"Kids rule"

By: Carrie

In the middle of the night a little foot punshed Will Riker directly in the stomach. His first instinct was to punsh back, but when he realized the foot belonged to his aborable little daughter he only smiled.

Tammy Lee Riker worked her way towards the head of the bed. When she situated herself in the middle of her parents she was soon embraced by their love.

Deanna gently stroked her back to calm her down and make her fall asleep.

When both could hear the frequent breaths of Tammy they looked at each other. Will couldn`t help but smile and Deanna sent to him < Isn`t she a cutie>

Will responded < Ya she is. And she was made by us>

Deanna smiled towards her husband < I am glad we have her>

Will watched his daughter curl up < Me, too. I love you Imzadi >

< I love you too>

Then both fell asleep.


At six o`clock Deanna heard noise. She slowly opened one eye to look at the chronometer and then swung her long legs out of the bed. She felt anger and turmoil.

She caught her bathrobe and made her way towards the children`s room.

When she entered the noise died down and she looked into two pairs of eyes.

Before she could say anything one of the boys shouted:" It`s his fault!"

The other one shook his head:" No, mom. It`s his fault. You can read our minds you know!"

Deanna lifted both hands:" All right guys. I don`t care who started that fight, it`s only 6 o`clock you will wake up Daddy."

Will turned out of the blckness of the door:" It already happened." Deanna looked at the two. They looked very guilty and she could sense their concern, both said:" Sorry Dad."

Will smiled:" Okay, since I am already awake , what happened?"

He could see the pillows leiing on the floor.

The 5 year old spoke out loud:" It`s Finn`s fault, he wouldn`t believe me and then we fought."

Deanna went into their own bedroom to make sure Tammy was still asleep and to let the guys have a father-toson-talk.

She secretly smiled about their leittle family.

When Finn was born she was happy to have a child, a child together with Will. When Deacon was born she was thankful to have two kids she could raise with Will. And when Tammy was born she was overwhelmed that she finally would have a little girl.

She remembered all the times she told Will they would have child, he was alwys so happy and always tears streamed down his face.

She loved her husband more than anyone else beneath her children.


"Let me make sure I got that right." Will looked serouis to his two boys:" You told Finn that the Captain uses hair-growing products and Finn wouldn`t believe you and that`s why you fought?"

Deacon nodded encouraged:" Yeah, aunt Beverly told me!"

Finn grinned:" Aunt Beverly always makes jokes, Dad. She couldn`t be serouis about that."

Now Will was angry:" How come you two argued about something so not important. Cpt. Picard has to be respected, Did I make myself clear about that?"

Deacon looked briefly at his father:" Ya, sir." Finlay only nodded.

"Fine, so let`s get some rest until the day starts." He covered both boys with their blankets and gave both a light kiss on their cheeks:" I love you guys."

Deacon and Finn both said:" We love you,too Daddy."


When Will entered the bedroom he looked confused. Deanna lay crawled up on her side of the bed.. Tammy lay, legs spread out,all over the rest of the bed. Will gently took his daugther into his arms and shoved her aside. Tammy opened her shiny blue eyes:" Do I have to wake up, Daddy?" Will carresed the cheek of his daughter:" No, honey not yet, but I need a little space."

Tammy looked up into her father`s eyes which were the perfect dublicates of hers`:"Oh, okay."

He shifted his body under the blanket and cuddled with his daughter.


At 8 o`clock Deanna woke up and with her Tammy.

She helped Tammy wash herself and then woke up the two boys.

When Deacon entered Deanna found herself smiling at how he looked like Will.

His dark black hair was boyishly stroked back. His blue eyes sparkled and when he opened his mouth to say something you could tell he earned the charme from his father:"

Morning, mommy." he grinned:" What do we have for breakfast?"

Right behind him Finn came from the bathroom. His brown eyes still surrounded by redish shades from rubbing the sleep out of his eyes:" Morning.Ma`."

