Series of Imzadi Drabbles...


Imzadi Drabble 1
Chance 2003
Rating: G unless you have a dirty mind then PG *g*
Summary: Two women talking

"Oh gods…. That's wonderful!"
"I take it you like it?"
"Yes! Will never got the hang of it but you're wonderful!"
"I told you. All you needed was another woman. Men don't have the right
touch. It isn't there fault. They just don't understand how woman like
it done."
"I think I'm going to have to start coming to you every week."
"Weekly? I'm not that good Deanna. Besides this is something you can do
yourself. You don't always have to have someone else doing this for
"Yes but having someone else give you a pedicure is more relaxing."


Imzadi Drabble 2
Chance 2003
Rating: G

She knew it was bound to happen. She had been waiting to hear those
four words ever since the damage report had shown that they were in
dire straights. Four words that would once again prove her theory.
Everyone on board knew it was bound to happen. There was even a name
for it. The Troi Maneuver. After all they only let her fly when they
were crashing or about to ram into another ship. So it was with no
surprise that the Ensign sitting beside her at Ops started to pray when
the Captain uttered, "Troi, take the helm."


Imzadi Drabble 3
Chance 2003
Rating: G

He had to do something. As Captain he was suppose to be fearless but
this …. this new threat to his ship was something even he did not know
how to handle. Even his most trusted advisor, his counselor and wife
could not help him. She too had fallen prey to this new evil.
He sat behind his desk reading her report in disbelief. There were so
many of them. He was outnumbered. They stacked upon his desk like tiny
soldiers waiting to trample down upon his sanity. Reports were
everywhere and every one of them done as a drabble!


Imzadi Drabble 4
Chance 2003
Rating: G unless you have a dirty mind at the start

"Will, I am telling you, doing it from side to side is not going to get
the job done right. You have to go up and down like this. See, that
hits every spot down to the hard to reach ones."
"Deanna, I have been doing it this way for as long as I can remember
and have never had problems. This works for me."
"Well in that case you're going to have to either stand on my right
side or we will have to brush our teeth one at a time cause you keep
jabbing me with your elbow."


Imzadi Drabble 5
Chance 2003
Rating: er PG just to be safe... unless you are really dirty minded and
have no sense of humor then R

I rushed in hoping that I had not missed anything and cursed the slow
moving shuttle I had just disembarked.
I watched the scene before me in fascination. Beverly was kneeling
between my wife's legs her brows furrowed in concentration.
I held Deanna's hand as she let out another low groan. By the amount of
perspiration doting both their brows I could tell they had been at it
for hours. I felt her nails enter my flesh as she gave one last
strangled scream before collapsing in exhaustion. Beverly grinned from
ear to ear in satisfaction. "Congratulations it's a Girl