.
In one minute he was right beside her:" Tammy, are you alirght?"
Tammy giggled and raised her head, which caused her a lgith nausea.
" Sure, brother." she slurred. and added :" Can`t think of a reason why I should not drink that bloody Klingon down to the bottom. And with that sentence her head clapped on the table.
Finn`s eyes widened. How should he get Tammy into their quarters? How should he explain that? Most of all one thing feared him:" What would his parents do?"
Deacon came laughing at the table, but when he saw his sister his smile stopped dead in it`s traces:" Oh shit! Mom and Dad are going to kill us."
Finn angrily barked at his younger brother:" You should have taken care of her!"
"Me?, No we both!" he drank out of his bottle:" And since your older, it was your job!"
Finn wanted to bark back but at that time Tammy whispered:" I think I am sick."

The three of them crashed against the walls of the corridors from time to time because Tammy would lose her balance. Everytime they activated the ship`s computer:" Your location is.." Deacon was sick of listening to that electronic voice. He felt sick, too. Sick of what his parents would do when they found out about Tammy AND the secret party.
When they finally reached the turbolift Tammy raised her voice again, she slurred again:" I think I am gonna vom..."
Deacon had to halfly smile:" Too late, little One."
Finn shout a dark look towards his brother:" Clar up, this mess!" he barked.
Finally out of the lift the trio slowly worked their way towards their quarters. "Okay, what if mom and dad are still awake?" Deacon asked.
Finn thought about that option:" Bad luck I`d say."
" Very good, Sherlock Holmes. I mean what will we do then?"
" say the truth, Tammy got sick and we took her back here." Deacon shoke his head:" are you totally dumb? Did you ever smell her breath, gosh she stinks like a russian vodka junkie!"
"Let`sget in there, she becomes too heavy to carry!" Finn told his brother.
Nervously they pieked through the door. Noone was in sight. "I gues they went to sleep." Deacon whispered. "You got your smartest day today ,don`t you?" Finn whispered back.
They made it to the couch without producing any noise but when Tammy `s foot slammed against the table she started yelling furiously:" Son of a bitch!". Both ,Finn and Deacon, tried to calm her:" Come, on shut up, Tammy!"
But it was too late. The lights turned on and they were caught.
Caught by a man in boxershorts and a woman wearing a short nightskirt.
"Mom , Dad, let me explain." Finn started but didn`t finish. His dad`s eyes were fixed on Tammy who poorly tried to balance herslef but didn`t make it finally collapsed onto the couch:"Shit!2 it slipped ot of her mouth.
"Young lady." Deanna said loud enough to make sure it would produce a mafor headache.
"Please mom, please slow down." Tammy slurred again. Deacon sweated like never before in his life. The jeffreys tube was nothing against it, the fight with a young Klingon was nothing compared to what lay in front of him. Curfew, punishment, yelling, lectures about good behavior. It would be everything his parents could offer.
" How come you are drunken Tamara?" Will asked with a devilious grin on his face. When Finn tried to expalin he was cut off by his mother:2 Shut up, Finn. Drunken people always tell the truth."
Tammy haven`t realized yet that she was caught. Actually she never realized to whom she was speaking. She could only see a vague description of a person which she would interpret as her best friend taylor:" Well, ya know, Deacon organized that crazy party at shuttle bay 3 or 2 or 4 , I don`t remember and well, this Klingon kiddo came across my way and asked me to drink." She gasped for air:2And that`s what i did. Hey, Tay guess what I evben think I won!"
Will`s jaw dropped. He thought it was touching the ground. Deanna looked at their two boys:"You made her battling with a Klingon?"
"What did you think? Did you even think?" she shouted angry. "She could have died, she is only 15, she is half-human and she never drank before!" Deanna was pacing through the room:"Well, "Deacon offered:"actually, that`s not correct."
What?" Will rose from his kneeling position:"What do you mean?"
"Well, Dad, Tammy got drunken before." Her tiny voice answered:" Hundreds of times, every time Deacon held a party, everytime." and then Tammy started sleeping.
Will was furious. His only 15 year old daughter was a frequent alcohol consumer, his youngest son organized illegal parties and his oldest smuggled alcohol onboard.

