The Mission Part One

Author`s note: I wrote this in dedication of two books I read and which caught me. " The bronze horseman" and "Tatiana and Alexander" written by Paullina Simons. If you want two read to books which really get you crying,read them!
This story is rated because of cruelties and love scenes. I declare that Paramount owns the characters.

Chapter One " The Assignment"

Deanna laughed hysterically. Will chased her thru the woods od the holodeck. " Give that back to me!" he screamed, sounding joyfully. "No!" she screamed back and jumped into a near sea.
He followed her, chased her. Then he swam to her.
She stopped and let him catch her,only to surrender to his sweet kisses. " You are charged of stealing my pants and making me feel embarresed." he said and smiled. She looked serious:" What is my punishment?"
He laughed and held her closer:" You have to share the bed with me for...mhm let`s see...forever?"
She kissed him,at first slowly,than harder, making him shiver. She put her long legs around his body and let him carry her back to the woods,never stopping to kiss him.
Finally she spoke:"I accept the punishment." He laughed and wirled her around,lieing on top of her:" Oh, you accept."
She nodded enthusiastically:" Yes." He put one knee between her two legs and pressed it against her body, she mounded. He worked his way down her breasts and started kissing them, making her nipples standing, going down to her bellybutton and caressing it with light kisses and then he find her groin area. At first letting his finger slip inside.When he felt her trembling he stopped. He liked stopping her just before she would reach her climax. He then entered her,pushing himself faster and faster into her.
"Don`t stop" she whispered under her mouning
" Picard to Riker"
He stopped, frustrated, not yet having found breath again.
" Will,are you there?"
He breathed deep,then answered:" Yes, Capatin."
"Come to the ready room, I have received an assignment from Starfleet."
Shortly after that,Deanna heard her communicater ring.

In the ready room Captain Picard looked seriously to each of his senior officers.
" It is a time-mission. We have to send someone to the earth of 1944. He or she has to find a man named Alexander Barrington or Belov, he is a captain of the Red Army and stationed in Leningrad. The reason for this is to be found in our present.
An anchestor of Robert Collin, our highest Starfleed Admiral, grounder of the peace treaty between Romulans and the Federation is Dasha Barrinton, Alexander`s daughter. She was born in 1946. But someone changed the timeline, a Romulan maybe. Dasha was never born because her father died in a camp. Our assignment is to change time back to normal. We have received all authorizatons from Starfleet."
Picard took a deep breath:" I want you to volunteer for this mission because I don`t want to name someone. It is a difficult mission.It is dangerous. But it will help our present to be a better one."
He looked at their stern faces and added:" You have two hours to decide. Dismissed."

Will sat in his quarters and read about the mission, it chimmed.
"Come." he said in his deep voice.
Deanna pieked her head in:" What do you think about the mission?" she asked curiously. Since they had found each other again,three weeks agao, she had the feeling of not wanting him go anywhere
"Very interesting." he answered,still lost in reading the padd.
"And dangerous." she added in a warning tone.
He smiled and made her sit on him,embracing her with his arms:" Too dangerous for me?"
She quickly nodded:" Way too dangerous."
But then his view changed:"Dea, know me,I like the dangerous. And besides, it is important to find Alexander Belov."
"I know, but someone else can do that. It takes three weeks til you are back, you are in a different time, you are not allowed to take our weapons, you are at a war!" she nearly screamed.
Then she nearly whispered:" Imzadi, I found you again, I do not want to lose you again."
He nodded:" Everything you have said is true. But I do not intend to get lost or hurt or even murdered. I am the first officer, I have to be a role model for everybody. And I find the mission extremely interesting. I will go."
"No,please Imzadi,don`t go. I know I am not acting like a Starfleet Officer. But I am scraed for your life." she pleaded.
He let her out of his arms and stepped away from her:" I will go. That is my last word on this topic."
"Fine." she said and went out of his quarters.

Picard nodded when Will told him about his decision. he and Will went to Beverly to get an implant so that he was able to speak Russian.
He then received an old black backpack and put an ancient knife in it, also a diary since he would not be able to use a computer.
When the time came to say good bye, Deanna stood beside him and cried. He embraced her,kissed her, pleaded her not to cry. But she did. He kissed her for the last time, burning this kiss into his memory. At this time he didn`t know how much he would need that memory of this kiss. And then he vanished.
Deanna needed the arms of her best friend,it was too fast. He left her too fast for her mind and her heart. It had taken him barely two hours to decide and get ready. Another our to start the mission. When she thought back, 5 hours ago she had chased him in the woods, and now? Now he was gone and Deanna had a bad feeling about this mission.

