Personal Growth
by: Chance
disclaimer: TPTB? whatever......Peter David is Imzadi God
Rating...NC-17 under 17 go play elsewhere!

MANY MANY MANY thanks to my wonderful beta reader, Shayenne. I only
hope I did not cause her too much distress at my lack of proper
puncuation. If anyone is interested in reading her fic it is J/C
(Voyager) but it is yummy!

This is going to be a a/u series one where...

1. Deanna and Will married a month after their first meeting on
Betazed. Deanna graduated that same month.

2. Following the Betazoid tradition, their last name is Troi although
Will uses Riker in Starfleet but on Betazed and other non fleet
functions his last name is Troi.

3. In this universe there are 2 years between Betazed and The
Enterprise. I am going by the Peter David Canon.

4. Deanna is still ship's counselor just as a civilian not an officer.


This is the first story in a new A/U series I am working on. It is
going to follow some of the episode imelines but don't get too attached
to it I have deviated. This story happens shortly before the episode
"Second Chances" I am also following Peter David's timeline and there
was only two years seperating Betazed and Enterprise.


A bemused Will Riker sat in front of his agitated pregnant wife
grinning broadly.

"You are not listening to me William Thomas Riker -Troi," Deanna's
voice raised with each word.
"Sweetheart, you said you wanted to see a personal growth in me...."
He was cut short by her barb. I meant an emotional growth, a hard on
does NOT count as a personal growth!"

His face fell but not for long. Will decided to change tactics, and
hopefully change her mind about that "personal growth of his."
Deanna was too busy ranting in her head to notice that Will was slowly
inching his way closer to her, his hands settling on her waist, She
didn't even notice as he leaned down to nuzzle her neck. She couldn't
believe he hadn't yet realized why she ws so upset with him. Why was
it, that when she wanted to have a serious conversation with him;
about the name for their child all he could think of was sex.Deanna
snapped out of her private reverie as Will's deep moan drifted to her
ear. She pushed her hands against his upper arms, forcing him to lean

"What do you think you are doing?"

Will looked like a kid who was just asked if they thought they were
being smart. "It hasn't been that long. But if you really need a
reminder I will...."

She threw up her hands in disgust. "Is that all you can think about?
Honestly,Will, you act as if you never have sex. For once can you just
stop thinking with what's in your pants and try using your head."
He couldn't resist...maybe it was the setting; a beautiful picnic on
the holodeck set in Deanna's home town, where they had had their first
picnic. The breeze was light and the trees were in full bloom. The sky
overhead was bright in hues of blues and purples. His pregnant wife sat
beside him, her hair down and flowing about her shoulders and back, the
blouse with the one strap that refused to stay on her shoulder and the
long broom skirt that bloomed out around her legs. It was perfect,
except he couldn't stop making an idiot of himself. He felt like a kid
again but whatever it was, it kept him in trouble and was not about to
let him leave that last remark untouched.

Will leaned over and pressed a light kiss to her brow. "I was trying to
use my head...."

He didn't miss the spark in her eyes. She leaned back and screamed in
frustration. "I was talking about the head on your SHOULDERS" She
enforced her words by pushing on his shoulders. Then her face
straightened, much like it did when she was about to reveal some
relevant piece of information to the captain.
"I realize this is hard for you, Commander, but you really must learn
to distinguish between your two heads. I know it will be difficult to
decide which brain to use but I am sure with your skills and knowledge
you will figure something out." And with that said in her best
counselor's voice, she heaved herself up and walked out of the
holodeck, leaving a stunned Will Riker sitting and wondering how he was
going to fix this one.

It was a long eight hours after that. Will was called to the bridge to
handle a minor emergency and all through it he was vividly aware of
his wife's presence in his mind. He could hear her voice singing and
laughing in his head. She must not have been that upset, he thought, as
he returned to his command chair.'
He tried to reach out to her with his mind, but as soon as he did he
regretted it. The mental image she threw at him sent a wave of arousal
coursing through his body that nearly made him stumble toward his

She was luxuriating in the tub, soap bubbles creating a silky film
across her skin and the candles casting a glow over her. One hand
rubbed her neck before trailing down across one shoulder to disappear
under the water, no doubt to smooth over her breasts and her slightly
rounded stomach before curling into the dark hair that hid her sex. Her
fingers would curl inward stroking inside herself. He could picture her
nipples as they hardened as they hardened at her light touch and the
cool air when she lifted herself from the tub.