"They are criminals, we have raised criminals." Will said on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. Deanna stroked his back:" No we haven`t."" Yes we did, look at them, Tammy is drunken, Deacon is a criminal as well as Finn!"
"Honey, slow down. Let them have their rest, tomorrow we are going to decide what to do about it."
"Decide? I ahve already made my mind up."
"What do you mean?"
" You`ll see tomorrow." With that Will lay back.


Chapter 2 or " It`´ s a heavy burden "

When Tammy awoke, her head was close to exploding. She felt like a total wreck. Her body was limb and her legs felt like pudding everytime she tried to move. What the heck had happened. Only 5 minutes agao she went to the party and now she was in bed.
The door to her room hissed open and revealed Deanna, carrying a glass of orange juice and a pill.
"Take that, it will help."
"Mom, what happened?"
Deanna never looked at her daughter:" I am really dissapointed and don`t wish to speak to you." With that she left the room.
Tammy drank the juice and took the pill.

For 2 two hours Finn and Deacon have been wading in the mudd of a Klingon jungle. Always carring a sword over their heads and alwys ready to fight. They were tired since they had been forced to stand uo at 5 o `clock after only 2 hours of sleep. Worf had woken them and then taken them to the holodeck.
Their father was sitting at a tree, eating an apple and watching his boys struggling abainst tiredness and enemies.

Tammy slept for another hour but then her mind started annoying her. What had happened? Why was her mom mad at her? Did she find out about the secret party?
She had to find answers.
With that she slowly made her way out of her room.
"Mom, I need to talk to you."
"Tammy, please respect my wish." was the cold answer she received.
"Mom, please I don`t know what happened."
Deanna didn`t answer, she continued reading her book until Tammy gave up, grabbed her jacket and went out of the quarters.
Deanna looked up, tears burning in her eyes.

Tammy ran as far as she could but then collapsed against a wall. She was furious.Never before her mom had blocked her, never. Surely she had found out about the party and her "session" with the Klingon kid.
Suddenly a young ensign appeared near her :" Oh look at that cutie!"
"Just shut up, Shannon!"
"Why should I? You really are in trouble you know. Your parents found out about the party. So, Miss Perfect , what are you planning to do now?"
Shannon laughed :"And by the way, you look like shit."
That was definetly enough to drive Tammy mad. Since this Shannon came on board she was nothing but a pain in the ass. She was constantly trying to struggle with Tammy.
"Just shut your fucking mouth or else!"Tammy screamed.
"Or else? What do you wanna do Tammy? Your parents can`t help you this time-and not even the captain."
"I do not need somebody to help me!" Tammy`s face turned deep red because of anger.
"Yeah right. "
And with that Tammy pulled Shannons pigtail back.
"Ahhh! Get off my hair!"
"No bitch I won`t. You know why? Because you are constantly trying to flirt with my father, cause you are jealous because of the captain being my godfather, cause you..." Tammy didn`t finish the sentence.
"Tamara Jean Riker, let go of her!" She heard her father bark.
"Fuck!" was all Tammy could answer. Now she was in trouble, in big trouble.
Shannon smiled and then turned towards Will. "Oh my gosh, Iam so thankful, Commander!"Shannon practically flew into Riker`s arms.." She tried to pull of my hair."
Tammy furiously answered:" yeah right and then use your scalp as a trophey hanging over my bed."
"Tammy stop that!" Will was lost. How could that have happen? Only yesterday he was father to a sweet daughter and two smart handsome boys.
He was married to a wonderful woman and happy. Today everything was different. Tammy learned how to drink and how to swear. His boys became criminals and his wife...oh don`t think about that.
His wife was expecting her phase every minute. Not that he didn`t like making love with Deanna but he remembered her mother`s phase while she had spent time onboard the Enterprise. That was no fun.
It`s a heavy burden to have a family.


Chapter 3 or " curfew and a mom in the phase"

"Oh come on Will, only one more time." Deanna begged and leaned against Will`s broad chest. His eyes shown exhaust and tiredness:" Please, Deanna. My shift starts at 6 A.M. and now it`s 30. I really love you and I love to make love to you but...I am...exhausted." Will felt embaressed. When he got to know Deanna he was the one who was never exhausted, he was called to be the officer with the best sexdrive. But now it was different, Deanna`s sexdrive had doubled. She was hungry for love. And the worst,she would feel hurt everytime he rejected.
"You don`t love me anymore, I knew it." Deanna made a face.
He kissed her head:" I do. I love you more than my own life and you know that but.. I am just tired."
Deanna turned around:"Then I am going to search for another man , a better one."
Will curled against her:"You won`t." and kissed her back. Deanna smiled, he was caught:" Why not?" He turned her towards her:" Cause I am the best." And then kissed her lips:" Does that mean ..." Deanna asked sweetly. Will nodded without leaving her lips:" But this is the last time." Deanna devilish grinned:"Sure."
And then they fell back, lost in temptation and lust.