Chapter Two " Finding Alexander"

Will was transported to the benches at the Newa, the river that flew thru Leningrad, it was cold, December. He needed the map to look up the next military point. It was two kilometres away. While walking thru the bombed Leningrad he saw the people,starved to death, lying dead in the streets, An old woman begged him for bread. When he replied, she swore at him as being the son of a whore,looking so fat, without hunger.
He shook his head,poor people he thought. Never knowing what he would become at the end of those three weeks.He looked at his uniform,his rank was commander of the Red Army, his name was Thomasz Rikov. He reached the military point in which Alexander had to be. A guard stood outside,looking at him:" Do you have papers?"
Will nodded:" There they are comrade."
The guard wore a hat made out of whool and a greenish uniform,a private.
He saluted Will:" You are allowed to go in Commander Rikov."
And so did Will.
He went to the baracks and searched for Alexander Belov. His inspected the general room,where some soldiers sat and played cards, they smoked,everybody smoked and drank whiskey.
But Alexander wasn`t there.
He went on to the rooms, he knocked on the doors,no Alexander. " Fucking bullshit." he swore.
And then someone tapped on his houlder,he felt a gun in his back:" Comrade,did you just speak english?"
Will felt trapped, didn`t know what to say, so answered in Russian:" Yes, I have learned it from an american ally."
The person laughed:" We do not have american allies here." and then pushed him forward,closer to the wall.
The man searched his parka.
"Turn around." he said. Will did and looked into caramel eyes, black hair and a friendly face. He was 1.90 meters tall with broad shoulders,just like Will.
"Who are you?" the person asked.
" My name is Commander Thomasz Rikov, I come from Molotov."
"Why are you here?"
" I am looking for Alexander Belov." Will answered honestly.
"Why?"the man asked, he didn`t change his face expression,just like Will wouldn`t do.
"Who are you?" he asked.
" Alexander Belov, captain of this battalion."
Will looked around:" I need to speak to you-in private."
Alexander laughed:" In private? What is it about? my wife who went away from the Soviet Union? My identity fake? I am done with that. I have been charged for that. Don`t worry your comrades already did that."
"No, about the future,about Tatiana and your child."
Alexander`s smile died away:" About Tatia? What sick joke do you try on me? Did Dimitri tell you about it before this bastard died?"
"Dimitri? No, I am not from Russia,neither from the United States, I am here to make sure you get to the United States."
Alexander shook his head:" Dimitri,this son of a whore. He told you about our plans? "
"I do not know a Dimitri!" Will said louder.
Alexander grabbed him by the arm and shoved him into a cabin, he let him fall on a bed, the gun pointed at his head:" Listen, I am a very comfortable man to be with. But when it comes to Tatia and my child I am a monster. I will destroy you if you have done anything to Tatia." To reassure Will he unlocked his gun,aiming on his head.
"I am from the future. I know about Dasha Barrington, your second child. It must be born in order to save our future. Listen,I risk a lot to tell you that. I risk my life, the future..."
"Enough, do you have any proof?" Alexander said,looking suspicious.
Will took out his communicator:" This is a communicator with which I will go back to my future."
Alexander took it and searched it thru and thru:" Haven`t seen any of this before. Doesn`t look like a German one, and no American one."
"Do you believe me?" Will asked.
The soldier laughed:" I do not believe any one since war started. But I like you. You seem to be a honest man. Is your real name Tomasz?"
Will looked away, thining about if he should tell Alexander the truth:" Is your real name Belov?"
Alexander had to smile, it made the wrinkles on his face shown:" There you got me." He pointed his index finger at Will and took away the gun. " My real name is Anthony Alexander Barrington,born and raised in the United States."
" I am Commander William Thomas Riker,born and raised in Alaska."
The both men smiled:" Wanna have a cigarette?"
Will shook his head:" I don`t smoke, never had."
Alexander shrugged his shoulders:" Same here with Whiskey. But a good smoke is important in these times, sometimes soldiers sell their mothers for a good smoke. By the way call me Shura,like my wife and Sergej do.It shows the others that I trust you."
"Then you call me Will."
Both men looked at each other, Will felt as if he had found another half of himself. Shura was so much like him.
Shura watched Will. He thought, he is alike me.

