Title: Twas The Morning of Christmas
Author: Christal

It was 0400 in the morning and the living area was lit only by a tree decked
out in that tacky way that is only stylish during Christmas. Underneath it,
all neatly wrapped, were dozens of presents. All was silent when suddenly
the tranquility was pierced by the sound of little feet tripping over


"Shhh, you're gonna warn em!"


"Come on, and be quiet."

"Alright, but Leigh, can I have daddy?"

"YES, if you'll just shut your trap you can take daddy."

Four pint-sized feet tiptoed across the living quarters to their parents'


"SSHHH!!! You big dork. Yes I see the presents, and they'll be there
afterwards too, now be quiet."

Leigh and Aurora Riker had been plotting for the past hour on how to get
back at their parents for making them actually go to sleep on Christmas Eve.
Leigh, being the oldest, naturally took credit for coming up with the plan.
And just as naturally she was planning to blame it all on Aurora once they
finally got caught. Slowly they made their way to their parent's room, and
silently the doors opened. Of course Will and Deanna had no idea what they
had come up with. They were peacefully asleep after playing "Santa" all
night and wrapping all the gifts they had bought for the girls at the last
minute while trying to keep them in their room and asleep.

Leigh and Aurora crept up to the bed and quietly climbed up. They both stood
between their mom and dad, Leigh positioned towards Deanna and Aurora
towards Will, and smiled smugly. Suddenly they were airborne.

squealed at the top of their lungs while falling on top of their parents.

Will jumped 3 feet into the air, "What the... ohh no." he groaned, "Dee,
your daughters are insane."

"Oh so they're mine now are they?" she chuckled and turned to see what time
it was. "Oohh, girls go back to bed, it's too early." She groaned and pulled
the covers over her head.

"No, momma. There's presents under that tree, and we wanna open em!" Leigh
begged, squirming underneath the covers to give her the look.

Aurora meanwhile was working on Will. She started giving bunny kisses to his
neck and pleading "Please daddy?"

Will and Deanna turned and looked at each other. "Oohhh, come on," they
conceded. Over shouts and squeals of joy she added "But afterwards you have
to pick up your trash." A chorus of okays followed, but she knew it wouldn't
happen, when did it ever?

Leigh and Aurora ran into the living area and practically jumped into the
mound of presents. Deanna was trying to actually walk and open her eyes at
the same time while Will started sleepwalking. In about 5 minutes everything
had been opened and wrapping paper was everywhere.

"Well, did you two get everything you asked for from Santa?" Deanna asked,
"Girls? Leigh, Aurora?"

Laughing Will announced, "They're asleep."

"That figures. Well we better start cleaning... forget it, let's just go
back to bed."

"Now that sounds like a fabulous idea." He remarked picking up Leigh.

Deanna had hoisted up Aurora, "Let's just put them in bed with us. I really
don't feel like walking all the way over to their room."

As they were lying the girls down in the middle of their bed, Will drew
Deanna to him. "Merry Christmas Mrs. Riker." He whispered and leaned down to
steal a quick and sleepy kiss.

"Merry Christmas, Santa." She added with a twinkle in her eye.