Tammy leaned against the top of her bed:" They are doing it again." Deacon nodded sagly:" Yeah and I thought these walls were thicker."
Tammy suddenly leaned forward, a smile playing on her lips:" That`s reminds me.... I won the best!" she happily announced.
Deacon looked at her, wondering what she would mean.
"You remember yesterday, don`t you? I said they would do it more often this night than yesterday. I won!"
" God`s Tam you are so not normal!"Deacon replied :"I never said that, I only said that I ask myself if the sexdrive dounled with each day!"
Tammy nodded encouraged:" That`s what happened, so what do I get?"
" A tciket to hell?" Deacon sarcastically said.
"Come on Deacon, I am here, that`s likt being in hell. No, I won`t something special."
" Being here is speacial." Deacon teased.
" Yeah, in a very very horroble way. How about helping me with uncle Jean-Luc`s birthday present?"
Tammy`s brother shrugged:" Sure, what have you planned?"
Tammy`s eyes started sparkling:" Well, you know he asbolutely loves books from earth. And I thought about a book he is chasing for years."
Deacon nodded:" Okay, and how could I help?"
"Well, you have connections. And you definetly need connections to get that particular book."
Deacon caught a pad:" Okay what is it?"
Tammy pressed her lips togther and clenched her fists:" Well, it will be kind of difficult to get it."
Deacon lost his patience:" Spill it out,Tammy!"
" Okay, okay but don`t get shocked it`s well, the Bible."
Deacon laughed, no he hysterically screamed:" Yeah right, go Deacon get the Bilble, you have connections, Deacon. Good yoke Tamstar!"
"I mean it, Deacon,pleeeaaaassssee try."
"Hey, you know that this book is more then rare. It`s practically gone."
"I know but he really wants it."
"Tammy, he would be delighted about everything you would give him for birthday."
" I know, but I wanna surprise him. I want to make him see how much he means to me."
Deacon hadn`t count on that. His little sister was really sad looking. He knew that Tammy and Jean-Luc Picard shared a special nearly granpa-grandaughter rekationship. And he also knew how much Picard meant to Tammy since she never had a grandfather.
Kyle Riker died half a year before Tammy was born. And with that she never knew how wonderful it could be to have one. Until, Jean-Luc Picard started acting like one.
Through the years they have boult up a wonderful relationship with each other. He thaught her to ride horses and awoke her passion for ancient books and history. When she was 8 she knew everything about Greek history and with 12 she knew everything about the history of earth.
Half a year ago Picard started taking Tammy with him ti archilogical journeys.
" Okay, I try, I promise, but I cannot promise you to get something." Tammy happily embraced her brother:" Thank you, Deacon. You`re the best." and kissed him on the cheek.
And then the groan`s form their parents started again.....


Chapter 4 or" The chase"

It was quit in the ready room of the captain. Picard kneeled beside an old vessle made of wood. "Look at these flourishs, aren`tthey beautiful?"
Tammy nodded :" Ya, I have never seen them before. What do they mean?"
Picard shook his head:" I am not sure, maybe it symbolizes the name or the date."
Tammy carried an old book and sat down again:" Let`s see, here it is.....these flourishs stand for.... the initials J.C....and that means...."
Picard occupied his companion. What a beuatiful woman she turned into. Her sparkling blue eyes concentrated with a lot interest on that book. Picard couldn`t help but wonder how Will and Deanna could create such a heaven-made girl. He was proud to be her godfather, althought last month she got drunken and nearly beaten up a crewmember, but that was her temper.He could always find explaniations for Tammy not doing so well. He remembered when she didn`t pass an important test. Will and Deanna told her that she hadn`t leanred enoguth and that was the truth but he had told her that sometimes tests aren`t as important as climbing up and down a tree. Which she did while she was told to learn for the test.
" Uncle Jean-Luc?" Picard shook himsel:" Iam sorry. daylight, I was lost in thoughts."
"That`s alright." she smiled.
"So what have you found out?"
"Well, it stands for James Cook."
"Now that is interesting, we may have found an important treasure here."