Tiny rivulets of water running down her body. He stifled his groan
without further exploring those paths'. Will shook his head to clear it
but not without sending a picture back to her, of himself on his knees
in front of her. Her back supported by the wall her hands gripping his
shoulders as his lips and tongue worked magic down below. Licking and
probing, tasting and gently nipping at her sensitive skin. He could
almost hear the gasp of surprise from his imzadi before she blocked her
mind from him. He chuckled, and went back to the business at hand. He
wanted to hurry and get home; he had some revenge to exact, and oh, was
it going to be sweet.

When Will finally made it back to his quarters he was exhausted. The
minor crisis had turned into a major upheaval when some crack shot
pilot inadvertantly flew too close. to the rings of the nearby planet
that resulted in an exchange of fire with the planet's inhabitants.
The technical difficulties had kept him, Data, and Geordi working for
more than twelve hours.

After peeking in on his daughters to make sure they were still in
their beds, he tiptoed back across the living area and into the
bedroom. After being married for eight years he could still hardly
believe his luck. He still vividly remembered the very first time he
had made love to his imzadi. There in the middle of the Jalara jungle .
he had found the other piece of his soul, and he had promised to never
let it go. Now he had memories filled with laughter and with mischief.
Without turning on any lights other then a small night light in the
bathroom, he showered quickly before returning to the bedroom to slip
naked under the covers. His arms wrapped themselves around his sleeping
wife, spooning himself to her before drifting off to sleep.


It wasn't quite 0:900 when something woke Will up. It took only a
second to figure out that it was a hand, and not his hand, that was
teasing his erection under the sheets. He opened his eyes to stare
straight into the mischievous gaze of his imzadi. Her lips curled
upward in a grin as her hand continued to stroke his already awakened
member to new heights.

Will groaned outloud as she leaned over to nibble on his neck leaving a
faint mark, which his collar would hopefully cover later.
Good morning love," she sent to his mind.

He brought his arms up and around her shoulders,bringing her down to
his kiss.

"I am glad to see you are feeling better today."

"I was feeling fine yesterday, Will."

"I just thought you were upset with me, because of the way you stormed
out of the..." Will's speech ended in a squeak of protest as her grip
tightened around his member - unintentionally he hoped.

She hurriedly let go of his now sore member, and her eyes showed
surprise surprise and compassion as she leaned over him sending a wave
of apologies to his mind. "I'm sorry, Imzadi... How about I kiss it and
make it feel better?"

Deanna slithered down his body and leaned over, her eyes held his as
she pursed her lips and placed a light kiss on his sore member,her
tongue flicking out to trail up his length,before she straightened once

"You know I can't stay mad at you...and you are just using that against

Deanna moved to straddle his hips her sex rubbing slowly over his
erection. "How about if I use something else against you?"
Will's grin spread across his face as his hands cupped her waist,
thrusting his hips against hers. His cock brushed against her wet
opening, bringing forth a moan from them both. He ran one hand up her
side,over the curve of her breast to tease the nipple between his thumb
and forefinger.

Both froze as the door chime rang, shattering the mood..
Will muttered angrily as he watched Deanna get up and put on her robe,
"Whomever is at that door is going to die!"

*Computer identify visitor*

*Lt Commander Zaer.* was the reply. Strange how the computer sounded
like his mother- in-law.

Will looked to Deanna in puzzlement,he couldn't remember the officer.
Her sheepish grin told him all he needed to know.
"You planned this, didn't you? You just wanted to get back at me for
the other day."

The evil grin she threw him as she put on her loose dress and went to
meet with Zaer sent a wave of frustration through him. There was no
doubt in his mind that he would only be getting satisfaction if he took
matters into his own hands. So with a desire fogged brain he had only
one decision, right or left hand?

Once again, Will found his mind straying to images of his imzadi;
tonight he would get even, no matter what.He waited until he knew
Deanna would be asleep --she had taken to having naps in the middle of
the day-- when he next took a fifteen minute break he would make her
think twice about waking him up. It was pay back time.


It was a wonderful dream. Deanna was in ecstasy; in her mind she could
feel Will's mouth moving over her sex, his tongue flicking across the
bundle of nerves sending tiny tendrils of pleasure coursing through her
body. The hairs of his mustache and beard rubbed against her sensitive
flesh. She woke with a start when his tongue probed deep into her
folds, her back arching, her head lolling to one side. She turned her
gaze to him as he stopped his teasing. "Don't stop." But he only
shifted to place a kiss on her lips, her essence mingling on their
tongues before returning between her legs.

Using his tongue to part her slick folds he plunged in and out,over and
over again until she was breathless. As he felt the first tinges of her
pleasure rippling along her walls, he slowly inserted two fingers
keeping his earlier rhythm steady as he teasingly brought her closer to
her climax, but not pushing her over.

