Play Time
Disclaimer: Don't own them just wishful thinking.
Rating: PG if you have a sense of humor R if you just have a dirty mind! Or should that be reversed? g
Also this was my first ever story I wrote so be gentle with me. I was young.
Summary: *VEG* This one I will not give away just read it.

Riker's Quarters
"No your grip is all wrong for that position."
"Well show me again, honestly Will I do not believe
I will ever get the hang of this."

"Yes you will we will just have to practice every

"Every night, I don't know if my lips can handle it.
I mean the hand positions do not bother me nor
does the stretching but the blowing just leaves me

"Quit complaining you begged me to do this, besides
look at it this way you are building muscles and
having fun."

"Fun, you call this fun I get light headed everytime
I try changing positions while still blowing."

"Try taking a breath through the sides of your
mouth.and relax the muscles, your lips are suppose
to press like this when buzzing pretend you are
making one of those cute baby cooing noises you do
when you talk to Sarah and Natalie."

"Here put your right hand here no that is 6th
position try 2nd. Yes there ah that's good no wait
do not grip too hard relax your hand and wrist.
Use the other hand for support and hold it close."

"It is stuck."

"I have some oil just a second. There now just
slide it up and down."

"Thanks that's much better. maybe we should finish
this later my wrist is getting tired and my lips
are numb."

"I could help with those numb lips but I am afraid
your wrist just needs a little rest."

" How old were you when you first started?"

" I taught myself the hand positions around eleven
and when I turned twelve I got a great teacher to
help with my tone."

"I never knew playing the trombone was this hard."

"Let's go practice something else for awhile you
still owe me a son and the girls are staying with
Aunt Bev and Uncle Jean-Luc."