Will locked the doors in the room of his daughter. He was afraid. He was scared.
He felt like an total idiot. He wasn`t running away from somthing awful, he was running away from her....his wife.
"Onlay two more days" he repeated over and over again.
Tammy looked upfrom a padd:"Dad?"
Will`s heartbeat stopped for a second:2Tammy what are you doing here?"
"Very funny Dad, it`s actually my room."
"I know, but well curfew is over and you are free now."He tried to smile but coudn`t hide his embarresment.
" Hiding because of mom?" Tammy asked with a poker face.
Will sat down on the edge of the bed:"Well, you don`t know how hard it is at the moment."
Tammy looked up:" O really, well it`s not that nice to listen to you all night."
Now Will was really embaressed:" What?"
"Nothin`." Tammy looked innocently into her father`s shocked eyes.
"Tell me it`s a joke." Will studdered.
"It`s a joke." Tammy answered coldy.
"Okay, you mean you`ve heard us? Everytime?" Will prayed to God his daughter would lie and didn`tknow anything about how often he and Deanna had made love last night." Buz his prayers weren`t answered:" Well, let me think about that..." She pulled out a list from under her pillow:" Last night it was 7 times, the night before..."
"Stop!" Will barked.
Then thought about that:" You are actually counting that, don`t you have an own love life?"
When he thought about what he just said he fastly added:" No, don`t tell me."
Tammy smiled:" Actually, I am gald you are here, since you don`t wanna know mom about that list, you could help me with something."
"And that would be?"
" It`s about uncle Jean-Luc`s birthday." Will nodded:"Go on."
"I need an ancient box to put my present in."
Will narrowed his eyes:"You could let the replicator make one."
"No, I won`t a self made.But I am not good at that."
Will remembered when he had told his daughter beout his carving talents.
"You want me to carve one."
"Yeah.." When she saw her dad looking suspicious:" You would get something in return. I would take care of mom for the next two days + hiding the secret."
Will took his daughters hand in his:" It`s a deal."

Deacon said in front of his computer:" But Kayla, it`s important."
The Klingon woman smiled:" I know. And I have the information but for that you got to send the wine to me."
Deacon shook is head:" Onlay a few weeks ago I got punished for criminal activity, it`s too soon to start business again." Kayla shrugged his shoulders:" Then you won`t get the information."
Deacon thought about that. He still owed Tammy something for letting her get drunken at his party :" Okay, let`s do it. three bottles of old french vine out of the provence against the information." Kayle nodded satisfied:"Good boy." As soon as I got the wine you are to be filled in.

"Please mom, sit down, you are behaving like a teenager!" Tammy barked at her mother.
" I am only searching for your father, sweetheart." Her low cut dress showing all adventages she got.
" But he is busy with something." Tammy explained for the third time.
" But what could be more important then me?" her voice was as high as it could be.
" Nothing mom." Tammy sighed.
"That`s my girl. So were is he?"
Tammy was annoyed, no she was pissed and so she lost patience and shouted:" He is proccupied!!"
Deann`s mood changed fastly, tears streaming down her cheeks :" But,, Tammy don`t tell me he is with another it that woman you taold me about?" she sobbed heavy.
Tammy`s heart broke while seeing her natural strong mother crying like a baby. Worse of all it was her that caused her mom`s tears:" No he is not with Shannon. He is helping me with something."
"And you are not lieing for him?"Deanna asked
Tammy took her mom into her arms:" No, I am not lieing mom." He cuddled against the cheek of her mother as how she did when she was little and was the one who neeeded comfort.

Will felt bad. He was on the holodeck surrounded by the Alaskian landscape, carving a box for Tammy. He hated it to hurt Deanna. He had done that far too often in th past but since he was suspended from work yesterday because he had slept he had to make a change.
Captain Picard of course understood the reasons for taking a nap but told him to go.
He was becoming useless for the Enterprise and that was a very bad feeling. Never in his life he felt useless, nut even when he was seriously injured.
As much as he loved his petite Betazoid wife, he had to commit to himself that it wasn`t bearable anymore.
The situation went out of control.
He knew that Deanna would feel ashamed when she regained her normal strength again and find out about the things she had done and with hiding he tried to prevent more embaressing situations for her.