Deanna could feel herself climb; it would take very little to make her
cum. Her hips bucked furiously up against his mouth and just as she
thought she would burst, he stopped. Will withdrew his fingers and with
one last tweak at her folds he got up from the bed, licking his lips
with his tongue. The evidence of her desire slickening his beard and
mustache. "I would love to continue but I am due back on the bridge
He just made it out the door before she threw something at his back. He
only heard the crash and her loud moan of frustration. Will walked
smugly back to the bridge, unaware of the looks from passerbys.


Deanna paced back and forth in front of Beverly's desk. The redhead was
highly amused at her best friend's troubles. "So you two are still at
it. Dee... just give in. You know he will continue to play dirty and it
is not doing you any good to try and get back at him. What you two need
is to lock yourselves in your quarters and use all that furniture."
"It's not that easy.....we sort of made a bet. Will thinks he is
irresistible and I told him......." She was cut off by the doctor's

"Wait, you mean you two are in a teasing battle because you're trying
to convince him that he's not irresistable?' are not going to
get through to married him within a month of meeting
him....Face it, cyou are sunk. Now just go enjoy that lovely husband of
yours and quit teasing each other..... you are driving yourselves crazy
and taking me with you."

On the walk back to her quarters, Deanna decided that Beverly was right
- it was ridiculous to continue. She was frustrated, and if she and
Will didn't stop this game they were both going to end up with hand


Will Riker knew he was in trouble from the minute he stepped in the
door to of his quarters. For one, he had heard from Beverly that the
twins were spending the night with her, and for him to enjoy his night.
Which meant Deanna was up to something, and that something was looking
at him right now.

Deanna was standing between the bedroom and their living area, her body
silouhetted by the abundance of light candles scattered around the
room. Around her neck lay a cold delicate chain, the locket which
dangled from it rested between her breasts-a place where Will loved to
trail kisses. On her ankles she wore tiny braclets that jingled when
she walked and those few pieces were all she wore. Will suddenly felt
very glad the girls were not home. He was going to make love to his
wife tonight if it killed him and from the way she was looking at him
dash like as if she might eat him alive - it might just do that. At the
very least it might send him to sickbay.

Deanna glided over to him, her body glistening from the scented foam
she had used in her bath. She smelled of lilacs, and her hair tumbled
loosely around her shoulders. She reached Will, who was still rooted
to the same spot since he walked in comma and took him by the arm
leading him back to their bedroom, and beyond to the bathroom, where a
large tub already filled with bubbles and warm water waited for him.
"I know how much stress you must be under so I thought a relaxaing
evening would help you unwind." Deanna looked up at him demurly as she
started to shed his uniform jacket, but was stopped when Will gently
clasped her wrists in his hands..

"Dee.. what are you up too?" Will regretted the words as soon as they
left his mouth. He could see her hurt expression. He tried to make it
up to her by kissing her hands, before leaning to kiss her on her
forehead. "Imzadi, I'm sorry, are right, I have been stressed and I
would love a relaxing bath but only if you join me.." He said this last
with a wiggle of his brows.

"No, this is for you and you are forgiven. Even though all I was trying
to do was something nice for the man I love and he accuses me of some
deviousness,but I will forgive you,this once."

Deanna pushed Will's hands aside when he tried to help her shed his
clothing'. Her eyes met his with defiance in them. Her hands were
light and nimble as she peeled the first layer from his body, leaving
him standing there clad in only his boxers, dark purple cotton boxers
with little glow in the dark yeses all around them. Not `fleet issue
but great fun. Deanna gave a half hearted grin at them as the many
little yes yeses glowed in the darkened room

Will had bought the boxers as a gag joke to himself. He remebered the
fun he had when he first showed them to Deanna. She couldn't understand
why they had `no' written all over them, that was until he turned off
the lights and those `no's turned to 'yes's and then she got it,

In fact they both got it, long into the night.'

Deanna let her hands touch every part of his body. She explored his
chest as if it were the first time, her nails lightly raking the skin
of his neck, down to his shoulders and arms. She kissed the little
indention on his chest right where his breastbone was. Her hands slid
down to his hips her fingers running along the waistband of his boxers.
She pulled the elastic waistband away from his body and tugged it downt
over his erection and down his hips to fall in a puddle at his feet.
Her hands continued their exploration, but this time they centered in
on one location.