Chapter Two " Missing Will"

Deanna sat on the edge of his bet. Since yesterday she had slept in Will`s bed. It smelled like him,felt like him. Since yesterday she was alone. She wandered through the quarter. Touching his trombone, his padds, his computer, his shirts, his uniforms.
She was pale,she knew that cause Beverly told her so. She hadn`t eaten since yesterday. She felt no hunger for a meal, the only hunger she felt was for Will. Oh, how she remembered his eyes, those steal blue eyes where she would sink into and his hands, the manly hands. She would be held by them.
His muscular body, his smile,his laughter, his views,the way he made love to her....
She cried, her body fell on his sheets and wetted them. She sobbed. What was wrong with her? She never behaved like that before. He was often on away missions. A thin voice in her head answered her " But never alone".
He had done a lot of dangerous things-and was succussful " But never alone".
He had fought before, seen cruelties " But never alone."
She sobbed hard, her nose and eyes turning red. That`s right he had never been alone and so far away. Nobody would be able to help him.
The Enterprise couldn`t come there and rescue him. He was in the past, in war. She went to his computer in order to get information about the Second Worl War on earth.
What she found didn`t make her go easy. Her heart felt broken,ripped out of her body.
" Oh Imzadi,in what situation did you bring yourself?"

Chapter Three " Vera"

Shura introduced Will to Sergej, a tall blonde man with puppy brown eyes. He looked gentle. His smile was refreshing. Will thought about his age, Shura was 24 so Sergej must have been 18. He was right.
Sergej told him that he was caught by the army when he was 16. Everybody had to register at 16. He then was send to Leningrad,when it was bombed.
Now they would go to Poland, the Germans were near surrender. Stalin told the troops to go thru Poland and then to the Elbe in Germany where they would meet the Americans and British.
It was Alexander`s battalion which went first.
They were put on a train to Warsaw.
Sergej became a wonderful comrade. He was an excellent poker player, didn`t smoke and was a good story teller.
Will thought of him as if he`d be his small brother. His puppy brown eyes wouldn`t only shine when he told about his family.
"They were shot, all three of them,my mother,my father and my little sister Larissa. They were shot because my father wouldn`t give away half of the potatoes they grew, We needed them. I escaped."
Will wrote everything in his diary. He needed that to explain the mission.
Shura came one evening to him while he wrote:" What are you writing?" he asked smiling. Shura always smiled.
" I am taking notes,my capatian needs a good report."
" Oh, I understand. I only take a sheet of paper."
Will laughed:" Sergej told me about his family."
Shura`s eyes grew angry:" The Soviets are bastards. They take away the goods from the people. The good Stalin would need it for breakfast. My father believed in that shit. I never did."
"Why are you fighting for the Soviets,then?"
" The decision I had to take was between death and fighting. I hope I get to the Americans in Germany. They can send me to America."
" Was that your plan?"
" Ya, actually I wanted to go with Dimitri, he sueed me in. But Tatia was more important."
He had a wide grin on his face:" Tatia is still the most important. I hope she is fine."
Then the train stopped. The power of the halt sent Will flying thru the train,landing in a corner,his nose bleeding.
"What the fuck was that?" Shura screamed at a soldier.
"Are you allright?" Sergej asked the bleeding Will:" I think I cracked my nose."
"Wait I will get the med!" he screamed and ran in another part of the train.
"Fine," Will thought," I am in another time and the first thing I need is medical attention, some things never change."
That`s how he met Karel.
"I am here for your nose." Karel said in broken Russian.
" You are no soviet."
Karl smiled, his white teeth blinking thru the black beard around his mouth:" I am Polish. I am working for them.Better payment than the Germans." He laughed hard.
Will couldn`t help,he liked these guys.