Deanna pattened the shoulder of her oldest child:" It`s an importent day for you, isn`t it?"

Finn looked up at her:" Ya, it is. Today we take our first test in astrophysics."

Deanna nodded:" And you are afraid."

Finn was embaressed:" You know, it isn`t that good to have an empathic mother." Deanna stroked his brownish hair back:" Well, Finn. I am sure you will do it just fine. You learned really hard for that and uncle Geordie helped you."

Finn waved with his hands in the air:"That`s exactly what I am concered at, mom."

When Deanna still looked lost he explained:" You know, everyone onbaord that vessel knows who I am and who my Dad is. Everyone knows that uncle Geordie helps me. So everyone will expect that I pass with an A , if not an A+."

Finn had to struggle holding back the tears in his eyes.

Deacon quietly left the room, helping his little sister get dressed.

" Finn, nobody expects you to be a genius. It is right that Geordie, Data, Worf, Beverly and the Captain would help you with everything but you did most of it alone."

"Mom, it doesen`t matter, they believe all the ideas I come up with are stolen.It doesn`t matter if I tell them the truth."

"Maybe I should talk to your teacher."


"Why not, it will take all the pressure from you."

"No, mom please don`t do that. It would make everything worse."

With these words Finn Riker left the quarters and headed for his first prep test.


In the kindergarten...

"Okay boys and girls. Now did all of you draw pictures?"

"Yes, Miss Lucille." came the answer from 17 toddlers.

"Good. And now I want you to give them to all the people you like to."

Jeffrey Aken turned to Tammy:" I go right now, my mom will be very surprised!"

"I wish I could do that,too." Tammy answered unhappiliy.

"Why can`t you?"

"Well, all the people I like are on the bridge, and you know it`s not allowed to go there for kids."

Jeffrey nodded:" That`s true, but kids cannot be punished for that."

Tammy was curious:" How do you know that?"

Jeffrey smiled:" I have an older brother, he is a lawyer and he alsways says kids cannot be punished until they are 18."

Tammy took her fingers to count:" That would be in 14 years!"

Jeffrey nodded again:" see, so you can go there!"

When Miss Lucille didn`t watch , Tammy made her way out of the kindergarten...


on the bridge....

"Well Number One, I heard Finlay is going to take his first test today." Jean-Luc Picard looked at his right.

Will grined:" Yes, he is pretty nervous but he will pass."

Deanna interrupded both :" Well, actually he is more concered about the way the other kids will look at that. He told me that everybody would expect him to pass because of the help he receives from Geordie, Data and you."

Picard raised his left eyebrow:" Oh really? I didn`t know that. Maybe it is not too good for him that we help. What do you think Will?"

But William T. Riker hadn`t listened, he was pale, as pale as ash. He thought he`d seen a ghost.

His cute 4 year old daughter had just entered the bridge. Joyfully smiling she was holding a pair of papers with her.

When Picard followed his view, he also went pale and he could rarely restrict himself from yelling.

" Daddy!!!" Tammy came running into Wills arms:" Look, what I have got. I have drawn a lot of pictures one for each person I real like!"

Deanna could only studder:" Really like, honey."

Tammy nodded:" That`s what I meant, look this one is for you Daddy!"

She waved with a paper in front of Will`s eyes. He finally grabbed it, smiled gently and said:" That`s very nice of you, pumpkin , but as we told you before, it is not allowed to come to the bridge."

Tammy shook her head:" No, but Jeffrey told me that you can be punished when you are 18." Then she held up four fingers:" See how old I am ,Daddy that`s not 18."

Before Will could say anything more the toddler sprang out of his lap and went to Deanna:"And this is for you." Deanna kissed her little girl." Thank you, little one."

Occupied by Picards eyes Tammy headed for Worf:" Mister Wuff, that is for you." Worf looked at her and tried to grin:" Thank you Tamara Riker." Tammy pattened his knee:"My pleasure."

