"Daddy,don`t you walk so fast!"-Songfic

By: Carrie

Author`s note: I was inspired, writing this story, by a wonderful song sang by Charlie Rich called " Daddy,don`t you walk so fast". There is no rating because the story is rather harmless. Characters belong to Paramount. Feedback would be great!

The song:

"Daddy, don`t you walk so fast"
by Charlie Rich

The love between them two of us was dying and it got so bad on you I had to leave.
But halfway down the highway when I turned around and saw my little girl running after me.
crying:" Daddy don`t you walk so fast"
Daddy don`t you walk so fast!
Daddy slow down,slow `cause you`re making me run
.Daddy don`t you walk so fast.

It broke my heart to tell my little babe that her daddy had to run and catch the train. She had no way of knowing I was leaving home for good. I turned around and there she was again crying
, Daddy don`t you walk so fast. Daddy don`t you walk so fast.
Daddy slow down,slow `cause you`re making me run.
Daddy don`t you walk so fast.

Only for the seek of my sweet darling I just had to turn back home.right there and then. I tried to start a new life with the mother of my child.I couldn`t bare to hear those words again.
She said:
Daddy, don`t you walk so fast.
Daddy don`t you walk so fast,Daddy slow down,slow ´cause you`re making me run.
Daddy don`t you walk so fast.

Will stood in the hallway of the house he once had shared with Deanna,his wife, and his two children, Jonah and Jamie.
He breathed hard and sighed. It took him all of his strength not to start crying like a child. But it was no use staying here.
Deanna still was furious and hurt, and she had all right to be.
He had betrayed her-again. After all those years of happily living together,he had done it again.
Will sat down on a chair,remembering the horrorible evening when Deanna had found out...

I opened the door,trying to make no noise. It was late,maybe 2 a.m. . When I turned around to hang up my coat,she stood in front of me,looking angry.
"Where have you been?" she asked,furiously. I answered hoarsly:" Been at Dick`s.".
She turned around,hideing her tears and said" No, you`ve been at Nancy`s," whispering she went on," slept with her."
I turned her around, staring into her black eyes,feeling caught. There was no use of lying.It was true,I had slept with Nancy. I nodded. Dea started shaking,crying and beating me on my chest,again and again. I didn`t mind. She had all right to do that. I was the idiot, I betrayed her.
She then lifted her head,so that she could see my eyes. I felt insecure." Why?" she asked.
It took me a moment. Well,why? I didn`t know. Nancy had been there when I needed someone to talk about Starfleet problems, about family problems.Deanna never had been there. She always was preoccupied with her work and educating and raising the kids. She never tried to seduce me anymore,never tried to be my friend anymore.
" I don`t know." I told her. But she had read my mind already, also knowing my thoughts. She turned.

Will breathed again, that had happened ten days ago. Since then she hadn`t talked to him. The fault felt imense. He didn`t know how to say sorry because sorry wouldn`t be enough. He had decided to go away for a while. Just to make sure everybody could think thatover. He had called Geordie,telling him everything. He understood,although he judged him.But that was okay,he was the idiot.
But what about the kids? Jonah would already know. He is thirteen, he would understand what had happened. He thought about his eldest. Jonah would also judge him-by all rights. He would think of his dad as a loser.
He would look at hims in disguise.
And then there was Jamie. With her three years,she wouldn`t understand. She would suffer. And he caused it all. He would cause her crying. His heart felt like a big stone.
He already abhored himself for causing his family so much pain.He wouldn`t acquiesce with that.
Nancy was just a girl he had made love with,she was as all the others had been. But Dea...she was his Imzadi. they had been together for so long, ha made such gifted children,had promised each other faith and trust....
And he had ruined it with one dirty affair, he had ruined it because he couldn`t control himself. He had gotten cold feet when the firts proplems had appeared. When his marriage needed a little effort to put into. Oh...he was such a callous jerk!
He grabbed his backpack and started walking.He needed to get the shuttle that would bring him to Geordie.