"Out! Out! Everybody out!" Shura screamed and took Will by his jacket to throw him out of the train.
" Germans bombed us,OUT OUT OUT!"
Will landed hard on the frosty earth. Karel right behind him:" Suppose the captain thinks you need your treatment here." Again he laughed.
After his nose stopped bleeding he went along with Shura and Sergej at the top of the group.
"What do we do next?" he asked.
" We will hide in the woods, wait for supply and instructions."Shura answered, somehow distant.
After 20 kilometeres of walking deep in the woods, Shura stopped and told them they would stay here.
Will was beaten, 20 kilometers in a day. That was too much for his feet,even though he was an athletic, he never had to walk so far. The other soldiers didn`t seem to notice. Sergej tried to contact the major by phone,Karel treated frozen toes and other wounds. Shura sat there and smoked.
He went to him.
" It was a rough trip." he said to the captain.
" You think so? My men are used to 40 per day. They are just too lazy to go on. And when they get moody.....they kill me and chose a new leader."
For a moment Will stared at him,then both started lauging out loud.
"Do you have a wife,Will?"
" I have a girlfriend."
" is she a cute girl?"
"Ya,she has onyx eyes. Very beautiful.She can read my soul."
Shura seemed to soften,his eyes got a dreamy look:" My Tatia can do,too. She always knew what I needed."
Will agreed:" Dea knows that,too. It`s scary isn`t it? Giving his life for one person that you love so much you would die for?"
The caramel eyes stared at him:" It`s what`s all about."

After one week without supplies, Shura decided to go on, his men got bored of playing cards. They all had to shave and put on greenish slimein order to hide from the Germans. They went further west until they reached a city.
Will and Sergej went in to check it out,since they looked more German than the others, with Will`s blue eyes and Sergej`s blond hair.
They went straight to a bar. Nobody was there,only a few girls,prostitutes.
"Hey girls!" Sergej said in broken Polish,which he had picked up from Karel.
"You are Germans?" asked a girl with black curly hair. Her eyes observing Will. She reminded him of Deanna. Will better held is mouth. He didn`t know any Polish. Sergej answered:" Maybe,what do you prefer?"
The girl came dangerously close to Sergej,smiled sweetly and rammed her knee into his groin area:" How about my husband and my child?"
Sergej mouned for pain. "We are Russuians." Will said.
" I am Vera." she answered him,miling:"Better take care of your young friend." she said laughing.
" Are there any Germans?"
" Not any more. They went after they heard that Leningrad was freed. Got scared." Her dark brown eyes changed into black and her face held a bitter image:" But before they left, they shot all men." She pointed at a red-haired:" That`s Angela, they shot her husband and her son, he was four damn years old.Barely out of his diaperes."
"I am sorry." Will`s face wore a sad expression.
" Never mind. He was a drunken asshole. But my little Pawel,my little boy." she started crying.
Vera went next to Will:" Want any amusement?" she asked in a husky voice.
"Better not. We need food and clothes."
All the women laughed:" Food? Clothing? Haha, from were do you come? haven`t you heard the Germans were here."
Sergej found his voice again:" Maybe cigarettes,whiskey?"
"Come here with your men, this evening, we will give you what we have."

"Shura, they promised they give us what they have!" Sergej screamed joyfully.
"Sergej, you are bloody young. They give us sex,nothing more and exhaust follows. What should I do with 30 exhausted men?"
"But Shura!"
"No,Serg! We need food,no fucking sex!"
"Just because you don`t want any, it doesn`t mean I didn`t want!" Sergej screamed.
" Alright,go there, have your blow job,but be here at 3 a.m. ready to march 40 kilometers,ready to find nothing but Germans at the end of the 40 kilometers,fight then,exhausted!" Shura was damn angry.
"Please,comrades,stop that."Will tried to find a middle way.
Karel assured him:" Yeah,we could ask for food and change it with our tabacco or the last bottles of whiskey."
"And have a blow..." Karel held a hand over Sergej`s mouth and whispered in his ear:" Jus shut up or I bite your tongue out."
Shura sighed:" Good Lord, go there!" and went away.

Will sat at a chair,listening to Vera`s story.
" I was raped when I was 5-for the first time-by my uncle. He gave me a smoke for that. Then I fell in love with a boy named Mariusz. I got pregnant, was beaten out of the house by my mother and went here, to Holy Cross. I had no money, so I started working as a prostitute to feed my little girl. She died with 3 years on tuberculus. But I went on working,buying food for her. It`s all rotten,expect of the cans. I give you my cans."
"What was the name of the girl?"
" Luisa. I named her after my grandmother. She was a good woman.She understood."
Vera took out the cans:" Give them to your men."
"What do you want for that?"
" Have a smoke?"
"No I am sorry,I do not smoke."
Vera looked away:" Are you a good lover?" Will smiled:" That depends."
She blushed:" On what?"
"If I like the woman."
"Do you like me?"
He stared at her,oh he liked her. But not Vera,he liked her hair and her eyes because they reminded him of Deanna.
" I have a girlfriend back at home."
"Oh, I thought you would be the first one to not just fuck me but love me."
He put his arm over her shoulder:" I know something better than love."
" Friendship and chewing gum."
She smiled:" I`ll take that instead."