Then she went on to Data:" And this one is for you Data." Data took the picture,looked at it and smiled:"Thank you Tammy."

When she only had one picture left, Tammy insecurely walked towards Picard:" Captain."
Jean-Luc, still caught in total horror only whispered:" Yes."

You could see that Tammy really tried to concentrate on what she will say:" Well, I have a lot of respect for you and that is why I ask permission to give you a picture."

Tammy tipped from one foot to another. Will was caught by how sweet his youngest could act, it reminded him of Deanna even though Tammy had nothing from her mother. Her hair was blonde, just as his motheres hair was and she had definetly his baby-blue eyes. But she could be as sweet as her mother when she was begging.

Picard looked concerend, he strenghtened his uniform and said:" Under one condition."

Tammy thought about that, then she nodded her head:" Okay, Mister Captain."

Deanna giggled.

"The condition is that you never walk on this bridge without permission."

Tammy carried a certain look before she spoke and Will and Deanna knew exactly what was coming now :" But what if there is an emergency and I have to find Mommy or Daddy and what if I have...."

After 5 minutes Jean-Luc rolled his eyes:" Okay, Tamara. Give me your picture." Tammy looked at him still upset.

Capatin Picard may have been a very calm man but when it came to kids, he was at total wreck:" Now!"

Tammy took one foot back, but then headed for the Captains lap and made herslef comfortable on it:" Well, this is the bridge and these are the chairs I have drawn and....."


Deacon Riker had no idea what kind of trouble he would be drawn into when he entered a jeffreys tube.

He had bet with his best friend Jason Walters that he knows each jeffereys tube. And he was sure he did because since he turned 5 his Dad had taken him to inspections and so he got to know the whole ship.

Now he was heading for Ten Forward. He slowly crawled further and further until he suddly couldn`t go on anymore.

He was stuck. Panic arose upon his whole body. He furiously tried to free himself but it wouldn`t work.


Finn looked sad when he quietly ate his supper. Deanna touched his cheek:" What is wrong Finn?"

"Nothing." he lied. Of course Deanna sensed it, but she also sensed that he didn`t want to talk about it and she wouldn`t push him.

She told him about Tammy`s presence on the bridge and for the first time this day Finn laughed:" Tell me it`s not true, she called him Mister Captain?" Deanna giggled:" Yes, she did. Our little one was pretty charming."

By the way, were is Deacon?"

Finn raised his shoulders:" I don`t know. When I met him some hours ago he told me he wanted to play with Jason."

"Oh, but it`s already late."Deanna tapped on a computer screen and was about to ask for Deacon`s location when Beverly Crusher entered the quarters. "Sorry Dea, but I had to use medical overwrite to get Deacon in here."

Deanna looked in horror towards her son. His face was buried with dirt. His shirt was torn ans his pants were bloody as well as his left foot:" Oh my god, what happened."

She kneeled in front of Deacon:" Are you allright, honey?"

Deacon looked at his mother, his blue eyes piercing her soul:"Yes mom." And then tears worked their way over his cheeks:" It`s just..I wanted to win a bet..and..and I was caught in that jeffreys tube and.."

Deanna now looked angry:" You what?" she shouted.

Finn made his way in the bedroom.

"I was stuck." was all Deacon could answer.

Beverly was pretty amused seing Deanna going through exactly the same problems she had to deal with when Wesley was 8 years old.

"Calm down Deanna, he only has some scarfs across his leg." she giggled.

Deanna looked at Beverly, shooting bad lucks at her:" That`s for now, but wait til I told Will."

Beverly shook her head in disgust:" Will wouldn`t beat him, would he?" Startled by her friend`s thoughts Deanna shook her head:" No, no of course not. But Will will find an assignment to never forget the rule "Never crawl into a jeffreys tube to play"."

Deacon sighed:" Oh no."


