Watching Will

Author`s note: Paramount owns the chacacters. This short piece of a story deals with Deanna watching Will at the bridge. It is really short but I thought it was neat. Feedback would be great, good and bad one, because so I learn about writing better. This piece is not rated because it is harmless. :-)


When I sit down in my chair on the Bridge, I am once more astonished at how wonderful my Imzadi looks like. He sits there, his legs comfortable stretched out,looking at the viewscreen. I wonder what he is thinking about? The stars, his future adventures? Is he waiting for a new species to turn up? Waiting for a new wonder of the universe. I have to look away to not get caught observing him. He looks at me, smiling, sending me a warm feeling of love.
I laugh back. Then his eyes wander to his padd, he had just received. I can see how his face changes. His eyes get tiny, his lips pressing against each other. A clear sign of having received bad news. He taps on some tasks near his board. Then he smiles again.Everything turns out to be okay again. His shoulders relax, he sits back in his chair,again observing the stars.
I stare at his lips. They look so fresh, so reddish. I wander up to his cheeks,they are bearded, and then his eyes. Oh my,his eyes. Those eyes which made me surrender so often. This steal-blue that sends me flying to heaven over and over again. His hair,with this stubborn lock. I love this lock,I love stroking it back just to find it in its old spot again.
I have to smile. The captain looks at me,I blush and turn away. I can read his emotions, he is well aware of me staring at Will. He always is,but never complains.
And then a ship appears on the screen,the captain stands up,so does Will. Both look at it,I hear Worf telling that they sent a message. I cannot understand anymore what they are saying because I am caught in looking at Will. How he stands there, proud and unbearable.
I am proud to be his soulmate,his Imzadi,his lover.
The captain looks at me. Did he ask me something?
Will smiles, he had read my thinking. He asks me. But out of his mouth it sounds like a melody. I don`t know how I can answer hi and still be amazed by him, still staring at him.
Then he goes away. Maybe he is sent to that ship. I feel a loss, because I cannot look at him no more.
But then I feel a warm love surrounding me and his voice sais behind my mind" I think of you the same,Imzadi."
I blush-again. And I send him back" I love you"
He does to. And then I know I don`t need to look at him anymore because I have his picture burned in my soul,my heart.
And so does he.