Chapter Four " Getting thru the days"

"Deanna,please come for a chat,just an hour!" Beverly shouted,sounding pretty annoyed since she had pleaded for her for a long long hour now.
"No,please. I have work to do."Deanna replied.
" You simply cannot work on building a wall around you so that noone notices how much you miss Will."
"I can."
"No, because everybody notices already. Jean-Luc does, Worf does, for heaven`s sake even Data does."
That made Deanna curious, she pieked to her friend:" Data?"
"Sure,Data. he asked me why you are looking so pale."
Deanna shook her head:" Is it that obvious?"
"Ya, so come on,let`s go to Ten Forward,having a drink,talking about Will and I may tell you about my embarressing adventure with Jean-Luc on a hoarse." she smiled.
Deanna raised an eyebrow:" Excuse me?"
"Got curious,ha? So come on missy,get ready."

In Ten Forward they sat together. beverly made Deanna laugh for the first time since Will went away." He did what?"
"I swear, he let me fall of this damn horse because that horse wouldn`t wanna carry me."
"The captain would never do that!" Deanna paced back a curl of her hair.
" Oh, Jean-Luc would do that because he likes the horse more than me,it`s his ,and I qoute :" little princess." ."
Deanna laughed heartfully.
Beverly watched her satisfied.
They drank there beverages in silence.
" You think Will is alright?" Deanna asked. Beverly nodded:" I believe so. He is a tough one, apart from some bruises, he will be fine."
" I hope so." Deanna gulped:" It`s hard not to hear a tiny thing from him."
"Ya,but you have to have faith. He has attended so many away missions,is the finest officer of the finest vessel, what should happen to him? Besides, he is a lucky one."
"Ya,but I have this bad feeling."
" I would have,too. But you will see in one and a half week he will be here and ready to take you into his arms."
" Thank you Bev."
"For what?"
"Making me feel so much better." Beverly smiled:" It was nothing,I only had to remind you on the strength of our happy-go-lucky."
She embraced her closely:" I really love you,know that?" Deanna said and breathed out loud.
" I know and thank you. I love you,too."
For the first time Deanna slept well in his ba,without nightmares.

Chapter Five " The Hell Part One"

Sergej cried out loud:" Ah!" That woke Shura and Will. Will saw Sergej lieing on the ground,there was a wound in his leg,he woke Karel to help him.
And then Karel screamed:" They got me!"
Will didn`t understand,but he did when he saw that half of his face was covered with blood. He searched for a bullet or something else. "Shura!" he screamed. During the last time Shura became more and more important to him. He was like his rock, had this amazing calme. Although Will had the mission to make sure he would get safely to America,he felt that Shura also had a mission, to take care of Will staying alive. He had thaught him how to get a fish out of the water with only a fork, how to shave with a sharp knife,how to keep clean without soap.
Shura came running,not caring for Karel,dragging Will and Sergej away.
"The Germans are behind us,right behind us,run,Will,run."
Shura took Sergej,who still screamed.
"What about Karel?" Will asked while running.
" Karel is dead, I hate to leave him here,nobody leaves a comrade in enemy terretory,I will get him later."
Will stopped:" Dead?"
Shura didn`t stop:" Come on, Will run or you wanna get caught? Think about your future!"
"So you believe me?"
"No,but hope is good for running,so come on!"
They ran until they were too exhausted.
Sergej slept,another med was there,caring for his leg. Will counted the remaining men,5,6,7.
7 including him,Shura and Sergej. 7 out of 30.
"Oh my god!" he thought,we have lost 23 men only by running back to the woods,we have lost Karel.
And then a very dark moment caught him:" We have lost Karel because I had woken him up to look after Sergej. If I wouldn`t have been here....he would stil be alive."
His face went back so that he could look up to the stars:" What are you thinking?"
"Shura, still awake?"
" I am going to get Karel."
" I wanna join you."
"No,too dangerous."
Will had to smile,that was what Deanna had told him.
" It was my fault he died."
Shura came closer,looking into his eyes:" Without Karel,Sergej would have died. "
"i could have helped Sergej."
Shura shook his head:" You are no trained for that. "
"I come with you."
Both went along the woods. It was night and it was cold. Will could see his breath.
They tried to be very careful,not to wake up the german soldiers. Shura saw Karel`s body,lying where they have left it.
He was blue and looked as if he would be made out of wax.
Shura made a sign to get closer and carefully carry him back to their camp.
Will didn`t look where he stepped because he only saw Karel lying there,lying there because of him. Being dead because of him,not reacting any more because of him.
And then he hit a stone and fell. Shura`s head turned around because of the noise,he swore without a sound. Will`s face was punshed into the dirty, cold ,frozen earth.
He made no sound,knowing he probably already had made enough noise. He bite on his tongue, tasting the blood he had prodced.
And then he heard a german soldier behind him, aiming with his gun at his head,feeling the pistol next to his head.
Will breathed steadily, but in his mind he thought that this was it. His life ended here, in the war. He would never see Deanna again,never see his crewmates again, his father.
The German laughed out loud, shouting for his fellow soldiers:" Kuckt was ich hier habe, einen Russen!" ( Look, what got here, a Russian.)
And then the pistol made a noise and Will thought he was dead. Not believing that heaven would look exactly like the woods he had been at. And then he heard Shura screaming, the German laughing. It was a taste, a taste of hell. Of what would come.
They captured the 7 Russian soldiers,including Will.
The last thing Will remembered before getting knocked out, was Shura`s face,his caramel eyes looking with dissapointment at him.