Little feet started walking after Will`s. At first she was very cautious,not making any noise. Then she nearly trembled over her own feet. When she had left the house,she started shouting:" Daddy don`t you walk so fast!"
He hadn`t heard her:" Daddy,don`t you walk so fast! Daddy slow down,slow `cause you`re making me run!"
She gasped," Daddy don`t you walk so fast!"

At first he thought it was a bad joke,hearing his little girl,but when he turned around he saw her, running,crying after him.
"Oh,no." Will thought.He stopped and let her catch up with him.
"Daddy, wait for me. Where ya goin`?" she asked out of breath.
" I`m heading for the shuttle bay, I am going to visit uncle Geordie," he answered, quite nervously.
" Can I come with you?" she asked,holding her hand in his.
"No,it`s only 5 a.m. you ought to be in bed," he told her,trying to sound convincing.
Jamie`s head shook. Will tried to move on,freeing himself from the tiny hand.
But she ran after him," Daddy,please!"
And again,she reached him,making him stop,"Daddy!" Now she was crying.That`s the only thing he couldn`t stand. He hated seeing one of his loved ones suffer.
"Jamie,honey,please don`t cry," he whispered,lifting her up.
"Then don`t leave,Daddy. Mommy will feel terrible," she told him. Her baby-blue eyes trying to convince him.
"Mommy won`t."
"Yes she will. She`s inside,crying for you," Jamie answered,now staring at him.
"No,no,no. You gotta come back.Even Jonah wants you to come back.Please daddy,please."
Will sighed. What to do now? He loved Jamie and for her seek he would have given up his life. Maybe Dea and him could find a better solution,work it out somehow.
But the still needed time.
"Maybe in two weeks," he said,trying to settle her down.But his 3 year old started kicking,so that it was impossible for Will to let her down.
"Nah! Now Daddy,come in!" she screamed at him.
She left his arm,took his backpack and tried to carry it along her back to the house. She really tried but it was too hard for her, she stumbled over her feet and fell. With a loud bang her body hit the floor
Will rushed towards her,making sure she was alright. Jamie tried hard not to cry,her mouth dropped and her eyes held the shimmer of tears.
Will took her into his arms,carefully holding her.
"Daddy,my knew it hurts!" she then bursted out in tears. He carried her back to the house,noticing that the lights had turned on.
Deanna stroded down the stairs,running towards Will and Jamie.
"Oh my gosh, little one are you alright?" Jamie didn`t speak,she only cried for her knew,never leaving Will`s arm.
Deanna took her knew and looked for wounds but couldn`t find any," Where exactly does it hurt?"
"There!" Jamie pointed at her knew,which started swelling fastly.
Will pressed her closer to his body," It`s alright Jamie.Everything will be alright."
The three year old looked at him," Mommy and you,too?"

His eyes laid on mine,begging me for help. What Jamie had asked he couldn`t answer,nor could I. I wish I could answer my daughter`s biggest desire. I wish I could. But how?
He betrayed me, he hurt me, he made me feel useless. I had felt the problems in our marriage, I even had foreseen them. The kids and my work,no time left for our love,no time for just the two of us. But was that enough to betray me?
no it definetly wasn`t,but giving up everything for making one mistake? Making the kids suffer. They so much love Will.
She didn`t follow the minutes passing by.But after some thoughts she decided.

"Maybe,honey. If Daddy tries hard enough" she finally answered Jamie`s question. Will couldn`t believe what he had just heard," You`d give me another chance?" he asked,feeling his head reddening.
Deanna nodded,somehow smiling.
Jamie crawled out of his lap,unnoticed by her parents.
Deanna touched his cheek," I have always loved you and I always will."
Will kissed her softly," I thank you so much for giving me another chance."
And they kissed.

After that they went to a therapy and dealt with the`re problems.They now have time for each other. Jamie received a neat bandage for her knee. Will and Deanna moved to a small village near San Fransisco,so Deanna could work as a psychologist and Will as a Starfleet trainer for young pilots, but could live with their family in a peaceful surrounding.

The End