Deanna was right. Will had found an assignment for Deacon. The 8 year old boy spent two days cleaning the shuttle bay, three days cleaning up store rooms form which he didn`t even know they existed and another four days staying at home after school.

After one week Deacons stubborness was finally broken and he excused himself in front of Geordie, who had to repair the tube, infront of Will and Deanna, in front of Beverly and the Captain for damaging his ship.


When Deanna entered the bedroom she had to giggle. Her husband lay spread out over the bed. Several pads laying upon his stomach. His eyes were closed and he was wearing a boyish smile upon his lips. She climbed upon him and kissed his lips lightly:" Hey, sleepyhat."

Wills smile grew bigger:"Hey, my love." He kissed her back. Deanna supported herself with an elbow and forced Will to open his eyes:" I missed you."

Will raised an eyesbrow:"Oh, really?" and then he smiled again:"Let`s see what we can do about that."

Deanna gasped for air after Will had kissed her patienetly.

" Yes, I definetly missed you." She giggled again:" Do you remember the days when we were freshly in love?"

Wills look became dreamy:" Yeah, on our honeymoon. It was fantastic to spend every hour with you."

Deanna snuggled against him."Mhm, that was wonderful."Will watched his wife turning her head against his chest. He finally said:" And look what we have now. A 10 year old who has to suffer because of envy, an 8 year old who played Indiana Jones and a 4 year old who embarressed the Capatin." Deanna had to smile at the reflection of her daughter:" But she did it with style."

Will laughed:" Oh yes. And I know from whom she got that." Deanna looked taken aback:"Oh no, not from me. Embarrasing people is your subject."

Before Will could answer anything Finn knocked on the door.

"Come in." Deanna said.

Will sat up and looked itno the dark brown eyes of his oldest son:" What`s up Finn?".

Finn sat down on a chair:" I didn`t pass the test." His lips were pressed tightly together, awaiting the thunder that would roll over him.

Deanna senesed these emotions:Oh no, Finn. We would never yell at you because you didn`t pass." Finn looked into his father`s face.

" Did you give your best?" Will asked softly.

Finn nodded.

"Then it`s allright. See, I am only asking you to give the best you can." But Finn wasn`t satisfied:" But the best is not good enough for the son of William T. Riker." he shouted helplessly.

Will looked very hurt:" Wjo told you that?" He rembered hinself in Finn`s position. He knew the pressure Finn had to face. But Will wasn`t like his father.

" The teachers at shool, the children at shool, everybody." Finn was close to tears.

" Finn, all these people are idiots. You may have other interests than me. And the only thing I and your mother want form you is a try. Nothing more."

Deanna gently stroked Finns Back:" Sweetheart, Your dad would never expect you to become a pilot and I would never expect from you becoming a psychologist."

Finns eyes were wet:" I don`t even like astrophysics, I don`t like shuttles and I don`tlike taking the helm at simluations."

Will nodded:" That`s okay. See, I didn`t like being a diploatic just as grandfather is."

Finn nodded:" Well, I like science, medicine and things like that." Deanna smiled:" Why don`t you try that?"

Finn nodded agains:"Okay mom."

Before leavinf he turned around once more:"Thank you mom and dad." and finally left.


5 months later....

at exactly 5 o`clock in the mornig a now 5 year old bunsh of animal pyjama and blonde hair jumped upon the bed of her parents:" Presents, presents, presents!!" screaming.

Will caught her before she could wake up Deanna, but it was already too late, a tired voice answered the begging of Tammy:" Okay, little One, just calm down." Tammy`s breath slapped against Will`s chest:" Morning princess." he said yawing. Tammy was upset:"Come on!2 and she dragged at Will`s arm.

"Lights on." Will said and stumbled out of the bed.

"Fatser, Daddy, faster." Only waering boxershorts, it was difficult for Will to folloow his daughter.

Deanna grabbed her robe and followed both into the living room.