Will barely controlled the urge to grab her around the waist and pull
her body flush against his. Instead he grabed her shoulders to steady
himself. Her hands were teasing him relentlesly and he was enjoying
every minute of it. In his mind he could hear her whispers for him
notto'move , to just let her explore. He complied, because this was
what she wanted- she was doing this for him and he would get his turn.
He jumped slightly when she wrapped her hand around his flesh, her
thumb rubbing along the underside towards the head. Her fingers
splayed on the top, kneading him like a kitten - a dangerous kitten,one
who held him, quite literally, by the balls. Deanna's second hand
grasped his sacks,gently pulling them from his body only enough to get
his attention. She reached up to kiss him on the mouth before letting
go. She turned him to the tub and held his hand as she helped him in.
It was then that Will noticed the stack of pillows and the small chair
sitting beside the tub, its height was perfect. Deanna sat in it and
began to rub the sore muscles of his neck while humming to him in his

His whole body was quickly becoming a puddle of gelatin under her hands
- he had not been this relaxed in a long time. All the tension from the
last couple of hours melted away underneath her ministrations until
there was nothing left but a peaceful soothing sensation permeating his

That was when it shifted. Deanna moved from her place and as he opened
his eyes he saw her standing beside the tub her arms held out toward
him, holding a towel. He allowed her to dry him enjoying the pampering.
"Thank you, Imzadi. Now let me..." Will quieted as her lips met his.

"Lay down on your back." Deanna crawled up the bed to lie beside him.
She draped her body over his and listened to his heart beat beneath her
ear. Her fingers drew lazily across his chest and every once in a while
she twirled a strand of hair.
Will curled his arms around her shifting so one leg insinuated itself
between hers. His hands roamed across her soft skin. The longer they
lay there the more agressive his touches became. But he had promised
her she could take the lead. If it killed him, he would show

They both spoke at once but words were no longer neccesary. Their
thoughts had already betrayed them. Their mouths melded together in a
heated dance. This time there would be no stopping. The time for
teasing and batte of wills was over. Their bodies screamed in
frustrated relief.

Deanna rocked herself along Will's thigh. One hand reached down to
grasp his cock, her thumb splaying across its tip, spreading the
moisture already seeping forth.

Will grabbed Deanna by the waist and hoisted her up to straddle him.
"No more teasing,Imzadi."

Deanna didn't need to respond. She lifted herself enough to hold him at
her entrance. Her eyes locked with his as she slowly lowered herself
upon him. Both of their breaths hitched as she slid completely down,
and they finally had the contact they had been yearning for.
They both stilled,just enjoying the sensation of being completly
joined, body, mind, and soul. Their hands reached for then rested upon
one another's chest where their hearts beat strongly. The rhythms
aligned themselves to the other half of their hearts so they, in
essence,beat as one.

Deanna could sense what it was like to feel surrounded by a warm
slick cocoon of flesh, hot and pulsating around her like tiny little

Every nuance of Deanna's body's reaction was relayed directly to Will
through their link. He could experience what it felt like to be the one
filled so fully. With every little movement he made he felt not only
his own reaction but also how it felt from her point of view. Tiny
ridges of veins rubbing against her inner walls sending pulses
throughout her body. It was like a pleasant tickling sensation that
grew more intense with each additional thrust until finally it burst
and their bodies exploded around one another in mutual pleasure.
Deanna leaned forward, her fingers interlacing with his on the bed
above his head, as she began to rock slowly against him. It was like a
ritual mating dance. Both of them lost in a trance of physical
emotions. Nothing went unnoticed, even the smallest movement felt as
if it were the strongest. A bubble of sexual energy surrounded them
until it was nothing more then a constant circle of emotions and
sensations flowing from one to the other.

This was not about who could outlast the other, nor was it a matter of
simple physical release. This was about being Imzadi and sharing
everything. It was as spiritual as it was sexual.

Their pace never increased. Deanna rocked back and forth slowly leading
them both on a spirialing climb that grew steadily higher and more
intense instead of ebbing rapidly from one extreme to the other.
Time slowed down and not a sound was heard but their heavy even
breaths. They were on the edge, then both of them reached their peak
at the same time. It was one of those orgasms that made their whole
bodies tense and release rapidly, yet they did not still their motion.
They kept moving within and around one another building another wave
right on the edge of the waning crescendo of the last.

For Will, it felt as if his orgasm had just not subsided yet: instead
it stretched out, draining everything from his body as he gave himself
truly and completely over to his imzadi.

Deanna felt a steady stream of ripples racing through her body until
she was overflowing with intense sensation that spilled over to Will.
With eyes closed and heads thrown back they both tensed one last time
stilling the moment. Breathing stopped; if it weren't for the rapid
pulsating inside their bodies, like a fire raging from one to the
other, it was as if they had both died in that position, completely
frozen in place..

Deanna collapsed upon Will's chest, drained and light headed. Will
managed enough strength to wrap his arms around her and roll them till
they lay side by side curled up against one another. There they
lay,each one relishing what had just happened. Both smiling as they
drifted off to a satisfied and content sleep.