Bedtime Understandings <sequel to Essence>
By: Chance
Rating: G
disclaimer: I STILL do not own them! *sniff
Summary: This is the sequel to Essence and therefor you should read that one first. This will make up for that one I promise.

Will watched on as his wife sat with their teenaged daughters, the tears flowing down their cheeks.
"Momma that was sad. You told us that it would be a happy story."
"You miss the point Lizzie, the Essence is a story of what lays beneath the words. You must each look beyond the outer layer and see what is written between the lines. There have been many poems and stories to portray the beginnings of Imzadi but the Essence is special it is the story of the first daughter of the fifth house. This story tells of the love that made us now."
Lizzie looked up at her mother the questions pooling behind her eyes and thoughts, "This is suppose to be the beginning of Imzadi right?"
"Yes and No, His love for his mate was there before and the love of their parents was just as strong. This is about the meaning he finds in that love. The story is the beginning of the word Imzadi not the feeling."
Lizzie's twin who had been quietly listening spoke up, "Did you know you and daddy were Imzadi before you knew the word for it?"
"I knew the minute I saw your father he would become an important part of my life. I was not sure how, but that it meant a great change was to come."
"What kind of change?"
"Well for one he got me into loads of trouble, and married."
As the girls giggled Will walked in behind his wife his arms coming to rest on her sides as she shrieked when he lifted her up.
"Yes and for another that same feeling gave her two of the most beautiful girls on the planet, who by the way are up past their bedtime." his look portraying his meaning the girls giggled once more as they said their good nights and watched their father carry their mother out of their room.
The End.