Finn and Deacon were also already awake. Sleepy they sat on chairs. Deacon complained:" Mom, this is not fair. She shouted us out of our beds." Finn was close to closing his eyes when Tammy giggled:" But today it`s my birthday and also my first day at school! At a real school!"Finn smiled:"Believe me, dude, you wouldn`t be too exited tomorrow." Tammy put her hands upon her hips:"What do you mean?"

Will slipped his coffee:"Hey, Finn. Stop taking away her effort."

Deanna came in the living room carrying a lor of clored boxes with her:" There you go, little One. Happy Birthday." She kissed her daughter.

Will stood beside her:" Happy Birthday pupkin." and aslo kissed his daughter and lifted her up:" Let me down, Daddy. I wanna open my presents."

Carefully Tammy took the first present. Finn told her:" That`s from me and Deacon."

Tammy smiled:"Thank you." She opened it and found a book in there. Deacon explained:"

That book is called :" The ABC" you will need it at school." Tammy embraced both of them and gave both of them a kiss upon their cheeks.

Happily she went over to the next one. "From whom is that?" she asked eagerly. Will looked at the card:" Mhm, from uncle Tom."

Tammy opened it and found a package crayons. "Oh that is so sweet of him." she blabbered.

After opening several other packages she finally was able to go to school.


on the bridge...

Worf agreed to the invitation. Deanna had begged him to come to the birthday party. At first he refused but when he imagened how dissapointed Tammy would be he couldn`t bear it.

Now the hardest task was to invite Captain Picard. He was still in shock from what had happened 5 months agao and how Tammy could have lulled him in.

Will was shifting nervously in his chair, it was his task to ask:" Well, Captain, I ..I have a question."

Jean-Luc knew perfectly well what his first officer was going to ask. Thanks to Beverly he was well prepared.

" Go on, Number One."

" As you may know , our daughter, Tamara Jean turned five today and we are celebrating and...."

Jean-Luc Picard looked up:" Good strategy, Number One." Will was startled:"Excuse me?"

" To use Tammy`s full name. It makes sure I won`t forget my responsibilty as her godfather."

"No, I mean that`s not what I wanted to express, sir."

Picard laughed out loud:" Sure I will come, Will. Somehow your little daughter impressed me. She was so brave to step in front of me, lecturing me about why she should come to the biridge."

Will smiled proudly:" Yeah, she got a that from Deanna."

Jean-Luc pattened Will`s hand:" I think it`s a mixture of both of you."


In Ten Forward....

Three garlands hung across the room, on all of them written "Happy 5th Birthday, Tammy."
A table on which presents stood, was put in the middle of the room.

Tammy happily thanked everyone for the presents and guided them to their places. Amazaed by how easy their daughter handled that, Will and Deanna stood in a corner of the room, observing their newly 5 year old.

" You know, Imzadi, she is definetly a Riker. Charming and sweet to everybody but when it comes to presents..." Deanna giggled. Will threw her a look:" What is that suppose to mean?"

"Oh nothing.." Deanna smiled sweetly and kissed her husband.


In that moment Captain Jean Luc Picard entered Ten Forward. Tammy stood still. This time she was the one how was taken back. Shyly she studdered:" Hello, Capatin."

He kneeled down at her level:" Well, I suppose you are the birthday kid?"

Tammy nodded.

Picard grinned:" Happy Birthday, my child." and gently embraced her slim body.

He held a envelope in his hands:" And this is your present.

When she pulled out the card she dropped her jaw and found her speech back:" Thank you Captain, but I am only 5 I just started reading at shool."

Picard nodded:" I understand, may I?" He took the card and read out loud:" For Tamara Jean Riker. This card is your personal invitation to a shift on the bridge. , love, your godfather."

Tammy jumped up and down:" Oh my, this is ...this is gorgeous, this is so great!" she shouted and made sure everybody you could hear that.

Picard smiled.


This event was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between a Captain and a little girl and she is going to continue in Tammy `s teenage years.

The End