Deacon jumped up and down about his success. He had finally found the last original book of the Bible. After contacting Kayla he had received the information that in an old Vulcanian library a book was left which was taken away when the first contact was made between earth and vulcan.
So he had contacted the mayor of the ancient city and told him who he was. When he informed him that it would be a present for Jean-Luc Picard the mayor remembered what Picard had done for vulcan and granted the sell.
He had paied a lot and it would tale Tammy hundreds of years to pay that back, but he was glad he could surprise her.

Tammy shouted for joy:" Oh my gosh, you got you got you got it!!!"
Then she received the book. It was dirty and dusty but she didn`t care for that. She carefullly opened the book. The odd smell of years hung around it and the first words she read astonished her.
" In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
"Let there be light." "
" My, Deacon it`show the races must see us when we appear on their worlds and help them."
"Deacon honestly was as astnoished as his sister, he never had read the Bible, since he wasn`t interested in religion but that was the truth, not just religion.
The chase was over.


Chapter 5 or "The happy end"

When Will stood beneath the bed he swalloed hard , in a few minutes his old Deanna would wake up and she would read his mind again, sicne she had done for so many years before...but she would see his memories also.
Deanna`s voice shocked him:" I am already awka, my love." Will forced a smile upon his lips:" Well, how nice."he said unsure of what to do or say,
" You don`t have to be jumpy, I already know everything, and yes I feel emvaressed but that`s okay, because I know it wasn`t the smart part of me who chased you." Will slowly took her into his strong arms:" Don`t take that personally but I am glad you are back."
Deanna laughed lightly:" Me, too."
Will inhaled the odor of her hair:" It`s so wonderful just to hold you." She snuggled against him:" Yes it is." They looked deep into each other`s eyes and exchanged a kiss and then fell back and fell to sleep into each other`s arms.

4 days later....

The party was held at a Holodeck which was decorated in a 19 th century French style.
Everybody was asked to appear in dress or smoking.
Normally Jean-Luc Picard wouldn`t have liked big parties and for sure not if he was the main interest , but this time it was different. Only close friends were invited. His normal shyness towards these events was completely taken away when Deanna had shown the list of the guests. Only old friends and the crew. He didn`t have to play the captains role for them. He could finally be only Jean-Luc Picard.
With that he walked into the room.

Tammy stood next to her father who had an amr upon her shoulder.
Deanna was accompanied by her son, Deacon while walking towards the Captain:" My warmest and best wished for your future." she kissed Jean-Luc on the cheek. Deacon smiled nervously:" Well , I wish you all the best ,sir." And shook his hand. Picard grabbed the hand of the 16 year old:" Thank you Deacon."
Then Will shoved his daughter towards Jean-Luc and gently clapped on her back so that she would make a step forward. Tammy was nervous as hell. She held the present in her shaking hands. During the last days she had read the Bible and millions of questions occured to her that she would liked to ask, but she could as long as she was holding that present in her hands.
Deanna smiled encouraging towards her:" Go for it, little One." That had helped, with the knowledge of her supportive family behind her she finally found the strength to tell:" I wish you all the best uncle-Jean-Luc." and handed the present.
Jean-Luc`s eyes widened, he ahdn`t expect to receive a present, normally they wouldn`t do that.
"Oh, well, I am astonished, I didn`texpect that." With that he gave Tammy a light kiss on her cheeks:"Thnak you, daylight."
Tammy grabbed the hands of her parents to find the strength she needed if that Bible was a fake and her godfather would smile about that.
Will and Deanna looked at each other and than at their daughter. She looked so fragile in that moment althought she normally had a lot of self-confidence. Deacan pattened his sister`s shoulder and whispered:" Everybody asured me that this was an original." Tammy nervously smiled.
And then she heard a strange noise.
Her godfather let out a cry of joy:" Tammy! How?"
Tammy smiled:" With the help of my family." He embraced Tammy tightly:" Thank you so much, Tamara."
"Are you happy, uncle Jean-Luc?" she asked.
He took one step back and looked briefly at the picture in fornt of his eyes.
He was surrounded by friends and in front of him dtood a family full of hope, love and joy:" Yes, daylight, I am happy."