Essence of Imzadi
disclaimer::::TPTB owns Imzadi <actually Peter David does>
rating: G
Special thanks to Liana for talking to my muse for me since Deacastra NEVER allows me to know what I am writing.. and for helping with the end of this..and for coming up with the title.
Summary: This is sad that is all I will say but you should still read it.

Today I learned what love is. Today I learned to cry. Today I learned that life takes away just as easily that which it gives so freely.
No longer do I hear the cry of joy or happiness no longer do I hear her laugh. Forever I will hear the echo as she said her last goodbye.
Eyes once bright with passion now grow cold, hands that healed with their loving touch now lie still, Her inner strength that sustained us, now seeps from her slowly.
I don't know what hurts the most, seeing the trail of tears escaping from her eyes as she holds on to me once more or the trail of red, that steals her from me taking with it the only thing I hold dear.
Today I lost them both. Today I blamed myself. Today I watched helplessly as they both faded from this life.
And now, I find myself struggling to give it all meaning. Everything we were, everything we have created together. I still find it all a part of me, a part of all that is, or will be. It is the essence of all we have been. And a word enters my mind, my soul...Imzadi....a love, a monument of love that will last for all time.
Forever will be burned the face of death.Forever will I see the last rays of life fade. Forever means Imzadi, Imzadi means forever. death. This sense now has a name......Imzadi