Chapter Six " Pain"

Deanna couldn`t sleep. She had a horrorible headache, her tummy hurted, her legs felt as if they had walked 500 miles in a row.
She could feel cold sweat on her forehead. " I must have caught a cold" she told Beverly when she arrived at sickbay.
Beverly looked at her, worried:" A cold? You look like you have been beaten to death."
Deanna smiled weakly, noticing her jaw hurted with every movement.
Beverly gave her something for her pain:" Do you have contact with Will thru the link?"
Deanna`s eyes widened:" You think it`s his pain,I am feeling?"
Beverly turned around, trying to hide her suspicious face, knowing Deanna would read her emotions:" I don`t know. We don`t have any viruses here, you haven`t been somewhere expect of your room and Will`s. Where do you think you could have caught such a cold?"
Deanna`s eyes wetened:" No! Can`t be Will`s pain."
Beverly tried to calm her:" Doesn`t have to. I only asked if it was possible."
The brunette thought about it:" I don`t know. I cannot communicate with him thru the link because of the timeline. I don`t know if the pain can be transmitted to me."
Bev breathed out:" Maybe you should ask your mother about it,she will know."
Deanna`s body ached, suddenly feeling a sharp pain near her back, feeling pain in her ankles.
"Beverly, I think I have cracked my ankles."

Chapter Seven " The Hell Part Two"

Will woke up with a sharp headache, a blooding wound near his temples told him where the headache came from.
Shura lay next to him, not having any scraches or wounds. And there was Sergej with his lame leg, swollen and blue leg.
" Thanks Will for putting us in this situation." Shura said,never sounding rough.
" I am sorry, I was focused on Karel. I am sorry I had friendly feelings for Karel."Will answered roughly.
Shura put a hand on his shoulder:" You haven`t been trained, that`s why you let personal things messing up with work."
Will wanted t answer hi, shout at him that Starfleet had trained him well enough and because of that had lost Deanna a long time ago. But he wasn`t able to, a German soldier came there in the cell,taking Will away.
He was put into a room, there was a chair, a table with a plate full of delicious food and a glass of beer.
After five minutes a man came in, Will hadn`t eaten or drank anything.
" I am Detlev Braun, a doctor." he said in Russian.
" What do you want from me?"
" They told me you have made a mistake and seven Russians got caught of your mistake." Braun laughed. It sounded cruel.
" Bring me back into my cell." Will answered in a sharp tone.
" No, Russian,I won`t. You are perfect for`ll see."
Then two soldiers came and took him by the arms, he couldn`t get out of their hold.
" Whether you work with us and get food for what we are doing with you..or,well you will get the injections anyway,but without food or beverages."
Again Braun laughed:" How long haven`t you eaten, Russian?" he asked.
Will didn`t answer, knowing that he hadn`t eaten since nearly 3 days.
"Alright, you don`t want to work with us together?"
Will shhok his head. The plate was thrown from the table." You still have chance....If you eat like a pig. Isn`t that the way Russians eat?" Again Braun laughed his nasty laugh.
Will shook his head.
And then something was injected into his body. A greenish liquid which burned in his veins.
"You know, Russian. I am studying the methods of death. I have injected you a tiny dosis of a poison that will attack your heart and your vital system. During the next hours you are going to feel a little....pain and you will feel a little...uncomfortable."
Braun stared at him:" Oh, and have I alreday told you that you and your comrades are going to hang upside down? As a punishment for refusing to work together with us." Braun laughed and Will could hear his laughter until he was brought back to his cell.
There he found Shura and Sergej hanging upside down already. Sergej looked pale, his swollen leg looking somehow wrong.
Shura had his eyes closed,concentrated on something, he didn`t seem to be bothered.
Will was put upside down also. Soon he started coughing and swinging because of the vibrations, he heard something cracking.So did Shura.
The Russian soldier opened his eyes,looking at Will:" Your ankles,they are broken."he said calmy.
Will`s head couldn`t understand the word broken, he felt sick because of the injection, because of hanging upside down for 2 hours now. What did he care for if his ankles were broken?
"Doesn`t mind." he answered horsly.
"It should, you have to stay alive for...Deanna." Shura said.
Will slowly turned his head:" And you for Tatia."
Shura nodded:" Did they give you an injection?"
"Try to vomit. It has to come out of your body. It`s poison. The longer it is in your body, the worse." Shura, for the first time said it in english."
Will looked horrofied:" You can`t speak english with me. Think about Sergej hearing it."
Shura slowly shook his head:" Sergej won`t hear it. He is dead."
Will closed his eyes, wanting to flee from the horror.
Shura swung to him, slapping hard at his neck, Will felt his throat tightening and he had to vomit.
Shura nodded:" Good, do it again. At least three times."

During the night a young German soldiers came in,looking in disgust at the bottom of the cell. Then Braun came:" My,my what have you done? Thrown all over the bottom? Didn`t your mommy tell you that you should behave at others` houses?"
Shura opened his eyes:" What do you want German bastard?" He asked in Russian. Braun looked at him:" Oh, the captain is still with us. Your friend is already dead, the other one doesn`t look very good. Soon you`ll be alone and then..."
Shura swung and hit Braun in the face.
That did it. Will and Shura were beaten the whole night thru.

Will didn`t know for how long he had been in this camp now. He had worked,building baracks for new imprisoners, had eaten bread and drunk water, had been beaten all night,had received injections that brought him near death but never killed him. All the time he had thought about how Shura could escape.He simply had to. He had to go to New York,finding his wife, fathering a little baby girl.He had found out that during the nightwatch and daywatch there was a little time where they were unwatched.The floodlights were always out for 60 seconds. Because of building the baracks he had been around the camp. He knew a path that would lead outside, Shura had to climb but would make it. When he told Shura he laughed. But after three more days he didn`t laugh no more, finally starting to realize that Will ment it.They talked a Russian girl in laundry into giving them sheets,which they knoted together so that Sura could get out of the cell. Will had to stay behind,getting the sheets in gin before the floodlights would go on again,knowing that he would use his transporter to come back to the Enterprise.

Chapter Eight " Sura`s escape and Will`s consequenzes"

At three in the morning, Shura fled.Will said goodbye,hugging him tight. Shura gave him a picture Vera had made. It showed him,Will and Sergej with Karel. He asked if Will had told the thruth about not coming from here. Will thought about it for a moment:" It was my fantasy. I needed something to believe in."
Shura had laughed, showing his white teeth:" You know, you nearly had me into belieivng it." and then he went away.

At five, the Germans found out about Shura and Braun was sent to Will, his devilish grin never leaving Will`s eyes.
" You have signed your death certificate,Russian."
It had been the worst 3 days of Will`s life. He was put into a chamber and they made him squeeze his fingers until blood streamed out of it,beated him again and again, ripped his flesh,did`n`t give him food or water,made him suffer until he thought he would be crazy,until his dead mother spoke to him, pleading him to finally die.
And then the transporter was activated,Will concentrated on telling he would come back home.
He saw Deanna thru the shadows, but couldn`t reach her no more. Too muvh life was drawn out of him, too many wounds,less than a will to go on living.

The End